Topshop Nail Polish In One Hot Minute & Blitz | Review

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After umming and ahhing for a super long time as to whether i should try the Topshop nail polishes i finally caved and picked up two gorgeous shades, i opted for 'One Hot Minute' and 'Blitz' both of which i thought would be great shades to wear during the run up to the Autumn/Winter months, although i did spend a while just taking in all the shades as there's just so many pretty colours to choose from, i was in total nail polish heaven. I also adore the packaging, i mean its just so cute, I'm a sucker for good packaging and nine times out of ten if it looks good ill buy it and these certainly look good and would look lovely on your dressing table or within your make up storage. 

Anywhooo onto what these pretty polishes are like...

One Hot Minute £5

One Hot Minute is a gorgeous magenta shade that has that lovely autumn berry vibe which i adore. The formula is great, it applies smooth and evenly giving you total opacity after just 2 coats and gives you a lovely glossy finish so you could skip using a top coat if you wished. The polish also dried in record time which is great considering no where on the packaging does it state its a fast drying polish, it also lasted well on my nails I'd say a good five days with a top coat. Ive also noticed this shade is a great dupe for YSL Rose Baby Doll, what a brucie bonus he he. One Hot Minute retails for £5 in most Topshop stores and on the Topshop website.

Blitz £6


Blitz is a rich pinky/purple shade with an orange metallic sheen to it that i find to be only visible in certain light. Like 'One Hot Minute' the formula is great but i find this shade goes on alot more sheer and i found i needed 3 thick coats for total opacity and leaves you with a lovely smooth glossy finish on the nail. Blitz lasted on me around 5-6 days, one thing i have noticed is these polishes certainly don't chip easily which is great. Blitz is from the metallic range and retails for £6 in most Topshop stores and on the Topshop Website.

As a whole I'm super impressed with the Topshop nail polishes and i definitely want to get myself a little collection going, I'm now also intrigued to see what the make up is like he he.

Whats your favourite Topshop Nail Polish Shade??? Id love to know.


August Favourites ♥

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I cant quite believe its that time again.... August favourites time. I honestly cant believe how quick August has gone but i have to say I'm now getting super excited for autumn to arrive i just cant wait. Anywhoo... I thought i would share with you all my favourite beauty products I've been loving throughout this past month... So here goes...

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me

I adore 'Cherry Me' out of the UK's Baby Lips collection, id say its definitely the best of the bunch for me. Its super moisturising, smells delicious and has good pigmentation for a tinted lip balm. I also love the fact these aren't in little pots where you have to apply the balm to your lips with your finger making these alot more hygienic especially for on the go applications. Ive also noticed that my lips feel so much smoother than before and i can see myself repurchasing 'Cherry Me' over and over again. I have reviewed the whole collection of the Baby Lips, you can have a read here.

L'oreal Super Liner in Black Lacquer

Over the last couple of months I've really been getting into wearing eyeliner on my top lash line and winging it out sometimes but this is something I've struggled to master for quite some time, I've tried lots of different liquid liners in the past and so far this 'L'oreal Super Liner' has to be the best and the most easy to use. The applicator lets you apply thin or thick lines with ease and makes creating flicks/wings really simple, its also super long lasting and totally smudge proof, once its on it ain't budging so you have to work quick. I will be reviewing this in full soon so look out for that.

Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara in Black

I love this mascara, even after buying other mascara's recently i always find myself going back to this one. It gives me just the right amount of volume for a general day to day mascara but the thing i love about it the most is the staying power, it literally doesn't budge all day long which is something i always want from a mascara as theres nothing worse than a flaky smudgy mascara. I have reviewed this in full so feel free to click here and have a read. 

Radox Shower Smoothies in Tropical Tranquillity

Now this is quite a different thing for me to put in my favourites as usually i swear by the Soap & Glory Clean On Me shower gel but i was coming to the end of that so when i was in Superdrug i saw that the 'Radox Shower Smoothie' range was on offer for 74p, i smelt the other 3 in the range but decided on 'Tropical Tranquility' a coconut scented shower smoothie with little pieces of crushed almonds and myrrh inside. It feels so soft and gentle on the skin and the almonds act like a gentle exfoliante, it also makes your skin smell gorgeous after your shower too.

