A/W Primark Wishlist ♥

Hey beaut's

Me and my girlie's are off on a shopping trip soon and we plan to hit Primark hard, so with that in mind I thought I'd browse the Primark website and put together a little wishlist of all the things that caught my eye and that I plan on buying if I see them in store. As you an tell it's a very autumnal/christmassy wishlist but I just cant resist all the fairisle prints and berry colours, ekkkk! 
A/W Primark Wishlist

My Top Beauty + Candle Advent Calenders ♥

Hey beaut's!

Theres just 88 days left until Christmas and I cant tell you how excited I am, every things becoming that little bit festive now with websites filled with Christmas gifts and Tesco's have got loads of their Christmas chocolates out so I thought I could just about get away with doing a slightly festive post today! I'm talking about advent calenders, I knew I wanted to do a post about advent calenders a while ago so I trawled the inter-webs and actually came across LOADS this year but I've narrowed it down to just five, four beauty calenders and one candle calender, I hope you enjoy!

My first pick of beauty advent calenders is by the gorgeous Tanya Burr who's bringing us a 12 days of Christmas style advent calender priced at £25.00, which I think is pretty reasonable as far as these beauty advent calenders go. The Deck The Halls Calender features twelve Tanya Burr treats, many in special edition shades (cover you eyes now if you don't want to know whats inside the calender) theres two nail polishes in under the sea and carnival night, two pairs of lashes in girl next door and party girl plus adhesive, two shimmer pots in twinkling moon and twinkling gold, three mini lip glosses in macaroon, candy frost and bewitching and finally two nail files and a mirror. I honestly think this sounds absolutely lovely and if you like Tanya's beauty range already then your sure not to be disappointed by whats inside. Available on the Superdrug website soon.

 Next is Yankee Candles offering, for the last 2 years my boyfriend has actually surprised me with the Yankee Candle Advent Calenders so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I've been good enough to receive one this year ha ha. This time around Yankee Candle have gone with a collectible Advent House instead of their usual octagon shaped calender which I really like, it's always nice to have a change and I think this design looks really festive. Each little window reveals one tea light candle per day and features seven seasonal scents, including an extra treat on Christmas Eve. The scents included are Bundle Up, Candy Cane Lane, Icicles, Spiced Orange, Snowflake Cookie, Winter Glow and Christmas Eve. Available now.

 Benefit always do amazing advent calenders and gifts every year and this 70's vibe 12 days of Christmas calender really doesn't disappoint. Behind all 12 windows is one of Benefit's best selling products in miniature including a mini Rockateur blush, mini they're Real Mascara plus so much more, all of which are perfect little samplers if you haven't tried them before or if you have they are a great size for popping into your handbag for when your on the go. Available from 15th October in Debenhams.

 This year The Body Shop are spoiling us beauty advent calender lovers with two advent calenders to choose from, ohhhhhh. Theres going to be a green calender which is the standard version priced at £60.00 which includes your miniature showers gels, body lotions soaps plus much more and a red deluxe version (pictured above) which will be £80.00 which includes bigger products - some full size and theres makeup products inside too. Both are very pricey but I think if your wanting to splurge on a calender this year then The Body Shop is the way to go because their products are just amazing! Both available on 28th September.

As you may know already I'm a HUGE Makeup Revolution fan so when I saw they where launching an advent calender this year I was soooo excited. The calender includes 25 FULL SIZE Makeup Revolution essentials including a special gift on Christmas Day, which I think is so nice and makes this calender that extra bit special as most advent calenders are usually finished on Christmas Eve. This Makeup Revolution calender is available now on the Superdrug website along with a Makeup Revolution Advent Beauty Chest which will set you back £100.00.

Let me know what you think of these advent calenders beaut's... Will you be buying one this year?? I'd love to know.

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Yankee Candle NEW 'Cosy By The Fire' Votive Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

Yankee Candle have recently launched lots of new scents for Autumn and Winter 2015 so of course being the Yankee Candle lover that I am I just had to go and stock up. I quickly made my way over to my local garden centre which has a huge range of Yankee Candle's and found that all of their Autumn and  Christmas scents where out and my goodness they look amazing this year so I treated myself to a couple.

