Makeup Revolution 'NEW' 32 Ultra Eyeshadow Palette in Flawless

Hey beaut's!

Makeup Revolution seem to be on fire at the moment... They're original revolutionary priced makeup line has definitely proved popular with all of us makeup and beauty lovers and if that wasn't already amazing enough they have recently released some gorgeous new makeup for us all to feast our eyes on and drool over ha ha. Over this past weekend the excitement continued as Makeup Revolution treated us even more by releasing two brand new ultra eyeshadow palettes each containing 32 beautiful eye shadows for just £8.00 each... that works out at just 25p per eyeshadow, wowza!!
As I said before Makeup Revolution have released 2 new 32 piece Ultra Eyeshadow Palettes, one of which is called Flawless*, which is aimed towards all of us neutral loving gals out there and the other is cutely named Eyes Like Angels, which is crammed full with a mixture of brights, pastels and smoked shades, perfect for the summer loving gals he he!
The Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette comes packaged in a Rose Gold cardboard box which I think is super pretty, but then anything Rose Gold lures me in and is always a winner for me ha ha, the palette itself  has a sleek looking black casing with a lovely large mirror inside the pull up lid which is always handy. When you open up the Flawless Palette you are met with 32 small panned eye shadows in so many neutral hues with a mixture of matte, shimmer and metallic finishes, trust me this palette will have you oohing and arrhhing when you open it for the very first time as that's exactly what I was doing he he. I must admit I haven't experimented or played around with this palette alot just yet because its fairly new to me and I will be doing a full review in the next few weeks, but what I can say is that all of the eye shadows I've swatched so far have felt lovely and soft in the pan and are packed full of pigmentation, I have a sneaky suspicion these will blend out beautifully too because when swatching them the eyeshadows seem to blend out on my hand lovely.

All in all I think this is another awesome release from Makeup Revolution and I can see myself getting so much use out of it as there's just so many shades to play with and so many looks that can be created, I've even been forward thinking of just how stunning these shades will look in Autumn, ekkk! So if your looking for a good quality neutral eyeshadow palette that contains lots of shades thats an absolute bargin Makeup Revoultion have got you covered.

Will you be buying this gorgeous palette beaut's?? I'd love to know.


June Wantable Beauty Box | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you all my thoughts on a newish beauty subscription box to the UK that was previously only available in the US, Canada and Australia but now due to its success, us beauty lovers in the UK can now receive it too, woohoo, say hello to Wantable*, a beauty box with a difference.

Wantable is a unique subscription box concept, so instead of receiving a box of random items that you may not be interested in or like, your sent a selection of FULL SIZE goodies that you've indicated you like. Now onto how it works... All you have to do when signing up with Wantable is simply fill out a short questionnaire, starting off with whether you would like a make-up box or an accessories box, I chose the makeup box and then went on to fill out the products, shades and finishes I preferred, for instance after clicking saying I like nail polishes, it then gave me a variety of shades to like or dislike, the same went for finishes and textures which I think is incredible and such an amazing concept. You can also choose whether you'd like a one off box for $40 (£24.02) or you can subscribe for a monthly box for $36 (£21.62), your guaranteed to receive between 4-7 full size US products that are worth between $80-$100, also if you don't happen to like your monthly contents you can send your box straight back and get a full refund, now you cant get better than that can you?

Anyway, onto what goodies I received in my June box...

Mirabella Pick 2 Colour Palette with Poppy & Vintage Eyeshadows $30
I think this has to be my favourite goodies inside the June Wantable Box, never have I ever seen an empty little palette in a beauty box with 2 eye shadows ready to be popped inside it, it's just amazing! I love the 2 eyeshadow concept as it's just so fuss free and convenient and the fact you can keep changing the eye shadow pans and customising your own mini palette from week to week is just amazing! The 2 eye shadows I received are Poppy and Vintage which both really work well together and feel so buttery soft to swatch, I'm so excited to play with them some more and see what looks I can come up with.

Dollskin Cream Blush & Pressed Sparklicity Duo in Coral Cameo $28

This Tarina Tarantino Duo is super pretty for the summer and feels so luxurious and expensive! The duo comes with a velvety cream to powder blush which acts as a magnet for the Sparklicity powder, claiming to give you long lasting results whilst leaving your skin moisturised and healthy looking, ohhh. Personally I love the pinky-coral cream to powder blush but hate the sparklicity side as it's just pure glitter, you'd honestly sparkly and glisten more than a disco ball at a princess party whilst wearing that stuff ha ha.