Burberry Tender Touch Ea De Parfum 50ml

I adore this Burberry perfume and its most definitely one of my signature scents, I've been using this throughout spring and summer as it has such a lovely sweet floral scent to it and as you can see i only have a very small amount left (sad face). Ive also noticed that i get lots of compliments when wearing this so it seems to be a well liked scent too. 

What's been your favourite beauty products this month?? I'd love to know :)


MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rose | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

I stumbled across this blush on the MUA stand in Superdrug recently, now I've never seen this mosaic style blush on the MUA stand in my Superdrug before, they've always had the bronzers but never the blush so considering it was a bargain of only £2.50 i thought it would be rude not to try it, so i made a cheeky purchase. 

I chose 'English Rose' which i believe to be the only mosaic style blush MUA do, it contains lots of little segments and within each segment are different shades of pink with the odd lilac shade thrown into the mix, all the shades within the mosaic have a pearl/shimmer finish with no matte or glitter particles running through any of the little segments at all.

For me, i prefer to use this blush as a highlighter, it leaves too much of a pearl finish for me to use as a blush but it makes the most gorgeous pink toned highlighter, it really reminds me of a powder version of Benefits High Beam. When i swirled my finger around all the segments for a swatch the pigmentation does look quite strong but when used with a brush it goes on alot more sheer and shimmery therefore giving you more of a highlight affect however... If you like a shimmery blush then this would look really pretty once you've built up some colour.

As for the packaging... It doesn't really differ from most of the MUA range, its cheap and cheerful and does the job although as with the little £1 blushes i do find the packaging difficult to open, there's certainly no chance that they will open in your handbag that's for sure. All in all i do really like the blush used as a highlight, its really pretty and certainly affordable. Have your tried any of the MUA Mosaic Range??? What did you think???


Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan | Review

From L to R, Before, After the hour, After showering the tan off. 

Hey girlie's!!!

Personally before i tried Cocoa Brown Tan i was never a fake tan lover, i always thought it was just too much hassle, unpredictable and hardly ever natural looking for me so with all those combined it had put me off for years however... After trying the Cocoa Brown Tan i have been converted and would say its the best and my most favourite tan by far. 

Cocoa Brown Tan by Marissa Carter is a fairly new self tan that exploded onto the Irish market and has took Ireland by storm with its fabulous results, affordable price and the fact that you can have a gorgeous looking tan within an hour. The tan has a mocha coloured  mousse formula with a lovely floral scent so no awful fake tan smell, its light weight, fast drying, non sticky and gives streak free results that lasts up to five days, what more could you ask for.

There's so many pros with this tan for me and not a single con, happy days. Firstly, the packaging is just gorgeous, i love its hot pink design and even when this arrived on my door step it came in a large pink padded envelope which just adds to the excitement for me. Then on to the application, i used the Cocoa Brown Self Tan Applicator Mitt its super easy to use and has a protective barrier inside so you wont get any awful stains on your nails or hands whilst applying, it blended in really quick and even with not a streak in sight, even my boyfriend said it was easy to use as he helped me get to the hard to reach places. After the application i waiting just over an hour for the tan to develop and during this time my skin never felt tacky or sticky which is one thing i was worried about but nope, no problems there and it smells amazing. Just after the hour i hopped in the shower to rinse the tan off and i was left with the most beautiful natural looking tan, there was not an orange tinge in sight it was just a gorgeous natural colour, it hadn't clung to my knee's, feet or ankles and was streak free, i love it.

I would definitely recommend this for newbies to the tanning world as its just so easy and quick to use, i love the fact that if your looking for a natural looking radiant glow you can just leave this tan on for an hour to develop or if your looking for a deeper darker tan you can leave on for up to 3 hours, the choice is yours.

Cocoa Brown Tan is available on the feelunique website and in selected Primark stores. 

Happy Tanning Girlie's !!!


P.S. This post contains a PR sample. This does not affect my opinion of the product.

Soap & Glory Kiss Ass Concealer | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

So I've been umming and ahhing as to whether to buy this 'Kick Ass Concealer' for a super long time and I've finally decided i had to have it, i mean its just too nifty not to buy. Soap and Glory offer two shades of their 'Kick Ass Concealer' either Light or Medium, i picked up Light, i would of ultimately gone for the Medium but it was out of stock. The little 3 step concealer consists of a pink toned concealer which is great to conceal those under eye dark circles and to brighten up the eye area, a yellow toned concealer that is great for blemishes and a little setting powder to set the concealer and prevent any creasing or slipping. 