One of the first votives I set my eyes on was Cosy By The Fire which is a brand new scent for the Yankee Candle Christmas collection. The scent of Cosy By The Fire is described as 'A warm mix of ginger, clove, and orange combines with woody notes to give the snap of a crackling fire and the comfort of a hot aromatic drink beside it', now doesn't that sound so Autumnal and festive, even the picture on the front of the wrapper makes me feel all warm and cosy he he. I definitely get a warm, cosy vibe when I first light Cosy By The Fire and the ginger, clove and woody notes definitely come through, I also oddly get a slight fresh Christmas tree smell from this too, its not strong but the pine needle fragrance is definitely there. The scent throw for Cosy By The Fire I'd say is medium which is perfect for me, it quickly fills the house with it's warming festive scent and lingers for hours without being overpowering at all. Overall I really enjoyed this new scent from Yankee Candle and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes the really tradition festive scents such as the ginger, cloves, oranges, cinnamon and pine needle.

All the Yankee Candle votive/samplers claim to provides up to 15 hours of fragrance and Cosy By The Fire certainly lasted really well, I think because the scent really lingers you don't have to keep it alight for so long so you can certainly get a good few uses out of it that's for sure.

Will you be buying any of the NEW festive Yankee Candles this year?? Let me know beaut's!

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Things I Love About Autumn! ♥

Hey beaut's!

We are nearly at the end of September which can only mean one thing... Autumn is well and truly here, and this excites me so much! So today I thought I'd put together and different post for me and my blog and just share all the things that I love about Autumn, enjoy! 

Candles, Candles and more blooming Candles 
 At this time of the year you may as well just call me the crazy candle lady because I get obsessed, my house is already full of them he he! I just love how they make your house feel so cosy and I just love all the spicy scents as they are so warming and give that wintry feel that I love.

Gold Smokey Eyes 
 My Urban Decay Naked Palette literally gets used to death during Autumn and in particular the shade Half Baked, its just such a gorgeous gold that I love to use when creating a gold smokey eye.

Berry Lips
Autumnal makeup wouldn't be complete without that berry lip, I have a few berry lippies that I love for this time of the year but my favourite at the moment is my most recent purchase of Revlon's Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion, I'm wearing it HERE on Instagram and have been addicted to it.

Lush Baths
I've now kissed goodbye to having showers and said helllloooo to the bath tub again, yup bath season is back and I cant wait to stock up on lots more Lush goodies, especially the Christmas ones he he.

Crunchy Autumn Leaves
One of my most favourite things about autumn is the crunchy leaves that are all different shades of orange, I think they look super pretty and the inner child in me still loves walking through them all and kicking them everywhere when I'm walking the pooch and also picking huge handfuls up and throwing them everywhere ha ha, it's so fun and satisfying.

Hot Chocolate
  I literally only drink Hot Chocolates throughout Autumn and Winter, they aren't an all year round type of drink for me so I'm super happy we are now into hot choccy season, bring on the marshmallows and whipped cream ha ha.

Snugly Jumpers, Boots, Hats and Scarves
 Arhhh yes cosy clothes are my favourite, I hate summer clothes when everything is bright and in your face, give me a huge thick jumper in a burgundy hue any day.

I get so into Halloween, I usually decorate the lounge all spooky and autumnal and me and Mike buy pumpkins to carve every year without fail, we actually went to a pumpkin patch last year which was amazing and I'd definitely recommend going if you can. I also watch Hocus Pocus over and over whilst chomping on toffee apples, arhhh I cant wait.

Twinkly Lights
I go twinkly light crazy at this time of year because I think they make a room look and feel so cosy, I literally drape them anywhere and everywhere ha ha.

I love gingerbread men, I always make my own and do loads of batches over Autumn and Winter, the smell of them baking is just one of the best smells and the fact they taste amazing afterwards is just a huge bonus he he.

Movie Nights
To be honest I love movie nights all throughout the year but at this time of the year I love it even more because you can just get really cosy in your thick pj's and slippers, get all your cosy blankets out, have a hot chocolate by your side and watch loads of festive movies, and yes, I have already started watching Christmas films he he.

The feeling that Christmas is approaching
 I love all things festive and the feeling that Christmas is approaching is amazing! I love it when all the shops get their gifts in and decorations, arhhh I seriously cant wait! 