Liberty Republic Fake It False Lashes in Truth or Dare $8
I only wear false lashes on special occasions but these Liberty Republic lashes are gorgeous and I just want to wear them now ha ha, they look so fluttery and voluminous and I love the fact they have the lightest, thinnest clear band which will make the lashes super comfortable to wear, the only downside is they don't come with  lash glue but I'm sure I have some somewhere so it no biggy.

NCLA Nail Wraps in Jagged Edge $18
Wowza... aren't these snazzy nail wraps for the summer, I love the combination of the bright colours on these wraps and they look like fun, you also get 26 in a packet which is great as that means you get two applications instead of the usual one.

Overall I'm super impressed with my second Wantable box, I think the contents is amazing and I will get use out of every product, I also think Wantable's concept is amazing and something to bare in mind if you are left constantly disappointed with the contents of other beauty boxes where you don't get the chance to receive your preferred products, finishes, shades etc. Yes, the box is slightly more expensive than your average beauty box but when you take into consideration that you are getting 4-7 full size products that your guaranteed to like I don't think it too bad. As a whole my boxes contents is worth $84 (£49.36) which I think is pretty impressive. If you'd like more information on Wantable or if you'd like to treat yourself to your very own Wantable box you can do so HERE.

What do you think of the Wantable Box beaut's?? Would you buy one?? I'd love to know.


Soap & Glory Orangeasm™ Review! ♥

Hey beaut's!

You will probably know by now that I'm a HUGE Soap & Glory fan, they are my go to body care brand and I'm yet to find something from them that I dislike not to mention that their product packaging and the yummy scents always lure me and are just gorgeous, and recently Soap & Glory have tempted all of us fans even more with a brand new collection called Organgeasm™! As the name would suggest the Orangeasm Collection is bursting with zesty freshness and moisturising quality's so if your a Soap & Glory fan and you like your oranges then this collection will certainly be for you girls!

The Orangeasm Collection consists of three orange scented goodies a Revitalizing Body Wash £6.50, a Super Rich Body Butter £10.00 and a Super Tonic Fragrance £12.00, all of which are perfect for the Summer months because of the zesty freshness. I think it's key to mention that the scent really is well and truely a pure orange overload, it really doesn't give off an artificial vibe that's packed full of sweetness, so if your a fan of Soap & Glory's more sweet, girly scent as appose to something more zesty this scent might come as abit of a shock too you.

Anywhoo lets see what I think to the whole Orangeasm Collection beaut's...

  Orangeasm™ Revitalizing Body Wash* 500ml £6.50
Soap & Glory body washes are always a hit with me and the zesty-fresh and revitalising Orangeasm™ Body Wash doesn't differ, its scented with fresh green mandarin, Sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils. With skin softening, moisture boosting properties and contains Soap & Glory's exclusive MSUDS™ technology, Triple Tea™ antioxidant complex and Ginseng and Pinkpepperberry™, it really is impressive! In true Soap & Glory fashion the consistency is gorgeously creamy and lathers up beautifully when your in the shower leaving your skin feeling lovely and soft and smelling great without being overpowering, in fact the whole bathroom is filled with the orange-tastic scent mmmm! All in all the body wash gets a big thumbs up with me and the huge 500ml bottles last a lifetime so it will save your pennies in the long run too.

Orangeasm™ Super Rich Body Butter* 300ml £10.00

Ive never found a Body Butter that I love more than Soap & Glory Body Butters, theres something about them that's so luxurious and just damn right fabulous so it's no surprise that I'm in love with the Orangeasm offering. The orangy-fresh, moisture-intense, invigorating Orangeasm™ Super Rich Body Butter is scented with fresh green mandarin, Sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils. The body butters consistency is extremely thick, actually luxuriously thick so it's fantastic for us girlie's with very dry skin, for dry knees and elbows and generally for any of us beaut's who want gorgeously soft, moisturised skin. I like to apply the body butter to slightly damp skin when I've just gotten out of the bath or shower, it just feels like such a treat and is an automatic thing that I do straight after bathing, of course it feels just as nice to slather the body butter onto dry skin and moisturises just as well but I just prefer rubbing it into my damp skin. What makes Orangeasm™ stand out for me is the fact that it contains little Shea butter massage balls that are coloured orange which none of the other Soap & Glory Body Butters contain, personally I love the new addiction and as your rubbing the body butter into your skin they kind of just disperse and melt into your skin, the body butter also contains Mangomilk™ too which gives it that extra fruity twist!

