November Favourites ♥

Hey girlie's!!!

I cant quite believe its that time again.... November favourites time!!! I know I say this every month but my goodness November went quick, are you all really excited for Christmas yet??? I know I am ha ha. Anywhoo... I thought I would share with you all my favourite beauty products I've been loving throughout this past month... So here goes... 

Barry M Nail Paints in Raspberry and Majesty

Raspberry and Majesty have been my favourite nail polish duo at the moment, I literally cant get enough of them. Raspberry is my favourite Barry M nail paint of all time anyway but I really go mad on it in the Autumn/Winter and as Christmas is getting closer I've decided to add some sparkle with Majesty, as we all know I love me some sparkle!!! Ive simply been painting each nail with raspberry apart from my ring finger which I like to do with Majesty and voila!!! 

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me

As the weather has now gotten alot colder my lips have certainly been getting dryer and needing an extra moisturising boost, and I have to say my Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry me has been my saviour, it moisturises, conditions, smells amazing and once on the lips it gives you a lovely raspberry red tint. You can check out my full review on the Baby Lips collection here.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 100 Ivory

I have been addicted to using Rimmel's Match Perfection Foundation recently, its just perfect for this time of year!!! The foundation is a light perfecting radiance foundation meaning it will give the appearance of more healthy, glowing looking skin which is exactly what I need when its dreary and dull outside. The foundation provides a medium but buildable coverage and blends onto my skin really well, its literally perfection in a bottle to me.

St Grape Aqua Bliss Bath Scrub

Oh how I love my St Grape Aqua Bliss Bath Scrub, so much so that I only have about 2 uses left in my pot. When you pop the scrub into your hand it feels slightly like wet sand in texture and is very gentle and not too abrasive yet it still feels like your giving your skin a good exfoliate, afterwards your skin is left feeling super soft and polished. The smell of the scrub, well..... Its gorgeous, it has quite a strong soapy scent that lingers on your skin for ages afterwards. Its great if your using the scrub in the bath too as when you rinse you skin free from the scrub it leaves your bath water slightly bubbly and the scrubs scent stays in your bath water, its honestly like heaven. I currently have a giveaway where 5 of my lucky follower can win a pot of then scrub, you can enter here.

L'Oreal Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray

As you may or may not know I've been loving wearing my hair curly/wavy recently and the L'Oreal Studio Matt & Mess spray has been an amazing at helping me to create great 2nd and 3rd day curls. All I do is spray the matte and messy spray through my hair on the 2nd or 3rd day and after a scrunch here and a scrunch there my hair is all wavy again as if I have just waved my hair with a waving tool when I haven't, it's amazing and so so easy.

What's been your favourite beauty products this month??? I'd love to know!!!


AMAZING SensatioNail Offer!!!!!!!

Hey girlie's!!!

I've got another quick post I wanted to share with you all today, its a pretty exciting offer featuring SensatioNail that will save you lots of pennies, and we all love saving those pennies he he!!!

Back in October I was lucky enough to try the SensatioNail Starter Kit and ever since I've been addicted, you can see my full in depth review with lots of pictures here, its just so nice to be able to have salon quality nails that you can do in the comfort of your own home and at the fraction of the price that you would pay in the salon, as you get so many applications out of the kit. 

I wanted to share this offer with you all not only because its an AMAZING offer but because my SensatioNail posts seem to get so much positive feedback that I just knew you lovely girlie's would all want to hear about a fabulous offer and how much money you can save. Drum roll please........... Ha ha.

Boots are currently selling the SensatioNail Deluxe Starter Kit for just £45.00 instead of its usual selling price of £105.00!!!!!!!!!! That's a whopping £60.00 saving!!! The Deluxe Starter Kit contains....

♥  A SensatioNail Pro 3060 LED lamp with mains adaptor.
♥ 2 full size colour gel polishes - Taupe Tulips & Sugar Plum. 
♥ A full size base/top coat. 
♥ A full size nail cleanser.
♥ Nail primer.
♥ A pack of 12 lint free wipes & nail buffer.
♥ A SensatioNail removal tool.

The kit includes enough product to do upto 20 manicures/pedicures, that works out at just £2.25 per manicure/pedicure, so it will save you so much money in the long run too.

