Wednesday, 30 October 2019

October Degustabox Review + £5 off Discount Code!

Hey beaut's!

I have a subscription box review for you all today but it's a subscription box with a difference.... it contains yummy food and drink, so say hello to Degustabox*. Degustabox works very much like how beauty subscription boxes work, for £12.99 a month (postage included within the £12.99 price) you will receive 10 to 15 surprise food/drink products, many that are completely new to the market! So if your a bit of a foodie like myself and you love subscription boxes your going to love this beaut's!

The shortlist for this months box is
Pip's Real Hot Chocolate £1.50 each.
Tick Tock Tea £2.05 each.
Maille Honey Dijon Mustard £1.99
Amy's Kitchen Italian Soup £2.00
Teisseire Gourmet Drops £3.99 each.
Clarks Maple Syrup £2.00
Growers Garden Broccoli Crisps £1.29 each.
Upbeat Juicy Protein Water £1.79.
Maille Tartare Sauce £1.99
Boost Bar £1.49
Snatt's Mediterranean Baked Snacks £1.49
Whitworths Chocolate and Hazelnut Shots £1.89

Overall I think the October 'Home Comforts' themed box is amazing, it has a great variety of yummy treats to try and enjoy and personally I love that theres so many cosy things within the box! The teas, the Pip's hot chocolates, the gourmet drops which are perfect for whacking in your coffee and the soup is a proper winter warmer. The broccoli crisps where amazing

If you like the look and sound of Degustabox you can grab your first box for just £7.99 with the code R5R0F HERE.


*This post contains a gifted item, all opinions are my own!

Monday, 28 October 2019

My Favourite/Dream Bathrooms Trends!

Hey beaut's!

I think the bathroom is one room in my home that I wish I had multiples of because I have so many bathroom interior ideas, and when you only have the one bathroom it's hard to choose from all the trends that I love! We recently had our bathroom re-done in our home and I love it, I think my favourite looks and trends for UK bathrooms is quite minimal, clean looking and basic, so that's what we went for in ours, I love white and grey tones with hints of green from plants however, I thought I'd share a few other trends/ideas that I have if money and space was no object. 

Free Standing Bath - I mean how beautiful are free standing baths, it's actually on my interior bucket list to one day be the proud owner of a free standing tub! I just think they look so luxurious and timeless with their roll top, gorgeous shape and most have the stunning Victorian looking feet, their just so aesthetically pleasing and whacking in a bath bomb in one of those is my idea of heaven. 

Overhead Shower - Although we updated our shower when we had our bathroom done to a more modern looking one, the goal is to one day have a trendy looking overhead shower,  I'm actually sooo jealous of people who have one. I'm talking a large square one which is  actually installed and running from the ceiling, not only do they look flipping amazing but I can you just image how amazing having a shower with one would be. 

Statement Tiles - Yes I'm that girl that loves a marble tile or two, I adore grey and white together so marble tiles are my idea of heaven as they look amazing on the floor as well as on the walls however...Something a little bit different for me is a delicate pink tile, if I had another bathroom I'd go for delicate pink herringbone tiles with gold hardware and maybe add touches of navy!

As Many Plants As Possible - A huge bathroom trend is to add plenty of greenery with plants whether they're real or fake and I'm totally living for it! I have a few plants in my bathroom as their perfect for adding a bit of character but they also easily fill a gap on a shelf or in a corner, I particularly like plants in the bathroom that either hang from a corner on the ceiling or trailing plants. Good plants to for - for a bathroom are Ivy, Aloe Vero, Spider Plants and Bosten Ferns.  

Column Radiators - I'm so happy that column radiators are trendy again as I blooming well love them, I think the smaller they are the more gorgeous they look so a bathroom is the perfect place for a smaller column radiator. I also much prefer the look of those than a heated towel rail! 

Wow this post has really made me want to get decorating again (please don't tell my boyfriend he he). What bathroom trends do you love beaut's? Do you have any of these already? I'd love to know.


* This is a collaborative post. All writing and opinions are my own!

Friday, 25 October 2019

Haircare Tips And Tricks To Reduce The Dreaded Frizz!

Hey beaut's!