Orangeasm™ Super Tonic Fragrance* 100ml £12.00

I had never tried any fragrances from Soap & Glory before so I had no idea what to expect but the Orangeasm Super Tonic is lovely, its extremely refreshing and invigorating making it great to use on a hot summers day and is scented with energising elemi, fresh green mandarin, cool mint, Sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils. I was worried the Orangeasm scent would be slightly overpowering in a perfume/tonic form but actually is isn't, like I keep saying it's just very refreshing, I can actually see myself using this loads throughout the day when on holiday somewhere really hot, I just think it would work so well. So if you want to smell like a fresh, juicy orange for the day this is the scent for you.

Overall I love Soap & Glory's new orange-tastic collection and I think it works so well for this time of year. As this is a totally new scent for Soap & Glory I do think it will surprise alot of people and may not be every ones cup of tea as its definitely alot different to the pink scent and the sugar crush scent but it still smells super nice and refreshing, the whole collections great to use in the mornings too as the zesty scent really wakes you up.

You can find the whole collection in Boots and it's currently all on 3 for 2 as well woohoo!

Have you tried the Orangeasm Collection beaut's?? What did you think??  


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

A while back Maybelline launched a new base makeup collection called Fit Me. The Fit Me Collection consists of a Foundation, Pressed Powder, Concealer and a Foundation Stick which all feature the exclusive Maybelline Skin Merge technology. The technology is designed to deliver ultimate blendability, breathable skin and a seamless match to skin tone, thanks to it's homogenized pigments, sounds pretty good right? As I've been road testing the Fit Me Concealer in shade 10 Light (£5.29) for a while now I thought Id review it for you all today.
The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer* is available in six shades Light, Fair, Sand, Medium, Cafe and Deep and comes in pretty standard plastic packaging that holds 6.8mls of product and has an unscrewable lid with a doe foot applicator attached, I do really like doe foot applicator as I find them nice and precise and you can get to all the nooks a crannies with it ha ha. As this is a gel based concealer I did wonder if the consistency would be on the thicker side but actually its not, its quite a thin, slick feeling consistency which is nice as it blends out beautifully. The finish of the Fit Me Concealer is lovely, it honestly feels like a second skin, its so weightless, non cakey and it docent cling to any of my dry patches that I'm prone to getting which is a major plus, I also feel like it has some kind of dewy look too it as well which is something that Ive never really experienced with a concealer. Now onto the main defining factor, is this concealer great for coverage... I'd say it provides a medium amount of coverage and certainly does a good job of making my under my eyes appear brighter whilst successfully covering any darkness and imperfections. The lasting power of the Fit Me Concealer Id label as just OK, I've not been using powder much recently as I've been going for a more dewy look to my skin and I find after about 4 hours I could use a touch up, that being said over the past week I've used a powder to set the concealer into place just to see how long the concealer lasted and it actually stays in place a good 8 hours when its set, so if your going for a more dewy look be prepared to pop the concealer in your hand bag for touch ups.
Overall I really do like this concealer and it was the finish that really blew me away, it's literally like silk, arrhhh I love it!

You can find the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer along with the rest of the Fit Me Collection on the Chemist Direct website, its the UK’s largest online health care and pharmacy business, providing quick and affordable delivery of tens of thousands of health and beauty products, whats best is you can save a few pennies on there too he he.

Have you tried the Maybelline Fit Me Collection yet?? What did you think?? I'd love to know beaut's.


The Battle Of The Liquid Liners!

Hey beaut's!

Today I have something slightly different for you all, a super looonnnggg time ago I thought it would be great for me to put lots of liquid liners to the test and rate them in a slight best and worst style and today I have finally got round to doing it. I must admit I've only really been into liquid/felt liners for about a year because it's taken me so long to master the application process, I swear you need a degree in how to apply liquid liner ha ha.

Anywhooo let get down to business...

L'Oreal Superliner Gel Intenza in Pure Black £9.99 | 9/10 BEST |

I do love a good gel liner and L'Oreal's offering is one of the best I've tried, the little pot of liner actually comes with a brush for easy application (so they say) I however found the brush pretty rubbish and just couldn't get on with it, but once I had a play around with my other liner brushes I found my Nanshy pixel eyeliner brush works a treat and has my gel liner all applied within seconds. The staying power is pretty amazing with this gel liner and once it has set there's no budging it, however when the weather is really hot I do like to press a matte black eyeshadow over the top of the liner just to be sure. Also if you like creating very smokey/smouldering dark eyes for a night out then this will be your best friend as it works beautifully as a base as long as you work quickly before the eye liner sets.