I think the this offer is certainly one to take advantage of, an quick, as I can see these baby's selling out fast, they also make such lovely Christmas presents, so hurry girls before its too late!!

You can buy your SensatioNail Deluxe Starter Kit from the Boots website and the kits will also be available in the larger Boots stores. The offer ends on Thursday 5th December!!!

I'd love to know if you treat yourself to the kit or if you treat a loved one for Christmas, let me know in the comments girlie's!!! 

Happy Shopping!!!


Christmas Gift Guide For Men

Hey girlie's!!!

As promised I'm back with another Christmas gift guide today and this time it's for the man/men in your life. Sometimes Christmas shopping for men can be difficult but the one thing that's sure to be a winner every time is an aftershave, I mean everyone loves to smell nice, right??? So today I've got a selection of gorgeous smelling aftershaves that are sure to be a hit whether your buying for a family member, a loved one or even a friend.

Lacoste Eua De Lacoste L.12.12  Noir* RRP 30ml £28/100ml £47
I'm kicking things off with Lacoste's most recent launch, Noir. Like all the Lacoste L.12.12 fragrances, Noir is inspired by their iconic polo shirt, this range acts as a tribute to the founder Rene Lacoste himself. Noir is described as "The spirit of a warm summer night now captured in a bottle" and is most definitely more of an evening scent than a daytime scent, as it's quite strong and warm. Even though Noir is quite a strong fragrance its not too overpowering and has a nice sophisticated, refreshing and slightly fruity scent, it's definitely a fragrance I think any man would enjoy!!! Noir comes packaged in a simple black glass bottle that is really opaque, you cant see through the bottle at all and has Lacoste's trademark embroidery crocodile on the front of the bottle which I think is a really nice touch, it would certainly sit nicely on any mans bedside table.

Lacoste Noir's fragrant notes are...
Top notes: Basil, Red Berries and Water Melon.
Heart notes: Magnolia Leaf, Absynth and Lavender.
Base notes: Patchouli, Chocolate and Coumarin.

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc* RRP 30ml £28/100ml £47
Like Noir, Lacoste Blanc is also inspired by Rene Lacoste's L.12.12 polo shirts, its said that if you team the coloured fragrance with the same coloured polo shirt it will make the most out of and intensify the fragrance, which I think is a rather cool/quirky fact!!! I can only describe Lacoste Blanc as being a very clean, fresh, sweet fragrance and perfect for the younger generation, to me this is not a mature scent at all. After testing Blanc out on my boyfriend, its clear to see or should I say smell ha ha that Blanc is very long lasting and lingers all day without being strong or overpowering at all. The packaging is very similar to Noir except Blanc is packaged in a simple white glass bottle, which again is completely opaque. 

Lacoste Blanc's top notes are grapefruit, cardamom, rosemary and cedar leaf, mixed with the core of Mexican tuberose and ylang-ylang. Sensual notes of leather, suede and cedar form the base.

James Bond 007 Limited Edition Eua De Toilette*

Any James Bond fan is going to love receiving this Limited Edition Eua De Toilette this Christmas, and the fact its limited edition I think always makes it that extra bit special. The aftershave itself has a very masculine yet spicy scent to it, so if the man in your life likes a nice woody, spicy scent this could be the one for him. The packaging of the limited edition James Bond aftershave is also stunning with it's outta box having a gold union jack theme and the bottle itself has a metallic gold, textured finish and is completed with a twist up lid. The RRP for the Limited Edition aftershave is £28 for 50ml and £32 for 75ml.

James Bond 007 Limited Edition fragrant notes are...
Top notes: Apple, Bergamot and Geranium.
Heart notes: Lavender, Cardamom and Rose Thorn.
Base notes: Vetyver, Patchouli and Sandlewood.

James Bond 007 Quantum Eua De Toilette*

Quantum is the third instalment in the James Bond 007 fragrance line with its theme aimed at staying calm under pressure, just like Mr Bond himself ha ha. To me the aftershave has a very deep musky/woody sophisticated scent. When I first sprayed the Quantum aftershave it did smell quite strong but once the scent has had time to dry and dull it really is lovely and very masculine. The packaging of Quantum is also very nice, the fragrance comes in an opaque, glass, silver metalic bottle and is finished with the trademark 007 Bond logo embossed on the front which is a nice finishing touch. The RRP for Quantum is £20 for 30ml/  £25 for 50ml / £32 for 75ml and £42 for 125ml.

