Small Makeup/Beauty Haul ♥

Hey beaut's!

I recently went into my local Superdrug and done what us beauty bloggers do best, go in looking for one thing and come out with eight things ha ha, I just couldn't resist a makeup treat or two so today I thought I'd share with you all what I managed to pick up!

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 01 Red Nose Red £5.49 (Two For £10.00 Offer)
The reason I popped into Superdrug was for this little beauty, the Rimmel Kate Limited Edition Lipstick in Red Nose Red! I love the Rimmel Kate Lipstick range so when I saw in a magazine that Kate's No.1 lipstick was having a Red Nose Day makeover I just knew it had to be mine he he. Red Nose Red is a blue toned red which I love, it really has that vintage glam look once its applied to the lips and just looks so beautiful. Another plus is that each lipstick that sold £1.67 is donated straight to Comic Relief so it's definitely worth picking up beaut's!  
Rimmel BB Cream in Light £6.99 ( Two for £10.00 Offer)
There was two reasons for me picking this BB Cream up, firstly because Rimmel had a 2 for £10 offer on and secondly because I tried a sample of the BB Cream that came in a Glossybox a while ago and absolutely loved it. The Rimmel BB Cream is a 9-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup and I think it will work amazingly during the Spring/Summer months so whilst it was on offer I thought I'd get one to put away. The sample I tried a while back was really nice and I loved the way it made my skin look, it felt like it corrected everything that needed correcting and gave me a nice coverage, whilst feeling and looking very light on the skin, it was lovely!

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo in Pink Gold £4.99 (Buy One Get One Half Price Offer)
As I've been thinking alot about the transition from Winter makeup to Spring makeup recently I thought I'd pick up Maybelline's 'Pink Gold' Color Tattoo whilst it was in stock, it always seems out of stock in my Superdrug so it's obviously a popular choice. I really do love the Color Tattoo's and I cant wait to see what Spring makeup looks I can create with this little pretty!

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in Nude £7.99 (Buy One Get One Half Price Offer)
Something else I can never seem to find in any Superdrug or Boots is the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in Light, its even out of stock online so I caved and bought the Nude shade instead as Ive been dying to try the concealer out for ages. I literally tried the concealer the minute I got it home and I really do like it, the coverage is great and I loved the way it sat on my under eye area and never creased at all. Look out for a full review soon beaut's. 

L'Oreal Miss Manga Punky Mascara in Black £5.99 (Introduction Offer)

I wanted to find a new drugstore mascara that ticked all of my mascara boxes so I thought I'd give L'Oreal's New Miss Manga Punky a go. It's said that Miss Manga Punky can give you mega volume on your top and bottom lashes and the conical shape of the brush can create an intense spiky effect, it sounds pretty epic doesn't it. So far I've really been enjoying this mascara and I think my love for L'Oreal mascara's might just be back!

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Black £2.99
My trusty Collection Felt Tip Liner is on its last legs so this was just a repurchase because it awesome, I cant live without this little beauty in my makeup bag!

Barry M Blink Waterproof Precision Eyeliner in Black £4.49
Even though I repurchased my Collection liner I came across this 'Blink' liner on the Barry M stand and loved how thin and precise the nib was so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Garnier Moisture Match for Normal Skin £1.98 (Half Price Offer)
I'm currently using the Garnier Moister Match moisturiser for dry to very dry skin and its been my saviour during these cold winter months, so when I saw the Moisture Match range was half price I decided to pick up the new Protect and Glow moisturiser for Normal Skin. Again I thought this would be so nice to use when Spring arrives because it has an illuminating glow to it, contains an SPF 20 and is lemony fresh.

So that's my little Superdrug Beauty Haul for you all, I hope you enjoyed this kind of post and do let me know if you've picked up any of these little gems recently or if theres anything else that I need to try in Superdrug at the moment.