I found both concealers super creamy in texture and really easy to blend into my skin, although this shade is slightly too light for me it still blends well and ends up being a great match for my skin tone, i use my 'Real Techniques' deluxe crease brush to blend this concealer out, weird i know but it works a treat. The setting powder is also lovely and sets the concealer completely and feels so silky smooth afterwards, i did find that using the little powder puff that's supplied can be quite tricky as it so small so i just use one of my brushes instead and it works just as well. As for staying power... I definitely suggest using the setting powder to set the concealer into place, when i haven't used the powder it did slip abit on me and i found if i touched my under eye area it would rub the concealer off purely because it hadn't set, but with the powder over the top it doesn't budge so that's not too much of an issue for me.

The packaging as always with Soap & Glory products is lovely, its so girly and quirky and right up my street. I love how compact it is as well as usually something that holds 3 products and a mirror would be alot bigger but it actually a lovely size and easy to carry around with you or fit into your makeup bag.

All in all i do really like this concealer, it reminds me of the same amount of coverage that the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer provides under the eyes, and the blemish side of the concealer was great for covering redness around my nose. I also think this is great value for money, its priced at £10 in Boots which i think is fab considering your getting 2 concealers, a setting powder and you get the little powder puff and mirror within the packaging, so there's lots for your money really.

Let me know if youve tried this concealer and what other Soap & Glory makeup you suggest, id love to know.


A Picture Tells A Thousand Storie's #26 (Sunday Summary)

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I hope you've all had a fabulous week!!! This week started off abit horrible for me if I'm honest as my poor little pooch Alfie wasn't well and had to go to the vets, it turns out he'd either eaten something he shouldn't have or caught something whilst out on his walks, so one hefty vet bill later and he's back on track now and feeling lots better ( big smiles ) . Also this week me and Michael celebrated being together 7 years!!! I cant quite believe how quick the last 7 years have gone but I've never been so happy so roll on the next 7 years ha ha, we decided just to go into Norwich and have a look around the shops and have some food which was nice. Ive also been spending as much time as i can with my mum this week as shes enjoying 2 weeks off work so it been nice seeing her. Anywhoo here's my week in picture's ♥

♥ If you haven't already then try the Radox Shower Smoothie shower gels, they are amazing and have little grainy bits in them to help polish and exfoliate your skin ♥ My poorly little monster ♥ Me being daring and wearing  abit of lippy ♥ Me and Michael celebrating 7 years together ♥ My new Primark jacket i got this week, I'm so in love with it ♥ My happy happy happy face ha ha ♥ The Galaxy Caramel McFlurry's are a definite winner in my eyes, YUM ♥ Some yummy American goodies i picked up on a market stall ♥ Keep Calm and Hakuna Matata ♥

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E.L.F Conditioing Lip Balm | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

I recently made an E.L.F order so i thought id pick up the much talked about Conditioning Lip Balms. I decided on 'Mellow Melon' and 'Peaceful Pink'!!! Each lip balm has SPF 15 with vitamins A & E and claims to relieve and condition lips. These lip balms do definitely live up to my expectations, they are both really creamy and super moisturising and leave my lips feeling super smooth and conditioned. I also love the packaging, they are abit big for your makeup bag but regardless of that the packaging seems very sturdy, the lid is extremely secure and wont be unscrewing itself in your handbag and i also think they look more expensive than their bargain price of £3.50, however i purchased mine when they had their 60% off everything offer so i only paid £1.40 for each balm whoop, that's one thing i love about E.L.F they always have amazing offers and deals on. Anywhooo onto what i think of each balm...

Mellow Melon

Mellow melon is a coral/pinky shade, i was so surprised with how pigmented this shade is considering this is only a lip balm but the colour pay off is really impressive. I also adore the nice glossy finish the balms leave on the lips and it isn't sticky or tacky what so ever either.  