James Bond 007 Quantum's fragrant notes are...
Top notes: Juniper Berries and Bergamot.
Heart notes: Sandalwood.
Base notes: Leather and Violet Leaf.

Hugo Boss BOSS Eua De Toilette*
And last but no means least is the classic award winning fragrance for men, BOSS Bottled. When I first sprayed BOSS I could immediately tell that it was a very fruity scent however.. that soon develops into a warm woody sensual scent as BOSS dulls down and drys. It's also a very versatile scent, meaning I think all ages could wear this anytime and anywhere, which I think is great as your not restricted to just using BOSS as an evening scent. The lasting power of BOSS is also incredible, it will last on you all day and you'll probably get a cheeky whiff the next morning too, it really wont budge. The packaging of BOSS is nice with its thick glass bottle and BOSS lettering sculpted in the glass. The RRP for Hugo Boss BOSS is 30ml £31/50 ml £41/100ml £52 and 200ml £73.

Top notes: Apple, Bergamot and Cinnamon.
Heart notes: Tagete and Geranuim.
Base notes: Cedarwood, Sandlewood, Vetiver and Olivewood.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas gift guide for men and I hope it's given you a few idea's on what to get the man/men in your life, you really cant go wrong with an aftershave!!!


Budget Christmas Gift Guide | Under £15

Hey girlie's!!!

Today I'm back with another slice of my Christmas Gift Guide pie but this time it's all about saving the pennies and finding some good but affordable gifts for your loved ones. This budget gift guide is mainly targeted towards girlie's but I've thrown a couple of prezzies in there for the guys too.

Firstly I opted for something that any fake tan lover would really appreciate, a St Moriz Travel Gift Set!!! The set comes complete with a St Moriz Instant Self-Tanning Lotion 100ml, St Moriz Body Scrub 100ml and a St Moriz Moisturiser 100ml. The gift set is a bargain at just £6.99 from

Next I went for some chocolate, not just any chocolate, Thornton's chocolate!!! Whats great about the 'Just To Say' chocolate slab is that you can get it personalised in the shop with either a name, personal joke or phrase that means something to you and the person who's gift it is. I think it a fabulous idea and whats best is it tastes amazing at the end of it. 

Aftershave is always a winner for most men and the fact you can still get a nice smelling aftershave on a budget is great!!! I found Intimately Beckham by David Beckham himself for just £8.95 for 50ml on  the fragrance direct website, what an absolute bargain and it smells incredible too.

As I picked an aftershave for the men I wanted to pick an affordable perfume for the girlie's too so I opted for the Kate Moss Eua De Toilette, I've actually had this myself a while back and it smells lovely. You can pick the Kate Moss perfume up from fragrance direct for £8.95 for 50ml's.

Any make up or beauty obsessed girl is going to love the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge in their stocking. It's a great yet affordable alternative to the original beauty blender and will make your make up base look flawless. You can find the Miracle Complexion Sponge in Boots for £5.99.

Everyone loves something from Lush even more so when they bring out all their Christmas range and I think their Festive Goodies Gift Set is lovely. The gift set contains the Father Christmas bath bomb, the Snowman bath bomb and the Christmas Penguin bubble bar, all of which look super cute and smell incredible in your bath. You can find the Festive Goodie Gift Set in Lush for £11.50.

Every guy I know loves a good ole comedy DVD and at Christmas your spoilt for choice as so many comedians bring out their tour DVDs of their tours this year. I chose Micky Flanagan's Back In The Game Live Tour DVD as Micky Flanagan just cracks me up!!! 

How super cute is this Giraffe Hottie!!! You might be wondering what on earth a hottie is, but its basically a great/very cute alternative to a hot water bottle, simply pop the lavender tummy insert into the microwave to warm up and then place the insert back into the hottie's tummy and voila!!! You can keep warm a snugly up through the cold winter nights and the lavender will help calm/relax you. You can find the Giraffe hottie along with other animal hotties on the Jarrold website for £8.50.