What are you excited for around this time of the year beaut's? I'd love to know.

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Lush Pink Flamingo Reusable Bubble Bar Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

You may remember a little while back I posted a Mini Lush Haul (HERE) and within that haul was some of the new products that have previously only been available in the Lush Oxford Street store. I excitedly picked up a few to try and I thought it was about time I start sharing my thoughts on some of them starting with the lovely Pink Flamingo.
The cute Pink Flamingo (£5.95) is a reusable bubble bar that comes attached to a stick so that you can just swish it around the tub until your hearts content and this allows you to get lots of uses out of it, as well as creating lots of bubbles and pink coloured water which is so pretty and girlie. The Pink Flamingo's scent is actually inspired by summer cocktails and contains fragrant rosewood and sexy ylang ylang. To me this little flamingo smells very new, meaning it's not like any other scent I've found or tried in Lush before, it has an orange sherbet fragrance with a sugary sweetness to it, the combination works really well and it's fair to say it smells absolutely lovely. Pink Flamingo also contains fair trade cocoa butter which if your a dry skin sufferer like me your going to love, its so moisturising and leaves my skin felling so soft and nourished afterwards, its so lovely.
Overall I did really enjoy the Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar, its cute to look at, smells amazing, creates lots of bubbles and  pretty pink water and nourishes my skin. The only negative thing I have to say about the Pink Flamingo is that after my first use it literally fell off the stick which made using it afterwards in my next bath difficult because I could no longer swish it around the bath I had to crumble it in instead which in my opinion wasted lots of uses and with the £5.95 price tag I was really hoping to use the little cutie a lot more than twice.

Have your tried the Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar yet beaut's?? What did you think??

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Partylite Halloween Candle Review + Giveaway ♥

Hey beaut's!

I have another candle post for you all today, yes I know, I know, I'm such a candle addict especially at this time of year when the weather gets colder and you just want that cosy, warm atmosphere in your house. This time around I've had the chance to review a selection of the Partylite Halloween Collection and give away everything I mention in this post to one of my lucky followers, eeekkk how exciting!
The Partylite Halloween Collection has been inspired by Mexico's Day of the Dead and features lots of bright colours, spooky decorative pieces and haunting named scent's. Firstly from the Halloween bundle is the Glolite Large Jar* (£21.50) in the scent Hocus Pocus. This is one huge, double wicked candle that not only looks amazing with it's neon wax and purple skulls print but it smells incredible too. The scent of Hocus Pocus is slightly citrus with a coconut and praline twist, it's honestly gorgeous so the fact that it has a burn time of a whopping 50-60 hours pleases me a lot. Then their is the Glolite Colour Changing Candle Base* (£9.95), this goes hand in hand with the large Hocus Pocus Jar and is so much fun, it does require 3AAA batteries but is so worth it, it's actually quite memorising to watch all of the pretty colour change and makes your candles glow and light up. And if your a fan of the Hocus Pocus scent like I am then Partylite also do a pack of 12 Tea Lights* (£6.95) in the eye catching neon yellow and purple colours that match the large jar perfectly. Each tea light has an impressive 4-6 hours burn time and really kicks off that gorgeous Hocus Pocus scent.
Next up is the Autumn Glow Votives* (£12.00 for a set of 6) which are hands down my absolute favourites, the scent is so autumnal, just think warm spiced apples, pine and cinnamon and that's exactly what you get from these little beauties. Each votive has a burn time of between 8-11 hours which is amazing for votives and the scent throw is medium on these, not too over powering but definitely noticeablely divine. Lastly but in no means least is the pair of Skeleton Votive/Tea Light Glass Jars Holders* (£19.95), these are so fun to decorate with over Halloween and can hold either your votives or tea lights perfectly.
As I said before, to co inside with my Partylite Halloween Candle Review, Partylite have kindly given me the opportunity to hold a giveaway, ONE of my lovely blog followers will be able to win everything I have reviewed in this post, yup thats right you could win the entire halloween bundle of the Large Hocus Pocus Glass Jar, Colour Changing Base, 12 Hocus Pocus Tea Lights, 6 Autumn Glow Votives and 2 Skeleton Votive Holders, How exciting!!! The giveaway will be open for 3 weeks, all you have to do to enter is complete the mandatory steps within the Rafflecopter form below.

