Bunny Cake Yankee Candle Review

Hey beaut's!

The other week me and my boyfriend decided to pop into our local garden centre because I wanted to stock up on a few more candles and I was excited to see that they had some of their Easter Collection out. One of the Easter gift sets quickly caught my eye and my boyfriend kindly bought it for me (find it HERE), within the gift set was a votive holder and three votive's in yummy scents such as Vanilla Cupcake, Jelly Bean (review HERE) and Bunny Cake which I just had to review for you all today!

Bunny Cake has actually been around for the past couple of Easter's but I've never seen it in votive form before which is why I literally lept at the gift set it came in, you can get the large glass jar very easily but I always like to buy a votive first to make sure I really like the scent before committing to the large jar. Bunny Cake just looks like such a cute candle that I think most would gravitate towards, I love the bunny design and the baby pink wax and the scents description just sounds incredible "A delicious way to hop into spring ... a sweet treat of sugary coconut, creamy vanilla, and bright citrus." mmm yum! When burning Bunny Cake the coconut and vanilla definitely come through, it's delicately sweet and sugary and would certainly be a hit with someone who has a hankering for anything sweet like me, despite it's sweetness I didn't find it sickly in the slightest. I'd say the scent throw on this is light to medium, it's certainly noticeable but isn't one of those heavy scents that packs an almighty punch but I kind of like that!

All the Yankee Candle votive/samplers claim to provide up to 15 hours of fragrance and Bunny Cake certainly lasted well, arhhh its so lovely and I'm definitely going to have to treat myself to the large jar if I cant get any more votives he he.

Have you tried Bunny Cake before beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know.


Mini Spring Lush Haul ♥

Hey beaut's!

The other day me and my boyfriend went into Norwich to hit the shops for his birthday but of course I had to pop into Lush. I already knew I wanted to pick up a few bubble bars or bath bombs as I'm running low but I was also eager to check out the Mother's Day and Easter ranges too and I just had to pick a couple up and thought I'd share them with you all today!

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb £2.95
Firstly I just had to grab a Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb, I had a few of these last Easter and was hoping that Lush would bring them back again this year as they smell incredible and thankfully they did! If your missing your Snow Fairy fix already then Fluffy Egg could cur those cravings because it's smells so similar to Snow Fairy, it also turns your bath water bright pink and looks super cute and girly he he. 

Bunch of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bar £6.25
I missed out on getting the Bunch of Carrots last year so I made sure I got some to try this year. Instead of getting three orange carrots, this year Lush have switched things up and you actually get an orange, pink and purple carrot that are all tied together by their stalks, they look so good. The scent of these 'carrots' is really refreshing and tropical which comes from the added buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils, you can either swirl the whole bunch around in your bath water or use one carrot at a time and keep reusing them.

Ladybird Bubble Bar £3.95
The Ladybird Bubble Bar is new to Lush's Mother's Day collection this year and I literally had to have it, just look how cute she is though! As well as looking cute this little Ladybird smells lovely but not like anything I've never smelt from Lush before, it's main scents are geranium and peppermint which make this the perfect treat if your looking for a bit of a pick me up or maybe a morning bath that really wakes you up and sets you up for the day!

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb £3.95
Lastly I went for the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb, this reminded me of the scent of the Rose Jam bubble bar because its very fresh and very floral.  It's said that as this little beauty fizzes, the outer shell breaks away and magnificent rose petals burst out and float around in the tub, arhh I cant wait to try this and I think this is such a nice bath bomb for Mother's Day too.

Have you picked any of the new Lush products up?? What's been your favourite so far?? I'd love to know beaut's!


Mother's Day Gift Guide ♥

Hey beaut's!!!