Peaceful Pink

Peaceful Pink is baby pink colour when swatched, but once applied to the lips it gives you an ever so slight baby pink tint, its not as pigmented as mellow melon but then it is a lighter shade so that was to be expected. Like mellow melon this shade leaves a gorgeous glossy finish to the lips and isn't sticky or tacky at all.

All in all I'm super happy i picked these up, i think their great for days when you don't wont to wear a bright lip but you still want a small amount of colour or days when your not wearing much makeup and want to look more natural, even if your going on holiday these balms would be great to keep your lips protected whilst in the sun because of the added SPF. If you haven't tried these already id definitely suggest giving them a go.

Did you take advantage of E.L.F's 60% off offer??? What did you buy???


Glossybox August 2013 | High Flyers Edition | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

So its that time again... Glossybox time!!! This month the boxes theme is 'High Flyers',  targeted for girls that are on the go and is also based on beauty products from around the world. 

If I'm honest I'm not totally sold on this box which is disappointing as i loved last month's box, anyway onto whats inside....

Tresemme Keratin Smooth 60 Second Shot Treatment 15ml

I have to admit i cant wait to try this out. Ive used Tresemme's Platinum version of this before and it works wonders on my hair so I'm sure this is going to be just as fab. All you have to do is smooth it through the mid lengths of your hair, leave for 60 seconds then rinse off for smooth results. This is the full size and retails at £1.49.

Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1 Eyeliner & Shadow

Jelly Pong Pong products keep appearing in the Glossy boxes recently, personally i don't mind as everything from them I've tried before I've loved. The eyeliner doubles up as a cream eyeshadow which i think is fab, i don't tend wear a real dark smokey eye but i can see this being a lovely base for a dark smokey eye on a night out as I've found it smudges out really nice.  The eyeliner is also really nice for the waterline, it glides on really soft and creamy and is a well pigmented black shade. This is the full size and retails for £10.50.

Urban Veda Facial Polish 20ml

I must admit I'm not too sure if ill get much use out of this product but I'm sure my mum will ha ha. Its a pore refining and mattifying facial polish that's for oil prone skin, as i don't suffer with oil prone skin or bad pores I'm sure this product isn't up my street plus I'm also very weary when it comes to skincare products because of my sensitive skin. It does have a nice fresh minty scent though which i think would be lovely and awakening in the mornings. The full size of this retails for £7.99.

Emite Make-Up Eyelash Curlers 

The Emite eyelash curlers do look pretty impressive and feel of good quality however i cant use mine as they are faulty... The part of the curler that clamps down on your eye lashes is bent making it impossible to use them as it will make my eyelashes stick up all over the place. I have emailed Glossy box about this and I'm just waiting for a reply. These are full size and retail for approximately £20.

Oceane Make-Up Remover Pen 3ml

The Oceane makeup remover pen is made to make those little makeup mess ups or smudges easy and accurate to remove without drying out the skin. I find this product a very bizarre product to get in your UK Glossybox considering its from Brazil making buying the little replacement clean up nibs imposable, however i do think this will be great to chuck in my handbag for any of those on the go smudges. This is the full price but as this product is not yet available in the UK there is no price to go by. 

All in all i am a little disappointed with this month's box, although i do feel bad for grumbling as everything in this box apart from the Urban Veda product was full size which is fab!!! What did you think to this month's box??? Did you get dodgy eyelash curlers ha ha???


Maybelline Baby Lips UK | Review

Top to bottom, Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss. They all swatch quite pigmented but apply more sheer. 

Hey girlie's!!!

Finally Maybelline's Baby Lips have touched down in the UK, i know they're well loved in the US so its nice to finally try them out and see what all the hype is about. As far as i know the 'Baby Lips' are just available in Superdrug and Boots at the moment and priced at £2.99 each although they are 3 for 2 at the moment in both stores but that will only be for a limited time. So far in the UK Maybelline have launched 6 lovelies to choose from, three of which are untinted with an SPF of 20 which are called Hydrate, Intense Care and Mint Fresh which all apply clear just like your standard lip balm. The other three are all ever so slightly tinted which are Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss, they all also leave you with a slight glossy finish to the lips. 

Cherry Me
This is the favourite of the bunch for me, its a gorgeous bright red colour in the bullet but once applied it gives a nice sheer raspberry red tint to the lips. It smells gorgeous, just like the cherry drops sweets i used to love when i was little although when it on the lips you cant taste of smell that what so ever.