Please note this is a UK GIVEAWAY ONLY!!!!

Good Luck!!!

Extra Information
-There will be one winner of this competition winning ONE Partylite Halloween bundle containing the Large Hocus Pocus Glass Jar, Colour Changing Base, 12 Hocus Pocus Tea Lights, 6 Autumn Glow Votives and 2 Skeleton Votive Holders.
- The winner will be emailed and announced on Twitter. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize. If I do not hear from the winner within this time frame a new winner will be picked. If the winner has not entered all of the mandatory entries they have claimed to, all of their entries will be discounted and a new winner will be picked.
- The prize will be posted out by the dispatch team at Partylite. I will not be liable for any loss or damage. 


September Glossybox Review ♥

Hi beaut's!

So its that time again... Glossy box time!!! This month Glossy box  have a ‘Style Edition’ box for us all which claims to ‘celebrate all the new season has to offer’, and contains an impressive five full size products worth a whopping £63.13. I'm so happy with the contents this month, I love the fact everything isfull size and I'll get use out of every single thing which is always a bonus, also how stunning in the box design, it's so pretty!
Invisibobble Hair Ring | Full Size | £4.00
The first product this month are these handy little Invisibobble Hair Rings, I've wanted to try these for a while because they claim to be completely traceless, so they don’t leave those pesky kinks in your hair once you take them out like most bobbles do. I always wear my hair up around the house and whilst I sleep every night so this little pack of three hair rings will get lots of use from me. 

Maria Nila Luminous Colour Hair Masque | Full Size | £18.95
Next is this  hair mask by Maria Nila which is packed full with strengthening and protecting ingredients that claim to enhance both coloured and natural hair, and it’s sulphate and paraben free as well as being 100% vegan. I do love receiving hair products that I'd never usually buy and this really does look and sound luxurious and smells incredible so I cant wait to give it a go tonight.

B.Cosmetics B Sculpted Contour Kit | Full Size | £10.49
Then I received this bronzing and highlighting duo from B. Cosmetics which is from Superdrugs makeup line, the kit contains a warm-toned matte bronzer and a silver/white cream highlighter. I gave this a go this morning and I really liked the bronzer for adding warmth to my face but the highlighter is horrible, the formula feels like a sticky gloss and just sits on top of the skin without blending in at all so I wont be using that to highlight with again, although I would give the bronzer and thumbs up as I did really like it.  

Marsk Eyeshadow Brush Pro | Full Size | £16.70
I have a slight makeup brush addiction so seeing this eyeshadow brush by Marsk in my Glossy box made me extremely happy. The brush itself is flat and dome shaped so its perfect for packing on eyeshadow across the lid and swiping some colour along the lower lash line.

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Whesek | Full Size | £12.99 
Lastly this month Glossy box popped in a Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in the shade Whesek, which is a metallic, shimmery-glittery grey perfect for the Autumn and Winter months. I've actually received a Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in a Glossy box in the past and really liked it, when used with a damp brush the finely milled powder turns into something spectacular, just like foil almost which really is striking on the eyes so I cant want to play around with this shade.

 What did you think of this month's box beaut's?? I'd love to know.


Collection Contour Kit Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

Recently the ever so affordable Collection released a Contour Kit for us to sculpt and highlight our face with until our little hearts content, the minute I heard about this new release I just knew the contour kit had to be mine regardless of whether I actually needed it or not and so far I've been loving it.
The sleek little Collection Contour Kit is an absolute bargain at just £4.19 ( however I picked mine up for £2.79 when it was first released ) and is available in one 'suits all' shade. The kit contains two powders - a bronzer shade to contour with and a highlight shade to highlight with, the bronzer shade is very nice, its easily blendable, very pigmented so a little goes a long way, completely matte and oddly a slight mix between cool-toned and warm-toned, on me it's cool-toned enough to add depth to the contours of my face, yet warm enough to add a bit of life into the skin which I really like. The highlighter is very pretty too, it's a cream, pearly pink kind of shade and contains some subtle micro-glitter particles that look super pretty when the light catches them and isn't disco ball-esk in the slightest, I've found it great to use as an everyday highlight but you could easily built it up for a night out.
As for the packaging.... It's actually a very good size, small enough for your handbag but big enough to contain a decent amount of product inside. The slim plastic packaging feels very sturdy and robust and the lid houses a small mirror strip at the top, which is quite useful if you want to have a quick glance at your makeup when your out and about. 