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner in Black £2.99 | 0/10 WORSE |
I really don't like this eyeliner, firstly I always get some sort of horrible reaction when I use it which causes my eyelids to sting and swell slightly and secondly when I did try it out I found when I was bringing the liner back on itself from the wing/flick I had made the rubber nib removed all the black liner I had already put down so all in all it was a total fail.

Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner in Black £9.00 | 7/10 GOOD |

I had my eye on this liner for a very long time and then luckily I received one in a Birchbox and I have to say I do love it! The nib is quite sturdy which helps to create precise lines, thick or thin, and the shape of the nib makes creating a nice winged out look super easy, so if you struggle with winging out your liner this could be the one for you beaut's. The liner definitely has a semi-glossy finish, in some lights it looks more matte and then sometimes it can be slightly glossy, both of which I like and it doesn't seem to budge on my oily eyelids all day which is a mega bonus. There's only one downside for me with Eyeko's offering which is the fact is drys out very quickly, I'd highly suggest storing upside down that way your'll get the most out of this liner.

L'Oreal Superliner in Black Lacquer £6.49 | 4-10 FAIR |

The L'Oreal Superliner in Black Lacquer is a nice liquid liner but there are a couple of things I do really dislike which does bring the marks out of 10 down for me unfortunately. Theres no denying that this is a super easy liner to use, the nib allows you to create thick or thin lines and is a lovely shape for creating wing/flicks however it drys ultra glossy and hard, so if any of the liner fluid gets onto the root of your eyelashes during application (something I always tend to do) then applying mascara afterwards is super impossible as it just drys rock hard meaning your cant brush through your eyelashes and if you do manage too your left with either massive clumps running through your lashes or I rip eyelashes out which is never something I want to do, its such a shame as it is very easy to use.

MUA Extreme Felt Eyeliner in Black £2.00 | 9/10 BEST |
Arrhh my good ole budget friendly MUA! When you take into consideration the price and how this liner works it really is quite good. The pen/nib applicator that the liner has is very sharp and precise, making it great for any detailed work or if you like to create very thin lines, which I find is great for those days when you want a less dramatic eyeliner look or if you have small eyelids like myself, this eyeliner will certainly work well and not take up so much lid space that thicker liners are prone to doing. The liner is very easy to use and control, the nib has a good amount of flexibility to it but is sturdy at the same time which is great for easy movement and helps create that lovely winged out effect. The pigmentation of the liner is really good, its nice and black so theres no need to go over and over your lines which is a bonus. The lasting power of MUA's offering is also good, I found that the line on my upper lash line lasted all day and well into the evening but the wing/flick did start to fade ever so slightly after around 8 hours or so, which personally for a £2.00 felt liner ain't half bad, considering I have oily eyelids too.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Micro Eyeliner in Black £5.49 | 5/10 FAIR |

I have to admit my opinion on this liner has changed dramatically since I first bought it, I found when the liner was fairly new it worked lovely but the quality goes downhill quickly. To begin with the nib of the precision eyeliner was very dense meaning it was nice and sturdy and gave me lots of control so I could create the perfect flick/wing, but after a while the point of the nib seemed to split and go very bendy which sucked. Also when I first bought this the pigmentation was amazing and ultra black but after a week or two it ended up looking more of a dark grey shade so I had to go over my lines to make them black again which is annoying and time consuming. I cant fault the lasting power though as it's pretty good in that respect and looks the same last thing at night as it did first thing in the morning.  

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Black £2.99 | 10/10 BEST |
Ohhh I've saved the very best until last! I have repurchased Collection's  Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner over and over because I just use it and love it so much. For me this liner just has everything I look for and need in a liner it's affordable, easy to find in boots or Superdrug, it's ultra black and drys matte, it's super easy to use and hold so you can draw very thin lines to thicker lines with ease and the shape of the nib makes creating  flicks very easy, and I have to say it has the best longevity because it just stays put all day without fading, smudging or transferring. I'd highly recommend this liner over any other and even if your a beginner when it comes to liquid liner this sort of marker pen style liner is the best to practice with because it's super easy. 