NEW Benefit Puff Off Instant Eye Gel | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

It's always an exciting time when Benefit have a new launch and this time around they've delivered us a fantastic little eye treatment, Benefit Puff Off! Benefit Puff Off has been developed to de-puff the under eye area whilst also ironing out fine lines and wrinkles for a “satiny smooth” eye look. Sounds pretty amazing right and something I certainly need on a daily basis as my under eye area is hideous in the mornings he he!
Benefit Puff Off* (£22.50) comes in the cutest packaging, the gel type formula is packed in a little 10ml squeezy type tube which has a custom metal “ironing” tip which is what dispenses the product, isn't this just the most amazing concept for packaging and a product name, I'm so in love with it! 
Puff Offs gel formula is peach in colour which helps reduce the darkness under your eyes, it also has a soft iridescent finish (no shimmer included) which really does help brighten up the under eye area and smooths away the appearance of fine lines. The little metal ironing tip really works well together with the gel and instantly cools the under eye area on contact, this is great for the mornings when your tired eyes need waking up and need an extra boost ha ha, the cooling sensation of the tip along with the added peptide in the gel also helps reduce puffy eyes too which I get sometimes when I've slept quite heavily. The gel itself is really easy to use, I simply give the tube a little squeeze and then dot the gel under each eye and then use the iron tip to glide the product under my eye area for ultimate smoothing, I always do this before I apply my makeup but you can apply it over makeup if you wish however I would avoid the gliding motion as it may disrupt your makeup so I'd lightly pat instead. The gel is in now way heavy or sticky, it absorbs quickly and then your left with a hydrated, cooled, smoothed, brightened under eye area, I absolutely love this puffy stuff ha ha. 

Overall I think this is a great little product and a must have in your makeup bag if you suffer with dark, puffy under eyes like I do. I really have noticed such a difference in my under eyes appearance since I started using Puff Off, the dark circles under my eyes are no where near as dark as they where prior to using the gel, the skin around my eyes feels so smooth and moisturised and I also love the fact that the gel doesn't interfere with my eye makeups lasting ability, it doesn't crease or move my concealer which is one of the things I was worried about but no, no problems there. What a brilliant little product!

Will you be 'ironing away for a smoother day' with Benefit's Puff Off he he??


NEW 007 For Women | Valentines Gift Idea! ♥

Hey beaut's!

Valentines Day is sneaking up on us all very quickly this year and today I have a review of lovely perfume that would be suitable as a gift for the special day or if your just looking to treat yourself to a new scent this new release would be a great pick, so say hello to 007 For Woman*.

007 for Women is a fragrance inspired by the iconic women found in Bond's seductive and daring world. The fragrance is described as 'dangerously seductive', with a unique mix of ingredients that blend signature femininity with intangible mystery into a modern interpretation of an oriental fragrance, sounds pretty amazing right??
The scent itself is very oriental with top notes of black pepper and rose milk, heart notes of  blackberry and white floral jasmine and base notes of vanilla, white musk and cedarwood. It really is a beautifully scent that I've been enjoying wearing over the last couple of weeks, all of the fragrant notes just go hand in hand together and the vanilla and white musk really do come through as it settles. It's also a very light, delicate scent to wear and is in no way overpowering at all which is a huge bonus for me, theres nothing worse than a strong overpowering perfume is there. As for the packaging.... Its so nice, I love the mix of the black and rose gold and the diamond-cut pattern all around the bottle adds that little bit of texture.
Overall I think 007 for Women is an absolute hit! It's in no way gimmicky and is a very neutral scent meaning I think most women would enjoy it, it's definitely one to put on your wish list beaut's! 007 Woman is available from 1st February 2015 nationwide and comes in 30ml RRP £25 and 50ml RRP £30.

Will you be giving 007 for Women a whiff beaut's?? I'd love to know he he!


Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette | Review

Hey beaut's!

You may have seen if you read my 'What I Go For Christmas' post that I was lucky enough to receive the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Eyeshadow Palette from my boyfriend, I had literally been lusting after the popular Naked Basics 2 for ages so I was so happy to finally have it in my life. I've been using the little palette pretty much everyday so I thought it was about time I gave it a cheeky review.
The Naked Basics 2 Eyeshadow Palette (£22.00) is housed in the same little rubberised palette as the original Naked Basics with 5 matte shadows and 1 satin perfect for highlighting. The overall palette is very cool toned and neutral which is right up my street and something I tend to wear all the time so I know I'll get so much use out of this little palette.
Like I expected, the quality of the eye shadows in the Naked Basics 2 is great! All of the shades are well pigmented, super soft to the touch without being chalky or dry and easy to work with, the amazing formula allows the eye shadows to blend out beautifully and quickly not to mention the shadows stay in place on the eyelids all day, however I do use my favourite primer to prolong the wear. 