Keeping your hair frizz free it always tricky, especially in the ever changing UK weather, sometimes it seems theres not a product out there that can help, and this is coming from your girl right here who likes sleek straight hair everyday. I have an entire draw filled with all sorts or products from dry shampoo's, oils, serums you name it, it's in there but I've come to realise that its mostly my own tips and tricks that help me achieve my frizz free, sleek hair so I thought I'd share them with you all today!

Use Heat Protection - This is quite an obvious one but it really is a must, I cant stress enough how heat protecting creams and sprays work wonders at keeping frizz and of course damage at bay. I use straighteners a lot on my hair and if I didn't use my heat protecting spray my hair would be a dry, frazzled, frizzy mess and not silky smooth like it is right now!

Wash Your Hair In Luke Warm Water - This is probably the easiest tip to put into place, if your washing your hair with hot water then dial it down a few degrees because hot water can actually strip your hair of its essential oils, which can leave your hair feeling drier, brittle and looking duller. 

Think Of Going Vegan - A while back I actually tried a vegan shampoo, conditioner and hair mask and the results where amazing! The products are free from sulfate, paraben and silicone as well as having a naturally-derived formula which works wonders for the hair. As I said before my hair felt amazing after using the vegan products, it was silky soft, smooth, glossy, manageable and most immortally for me frizz-free. So if your thinking of making the change to vegan hair products I highly recommend you go through with it!

Look At Websites Or Call A Stylist For Inpso - If your struggling with what particular styles to go for - for a special occasion because of the frizz don't be afraid to go that extra mile for ideas, whether it be checking out award winning salons like Top Hairdresser Manchester for advice from the stylists there selves, or just having a browse online can help so much and give you so many ideas, you can also find reviews of products online and get so many recommendations that meet your needs.

Blow Dry With A Brush - I'm not going to lie this is quite hard to master but once you get the hang of it your hairs going to thank you for it! Blow drying with a brush leaves you with such a silky, glossy look to the hair, literally like you've just walked out of the salon, now who doesn't want that because I know I do!

Condition Correctly - Hopefully your already using conditioner - if your not then that's a tip in itself because conditioner has so many benefits such as locking in moisture, getting your hair tangle free, prevents damage and breakage, keeps your hair silky and frizz free and it always makes your hair smell lush too. To get the best results from your conditioner apply it from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair working in with a wide tooth comb skipping the root area, applying conditioner at the roots can end up weighing down your hair and making your root area quite flat which you don't want!

So there you have it beaut's, a few tips and tricks that are pretty easy to put into place that will help with the dreaded frizz! I hope they help a few of you lovelies out! 


* This is a collaborative post. All writing and opinions are my own!

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcase Review

Hey beaut's!

I'm definitely one of those gals that wakes up in the morning with bed hair that leaves me resembling Hagrid or the popular birds nest (lol), but who knew switching up your pillow case to a satin one could be the secret, yup not only can the satin pillowcase help your hair and prevent damage but the pillowcases can help out your skin too.
Morning Glamour have a wide range of satin pillowcases in various different colours and are available in single and double sets. The satin pillowcases have so many benefits, they act as a barrier to friction as you toss and turn during the night, preventing damage, breakage and ultimately bedhead - or in my case the Hagrid doo! Whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair, your locks will be less susceptible to hair loss and frizz. As I said before as well as your hair the Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcases benefit your skin too, because the pillowcases have a non-absorbent surface, they maximise the benefits of your nightly skincare routine by allowing your skin to really soak up your products rather than them being swiped off, what a brucie bonus!
After giving the pillowcase a whirl I've definitely noticed I no longer wake up with those annoying crease marks on my cheeks from my regular pillowcases, I also used to wake up some mornings with a few strands of hair on my pillowcase but that has not happened once with this satin pillowcase. I also find my hair much easier to brush first thing in the morning and it doesn't seem as knotty at all really, and I always suffer with static hair and again I've had no trouble with that either since switching to the satin pillowcase. Hair and skin aside the pillowcase itself is so lovely to sleep on, it's super soft and feels lovely against my skin and it feels quite luxurious and expensive too! I totally recommend!

You can find the Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcase HERE for £12.99.


*This post contains gifted items, all opinions are my own!

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Get The Lowdown On Design Bundles - How They Can Help You

Hey beaut's!