And to finish off I found this very girly bow design compact tangle teezer on the feel unique website for £12.25. Tangle teezers have become huge this year and they seem to be becoming am essential for any girl. Their are lots of colours and designs to choose from and personally I think they make great stocking fillers.

I hope you enjoyed my budget Christmas gift guide beaut's and I hope it's given you a few budget idea's on what to get your loved ones. Remember it's the thought that counts, you don't have to spend a fortune!!!


Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

I needed a new mascara recently so I decided I'd go for something new that I'd never tried before, and since I'm loving Rimmel at the moment I thought I'd go for their latest mascara release the Retro Glam Mascara from Rimmels Scandleyes range. I must admit I was umming and arhing about buying a mascara from the Scandleyes range as I never really hear too much about them, but the Retro Glam brush/wand looked good and it was completely affordable at just £6.99 so I went for it. The Retro Glam Mascara claims to give you thicker, fuller lashes for that wide-eyed false lash effect with no clumps, which is exactly what I look for in a mascara.

Firstly I just want to dive straight in a say I love this mascara, its a new found favourite of mine right now ha ha. The mascara wand has a bristle brush applicator which are my favourite,it has an interesting hour glass shape which I've found to be great for really plumping up my lashes and fanning them out. The application process was quick and easy, I found two slick coats of the mascara was enough to give me the length and volume that I desired and I experienced no clumping what so ever, also because the brush is a bristle brush you can really wriggle at the root of the lashes to build up length and volume without scratching or poking your eyeball like I always do with plastic applicators. As for Retro Glams staying power... I was really impressed, there was no smudging, running or flaking throughout the day with the two coats I applied so no grumbles there.

Overall I'm really impressed with Rimmels Retro Glam offering, my lashes appeared longer, thicker and fuller, I wouldn't say it completely fanned my lashes out but then again I only have short eye lashes but someone with naturally longer eyelashes my really feel the benefits of the mascara's fanning capability. I think the price is really reasonable and the staying power was really impressive.

Have you tried Rimmels Retro Glam Mascara??? As always I'd love to know your thoughts.


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

Beauty blenders and complexion spongers seem to be everywhere at the moment, and being the make up brush lover that I am I was really on the fence as to whether I should jump on the beauty blender band waggon and try one, Well.... After a few months of thinking should I, shouldn't I??? I finally caved in and treated myself to one.

I decided on the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, firstly because I love all of my Real Techniques make up brushes so I figured the miracle sponge would be just as good, and secondly because I found the original beauty blender to be quite expensive and the Real Techniques sponge seemed the more affordable option for me being priced at just £5.99, bargain!!!

The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is a 3 in 1 multi functional sponge that claims to give you a pixel perfect, flawless base with high definition results. The sponge has 3 sides, a flat side, a rounded side and a pointed precision tip. The flat side of the sponge is great for applying foundation, it will give you a light, even, flawless finish and is great for getting underneath the eyes and around the nose area, which are both places that a brush is sometimes not as precise. The precision tip is great for covering up any blemishes and imperfections with your concealer of choice and the rounded side of the sponge is great for blending large areas of the face, applying cream blusher and you can also use it for applying powder to the face too.

So you may be wondering how I use the Miracle Complexion Sponge??? Well... Firstly you can use the sponge damp or dry, the choice is yours but I prefer to use it damp, I always find the finish seems more flawless that way, I simply wet the sponge and wait for it to expand slightly, then squeeze it tightly to remove any excess water, you only want the sponge to be ever so slightly damp not wet. I then dab my foundation around my face how I usually would if I was using a brush, and using the flat side of the sponge I use a dabbing/stippling motion to work the foundation in, I then swap for the rounded side of the sponge and again using stippling motions blend the foundation and the finish is incredible, it honestly looks so so flawless I couldn't believe it. I use the precision tip for my blemishes and it covers and blends them really well leaving no cakey concealer build up, and I adore using the rounded side of the sponge for applying my cream blush, if you struggle with blending cream blush I'd definitely suggest you get the complexion sponge as it blends cream blush beautifully. I also love how the complexion sponge feels on your skin and in your hand, its really soft and slightly springy/bouncy.