Naked Basics 2 shade rundown...

'Skimp' is a beige/nude satin shade which is best used as a highlight shade on the inner corners of your eyes and on your brow bone, you could even use 'Skimp' all over the lid if your going for a no makeup, makeup look.
'Stark' is a pretty pinky-nude shade that's perfect as a base shade all over the lid.
'Frisk' is an amazing transition shade, its a light grey/taupe matte which really reminds me of Mac's Omega which I use all the time for perfecting my crease blending and getting that great transition so I'm so happy that the Naked Basics 2 has a very useful shade like this. 
'Cover' is a basic warm toned, brown matte shade which is great for the crease and would work amazingly with 'Skimp' and 'Stark' as base eyeshadow.
'Primal' is another matte brown shade but it's alot cooler than 'Cover', I love using 'Primal' for defining my crease, it's also a great shade for my brows too so it's a multi-purpose eyeshadow shade for me woohoo.
'Undone' is a dark brown matte, this shade is great for smoking out any eyeshadow look for more of an evening look  and it also looks pretty smudged on the lower and upper lash line.
Overall I absolutely love the little palette, probably even more than the original Naked Basics. All of the shades are so easy to use and look so sophisticated on, the palette is also makeup bag, handbag and travel friendly because its just so compact and small, it's honestly no bigger than my iPhone he he.

Have you treated yourself to the Naked Basics 2 Eyeshadow Palette beaut's?? What did you think?? I'd love to know.


Meet my January 'Sparkling' Advertisers!

Hey beaut's!

 As we are nearing the end of January I thought it was about time that you lovely lot got to know my gorgeous January 'Sparkling' Advertisers a little bit more, hopefully you have seen their blogs sitting in my sidebar and have already had a cheeky little peek and found some great, new reading material... arrrhh I love finding new blogs to read, it's so inspiring and often sends me into wish list overdrive ha ha... Anyway enough of me rambling, let me introduce you all to my January Advertisers!
My name is Cherry, I'm a 26-year-old Graduate PR Consultant by day and beauty blogger by night. I began CherryPieBlog as a platform to showcase my published and unpublished writing. It mainly featured CD and Gig reviews as that was what I specialised in at the time, but it has slowly developed into a general Fashion/Beauty blog.
I write for the blog in my spare time and see it as a hobby, where I can do what I love best...writing.
Hello! My name is Angela, but you can call me Angie, I author I am a Canadian living in the UK, and a mother of 2. These past few months saw me fast track my courses and through them I have become a fully accredited Beauty Therapist specialising in Skin Therapy and a MUA and I am beauty and lifestyle blogger. Come on over and have a peak, and I hope you like my blog just as much as I enjoyed writing it. 
Angie x

Hi, I'm Michelle and I blog over at What Shell Says. I started my blog as a hobby just over 12 months ago and I'm really loving it so far. It's led to some great opportunities and making some fabulous new friends! My blog is a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle - everything from product hauls and reviews, to recipes and blogger events. I'd love for you to come over to have a read and say hello!
Hi! My name is Michelle, I’m 30 year old girl living near Norwich. I have an office job, a husband and a lovely little boy called Freddy. These take up most of my time so when I’m not at work or running around after my 2 year old, I spend my time blogging! I started Thou Shalt Not Covet as a blog dedicated to my obsession with beautiful things, it has gradually evolved to include a focus on jewellery, fashion and make up, product reviews and features, nail art, wedding plans and diet updates – a bit of everything really! I'd love you to stop by and say hello! xxx

If you would like to come a join in on the fun and advertise with HaySparkle all details can be found HERE!


Beauty Lust List! ♥

Hey beaut's!