When it comes to being a blogger designs and visuals are super important, you want your readers to get a feel of your style and of course you want to make a good, lasting impression. A huge part of blogging is of course your socials, it's the way we spread our work and content as far as we can on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr plus more. All of this sharing and creating wicked edits can be such a time consuming thing for us bloggers and I for one am all about finding something that's going to save me a lot of time and faffing about with image re-sizing, creating designs and what not, that's where Design Bundles come in.

If your new to Design Bundles their an affordable site that sells digital products such as graphics, templates, mock ups, patterns, illustrations and craft files. Its basically a blogger or social media lovers dream, you can browse over 150,000 marketplace products so your literally spoilt for choice but the social media mockup design bundles are where the party's at for me, there a brilliant solution to the time consuming and creativity draining issue of social media that's for sure.

The mock up designs are so amazing as you don't have to worry about sizing and cropping. All you have to do is just add in your own image and text and then you are able to create your showcase really easily and it so professional looking too. Personally I love this for Pinterest, I love Pinterest and always have love hearts in my eyes at some peoples gorgeous mock-ups on there, so now I'm very happy I can now do my own easily! I had a play around and came up with a couple of images myself, little testers shall we say and I love them! I just love how the designs are personal to you because you get to edit them how you like and add the text of your choice but the designs are all taken care of, yay!

Other useful things for us bloggers to use the mock-ups for are things like business cards - if your really wanting to promote your blog and get yourself out there these can be quite the essential, you can also do t-shirt mock-ups if your looking to do merchandise. The mock-ups are great for personal use to, t-shirts for occasions like hen-do's, birthday party's and stags! You can personalise cups, you can even create your own wall art mock-ups which is great if you have any funny family phrases that you use as you'd never find those sort of quotes or jokes on wall art in a shop! 

Another fab thing to note is that Design Bundles also offer 24/7 technical support online so you don't have to worry if you don't feel confident or if your struggling to begin with as there is always someone there that can help you tackle any problems that you may occur. I think this is a great feature because when I'm new to anything I could always use a little help so knowing there will be help available at anytime is a godsend!

Have you used Design Bundles before beaut's? I'd love to know!


* This is a collaborative post. All writing and opinions are my own!

Monday, 14 October 2019

50 Autumnal Blog Post Ideas!

Hey beaut's!

I just adore this time of the year, the cold crisp days, autumn leaves, hot chocolates, knitwear, boots, spicy/warming candles, pumpkin carving and of course the build up to Christmas! I also love to blog more around this time of the year too, and I seem to get more creative on my instagram feed, so after sharing 30 autumnal blog post ideas last year I thought I'd up the ante and throw a few more ideas into the autumnal pot, so heres 50 more if your looking for a bit of of inspo.

1. Share Some Autumnal/Halloween Recipes.
2. Favourite Dark Lippies.
3. Share Your Pumpkin Patch Visit.
4. Autumn Makeup Favourites.
5. DIY Autumn Decor.
6. Sharing Your Perfect Cosy Night In.
7. Autumn Nail Polish Picks.
8. Favourite Autumn Candles.
9. Your Favourite Halloween Movies.
10. What's In Your Autumn Makeup Bag.
11. Share How You Decorated Your House For Halloween.
12. Do The Autumn Tag.
13. Pumpkin Carving Tips.
14. How To Create The Perfect Autumnal Flatlay For Your Instagram Pics.
15. Favourite Autumnal Outfit.
16. Slow-Cooker Recipes.
17. Autumn OOTD.
18. Autumn Skincare Routine.
19. Autumnal Drinks Recipes
20. Favourite Knitwear.
21. Autumn Homeware Wish List.
22. TV Favourites - Autumn Edition.
23. Share A Pumpkin Recipe.
24. Autumn Look Book.
25. Share Your Favourite Autumn Props.
26. Things You Can Do On A Rainy Day.
27. Autumnal Haul.
28. Autumn Boots Collection.
29. Create An Autumnal To Do List/Bucket List
30. Halloween Outfit Ideas.
31. Share Your Coat Wish List.
32. What You Eat In A Day.
33. Autumn Evening Routine.
34. How To Style A New Autumnal Piece You've Added To Your Wardrobe.
35. Favourite Autumnal Eye Look.
36. Netflix Favourites.
37. Get Crafty And Share Your Painted Pumpkins.
38. Share Your Autumn Essentials.
39. Best Books To Read During Autumn.
40. Cosy Night In Essentials.
41. Share Your Halloween Look.
42. What You Bought This Month - Autumnal Edition.
43. Share The Things You Like To During The Autumn Season.
44. Halloween On A Budget.
45. Share Your Autumnal Finds In Poundland/B&M/Home Bargains.
46. Share Your Favourite Autumn Bloggers.
47. Share Your Favourite Autumnal Instagram Accounts.
48. Let Us In On Your Favourite Soup Recipe.
49. How To Host An Epic Halloween Party.
50. Where To Buy The Best Seasonal Blog/Instagram Props.