To wash the Miracle Complexion Sponge all I've been using is an antibacterial washing up liquid, it cleans the sponge up really well and kills any horrid germs, I've also used shampoo which worked just as well but I found it took me alot longer to get the foundations colouring out of the sponge so bare that in mind. I'd recommend washing the sponge every 1-3 uses depending on whether you've used cream blushers and powder with the sponge as your not going to use your sponge to apply foundation if you've still got yesterdays excess cream blush on it.

Overall I found the Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Techniques amazing to work with and it really made a difference in how flawless my base make up looked, I'd definitely recommend it to someone who maybe struggles with blending their base make up or if you like a nice light flawless finish then you'll love the little sponge.

Have you tried the Miracle Complexion Sponge or the Original Blender??? What did you think??? Yay or nay???


Laqa & Co Lil Lip Pencil | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

Last month I finally said goodbye to Glossy box and said hello to Birchbox!!! As I signed up to Birchbox during a certain time frame in October it meant that I would receive 3 little welcome gifts separately, one of the 3 gifts was the Laqa & Co Lil Lip Pencil in Ring of Fire ( yes I sniggered at the too he he), and as I love it so much I thought I'd give it a cheeky little review!!!

Laqa & Co Cosmetics aren't a brand I'm hugely familiar with, but after looking into them abit more due to the love of their Lip Pencil, I've found they specialise in lip products with a few cheeky nail polishes chucked into their range for good measure. 

The lip pencil itself is one of the chubby stick style pencils that have seemed to be everywhere this year and I must admit I do love them. Laqa & Co's offering is equally as nice as most I've tried.

 Ring of Fire looks like a cherry red shade in the packaging but actually wears on the lips as more of a juicy raspberry/fuchsia shade, the reason I say juicy as it really does feel juicy on the lips as it has a nice glossy shine but without the stickiness of a gloss, the pigmentation is  also fab, but its the staying power that really makes this little lip pencil stand out, when the shine eventually wears off you are left with what I can only explain to be a moisturising stain on the lips, it isn't drying and doesn't budge for a good 6 or so hours and that's with eating and drinking, the only downside is that when the colour eventually starts to wear off it doesn't wear off evenly therefore the contours of your lips are left with what looks like lip liner, although if my lips are quite moisturised on that particular day then its not quite as bad.

Overall I do really like Laqa & Co's Lip Pencil, I love how it's long lasting, moisturising and the colour is lovely and I'd definitely be interested in trying out some other shades in their collection too. Birchbox actually sent me the Lil Lip Pencil which is the miniature version of their Fat Lip Pencil which retails for £14.00 each.

Have you tried any lip products from Laqa & Co??? I'd love to know.


Barry M Texture Effect Nail Paint in Majesty | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

I've been getting extremely into the festive spirit recently and its definitely rubbing off on my make up and beauty purchases ha ha. After picking up Barry M's Red Glitter Nail Paint a few weeks back ( you can see the full review here ) I decided I needed to add a festive gold glittery polish to my nail polish collection, so I decided on Barry M's Texture Effect Nail Paint in Majesty!!!

Majesty is crammed full of super sparkly gold glitters, its so pretty.... As Majesty is one of Barry M's new Autumn/Winter texture effect nail polishes it does feel ever so slightly sandy/gritty on the nails once the polish has dried, personally I love the quirky effect!!! As Majesty is a texture polish I was worried this would effect the application, but it didn't, the polish went on evenly with no bubbling or streaking and only needed one coat to be completely opaque, which really surprised me considering it's a sparkly polish. As for lasting power... Majesty lasted a good 4 days on my nails with a top coat, I would definitely recommend using as top coat as I found the glitter particles in Majesty actually dry matte so by adding a top coat it really brings the gold sparkles to life whilst adding a nice shine to your nails too.

Overall I absolutely love Majesty, It's definitely a must have for any nail polish lover this season. Can you imagine how pretty Majesty is going to look for any Christmas/New Years parties that you might be going to, and at £3.99 a pop you cant go wrong!!!

Have you tried the Barry M Texture Effect Nail Paints yet??? Id love to know.


Girly Christmas Gift Guide

Girly Christmas Gift Guide

Hey girlie's!!!

Today I'm back with my second Christmas gift guide post, this one is aimed at the special girly girls in your life, if you haven't seen my first festive gift guide yet then you can read it here, it has a very red classis Christmas theme he he. I will also be doing more gift guides soon including one for the men in your life so keep your eyes peeled!!!