I have been lusting after so many beauty related pretties just recently, so many brands are releasing cracking products at the moment and obviously in true blogger tradition I must have them all ha ha. The Valentines Lush Collection is just gorgeous, it all looks so pretty and I'm always lured in by Lush's limited edition collections so I need to make an emergency trip to Lush very soon he he. Something else I'm really excited for is the release of Tanya Burr's Book 'Love Tanya', I haven't bought any other Youtubers books that have been released as personally they seem abit young for me but Tanya's book seems right up my street, I mean beauty and baking all in one book... I'm sold! As always Makeup Revolution are always releasing some gorgeous makeup and their new Blushing Hearts blushers look beautiful, I particularly want to try Peachy Pink Kisses, I think it will be a great shade for Spring. Next we have a Real Techniques Brush that I immediately was drawn to, it goes without saying that I want their Bold Metals Collection very badly but its abit out of my price range per brush however they have added two new brushes to their original line and the Sculpting Brush looks fabulous! I also want to get my hands on the Rimmel Kate Red Nose Lipstick, I'm a sucker for a red lip and I love the Kate Rimmel collection so it seems like a match made in heaven to me!

Beauty Lust List!

NEW Hugo Boss Woman and Hugo Boss Man | Review

Hey beaut's!

With Valentines Day fast approaching I thought I'd do a little his and hers fragrance review/gift idea for you all. On the 28th January Hugo Woman and the refreshing Hugo Man will both be released nationwide and my goodness they are lovely, I'm especially in love with Hugo Woman, it's up there with my all time favourite fragrances that I've ever tried, I just love it. Other than Valentine Day in mind both of these fragrances have Spring 2015 in mind.

Hugo Woman* RRP 30ml £35.00/50ml £45.00/75ml £58.00
Hugo Woman is a fruity, floral fragrance with a boyish twist which makes the scent ever so slightly musky but it really works. With that added boyish twist you would expect the perfume to be quite heavy but it isn't at all, when you first spray Hugo Woman you really get that Spring time floral vibe but its when the scent has had time to settle then you get the musky notes which I really do like. I find that just one spritz of this on my neck is enough for most of the day, it's a very apparent, noticeable scent but isn't overpowering at all however I think if you went abit over board and sprayed Hugo Woman a few times it would overpower you slightly, so the key is 'less is more' with this eau de toilette. As for Hugo Woman's bottle... Its very simple which I like, it's circular, transparent glass bottle is super sleek and has the grown up feel, I think the fuss free approach is great when your on the go as it wont feel really heavy in your handbag or take up much room. Overall I absolutely love this scent and can see myself wearing constantly all throughout Spring, it's also quite versatile meaning there isn't a particular time of day or night you should use this fragrance, its a great all rounder.

Top Notes- Ripe boysenberry, sparkling Italian mandarin and Himalayan red grass. 
Middle Notes- Jasmine sambac and plush, darkly fruity black plum and Indian black tea.
Base Notes- Sandalwood laced with cedar, warmed by feminine amber. 

Hugo Man* RRP 40ml £30.00/75ml £40.00/125ml ££55.00
Hugo Man is a naturally fresh yet individual scent that combines fruits, herbs and aromatic pine. From a woman's perspective I'd say Hugo Man is a very refreshing, daytime scent that's very apt for the up and coming Spring time. When you first spritz Hugo Man it smells very much like a forest walk (think he freshness of leaves and different types of tree) he he and then when the scent settles you do get that fruity/aromatic fragrance come through which when combined is very masculine. Just like Hugo Woman, Hugo Man has a very simple, fuss free bottle thats transparent and great for on the go. Overall I think this a great scent for any man who likes a natural refreshing scent with lots of masculinity, my boyfriend absolutely loves it!

Top Notes- Green apple, bergamot, cedar leaves, basil & thyme 
Heart Notes- Lavender, geranium, sage & clove 
Base Notes- Sandalwood, vetiver, cedar wood & oak moss

Will you be sporting these fragrances this Spring?? I'd love to know!


Makeup Revolution NEW Pro Brush Collection | Review

Hey beaut's!

I cant even explain how excited I was last week when the amazing Makeup Revolution revealed their first ever Pro Brush Collection. This is something all of us Makeup Revolution lovers have been waiting for, for a while and as always Makeup Rev have made our wishes come true he he, so say hello to the Full Pro Brush Collection*!

The Full Pro Brush Collection consists of 9 brushes in total and has a variety of face brushes and eye brushes to choose from, all of which are made from the finest, super soft, synthetic hair, making them work amazingly well with cream, liquid and powder makeup. The classic Makeup Revolution style really reflects in these brushes, they all have the black glossy handles and ferrels with gold font etched on the side of each brush which I like and are easy to wipe clean.
Onto the brush collections run down...

