High Street Beauty Wishlist

Hey girlie's

Today I've put together a little 'High Street Beauty Wishlist' as I'm seriously craving some high street makeup goodies at the moment, however there is a little girlie shopping trip planned in the middle of March that I'm excited for, so I thought it would be fun to put this wish list together and see how many items I end up getting on my shopping trip!

1. MUA Fixing Spray £5.00
I have been after this fixing spray by MUA for ages... My Superdrug is constantly sold out of this little beauty, which to me says its very popular and I've heard its well loved too. It's also meant to be a fantastic dupe of Urban Decays All Nighter Spray which costs £20.00, I'd rather save some pennies and give this a go I think he he.

2. Sleek Garden of Eden Palette £7.99
Sleeks latest I-Divine Palette release really doesn't disappoint does it! The Garden of Eden palette is full of stunning earthy, natural shades which I love the look of, I seriously need this palette in my life.

3. MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder £3.00
Again, another MUA treasure that I can never get in my local Superdrug as it's always sold out but I'm determined to get this gorgeous, well loved highlighting powder when I go out of town on my shopping trip, it looks seriously stunning!

4.Revlon Photo Ready Foundation £12.99
I've been umming and arhing over whether to give this foundation a go for so long and I think its finally time I just bought it! I love the fact that it claims to have great coverage whilst still giving you a luminous finish and the fact its great to use when taking photo's and wont flash back is fab!

5. L'oreal Lumi Magique Highlighter Pen £8.49
Arhhh the YSL Touche Eclat dupe! This highlighter pen from L'oreal looks a seriously stunning product and the rose gold packaging looks so expensive too. I must admit they're aren't many products I lust over when it comes to L'oreal, but this highlighter pen I need!!!

6. L'oreal Collection PrivĂ©e Cheryl in Greige Glow £8.19
The collection privée line has been created for us girlie's to achieve the perfect nude lip for each and every skin tone, and this cheeky offering from Cheryl Cole certainly looks like the most gorgeous nude lip shade and of course as I love Cheryl its only fair I buy hers first ha ha.

7. Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin Curves Mascara £6.99
Now a makeup wish list of mine wouldn't be complete without a mascara, and as you girlie's know I LOVE me some mascara's ha ha. I love Rimmel as a brand so I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on their latest mascara release. The Rockin Curves Mascara certainly sounds amazing and the wand also look quite spectacular too.

And their you have it girlie's, these are the current goodies I'm lusting after at the moment, I must admit the high street makeup brands don't half bring out some amazing, beautiful things don't they?

I'd love to know if any of you beaut's have tried any of the makeup goodies I'm after, and whether you think they're must buys or not!


The 'Wet' Brush | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

Today I'm back with a slightly different review for you all in the shape of a hair brush, but not just any hair brush, its the creme dela creme of all hair brushes ha ha, say hello to the amazing Wet Brush*!!!

 The Wet Brush has become the number 1 selling detangling brush in the US and hailed a 'must use' brush by salon professionals, journalists and customers worldwide and is now available in the UK, woohoo!!! So you may be wondering why this hair brush is so amazing, well... The Wet Brush has been specifically designed to detangle the thickest, most stubborn hair quickly yet gently, it also prevents the hair from stretching and snapping, it can be used on wet or dry hair and is perfect for use on delicate wigs an extensions, sounds amazing right, and with my long hair its just what I need.

What differs between your average hair brush and the Wet Brush is its revolutionary IntelliFlex bristles with soft tips. The intelliflex bristles are thin, strong and very flexible, the flexibility eliminates all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping which usually would result in split ends and hair loss. Then you have the soft and gentle ball tips of the bristles which provide a massaging action that stimulates circulation at the follicle and is a proven benefit for the hair, its also ideal for sensitive scalps too.
I literally cant explain how good this brush is and how different it feels going through your compared to your average hair brush, I used to have the 'anything will do' moto when it came to hair brushes, but now I've realised just how much my old hair brushes tug, rip and pull on my hair, all of which hurt in the process but the Wet Brush just glides through my hair with such ease and when it comes to a knot the flexible bristles do all the work and glide straight through it, its fabulous!!!