With Mother's Day fast approaching (6th of March) I thought I'd do a little gift guide of a few idea's on what we could all buy our lovely, well deserving Mum's out there. I've tried to include as much as possible in this gift guide from more affordable options to gifts that are a little bit more expensive, I've thrown in some yummy chocolates, pretty jewellery, gorgeous flowers, candles and even some beautiful scents so hopefully I've got everything covered he he.
Mother's Day Gift Guide

Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream Review

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My favourites over at Makeup Revolution are at it again, releasing new makeup that I just couldn't wait to try! This time around Makeup Revolution have turned their hand at strobing bringing us a 50ml bottle of their Ultra Strobe Cream to turn us all into glowing goddesses. I'm sure this is probably a dupe for Mac's Strobe Cream but having never tried that unfortunately I cant compare the two for you today but I can indeed tell you what I think of Makeup Rev's offering!
Makeup Revolution's Ultra Strobe Cream* (£8.00) is a radiance enhancing product that can be used either under or on top of your foundation to make your skin look healthy, dewy and glowing. Personally my favourite way to use this Strobe Cream is by using it all over my face underneath my foundation, I love that glow from within look and that's exactly what you get from this. The formula actually comes out as a white cream at first but then turns in to a golden, glowing shimmer effect on my skin once it's blended in, their are some ever so slight golden glittery particles that run through the strobe cream which at first I was slightly worried about because disco ball images popped into my head, but actually once my foundation is blended in over the top all you can see is a glowy effect and it isn't glittery at all.
Overall I absolutely love this little beauty and have been using it every single day underneath my foundation, it makes such a nice glowy base and just makes my features pop and look more highlighted, I love it! As I said before this strobing cream can double up as a cream highlight that sits over your foundation which I've found looks equally as pretty when blended with a brush, it will certainly look stunning in the summer months when you want to be all bronzed and glowing but for now this little beauty sits under my foundation making me look more healthy, illuminated and dewy!

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream yet beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know.


Partylite Spring Collection Reviewed

Hey beaut's!

I have another candle post for you all today, yes I know, I know, I'm such a candle addict but I just love the cosy, warm atmosphere they provide in your house as well as making your home smell absolutely incredible. This time around I've been trying out a selection of the PartyLite Spring Collection that can also double up as a Mother's Day Gift Guide because these candles and accessories would makes amazing Mother's Day gifts!
The PartyLite Spring Collection is so pretty, it's filled fresh, floral and fruity scents in lots of delicate pastel shades and size variations so theres certainly something for everyone. Firstly I've been giving the GloLite Large Jar (£21.50) in the scent Berry Blossom* a go,  this is one huge, double wicked candle that not only looks super pretty with it's lilac wax and shimmering GloLite technology but it smells incredible too. The scent of Berry Blossom is really sweet and juicy, theres sun-ripened berries runing through this scent and a touch of jasmine and sometimes I get a slight sweet pea vibe too, it's honestly gorgeous so the fact that it has a burn time of a whopping 50-60 hours pleases me a lot.
Next up I was really excited to try the PartyLite Decorative Fragrance Sticks* (£12.95 for a pack of 5), these really intrigued me because usually you would have to burn incense sticks but with PartyLite's offering theres no flame or liquid oil required, you just pop the rolled paper fragrance sticks into a holder and the scent lasts up to 30 days, how amazing is that! I've been giving the Peony scent a whirl which is so nice, it smells just like Peony petals mixed with peachy notes. The scent throw is really impressive for something that doesn't burn, I have mine in the SmartScents White Ceramic Flower Holder* (£9.95) on a shelf at the bottom of my stairs and you can literally smell the Peony scent all the way up my stairs and as soon as you walk into my house, it's lovely. All you need to do is use 1-2 sticks for a small area or 3-5 sticks for larger spaces, the sticks also divide so you snap them in half but for a shorter length than the 30 days.
Then theres the super pretty Butterflies Porcelain Tealight Pair* (£28.95), these are so lightweight and delicate sporting lilac and pink butterflies painted on the front and can be used to either pop votives or tea lights in. As well as looking pretty from the outside the inside of the holders have been painted too which really reflects the shimmer of a tea light or votive and looks super pretty. Talking of tea lights I've been popping the Wild Lemongrass Tea lights* (£6.95 for a pack of 12) into my Butterflies Holders, the scent of these is super strong and if you like the smell of lemon sherbets then you'll love this particular scent from Partylite. Each tea light has an impressive 4-6 hours burn time and really kicks off that fresh lemon scent. 