Pro Powder Brush (PRO F104) £3.75
Firstly we have the Pro Powder Brush, arrhh this little beauty is super soft, I even find myself randomly running my fingers through the soft bristles as it feels so nice he he. I've been using the Pro Powder Brush with my Rimmel Pressed Powder to set my makeup under my eyes and on my t-zone like I normally would and it feels lovely against my skin, it also work well at bronzing up the face too. 

Pro Stippling Brush (PRO F103) £3.00
Ohhh the Pro Stippling Brush is one of my favourites out of the entire collection, it's great at applying a flawless application of foundation, BB/CC Cream and Tinted Moisturiser and even though its one of the smaller stippling brushes I own it seems to cover well and blends quickly. My favourite way to use this brush at the moment is with my shimmer bricks which I have abit of an obsession with right now, the brush seems to pick up the perfect amount of product and blends across the cheeks beautifully, arhhh it looks amazing! I have huge love for this brush.

Pro Foundation Brush (PRO F101) £3.00
The Pro Foundation Brush is what I'd call your typical/standard foundation brush because of it's flat oval shape. My favourite way to use this brush is actually for concealer, it's shape is amazing at concealing the under the eye area and I've also found it works well at sharpening up my liquid liner edges too. I have used this brush for it's correct means as a foundation brush a few times and I find working from the middle of the face and working outwards in stroke motions works the best but ultimately this is my concealing beauty.

Pro Contour Brush (PRO F105) £3.00
I'm a huge fan of Contour brushes and Makeup Revolutions offering certainly doesn't disappoint. This little beauty is amazing at creating a natural or intense contour because it's shaped specially to fit the cheekbones perfectly. I love applying my contour with this brush in stripes to start off with then I go back and use small up and down blending motions to really blend those harsh lines out, it honestly makes contouring super easy and looks very natural, I'd say this is also one of my favourite brushes from the collection.

Pro Concealer Brush (PRO F102) £1.95
I haven't actually been using the Pro Concealer Brush for concealing under my eyes but I have been using it with concealer to sharpen up and neaten my eyeliner flicks and around my mouth after applying vampy lipsticks, its also great for carving out those brows when you want to achieve that perfect brow look. 

Pro Eyeshadow Blending Brush (PRO E103) £1.95
Eyeshadow blending brushes are an absolute essential for me and I'll definitely be buying a few more of these beauties as I love them and you can never have enough eyeshadow blending brushes can you he he. What I love so much about Makeup Revolutions offering is that it seems to work with the shape of my eye/crease very well, it places the product accurately and blends those edges out a dream, arhhh what a fabulous brush!

Pro Eyeshadow Contour Brush (PRO E102) £1.95
The Eyeshadow Contour Brush is great for really working eye shadows into your socket, it seems to have such precision yet blends at the same time. It's also the perfect shape for creating a winged out eyeshadow effect too, another amazing little brush.

Pro Eyeshadow Brush (PRO E101) £1.95
The Eyeshadow Brush is a pretty basic, easy brush to use and normally you would use it to pack eyeshadow onto the eyelid however I do find it a little small, so I use it as a little smudger brush or for any detailed eyeshadow work instead.

Pro Eyebrow Brush (PRO E104) £1.50
And lastly but not least is the Eyebrow Brow brush, this brush makes filling in my eyebrows a breeze, it's small enough to create little brush strokes to place false eyebrow hairs in the front of your brows but big enough to define and shape out the rest of your brows, I love it!

Overall I'm so happy Makeup Revolution delved into the depths of makeup brushes, they really are lovely and would be amazing for beginners. Since using the brushes I haven't experienced any shedding bristles at all and they all feel nice an soft against the skin too. If I had to pick my absolute favourites out of the bunch I'd have to choose the Stippling Brush, Contour Brush, Eyeshadow Blending Brush and the Eyeshadow Contour Brush, but the rest of the collection definitely isn't to be unnoticed and they are a great selection of brushes!

The Pro Brush Collection is available to buy in lots of different ways, you can either pick up the entire collection for £20.00, the Face Brush Collection for £14.00, the Eye Brush Collection for £6.00 or you can buy each brush individually to create your own dream collection!

What are your thoughts on Makeup Revolutions Brush Collection beaut's?? I'd love to know!