I hope this gave you a few ideas if your planning on doing lots more autumnal blog posts and Instagrams this year like me! I'd love to hear some of your ideas to beaut's!


Friday, 4 October 2019

Soap and Glory's 2019 Christmas Collection!

Hey beaut's!

You'll probably all know by now that I'm a HUGE Soap and Glory fan and every year when their Christmas collection launches in Boot's I cant wait to go in and see it all and this year's offerings certainly don't disappoint! This has got to be the biggest and best Soap & Glory Christmas range to date, as you can see there's absolutely loads of choice this year and I for one am very excited! Theres everything from bath and body sets that range from big to small in all of the popular Soap and Glory scents, theres skincare sets containing the amazing Soap and Glory face masks, makeup gifts and mega cute stocking fillers and beauty baubles! Prices range from £5.00 all the way up to £60.00 for the huge set that Soap and Glory do every year, and the entire collection is in Boots popular Christmas 3 for 2 mix and match promotion which we always love don't we?!

I've noticed that this year theres quite a few gift sets that we haven't seen Soap and Glory delve into before, theres the Brush Up Your Act set containing four makeup brushes and a little brush bag, I've never known Soap and Glory to release brushes before so that's exiting! The Brow Sweet gift set look amazing too, theres also a bath bomb gift and bath salts which again are brand new for Soap and Glory! Oh my - it all looks so good doesn't it!

Do you have your eye on anything from Soap and Glory's Christmas collection beaut's? I'd love to know!


Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Halloween Beauty with KISS!

Hey beaut's!

Grab your pumpkins, face paint and best Halloween costume, because on the 31st October something is about to go bump in the night. Whether you’re off to a Halloween party this year or just looking to add a spooky, mesmerising element to your look, then look no further because I have just the lashes and nails that will have you looking fierce this Halloween in a matter of seconds!
It's no shocker that I adore KISS and imPress nails, they have soooo many designs, lengths, shapes and pretty colours too choose from not to mention the application and removal process is so quick an easy, so an occasion like Halloween gave me the perfect excuse to try some darker styles that I might not usually go for! 
Firstly I have the Power Up set, these are so pretty and maybe on the safer side for Halloween, perfect for someone who doesn't want to go too dark and vampy! The set is made up of 30 nails in a mix of mysterious purple and duo chrome nails, theres lots of different sized nails to pick from so you can mix and match to get the best fit and once stuck on these babies are waterproof so you can get the longest wear out of them. The second set of KISS nails I have are the Glam Fantasy nails in Wake Up Call, these are much more spooky but still gorgeous! Within this set you get 28 nails in a mix of the deepest darkest forest blue matte nails and some stunning diamond FX 3D beauties that add a textured effect! With this particular set you get two options for the application process, theres nail glue so you can glue the nails on if you wish, or theres mega adhesive tabs so you can apply them just like the imPRESS ones - which is my favourite way and definitely better for the nails because you can just peel them off safely once your done with them.
If you want fierce looking lashes then the KISS Lash Couture Faux Mink Lashes in Midnight (£7.99) are perfect! I've actually tried a few different styles of the KISS faux mink lashes previously and have always loved them, their layered up with multiple lengths, curls and angles for a full fluttery look without looking too fake and they are contact lense friendly which is great news for contacts wearers and can be reused up to 10 times when you look after them. The Midnight set feature wispy edges and lots of different lengths which blend in with my natural lashes really well, their really comfortable to wear and look epic with smokey Halloween looks!
Have you tried the KISS imPESS nails before beaut's? Or the stunning faux mink lashes? What did you think? I'd love to know!
You can find the KISS nails and lashes in store or online at Superdrug for £7.99 each.


*This post contains gifted items, all opinions are my own!