Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Yankee Candle Sweet Maple Chai Review

Hey beaut's!

It was my birthday back at the end of August and my bestie Kate - who knows I'm an absolute candle addict - treated me to the Sweet Maple Chai Yankee Candle and I love it so much that I just had to share my thoughts on it with you all today!

Sweet Maple Chai is part of Yankee Candles Farmer's Market collection, this collection consists of nine scents all inspired by seasonal flavours and autumnal colours, perfect for this autumn loving gal! Sweet Maple Chai  is described as 'an overflowing mug of chai-spiced milk and maple syrup swirled to creamy perfection' and wowza this candle smells good enough to eat or should I say drink! The candle itself definitely has a super autumnal feel with top notes of cinnamon and clove, middle notes of roasted pecans, cardamom and latte accord and base notes of maple, butterscotch and sugar. For me this scent has the perfect balance of sugary sweetness and warming spiciness, and theres an ever so slight woody fragrance too which I think comes from those roasted pecans, it's honestly divine! As for the scent's very good and managed to fill the entire house very quickly and still lingered when it had been blown out, but it isn't an over powering scent or sickly which is good! 
All of the Yankee Candle large jars have a burn time of between 110 – 150 hours and Sweet Maple Chai is certainly lasting me well! If your really into your autumnal, cosy scents as well as your foodie sweet scents then you will definitely need to give this one a whirl, I'm also super interested in quite a few of the other scents in the Farmer's Market Collection! 

You can find the Sweet Maple Chai Yankee Candle for £23.99 on the Yankee Candle website.


Monday, 16 September 2019

My New Favourite Foundation Is £2.99 - I Can't Beleive It Either!

Hey beaut's!

If you've read my blog for a while you will know I'm quite the Technic Cosmetics fan, not only is their makeup super affordable but I've found some absolute gems along the way! Of course every now and again I'll come across a product I'm not as keen on but most of the time they come up trumps and they certainly did when it came to their Pro Finish Serum Foundation!
I'll admit I can be super picky with my foundations and although I do use mostly drugstore foundation I wouldn't usually touch one that's as cheap as £2.99, as my immediate thought would be 'that will be rubbish' but wow Technic have shut me up this time as their Pro Finish Serum Foundation is my new favourite!

The foundation comes in six shades which yes - that is a bit naff - theres three lighter shades, Porcelain, Ivory and Beige and three darker shades, Mocha, Honey and Chestnut! I actually have to mix shades Porcelain and Ivory together to get my perfect shade, so it's definitely all about mixing and matching with this foundation! 
The foundation itself has a natural, dewy finish, with a light yet buildable coverage that is long lasting yet super lightweight, I literally feel like I'm wearing nothing when I have this foundation on, it's really lovely. After giving this a good test  I have to say the resemblance this Technic Foundation has to MAC's Face and Body Foundation is uncanny, it's just like it. It has a thin, water like constancy which is so easy to build up if you wish, and it has that 'your skin but better' look to it which I love! It also never creases on me and NEVER goes cakey which is a major plus, I think that's because it's just so lightweight on the skin! So if your after a Face and Body dupe... Technic is where the parties at!
(From top to bottom...Porcelain, Ivory and Beige)
I think this a great all rounder foundation too meaning it would work well during all times of the year, it's a great choice for the Spring and Summer months because of how lightweight it is then in the winter months the serum formula really helps with the dryness we can suffer from and it gives the skin an ever so slight healthy glow! For £2.99 a pop you really cant go wrong, I'm completely shocked at just how much I like this foundation and how good it actually is! What a beauty bargain!

Have you tried this foundation beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!

You can find the Technic Pro Finish Serum Foundation for £2.99 HERE.


*This post contains gifted items, all opinions are my own!

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Cosy Autumn Date Idea's That Don't Cost A Penny!*

Hey beaut's!

With - dare I say it - Christmas creeping ever closer the autumn months seem to be the perfect time to reign it in a bit and start saving those pennies for crimbo shopping however, we still want to enjoy autumn with our loved ones and of course indulge in some dates don't we! So I've put together a few date idea's - some of which are indoors -  that are sure to save you some money and of course have you feeling all cosy and loved!  

But firstly, finding time to find someone to go on these fun dates with can be a struggle, right? Well fear not because their are so many free dating sites out there to suit everyone such as over 50's dates, gay dates, casual dating and dating sites in south africa just to name a few! Once you've nabbed your amazing self a date why not give one my ideas a whirl!

An Autumn Walk - Theres nothing better than wrapping yourselves up and going for a lovely autumn walk, I absolutely love it when all the leaves are falling from trees and their all crunchy and crisp underfoot. It's also the perfect scene for a little autumnal photo shoot, which you can then pop in a memory book or on the gram of course! 