Firstly how could any girl not want a gorgeous Ted Baker make up bag for Christmas, it's so pretty. The one pictured in my gift guide is the Large Jenika Make Up Bag and is available on the Ted Baker website for £28.00.

I think an IPhone case can make a great little stocking filler, and I think any girly girl would love a nice floral design, the one I found is available on Amazon for £18.00.

I think the Babyliss Curl Secret Hair Styler is going to be on everyones Christmas list this year, it just looks so snazzy!!! The way it works is your hair is automatically drawn gently into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and gently heated from all directions to form a curl, it sounds pretty amazing to be honest and is available in Argos for £119.99.

Ohhh I do love abit of Soap & Glory and at Christmas time they seem to bring out some lovely gift sets. The Bright Bubbly Gift Set contains a mini Clean On Me shower gel & shower puff, a mini Hand Food hand cream, a mini Scrub Of Your Life body scrub and a mini Righteous Butter body cream, personally I think its a great selection of some of Soap and Glorys best sellers. The set is a bargain at just £10.00 from Boots.
Vera Wang Princess perfume just looks stunning, not only does it smell nice but how gorgeous is that bottle going to look on any girls dressing table. The RRP for Vera Wang Princess is £27.00 for 30ml.

A nice nail polish set always goes down well for Christmas and I think the O.P.I Couture De Minnie Mini Nail Polish Set is just brilliant, it's £14.00 and available from ASOS.

If your after treating that someone special to abit of arm candy this Christmas then I think a Michael Kors watch could be the way to go, the Rose Gold Chronograph Dial Round Bracelet Watch is an absolute beauty.

I've seen the Neom candles floating around the blogging world for quite some time and they look gorgeous, I definitely think if your going to splash out on a candle this Christmas then Neom could be the way to go, also their candles are all organic which I think is a lovely touch. The Neom 3 wick candles are available on the Neom Organics website for £39.50.

Oh my goodness... How stunning does the Clarins Essentials Eye Make Up Christmas Palette look, the palette contains 10 gorgeous neutral shades inside that are perfect for everyone, I mean everyone likes a nice neutral smokey eye, and the palette itself  just looks like the perfect gift. The palette is available on the Clarins website for £35.00.

I hope you enjoyed my second Christmas gift guide beaut's and I hope it's given you a few idea's on what to get the girly girls in your life, whether it be for your family or friends.


Vichy Idealia Life Serum | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

Just recently I've become obsessed with skincare products, I used to be very wary as I have such sensitive skin, I would always worry Id have some sort of bad reaction but now I'm becoming alot more open minded when it comes to skincare and thank goodness I have as I have found a complete gem!!! Say hello to the Vichy Idealia Life Serum*.

This year saw Vichy launch their Idealia Life Serum which quickly became one of Vichy's best sellers. The Idealia Life Serum claims to repair and restore the radiance of your complexion and is enriched with a unique combination of LR2412+LHA molecules which will transform and protect skin exposed to stress, pollution, smoke and an unbalanced diet. 

The serum which is designed for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin like mine, is also Hypoallergenic, paraben free, non comedogenic and has soothing and fortifying Vichy thermal spar water inside. The serum will help you tighten up those pores, even out your skin tone, hydrate dry areas and will add lots of radiance back into the skin making us look more bright eyed and bushy tailed so to speak he he, doesn't it just sound incredible!!! 

I took part in the Idealia Life Serum 8 day challenge, as Vichy claim that the serum can change your life in just 8 days, with your skin looking dramatically improved!!! Vichy recommend you apply the serum in the morning and the evening followed by your own usual moisturiser, which I did. I started to see an improvement in my skin after around 6 days, my pores around my nose where more or less no existent, my skin tone looked more even, my skin became super soft to the touch without a dry patch in sight, I had also suffered a breakout on my forehead a few weeks before using the Idealia Serum and the breakout had left some horrid blemishes which have now disappeared, I'd also just like to add that I've not had a single spot since using the serum and I've been using it two weeks now. Also the smell of the serum is incredible, the combination of jasmine and lily of the valley works really well, and I can sometimes smell it on my skin during the day which is lovely. 