Overall I absolutely love this little kit and have been using it everyday since I bought it, I'd highly recommend it if your looking for a budget friendly contour kit on the high street that works amazing well at highlighting, bronzing and sculpting or if your a beginner to the contouring, well this kit would be a great to learn and play around with.

Have you tried Collection's new Contour Kit beaut's? What did you think?


Autumn/Winter Boot Wishlist #1 ♥

Hey beaut's!

It's now starting to get very chilly here in the UK and I can almost smell Autumn in the air so it's time to stock up that winter wardrobe with cosy essentials starting with boots. I absolutely love boots, I just find they are so versatile and can generally go with any outfit from dresses with tights to jeans and even thick leggings with frilly socks, the list really is endless so I thought I'd put together a little wish list of a few pairs of boots I'm lusting after at the moment, and yes I do love a good ankle boot in the Chelsea style he he. 

I love Barbour as a brand, I've had a pair of their boots and wellies in the past and the quality is just amazing so I'd highly recommend them. These heeled Chelsea Boots really caught my eye and are absolutely ideal for this season when you need to be practical but also incredibly stylish, personally I'd love to rock these with some super skinny jeans and an over sized, thick jumper as you'd still get that laid back vibe but the heel would give it that put together/smart look at the same time, as well as adding some height which I really need seeing as I'm shorty.

I adore these Lunar Leather Ankle Boots, they look so sleek and stylish and would be perfect for casual occasions but could easily be worn more dressy too. I love how the stretchy fabric at the side is slightly different to your average Chelsea style of boots too, love them!

I love a good couple of pairs of knee length boots for when it's super cold because not only do they looks gorgeous but they keep your legs so warm too ha ha. This Pia design by Jones Bootmaker is so minimalistic and just has a gunmetal grey chain link around the back, these are very similar to a pair of boots I had last year and I lived in them so I'm keen to get some just like them so I'm super happy a came across these and saw the design is current.

Rieker Boots (Shoetique £102.00)
These Reiker Boots in brown made it onto my wishlist because I love buckle detailing on boots and just like the black knee high boots above they are so practical and keep your feet and legs all toasty when it's super cold.

I'm a sucker for the classic looking heeled Chelsea boots and these ones from Topshop have literally stolen my heart. Again they can be styled in so many ways and are a definite staple to have in your boot stash.

Lastly I couldn't resist adding these brogue style of ladies boots, they are quite different for me as I think they look slightly masculine but that really gets outfit ideas flowing in my head and I just want to style them so girlie, ohhh just imagine these with some frilly socks or thick knitted tights and a skirt.

What boots are on your wish list this Autumn/Winter beaut's? I'd love to know.


This post is written in collaboration with Jones Bootmaker and Shoetique*.

Yankee Candle 'Candy Corn' Halloween Votive Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

Yankee Candle have recently launched lots of new scents for Autumn and Winter 2015 so of course being the Yankee Candle lover that I am I just had to go and stock up. I quickly made my way over to my local garden centre which has a huge range of Yankee Candle's and found that allof their autumnal, Halloween and Christmas scents where out and my goodness they look amazing this year so I treated myself to a couple.

The first votive I set my eyes on was Candy Corn which is of course from the Halloween line. The scent of Candy Corn is described as 'the familiar, sweet scent of candy corn which is a fond reminder of Halloween fun and treats' which I have to say is pretty on point to be honest. If you like sweet scents then you'll love Candy Corn because it definitely has that 'candy/sugary' vibe running through it, I also get waves of vanilla and sometimes honey or caramel too which I love in candles so I've really been enjoying this one. Even though Candy Corn is a sugary, sweet scent it isn't sickly or heavy at all, instead its very light and subtle.