Overall I'm so impressed with the few things I've tried from the PartyLite Spring Collection, everything smelt and looked amazing and I'm certainly going to be getting some bits for my Mum to try for Mother's Day!

Have you tried any of the PartyLite Spring scents beaut;s? Which is your favourite? I'd love to know!


Roger & Gallet Precious Restoring Balm Review

Hey beaut's!

When it comes to moisturising my body I'm super lazy unless I find something that literally knocks my socks off, and after giving the new Roger & Gallet Precious Restoring Balm in Rose* a whirl I literally cant stop moisturising at the moment, which is an absolute first for me and my skin has been so thankful he he.

The new Roger & Gallet Precious Nourishing Body Balm's come in their three best selling fragrances, Fleur d’Osmanthus, Fleur de Figuier and Rose, all of which have been created to nourish, moisturise and pamper the skin whilst adding a beautiful yet gentle scent. I've been giving the Rose scent a whirl and it smells heavenly, inspired by the dream of an Indian Garden -Rose has a light, slightly sweet rose scent with peony and almond in there too, it's gorgeous and perfect for use during the up and coming Springtime! 

The formula of the Roger & Gallet Precious Restoring Balm is luxuriously thick and creamy and is such an indulgent treat for dry and very dry skin. It's made from 95% natural ingredients, including precious oils of pure flowers and is enriched with Shea Butter to moisturise and repair the skin, Botanical Glycerine to improve the skins appearance making it feel more supple and smooth and finally Hyaluronic Acid which helps retain the moisture the balm is putting in. When I first went to use this body balm I grabbed quite a big scoop full which was totally the wrong thing to do because a tiny bit of this balm goes a very long way, and even though the balm is very thick in the tin I found the texture very light weight and when I was applying the balm it seemed to just melt straight into my skin within seconds and left my skin super, super soft without that horrible tacky feeling afterwards that thicker balms seem to usually leave. I have noticed such a huge improvement in my skin since I've been using this body balm, I suffer with dry skin patches anyway and the cold winter has made me very dry but now my dry patches are no more, they have literally vanished!
Overall I absolutely love the Roger & Gallet Precious Restoring Balm in Rose, it hasn't left my bedside table since I got it he he! I would highly recommend this body balm if your looking for a thick, luxurious cream come lotion that completely nourishes the skin leaving behind a beautiful scent for hours. If you not a fan of heavily scented body balms then this wont be for you but the formula is a definite hit none the less!

You can find the Roger & Gallet Precious Restoring Balm in Rose in Marks & Spencer for £17.00.


My Top 5 Mascara's ♥

Hey beaut's!

You may have seen over the last couple of weeks that I've started a new little blog series named My Top 5, so far I've shared my top 5 concealers, my top 5 brow products and my top 5 cream blushers, but today I thought I'd share with you all my top 5 beloved mascaras that I just couldn't be without and that I'll always repurchase.
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
 Firstly is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, this is probably the best high street mascara I've found which really is a bold statement, it's just so amazing! I actually waited a good few months after this launched to try it because me and Maybelline mascara's never usually get a long for some odd reason but the Lash Sensational is amazing, it's much like Benefits Roller Lash and gives me so much length, separation and curve to my lashes but also volumises and defines at the same time without any clumping or smudging at all, I love it! 