And there you have it beaut's, my personal thoughts on a good handful of liquid liners. I hope you enjoyed this sort of point scoring, battle type of post and maybe I'll do another battle style post soon.

What's your favourite liquid liner beaut's?? I'd love to know.


Beautiful NEW Makeup Revoloution Make-up! ♥

Hey beaut's

I'm pretty sure all of us beauty bloggers have the Makeup Revolution bug by now, I know I certainly have he he! They're amazing quality, revolutionary priced makeup has literally blown me away, I did place an order a while back and you can see what goodies I picked up in my haul post HERE if you like beaut's. Now as if Makeup Revolution didn't stock enough gorgeous makeup already, on June 13th they released lots more exciting pretties such as Baked Eyeshadows, Bronzers, Primers, palettes in abundance including a Concealer Palette , Blush & Contour Palette and some stunning Eyeshadows Palettes plus so much more...

Recently the lovelies over at Makeup Revolution kindly send me over some of the new goodies to review, and when they came through the door and I saw just how beautiful they all where I just knew I had to do a post to share my first impressions with you all, I will be doing full reviews on each makeup item in this post in the coming weeks once I've had time to road test them all properly.... 

The Cover & Conceal Palette comes with 8 large panned, creamy concealers which are all packaged in a sleek black casing with a lovely large mirror inside the pull up lid, and is available in 3 shades Light, Light-Medium and Medium Dark. Concealer palettes have become huge recently and are mostly being used to cream contour and of course to help us make our dark circles and blemishes disappear and I have to admit after swatching Makeup Revolutions offering I literally can not wait to try it out in full. As I have the palette in the shade Light I will be using mine just to cream highlight and conceal but I'm certainly going to buy the Medium-Dark Palette for cream contouring as the formula of these concealers is beautiful and even though I've only used my palette once I found each concealer I used very easy to work with.

Makeup Revolution have released two Ultra Blush & Contour Palettes recently, Sugar and Spice (pictured above) which is more of a pinky toned palette and Hot Spice which is alot warmer. Just like the Cover & Conceal Palette the Blush & Contour Palette contains 8 large panned blushes with a mixture of shimmer and matte finishes, there's also a merged baked blusher and a merged baked highlighting powder too. I mean it's such a stunning palette isn't it, and is something you never really see from an affordable drugstore brand. I also think its key to mention that these palettes that contain 8 Blushes, Concealers etc are such a good price at just £6.00 each which makes each shade work out at just 75p, you really cant get any better than that can you. 

Eeeekk new Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes woohoo he he!! Theres actually 5 new Limited Edition Salvation Palettes to choose from with each palette containing 18 exclusive shades and the Girls On Film Palette is seriously stunning. Theres a nice selection of 12 shimmer eye shadows that are all placed at the top of the palette in rectangular pans and 6 matte shades that are all in circular pans at the bottom, the shade selection really is beautiful and is right up my street with lots of warm bronze/brown shades and some pretty purple/grey tones too. 

Wow this bronzer is HUGE! Lovely might I add but Makeup Revolution are certainly being very generous with this, honestly it's nearly the size of my hand he he. The Ultra Bronze, Shimmer and Highlight powder has 3 slices of gorgeousness that will certainly give you a bronzed goddess glow! You can use each slice separately but I prefer to take a massive powder and swirl it around the bronzer picking up each shade and then bronze, bronze, bronze!

Makeup Revolution have 5 different Baked Eyeshadows compacts to choose from ranging from blues, greens, purples, and more golden/bronze shades so theres certainly a compact to suit every ones eye colour. Each little palette contains 5 silky, blendable baked eye shadows that have a gorgeous metallic finish too them, some of the shades even look duo chrome which is super fun. I don't really own many baked eye shadows but I'm excited to see what looks I can come up with, the shades in each palette are all very complimentary so you can create numerous looks and whats best is that you can used the shadows wet for a more intense, dramatic look for a night out.

Overall I'm really impressed with Makeup Revolutions new releases, the Cover & Conceal and Blush and Contour Palettes have really blow me aways, I've never seen anything like it with high street prices before it's brilliant, and it just goes to show that you can get gorgeous, on trend makeup on a budget!

You can find the Makeup Revolution new releases as well as much more affordable makeup on their website HERE or you can find them on the Superdrug website too.

Join the revolution beaut's! What will you be picking up from the new collection?? I'd love to know.