The Wet Brush also comes in a variety of colours and quirky prints to suit everyone, all of which have rubberised, non slip ergonomic handles, making it great to your in the bath or shower, that's if you like to brush your conditioner or hair treatments through your hair from root to tip.

You can buy your very own Wet Brush from Sally stores nationwide and www.sallyexpress.com for £11.99.

Have you tried the Wet Brush beaut's?? What did you think?? I'd love to know.


Non Beauty Favourites | February

Hey girlie's!!!

You may remember back at the end of January I added a new little monthly addition to my blog in the shape of non beauty favourites... And its now that time again...

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I literally adore Beyonce, she is pretty much perfect isn't she? And this month I just haven't stopped listening to her latest album 'BEYONCE'. The 14 songs on the album are fabulous and extremely catchy, I also love the fact she made a music video for every song too, I have to say my favourite/most listened to songs on the album are Pretty Hurts, XO, Blue and Drunk In Love, what are yours beaut's?

Creme Eggs
I seriously have a unhealthy addiction to Creme Eggs. I'm the same every year, as soon as they hit the shops I'm there buying silly amounts ha ha, I buy them singly, in multi packs and even the miniature packs ha ha, just call me the crazy Creme Egg lady ha ha.

February has been the month that I've finally found my feet on Pinterest, and now I love it and its become rather addictive. I could literally spend hours looking through and pining all the gorgeous pictures of different varieties. If your on Pinterest do let me know, you could also give me a cheeky follow HERE if you like. 

Brit Awards 2014
Arhh I look forward to this every year, I love the Brits...  This years awards was so good and I thought most of the performers where good too, of course I loved Beyonce's performance but I also loved Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Bruno Mars and Bastille with Rudimental.

What have you been loving throughout February??? I'd love to know!!!


Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

I recently picked up my very first BB Cream, I must admit I picked it up on a complete whim as I had purchased a Maybelline Mascara and there was a buy one get on half price offer on which obviously I couldn't refuse, so as I could get a BB Cream for £3.99 I thought I may as well finally give it a go. I've been using the Maybelline BB Cream for around 3 weeks now and I have to say I absolutely love it, its become a must in my foundation/base routine and its made such a difference in how fresh/dewy my skin looks and feels.

Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream claims that its thin, gel based formula enhances the skin with its 8 benefits in 1, which are...

Creates a natural glow.
Compliments the skin tone.
SPF30 UV protection.
Hydrates all day.
Blurs imperfections
Oil free and non greasy.
Looks visibly smooth
Feels fresh.

I have to say I completely agree with all 8 claims. It matches my skin tone a treat, leaves my skin feeling soft and glowy, its a light coverage BB Cream so only blurs imperfections slightly so I still add a small amount of concealer on a couple of blemishes I have, it never clings to dry patches that I'm prone to getting and doesn't make my skin feel oily or greasy at all and I love the fact it has the added SPF 30 making it perfect for the summer time wear or if your on holiday and you want something lightweight with SPF this is perfect.

My favourite way to use the BB Cream at the moment in this dull, cold weather is to use it as a base. I pop a pea sized amount on the back of my hand and use my Real Techniques buffing brush to lightly buff the BB Cream into my skin, and in spring/summer this would actually be enough for me with a small amount of concealer, but as its still cold in the UK I have been getting a slight bit of redness so I've been using half a pump of Rimmels Wake Me Up Foundation buffed over the top and the results are gorgeous, it's not cakey, glowy and healthy looking and lasts all day without a single touch up!!
As you see, the skin on my hand after the BB Cream has been blended looks so much better and so glowing!

The plastic tube packaging is also cute and quite youthful, it has no dispenser or pump though, its one of the squeezable, screw cap jobbie's which I do like, at least you know you can use all the product up and not waste any, I also cut these sort of plastic tubes open when I think I'm finished as there always 2-3 applications left in little secret hiding places within the tube ha ha.

Overall I adore this BB Cream, I honestly never thought I'd really get into BB Creams but after using Maybellines offering I have been pleasantly surprised and some what converted. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a fresh, glowy, light feel to the skin, or if your looking for a nice base at this time of year for under your foundation you just have to give this a go, I'm sure you will love it as much as I do.

Have you tried Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream beaut's?? What did you think??