Benefit They're Real Mascara
I love the Benefit They're Real Mascara and I go back to it time and time again, it makes my lashes look so full and long as well as separating every lash, even those tiny inner corner lashes, and the formula is jet black which I love. I can always rely on They're Real for not smudging and its really build-able meaning you can really layer the mascara up with quite few coats and I never get any clumps or flaking at all. I would definitely label the Benefit They're Real Mascara as one of my holy grail makeup products that I think everyone should try.

MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara
I actually got the MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara as it's so popular for being used on your lower lashes because of its very slim wand and I love it, the tiny bristles get to the smallest of lashes and it doesn't run or smudge at all, it's also great at getting to inner corner lashes and fanning out your lashes at the edge of your eye. I'd highly recommend the Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara if you have small lashes that you want to make the most of or if your looking for an amazing lower lash mascara, this baby will do the trick!

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara
I fell in love with the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara last Summer and have repurchased it again since then because I love it that much. The application process is very quick and easy with this mascara, that's where the 1 seconde part of the title and the unique brush with spherical bristles comes in, you literally achieve instant volume and length with just one to two strokes, theres no faffing around with building up coats of the mascara for volume or length it's just instantly there which I love, and theres not a single clump in sight. This is definite a high street hit that I'll happily keep repurchasing!

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
The Perversion Mascara claims to leave you with bigger, blacker, badder looking lashes and I have to say they are pretty much on point with that description, if you want thick, long and inky black lashes you need this mascara in your life. I do find this mascara performs better with the Subversion Primer that I actually got with mine as part of an offer but once that ran out I was still left impressed with long thick lashes that didn't smudge of clump, so I'd highly recommend giving them a go.

What's your favourite mascara beaut's? I'd love to know!


Yankee Candle Jelly Bean Votive Review

Hey beaut's!

Last weekend me and my boyfriend decided to pop into our local garden centre because I wanted to stock up on a few more candles and I was excited to see that they had some of their Easter Collection out. One of the Easter gift sets quickly caught my eye and my boyfriend kindly bought it for me (find it HERE), within the gift set was a votive holder and three votive's in yummy scents such as Vanilla Cupcake, Bunny Cake and Jelly Bean which I just had to review for you all today!

Jelly Bean was actually released last Easter but I've never seen it in votive form before which is why I literally lept at the gift set it came in, you can get the large glass jar very easily but I always like to buy a votive first to make sure I really like the scent before committing to the large jar. Jelly Bean is described as 'a colourful, fun childhood treat you never outgrow, bursting with the scent of sugary sweet fruits' doesn't it sound yummy. I actually love the scent of Jelly Bean, just imagine the smell you get when opening a bag of jelly beans because that's really what this one smells like and I love it. It has a sugary sweets smell with fruity hints but mostly I get an American grape kind of smell which is one of my favourite scents and really takes me back to being little! The scent throw is medium, it's definitely not overpowering but fills the house with it's gorgeous scent really quickly, and even though it's sugary I never found it sickly at all.

All the Yankee Candle votive/samplers claim to provide up to 15 hours of fragrance and Jelly Bean certainly lasted well, I actually burnt Jelly Bean in my kitchen this time around and it filled the room within minutes and wafted right upstairs, arhhh its so lovely and I think I'm even going to have to treat myself to the large jar now he he.

Have you tried Jelly Bean before beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know.