Pink Punch
Pink punch looks like a vibrant bright pink shade in the bullet but when applied its a light pink colour with a nice passion fruit scent, it really reminds me of a Tropicana drink but i don't know which one ha ha.

Peach Kiss
This is least favourite out of the bunch, i actually don't like this one at all really which is a shame. Its a very sheer nude shade with very fine shimmers running through it but if I'm honest once this shade is applied on the lips its hardly visible at all, where as with the others the tint is visible. Also its peach scented which i dislike as I'm not a lover of peach scents which puts me off slightly. 

After using these for a good few days i do like them but i honestly cant see that much of a difference between these and your standard lip balm, putting the slight tint aside these really aren't much different to the Nivea balms for instance. As for the packaging.... It is cute and very eye catching and easy to fit into your makeup bag or handbag. I would highly recommend picking up 'Cherry Me' as i bloomin love it and can definitely see myself repurchasing that one over and over.

Have you tried any of the Baby Lips yet??? Whats your favourite???


My Skincare Routine

Hey girlie's!!!

Today i thought i would share with you my current skincare routine. I have extremely sensitive skin so i try to keep the amount of products i use to an absolute minimum, this also works well as i find if i use too many different product's my skin can get confused and can react quite badly. As i said before i have sensitive skin that can be dry from time to time but for some bizarre reason i suffer with very oily eyelids. I'm very lucky when it comes to spots and break outs as i literally have extremely clear skin, it's very rare that ill get a spot and i put it down to my skincare routine working well for me. Anywhooo here's the run down of products i use in my skincare routine.

B.Pure Micellar Water and Simple Eye Make-up Remover

These two little beaut's are essential in my skincare routine. The B.Pure Micellar Water from Superdrug  is an amazing yet very gentle cleanser that removes all traces of makeup and impurities even on the most sensitive skins, it just leaves my skin completely clean, soft with that fresh feeling and I've never experienced any problems with it at all. The Simple Eye Make-up Remover is just brilliant, I've found other eye makeup removers to be too strong and they tend to sting my eyes slightly but this is so gentle and never stings or irritates my eyes at all and removes my eye makeup in seconds even waterproof mascara. I use both of these in the evenings.

Superdrug's Large Cotton Wool Pads

I use these large cotton wool squares with my cleanser and eye makeup remover as they are just so quick and easy to use and saves you wasting all those little oval cotton wool pads,  i only need to use 1 of these for my whole face and then one for both my eyes, i get mine from Superdrugs baby section for around £1.30.

Garnier Simply Essentials Cleansing Wipes

As far as cleansing wipes go i usually buy what ever seems to be on offer at the time as long as they are targeted towards sensitive skin. As for removing makeup with these, well that's a huge no no for me as they only remove a small amount of the surface makeup up and really aren't that great for a full cleanse but i find them great to use after my morning shower just to refresh and cleanse your skin as i would of fully cleansed the evening before.

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash

When i feel like i want a real deep cleanse ill use this facial wash. I tend to stay well away from facial scrubs or face masks as they leave my skin really red, sore and blotchy so this facial wash is a must for me when i want to have a thorough cleanse. The facial wash is a foaming soap free wash that deep cleanses and moisturises your skin, i use this 2-3 times a week and it leaves your skin feeling super soft and super clean. 

Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser

As i suffer with some dry patches on my face i always go for the simple rich moisturiser instead of the light option, it works well on my skin and doesn't turn oily during the day and i love the fact that it sits under my foundation a dream and doesn't make my makeup slip at all.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Facial Sunscreen 50+

After receiving this in my Glossybox a while back i honestly thought i wouldn't use this much however the weather in the UK recently has been so super hot that I'm glad i have this in my life. It blends into your skin really quickly leaving a matte finish which i love as usually sun creams can leave you with that horrible oily tacky feeling to the skin, its also water resistant, non perfumed and paraben free so great for sensitive skin. Since using it I've not experienced any problems at all and would highly recommend it.

So that's my skincare routine, its not a lot of products but they all seem to work really well together and keep my skin clear and healthy, you may have noticed i don't use night creams or toners but for me their just not necessary.

I would love to know if your skincare rountine is anything like mine???