Wantable Beauty Box | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you all my thoughts on a new beauty subscription box that was previously only available in the US, Canada and Australia but now due to its success, us beauty lovers in the UK can now receive it too, woohoo, say hello to Wantable*, a beauty box with a difference.

Wantable is a unique subscription box concept, so instead of receiving a box of random items that you may not be interested in or like, your sent a selection of FULL SIZE goodies that you've indicated you like. Now onto how it works... All you have to do when signing up with Wantable is fill out a short questionnaire, starting off with whether you would like a make-up box or an accessories box, I chose the makeup box and then went on to fill out products, shades and finishes I preferred, for instance after clicking saying I like nail polishes, it then gave me a variety of shades to like or dislike, the same went for finishes and textures which I think it incredible and such an amazing concept. You can also choose whether you'd like a one off box for $40 (£24.02) or you can subscribe for a monthly box for $36 (£21.62), your guaranteed to receive between 4-7 full size US products that are worth between $80-$100, also if you don't happen to like your monthly contents you can send your box straight back and get a full refund, now you cant get better than that can you?

Anyway, onto what goodies I received in this month's box...

Sorme Get A Brow Gel in Fawn $16 

Firstly, I was super excited to see a tinted brow gel in my box as the only brow gel I own is a clear one so I'm happy I can now experiment with one that has a bit of colour too it. This Sorme brow gel claims to tame unruly brows with its conditioning , non flaking formula, holding them into place and giving them a natural shine. 

Michael Marcus Prime Foundation Brush $20
Wow a brush in a beauty box, what a treat, and its a lovely quality brush too. The Michael Marcus Prime brush is perfect for applying foundation, concealer and primer and is made up of super fine taklon bristles, its so super soft and I cant wait to give it a go.

La Bella Donna Compressed Mineral Eye Shadow in Sultry Olive $20
This eye shadow from La Bella Donna is such a beautiful dark olive/taupe shade that has a bronze metallic sheen to it that will look great through the crease or on the lid, this compressed mineral eye shadow is also free from dyes, talc, oil and alcohol making it fine to use on the most delicate of eyes.

DEX New York Lipstick in Rockaway Rambling Rose $20
I'm super impressed with this DEX New York Lipstick, not only does the packaging feel super expensive but it wears like an expensive high end lipstick too, it has a rich, creamy conditioning formula and contains micro bubbles that continually release conditioners to keep your lips soft and colour fresh for hours and the colour payoff is amazing too with its opaque finish. It's also a cruelty free lipstick too which is another bonus.

Sorme Skin Perfecting BB Cream in Light Honey
And lastly Wantable have thrown in a little extra treat in the shape of a Sorme BB Cream sample. I cant wait to give this a go as I've just started giving BB Creams a go so I'm looking forward to seeing how this one stands among the rest. 

Overall I'm super impressed with the Wantable box, I think the contents is amazing and I will get use out of every product, I also think Wantable's concept is amazing and something to bare in mind if you are left constantly disappointed with the contents of other beauty boxes where you don't the chance to receive your preferred products, finishes, shades etc. Yes, the box is slightly more expensive that your average beauty box but when you take into consideration that you are getting 4-7 full size products that your guaranteed to like I don't think it too bad. As a whole my boxes contents is worth $78 (£46.83) which I think is pretty impressive. If you'd like more information on Wantable or if you'd like to treat yourself to your very own Wantable box you can do so HERE.

What do you think of the Wantable Box girls?? I'd love to know.


L'oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

I think its fair to say that Micellar Waters have taken the skincare world by storm and lots of us beauty bloggers have been loving them too. I must admit I do love a good ole micellar water and Superdrugs B.Pure Micellar Water has been one of my favourites that I've repurchased over and over, but now I have fallen in love with something else he he, say hello to L'oreal's Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution.

I picked L'oreal's offering up on a whim purely as it was on offer at the time so I thought why not? What I also got lured in by was its 3 in 1 ability to dissolve makeup, unclog pores and remove impurities and finally it tones and soothes the skin, sounds pretty great right??

What I instantly love about this little gem is that not only is it suitable for sensitive skin which I suffer from, but you can use it on yours eyes and lips as well as your face and generally most micellar waters always say ' do not come into contact with eyes' or 'take caution around the eye area' and of course I always ignore those warnings and end up with stinging eyes, but L'oreal's Micellar Water is so gentle and it doesn't irritate the eye area at all and removes every trace of eye makeup without me having to rub or be harsh towards my eye area, its also great at taking lip products off without drying out your lips, which is something I've experienced with the B.Pure Micellar Water.