Get Crafty - Whilst on your autumn walk collect some fallen leaves, pine cones and conkers and make an autumn garland/wreath together. Knowing me I'd make this a little competition between the two of us to see who can make the best one!

Movie Night - One of my favourites, a night in front of the TV either catching up on your favourite TV shows or watching a few movies together! I love getting all the blankets out, whacking the fairy lights on and lighting some candles to give it a real cosy feel, theres honestly nothing better! Some essential autumn movie picks for me are...Hocus Pocus, You've Got Mail, any Harry Potter movie, Sleepless In Seattle, When Harry Met Sally and Moulin Rouge! 

Bake/Cook Together - Why not raid the cupboards and bake/cook something together, it's so much fun seeing what you can come up with and best of all you get to scoff yourselves silly afterwards! 

Visit A Pumpkin Patch - The whole vibe of going to the pumpkin patch makes me feel so much more autumnal (if that was even possible) and really gets me excited for Halloween and pumpkin carving! Theres also the opportunity of doing some pumpkin carving together whilst your there or of course you can get pumpkin carving at home together if your bring some home!

Smores In front Of The Fire - If you have an open fire this is such a lovely thing to do together, get your marshmallows at the ready, not forgetting your digestives and chocolate of course and get toasting! It's a such a cute, cosy idea!

Watch An Autumn Sunset - Grab your blankets and hot chocolate and snuggle up together and watch an autumn sunset, I always find autumn sunsets look pretty epic! 

Theres soooo many fun things you can do during the Autumn months, it's one of the many reasons why I love Autumn so much. What are your favourite things to do in Autumn beaut's? I'd love to know!


* This is a collaborative post. All writing and opioions are my own!

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Autumn TK Maxx Candle Haul!

Hey beaut's!

It's that time of the year again when the candle addict in me makes a dramatic return, theres something so cosy and warming about burning candles during the Autumn/Winter months isn't there, they just look so pretty flickering away on those dark autumnal nights and the spicy, warming scents are my favourites! So of course I made a trip to TK Maxx recently to see what scents they had and was quite overwhelmed by the sheer volume of autumn/Halloween candles that where in store, I honestly could of spent a small fortune!
I ended up buying three candles in TK Maxx - I was being extremely good on this occasion - two of which are by the brand DW Home and the other is by Sand and Fog, I believe these are both American brands which would explain the epic scents I found, I don't know about you but I feel like candle companies in the UK just don't do those epic Autumnal/Halloween scents like they do in the states! All three of the candles I got come in glass jars with wooden lids which feel super luxurious and expensive, the prices of these where pretty epic too, the small jar was only £2.99, the medium jar was £5.99 and the larger double wick jar was £7.99, which for candles in general is good but as these are American brands I think that's an amazing price! 

The scents I picked up are....
DW Home Maple and Vanilla £2.99 - I just love this jar, red and covered with little leaves, it's so cute! The scent of this one is quite smoky whilst also having hints of vanilla, cinnamon and clove making it so autumnal and the scent throw is amazing!
DW Home Pumpkin Spice £5.99 - My absolute favourite out of the three I bought, not only is the jar the cutest thing ever but the scent is beyond AMAZING! It has notes of pumpkin, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar and all-butter crust making it smell good enough to eat. Honestly beaut's I don't think I've smelt a more amazing autumnal candle before, I recommend this one the most, it's lush!
Sand and Fog Pumpkin Spice £7.99 - This is the largest jar I bought and is a double-wicker, is smells so good and is just what you'd expect from a pumpkin spiced candle - sweet yet warming - however there is a definite citrus note running through this one, and it's more of a subtle scent throw than the other two candles I bought, but I still love it and I adore that hand painted lid!

I'd definitely recommend popping into TK Maxx soon if your after these candles as I cant see them lasting very long, I definitely want to pop back in a grab a couple more soon! I also think these candles would make amazing gifts too because they really do look amazing and are slightly more special than your average candle!

What scents have you picked up for Autumn beaut's? I'd love to know!


Monday, 9 September 2019

New Makeup Launches That Have Me Shook!

Hey beaut's!

At this time of the year so many brands are bringing out autumn launches or revealing their new collections for Christmas and just like most years what I've seen so far I love A LOT - sorry bank balance!!!  

So lets start with Urban Decay... Not only have they recently launched their Stay Naked Foundation and Concealer which I'm desperate to try, but they've only gone a teased us with their brand new Honey Collection launching on September 22nd! The Honey Collection contains many favourites like a setting spray, primer potion, eyeliner plus more but what I'm super excited for is the Naked Honey Palette. If you've read my blog for a while you'll know I'm a huge fan of Urban Decays Naked family, in fact their original Naked palette was the very first piece of high end makeup I ever owned so now I feel the need to collect every one, and those gold hues though....STUNNING!