Mother's Day Gift Guide | Debenhams Flowers + Discount Code ♥

Hey beaut's

It's that time of the year where Spring is creeping ever closer (thank goodness) and we start planning on how to spoil our wonderful Mum's for Mother's Day, so today I have a pretty amazing bouquet from Debenhams Flowers to share with you all that I think all of our mummy's would absolutely love to receive on Mother's Day . 
Debenhams have an array Mother's Day Flowers to choose from as well as other bouquets to suit any season and occasion but I instantly fell in love with their Mum's Pink Rose & White Freesia Bouquet* (£31.99) when I saw it. The bouquet arrived in a large, well padded upright box which I thought was great, not a single flower or even a leaf was out of place or damaged, they where also beautifully wrapped which certainly makes the bouquet look that extra bit special, especially if your gifting someone a bouquet, and they come complete with care instructions and food so you can get the most out of your bouquet.
The Mum's Pink Rose & White Freesia Bouquet contains 3 Pink Roses, 3 White Roses, 10 White Freesia, 5 Ruscus and 3 Bupleurum which together makes the perfect bouquet for Mother's Day and the colours are so pretty for springtime too. I have to add that as well as my  bouquet looking amazing it smells amazing too, I close my lounge door in the evenings and when I open the door in the morning the smell is just divine, arrhhhh I love it. 
The delivery of this bouquet was amazing....I love how Debenhams make it so easy to deliver and send the bouquets, you can add a personal message and select the exact date you wish your bouquet to be delivered on, this is great when your sending a bouquet as a gift. Debenhams also have a gift option with most of their bouquets where you can add a vase, chocolates, wine, cake and more to your order which again I think is a great idea.
Debenhams Flowers have kindly given me a discount code to share with you all today for an amazing 25% off a bouquet of your choice ( The only bouquets exempt from the discount is the 'Flowers By Post' range, however this is a very small range so theres still plenty of other bouquets to choose from) Your 25% discount code is DFBLOG25.

Will you be buying your Mum flowers this Mother's Day? What kind will you go for? I'd love to know!


February Beauty Wishlist

Hey beaut's!

I know, I know, its beauty wish list time again he he! I honestly cant help but lust after so many pretty makeup and beauty items at all times, I think I might have a problem, well I am a beauty blogger after all ha ha. This time around theres a bucket load of new makeup releases that I'm after including the Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Eye Shadow Palette which is released at the end of February I believe, Soap and Glory are on it with new makeup releases at the moment and their NARS Multiple dupes are at the top of my wish list, theres also some great releases from Barry M including a mascara and their Spring nails polish shades, arhhh the list is endless beauts he he!February Wishlist

Lush Unicorn Horn Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

When I saw that Lush where bringing the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar back for Valentines this year I just knew I had to have one after missing out last year, luckily my friend kindly bought me one whilst she was in Lush recently (we don't have a Lush in our town unfortunately) so I've finally been able to try it, woohoo!

The Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (£4.25) is super pretty with it's colourful, bright stripes that have been merged together to create the shape of a magical Unicorns Horn, its also covered in a delicate silver lustre which just adds to the magical effect! The Unicorn Horn has been created to help us relax and uplift our mood, it contains lavender oil which takes care of the relaxing part and neroli oil which helps us feel that little bit content and more cheery, it's a great bubble bar to use before bed for a good night sleep or if you've had a long hard day at work it's definitly one to help you unwind and relax! The scent of the Unicorn Horn actually surprised me, I was expecting something sweet but instead it has a gentle lavender aroma, I'm so happy that the lavender isn't too strong because I think that would ruin it for me but its so delicate ans smells amazing! I split my bubble bar into two chunks so I could get two baths out of it, the bath water turned a gorgeous peachy, pink shade with tonnes of fluffy bubbles, but whats fun about the Unicorn Horn is that I think it will depend on how much of each colour has been swirled into your bubble bar as to what colour your water will go, mine had a lot of pink swirled into it so that's why mine was quite a peachy,  pink colour! 
Overall I absolutely loved the Unicorn Horn and think it's such a shame its limited for Valentines, you can still get it in store and online but I'm guessing it wont be available for long so I'd stock up while you can beaut's!

Have you tried the Unicorn Horn yet beaut's? What did you think?