Using this Micellar Solution couldn't be easier... All I do is pop a small amount on a cotton pad and wipe all over my face and let the solution do all the work. As for the eye area... Again I pop a small amount on a cotton pad and hold it over my eyes when closed for a few seconds to let the solution dissolve all the mascara, eyeliner etc and then sweep away, there's no need for any harsh rubbing, I use that method for the lips too.   

Overall I LOVE this micellar solution and I'd highly recommend it, I've experienced no break outs whilst using this, nor has it irritated my sensitive skin, its super affordable and easy to get hold of unlike some micellar waters such as Bioderma, which I'm desperate to try ha ha. It honestly leaves my skin feeling so soft, clean and clear and I'll definitely be repurchasing it again, its such gorgeous skincare product!

Have you tried L'oreal's Micellar Solution girls?? What did you think?? Id love to know your thoughts.


theBalm Plump Your Pucker Lip Gloss | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

Today I'm back with a review of a makeup brand fairly new to me that is now available on the cloud10beauty website, that brand being the cool yet quirky theBalm Cosmetics. I was first introduced to theBalm Cosmetics after receiving a couple of their make up samples in previous beauty boxes and was pretty impressed with what I had tried, but for today I'll be sharing my thoughts on their Plump Your Pucker Lip Gloss*.

Plump Up Your Pucker is a plumping lip gloss which is formulated with a special combination of menthol and vitamin C, those together help increase circulation to the lips which reduce the look of fine lines and give you that plumped up looking kissable pout, the gloss also claims to hydrate your lips too, ooohh!!

The Plump Up Your Pucker lip glosses come in a variety of shades that go from nudes to pinks and they've even thrown in a gorgeous red shade for good measure too. The shade I'm reviewing today is 'Cocoa My Coconut' eeekk what a cute name. Cocoa My Coconut is a lovely nude shade with warm pink undertones and contains no glitter or shimmer particles what so ever which is a major plus for me, I think its the perfect daytime shade. As for application... The gloss really does glide on the lips smoothly and felt nice and creamy too, with the gloss having its plumping ability I did feel a slight tingling/cooling sensation on my lips but this soon wore off and wasn't a major for me. As far as stickiness goes, for a gloss theBalms offering isn't that bad at all, its ever so slightly tacky but nothing to over the top. The taste and the scent of the gloss is incredible, it has a strong hot chocolate/coconut scent and tastes amazing, I honestly I had restrain myself from licking it all off ha ha, all of the Plump Your Pucker range has a sweet or fruity theme so I can only imagine the whole line smells/tastes fabulous.

Overall I did really like theBalms plumping lip gloss, I liked the creamy formula, the smell/taste was amazing, it plumped my lips ever so slightly which I like, I love the quirky shade name and I think Cocoa My Coconut is a nice shade for all those neutral lovers out there. The only downside to this product was its lasting power for me, it wore of pretty quickly, its not a product you can just pop on and forget about, you have to touch up often, putting that aside I did like the gloss and would certainly try the red and pink shades.

You can buy your very own Cocoa My Coconut Lip Gloss for £11.00 from cloud10beauty.com along with the rest of theBalm Cosmetics range.

Have you tried any products from theBalm Cosmetics?? What did you think?? I'd love to know.


February Glossybox Review | Valentines Edition

Hey girlie's!!!

So its that time again... Glossybox time!!! It's fair to say last months box was pretty pants, I'm sure I'm not alone on that one, but this month Glossybox have won me over again!!! I love the Valentines theme this month and I have to say the limited edition box is gorgeous and the contents inside isn't half bad either, its nice to finally see some full size products in there.

So lets see the little treasures I received inside my February Glossybox...

Maybelline New York Master Kajal Liner in Pitch Black £5.99
 I cant wait to try this, I always eye this up in Superdrug or Boots but never splurge and buy it as I've heard mixed reviews, but finally I can give it a whirl. I always use kohl liners anyway so I'm interested to see how different a cream stick liner is in comparison to my other kohl liners.  