Another brand that always lures me in with their new launches in Too Faced and this autumn/Christmas we can get excited for the Gingerbread Spice collection! I was lucky enough to buy the Gingerbread Palette last year before they all sold out but this time around theres an entire collection to feast our eyes on. As well as a new Gingerbread Spice Palette we have a mini palette, bronzer, lippie and liquid lips all set to launch around the 22nd September just like Urban Decays Honey collection! I have my eye on this entire collection already, I literally love the look of everything!

Essie also have some stunning new shades of nail polish for autumn, it has a few burnt oranges that just remind me of pumpkins so I'll definitely be after one of those new shades! I'm also super interested in Huda Beauty's new eyeliner, I wear a winged liner everyday without fail so I'm always on the hunt for a good'un!

I'm sure there will be lots more amazing releases coming this Christmas from other brands, I'm also excited to see all the advent calenders this year, I know quite a few have been released already but I just know theres still so many more to go, beauty calenders just seem to be getting more popular year after year don't they!

What beauty launches are you excited for beaut's? I'd love to know! 


Wednesday, 4 September 2019

August Degustabox Review + £5 off Discount Code!

Hey beaut's!

I have a subscription box review for you all today but it's a subscription box with a difference.... it contains yummy food and drink, so say hello to Degustabox*. Degustabox works very much like how beauty subscription boxes work, for £12.99 a month (postage included within the £12.99 price) you will receive 10 to 15 surprise food/drink products, many that are completely new to the market! So if your a bit of a foodie like myself and you love subscription boxes your going to love this beaut's!

The shortlist for this months box is:
Blossom Hill Pale Rose £6.50.
ManiLife Mini Original and Deep Roast Smooth Peanut Butter 59p.
Nuttvia Hazelnut Spread £3.99
Attack a Snak Nachos £1.50
Pure Leaf Green tea with Mint, Black Chai, Green tea with Jasmine £3.99 each.
UFit Chocolate Protein Drink £2.00.
Strings and Things Cheeshapes Voucher* £1.50.
Fruit Bowl Unicorn Flakes, Yogurt Raisins, Strawberry Yogurt 49 each.
Jelly Squeeze Jelly Pouches in Strawberry, Orange, and Apple & Blackcurrant 50p each.
Kitkat Senses Bars, Hazelnut and Salted Caramel Flavours 85p each.
Heinz Beef Ravioli £1.25

Overall I think the August 'Back To School' themed box is amazing, it has a great variety of yummy treats to try and enjoy most of which are ideal for when your on the go or of course for school! My favourites this time around are definitely the Nuttvia Hazelnut Spread, the Kitkat's and the Nachos, their all so yummy!

If you like the look and sound of Degustabox you can grab your first box for just £7.99 with the code R5R0F HERE.


*This post contain a gifted item, all opinions are my own!

Monday, 2 September 2019

Yankee Candle Spiced Apple Review - 50th Anniversary Re-Launch!

Hey beauts'!

It still blows my mind that Yankee Candle have been around since the Christmas of 1969!! I mean who knew that...I certainly didn't! So to celebrate the momentous milestone and Yankee Candle's 50th Anniversary they are re-launching some popular classics from back in the day! They actually done this a couple of months back as I reviewed the classic Lily Of The Valley scent, however as these anniversary candles are limited edition Lily Of The Valley is no longer available on the Yankee Candle website so I cant stress enough that if you want a limited edition candle get it now before they all go!
The new re-launch of the Returning Classics range consists of four gorgeous large jars from the 70's, and seeing as we are now in September and I'm officially aloud to get excited about all things autumnal I just had to try Spiced Apple! Spiced Apple is described as 'Our family recipe for apples seasoned with flavourful spices is brimming with down-home appeal' and wowza this candle smells good enough to eat! The candle itself has top notes of cinnamon sugar, cardamom and apple peels, middle notes of juicy macintosh, nutmeg, toffee, pecan and golden pear and base notes of clove and vanilla spice, making it essentially autumn in a candle. It's honestly a mouth-watering scent which is caramel-y sweet but not sickly because the spices really balance it out! I love the rich red colour of the wax too, it adds to that cosy, warm feeling that this candle has. As for the scent's very good and managed to fill the entire house very quickly and still lingered when it had been blown out, but it isn't an over powering scent which is good, and everyone that walks into my house loves the scent and instantly asks me what candle I'm burning which is always a good indication of a bloody good candle isn't it!

All of the Yankee Candle large jars have a burn time of between 110 – 150 hours and Spiced Apple is certainly lasting me well! If your really into your autumnal, cosy scents like I am then you definitely need to get Spiced Apple, it's got such a spiced toffee-apple element about it which is honestly divine, I cant get enough of this one and feel like I'm definitely going to have to stock up. 

You can find the Spiced Apple Yankee Candle for £23.99 on the Yankee Candle website.


*This post contain a gifted item, all opinions are my own!