Partylite Blackberry Boudoir Candle Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

If you've read my blog for a while you'll probably know I'm a huge candle fan, I'm just obsessed and literally have a candle burning everyday in my house because not only does my house then smell amazing everyday but I find candles are just so inviting and homely. I've recently been testing out the Partylite Blackberry Boudoir Candle from Partylite's Forbidden Fruits range so of course I thought I'd share my thoughts with you all today. The Forbidden Fruits range is perfect for any candle lover this Valentines, with four enticing fruit fragrances too choose from with luscious juicy notes and sultry colours they are sure to be a winner. 
Blackberry Boudoir* (£17.25) is a sensual and sophisticated scent that is super fruity and has rich, deep wild-berry notes with sultry hints of wood and musk in there too, great for someone who likes a fruity scent with a rich twist. The candle itself has a burn time of 50-60 hours which I think is amazing and it really does throw out a good amount of scent, literally minutes after lighting Blackberry Boudoir the scent starts to waft through my entire house and you can really smell it without it being too strong or overpowering. I tend to burn Blackberry Boudoir for around 2 hours and then I blow it out because I find that's enough for the scent to linger in my house for hours afterwards which is a major bonus and means you get so many uses out of the candle. I've also noticed that when burning Blackberry Boudoir that it burns really cleanly, the wax doesn't tend to stick to that side of the decorative glass jar which is another bonus and means no wastage. 
Overall I'm so impressed with the Partylite Blackberry Boudoir Candle, it really feels and looks like such luxurious candle and makes my house smell absolutely amazing and rather fruity within minutes, I'd love to try Strawberry Surrender or Coconut Caress next as they sound just as amazing as Blackberry Boudoir. 

Partylite currently have 25% off the entire Forbidden Fruits range, the offer is only valid until Febuary 15th 2016 so take advantage why you can beaut's!

Have you tried any of the candles from Partylite's Forbidden Fruits range? What's your favourite scent? I'd love to know beaut's!


February Glossybox Review ♥

 Hi beaut's!

So its that time again... Glossy box time!!! This month we have the 'Beauty Soulmates' box, a Valentines theme that sees Glossybox introduce us to the perfect beauty products to match us! I'm actually really impressed with this months box, theres five full size products which is always an absolute bonus and everything came at the perfect time for me because I'm actually in need of everything in the box! 
Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor | Full Size | £6.99
Firstly this month I have the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor, my razor I'm currently using has definitely had its day so I was super pleased to see a new one in my box this month. The Intuition Razor has a gentle, creamy soap that sits around that four razor blades which lathers up and moisturises as you shave, meaning theres no need for shaving foam and your skin will be left super, super soft afterwards, woohoo! 

Browtician Limited Edition Love Skull Tweezers | Full Size | £7.99
My tweezers are super blunt and rubbish so these funky limited edition tweezers by Browtician couldn't have come at a better time. The Browtician Love Skull Tweezers have been finished by hand making precision plucking easier than ever, I cant wait to give these beauties a whirl! 

MUA Power Pout Glaze in Spellbound | Full Size | £3.50
Next up I have this pretty looking MUA Power Pout Glaze. In December Glossybox told us that we would all be getting a MUA Power Pout Glaze inside our February box and that we would have full control over choosing the shade with quite a few shades to choose from, I opted for Spellbound a gorgeous strawberry red shade that I thought would be perfect to wear over Valentines! I did give this a go as soon as I opened my box and I have to admit it is very sticky and gloopy, I found that really rubbing it into my lips like a lip balm worked best but I will keep experimenting with it!

Nicka K 24H Waterproof Eyeliner in Dark Brown | Full Size | £3.99
Then I have the Nicka K 24H Waterproof Eyeliner in Dark Brown, I wear eyeliner on my waterline every single day so this will definitely get used up by me very quickly, I'm looking forward to giving the dark brown shade a go for a softer look during the day time rather than my usual harsh black.

Naobay Protective Hair Mask | Full Size | £10.64
Lastly this month I have a giant bottle of the Naobay Protective Hair Mask. Naobay is a brand we see a lot of in Glossybox but I'm not complaining because its an absolutely lovely brand, it's all natural and organic and everything I've tried from them I love so I'm expecting good thing from this mask!

What did you think of this month's box beaut's?? I'd love to know.