Ciate London Paint Pot in Red Hot Chili £9.00
I love Ciate nail polishes and their amazing quality so I'm super happy to be able to add another one to my nail polish collection. I received the shade 'Red Hot Chili' which I'd describe as a fiery red-orange shade, I can see it being great for summer time wear and looking pretty eye catching on the nails. 

Miners Cosmetics Cocktail Kiss in Manhattan £2.99
I've never road tested anything from Miners Cosmetics before so I was eager to test this little lip gloss out however, after opening the gloss up and swatching it on the back of my hand I can tell I wont like it at all, its just so super sticky, it honestly felt like thick, gloopy glue and it had lots of glittery particles within the gloss too which I'm not a fan of either.

Nougat London Sparkling Body Shimmer in Cherry Blossom £14.00
Not only does this look super pretty in the packaging but it looks gorgeous on the skin too. I must admit when I opened up my Glossybox to see a big pot of body shimmer I immediately thought 'disco ball' but too my surprise it just adds a nice amount of radiance that isn't overly glittery or shimmery at all, it smells incredible too. This is definitely something I'd wear on a night out or on holiday with a nice tan.

Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Stick It Up Gum £7.20
As happy as I am about receiving this little Tony & Guy gem I'm slightly confused as to how I'll use it , the name 'Stick It Up Gum' to me suggests that this product is more for shorter hair styles, it does say its great for creating texture so I'll give it a whirl and see what I think but I don't think this will do much for my long mane ha ha.

Lindt Lindor Treat Bar
Lastly, we have a little extra in the form of some scrumptious chocolate, yum!!! You really cant complain with that can you?

Overall I'm super impressed with the contents of this months box and its theme. I love the fact we got 4 full size products as well as a decent size sample of the Nougat London Body Shimmer and then the little chocolate extra as well, Glossybox really have spoilt us this month and hopefully it will continue he he.

What did you think of this month's valentines box beaut's?? I'd love to know.


Real Techniques 'NEW' Retractable Bronzer Brush | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

Today I'm back with another exciting review for you all featuring one of my most favourite brush brands Real Techniques. As you may know Real Techniques brushes are designed by the lovely Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo and recently Real Techniques welcomed Sam's sister Nic Chapman to their fabulous makeup brush line. To begin their collaboration together, Nic and Sam have released four brand new innovative brushes which include a Retractable Kabuki Brush £11.95, a Retractable Lip Brush £6.95, a Silicone Liner Brush £5.95 (review here) and the Retractable Bronzer Brush* which I'll be reviewing for you all today.

The Retractable Bronzing Brush contains 2 different synthetic fibres within the bristles making it a 'duo-fibre' brush, essentially what happens when you use this brush is that the white bristles pick up the product whilst the black bristles make light work of all the blending, this helps to create soft layers and gives you that gorgeous natural bronzed glow, sounds amazing right? You aren't just restricted with using this brush for bronzing though, like with most of the Real Techniques Brushes you can use them in a multitude of ways, the bronzing brush can also be used to apply powder foundation and loose/pressed finishing powders.

Sam and Nic have also added a new feature to 3 of their new brushes, which has never been seen before in the Real Techniques Collection and that is... the brushes are retractable! woohoo!! This means no more damaged bristles from just throwing your brush in your handbag/makeup bag for touch ups when your on the go, what a brilliant idea!

As always with Real Techniques brushes, the Retractable Bronzer Brush has 100% cruelty free hand cut synthetic taklon bristles. I must admit I do usually find Real Techniques brushes to be very lightweight, however this brush is much more weighty than the rest, I put this down to the retractable element of the brush and the fact this is quite a large brush so it contains alot of bristles. 

Overall, I'm super impressed with Real Techniques retractable addition, its such a fantastic idea for anyone that needs to touch up their base makeup on the go, for instance if your quite oily/shiny and need to lightly powder throughout the day, this brush will be fantastic and just what you need. I honestly don't think Real Techniques will ever bring out a brush I dislike, so far their whole collection get a huge thumbs up from me.

You can buy your very own Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer Brush for £12.95 from cloud10beauty.com along with the rest of the Real Techniques Range.

Have you tried any of the new Real Techniques Brushes??? What did you think??? I'd love to know.