All the Yankee Candle votive/samplers claim to provides up to 15 hours of fragrance but personally I don't think my Candy Corn votive lasted that long because I had it burning constantly because the scent throw is very light, never the less I still adore this candle and I'm now tempted to buy the medium glass jar because it looks so cool and I would love to use it to decorate with over Halloween.

Will you be buying any of the Halloween Yankee Candles this year?? Let me know beaut's!


Autumn/Winter Beauty Essentials ♥

Hey beaut's!

Being the Autumn/Winter lover that I am I couldn't resist doing a post dedicated to some of the beauty products that I know are going to be well loved by me this season. Firstly I love to have a nice moisturised, dewy looking base and Garnier's Moisture Match in Goodbye Dry is a must for me, I went through two tubes of the stuff last year and it was the only daily moisturiser that kept my face completely moisturised throughout then entire Autumn/Winter so I'd highly recommend that. For foundation and concealer I find Rimmel are always a winner, their Match Perfection Foundation is gorgeous and so luminous and the Wake Me Up Concealer really brightens up that under eye area on the dull winters mornings! For the eyeballs the Urban Decay Naked Palette is a must have, it contains all the shades you'll need for the Autumn/Winter including the gorgeous gold shade Half Baked which I tend use to death at this time of year to create a gold smokey eye. If your looking for something more quick to use and affordable the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate is great! 

Next up is that pout... It's essential to look after your lips over the colder month's as they are prone to getting dry, flaky and chapped when it's freezing cold. I love to use a good scrub like the Lush Lip Scrubs often as they not only put some well needed moister back into my lips but it will remove any dry flaky patches and prepare a nice base for my chosen lippy. Lip Balm and a berry toned lip is also a must during the cooler months and my current favourites are the Burt's Bees Lip Balm and the Revlon ColorStay Moisture Lip Stain in Parisian PassionFinally you have to keep that body moisturised because the colder climate can really take its tole on your skin and I find Soap and Glory always help me when it comes to skincare. Their Righteous Butter is so thick and creamy and just melts into the skin and their Hand Food hand cream is my handbag essential because my poor hands really suffer when its cold!Autumn/Winter Beauty Essentials

MAC Cranberry Eyeshadow Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

Today I have a review of a MAC eyeshadow that I've been meaning to review for such a longggg time, the ever so popular Autumn favourite, Cranberry! I absolutely adore my MAC eye shadows, I do only have a few but they are by far the best eye shadows I've ever used and worked with. I bought Cranberry a long time ago but hadn't started to experiment with it until recently, because although I was blown away by how pretty the shade looked in the pan I found it quite a difficult shade to pull off until now.
Cranberry (£13.00) is a very interesting and stunning colour, it's a burnt red-burgundy shade with some ever so slight shimmers running through it and can be worn subtle during the day or more intense for nights out. On me I find Cranberry looks very metallic and the red-plum tones really come through, also if I give it a good blend at the crease it almost turns into this warm toned slight rust colour which looks so pretty and very Autumnal. Like with most MAC frost finish eye shadows the texture of Cranberry is very smooth and buttery and has such stunning pigmentation accompanied with long wear time an nil fall out. 
As I said before I've been experimenting at home with Cranberry a lot recently because I've always found it quite difficult to wear in the past without looking like I've got a sore eye which is definitely not a good look, however after playing around with it I've found that it can be worn in so many ways, more than what I first thought that's for sure. One of my favourite ways to wear Cranberry is to pop it all over my lid and lower lash line then use a matte dark brown shade through my crease to add some depth then I like to use liquid liner across my top lash line and create a winged out look and use a black kohl pencil on my waterline, using the black liners in between Cranberry really defines the look and makes it looks super pretty and separated instead of just sore ha ha. Another more subtle way to use Cranberry is by using the shade Naked from the Urban Decay Naked Palette through the crease then using a very light hand pop some Cranberry over the lid and use a matte black or dark brown eye shadow to define the top lash line instead of a liquid liner, that look is great for during the day and the colour looks so delicate.
Overall I've really been enjoying experimenting with Cranberry, the quality of the eyeshadow itself is just stunning and the shade is perfect for use during the Autumn/Winter months, I literally can't wait to use it more and incorporate it in lots of festive looks.

Will you be using Cranberry over the Autumn/Winter months beaut's?? How do you wear it?? I'd love to know.