I have to admit my absolute favourite way to use the Idealia Serum is under my foundation, just like a primer. The serums lightweight, pearly formula creates the best make up base I've ever come across, my foundation seemed to blend into my skin so quickly, effortlessly and just looked completely flawless. Also as the serum is targeted towards making your skin look more radiant it does have a slight pearly sheen to it, so your skin will have that healthy looking glow too it and looks slightly luminous too. 

Overall I'm in absolute love with the Idealia Serum and its something I can see myself repurchasing over and over as I just love the results!!! Not only is the serum working wonders on my skin, but it makes my make up look more flawless, as well as giving me a healthy looking glow, brilliant!!!

You can find the Vichy Idealia Life Serum on the Escentual website for £29.50 for 30ml.

Have you tried any skincare products from Vichy before??? Id love to know.


Birchbox November 2013

Hey girlie's!!!

It's that time again... Birchbox time!!!! Ha ha... I was really looking forward to receiving this months box as this is just my second Birchbox after I unsubscribed from Glossy box, so I'm still getting used to it, I absolutely loved last months box which was my first box and I have to say I love this months box too, woohoo I'm one happy Hayley!!!

Anywhooo onto the little treats I received inside my November Birchbox...

Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara
If lasts months Laura Mercier treat wasn't enough, Birchbox have now thrown in the Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara!!! The mascara claims to be smudge free and lengthening for a wide eyed, fluttery look, sounds fabulous doesn't it? The wand itself is very slim so I think its going to be great to get to those hard to reach lashes and will be great for the lower lashes too. Im super exciting to try the mascara that's for sure, it feels like such a treat so thank you Birchbox. The full size of the mascara retails for £18.50.

Chella Highlighter Pencil 1.4g
I must admit I've never heard of Chella before, but I'm really happy I got their Ivory Lace Highlighter. You can use the highlighter pencil on your brow bone, cheekbones and the inner corners of your eyes but what I particularly like to use the pencil for is on the waterline to give you that natural awakened eye look, I did this straight away after opening my box and loved it, obviously with it being a highlighter your probably not suppose to use it on your waterline but it worked fine on me with no reaction, I do love getting the most out of my products ha ha. The highlighter pencil retails for £15.95.

Molton Brown Ylang-Ylang Body Lotion 30ml
Ive heard alot about Molton Brown but I've never tried anything from them but I'm looking forward to giving their newly reformulated body lotion a go, it smells amazing and is great for this time of year, as we all need a nice body moisturiser in the winter months. The full size of the body lotion retails for £18.00.

Weleda Replenishing Oat Shampoo 18ml
Another product I'm super excited to try is the gentle replenishing oat shampoo, the shampoo contains nourishing organic jojoba oil which will smooth, reduce breakage and improve suppleness. I'm really expected good things for the shampoo as I've tried Weleda products in the past and loved them. The full size of the shampoo retails for £8.95.

English Laundry Eau De Parfum 2ml
I must admit I did do abit of a grumpy huff when I saw a perfume sample in my Birchbox, perfume samples do usually annoy me however this one from Christopher Wicks smells gorgeous, its notes include quince, jasmine petals and musk. The full size of the perfume retails from £16.00.

Lifestyle Extra- Pukka Herbs Selection Of Teas
I love the little extras Birchbox throw in, to me it just seems like your getting alot more for your money which is always good. This months lifestyle extra is very appropriate for this time of year as its a selections of Pukka Herbs Tea, I received the three cinnamon tea, perfect for the Autumn/Winter, the gorgeous earl grey tea and the elderberry & echinacea tea, all of which are organic. I'm definitely putting the kettle on in a minute he he. The Pukka Herbs Tea retails for £2.29. 

Beauty Goodie- Birchbox Pencil Sharpener
I was so happy to see this little sharpener in my Birchbox as it's just what I needed. I haven't got a pencil sharpener big enough for my chubby style eyeshadow crayons as I just haven't got round to buying one and its been so frustrating, I'm over the moon now as I can sharpen until my hearts content ha ha.

Overall I'm super happy with the contents of my second Birchbox , every single thing in my box I like and I know I will get use out of everything too.

What did you get in your Birchbox this month girlie's??? I'd love to know.