Thursday, 20 February 2020

Giving ELEVEN Australia Haircare A Whirl!

Hey beaut's!

It's no secret that I've always struggled with knowing what shampoo and conditioner to buy for my hair, I was always one of these gals that would literally just buy any brand of shampoo that was on offer and this meant I was actually damaging my hair, so my hairdresser Rachael from Serenity Thetford helped me out as always and gave me a few bits from ELEVEN Australia to try! 

If your new to ELEVEN Australia like I was, they're an award winning hair care brand with 35 products to choose from that suit all hair types. Their also cruelty-free and PETA approved and only include high performing natural ingredients within their products such as Australian desert lime, avocado oil, coconut oil and organic cucumber just to name a few! 
I have very dry, brittle hair usually that has some damage from my heated tools and I'd often have some annoying static moments (which is actually common when you use crappy hair care) so my hairdresser suggested the Hydrate My Hair range so I've been using the Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo and the matching Hydrate My Hair Moisture Conditioner and let me tell ya, their a match made in heaven on my dry. damaged locks! This duo leaves my hair feeling so nourished, glossy, healthy and most importantly I never get any static problems anymore, thank goodness! 
Something else I've been using once a week is the ELEVEN Australia 3 Minute Repair Rinse Out Treatment, this is a must try if you have dry, damaged hair and is so quick and easy to use, theres no hanging around for 15-30 minutes like usual treatments, this one you whack on your hair for just 3 minutes then your done! It's the perfect product if your wanting more manageable hair and really want to restore softness and trap in some moisture, it's a little miracle worker really and makes my hair feel INCREDIBLE, I actually noticed instant results after the first use!
On the days I curl my hair I've been reaching for the I Want Body Texture Spray, this spray works amazingly well for adding that beachy feel and texture to your the hair when it's been given a loose wave, it can also add a lot of volume to flat hair if you spray it in at the roots! Also if you struggle with up-do's like I do this spray is amazing at adding grip for that tousled look! 

If your in the Norfolk area you can find all of these ELEVEN Australia products in Serenity Hair Design & Beauty, Rachael (who cuts my barnet) is the managing directer there and is full of hair care knowledge, honestly shes knows everything there is to know about hair so I really recommend booking in with her if your in the local area! Of course you can find the ELEVEN Australia products online too.

Have you tried any ELEVEN Australia hair products beaut's? What are your favourites? I'd love to know.


*This post contains gifted items, all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

5 Ways To Update Your Home For Spring!

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Hey beaut's!

Spring is creeping ever closer and I cant tell you how happy I am about that, don't get me wrong I love autumn and the crisp'ness of winter but I just want to see trees full of leaves again, flowers in bloom and slighter warmer temperatures wouldn't go a miss either! With Spring in mind I thought I'd put together a little post of 5 - mostly easy - ways to update your home for the new season ahead!

Introduce Colour and Pattern
One of the easiest ways to update your home through the seasons is by adding some colour or new patterns, this could be a fresh lick of paint, adding a feature wall to a room, or better still just replace cushion covers and throws for lighter fabrics and add pops of colour that way, that is actually my go to 'switch-up' hack through the seasons, I do it every time and it works a treat!

Bring The Outside In
When I think of Spring I do immediately think of flowers in bloom and it might only be February but I've already been buying Daffodils, I just love them! Popping a couple of vases of Daff's or Tulips around your home not only adds an instant yet super easy pop of colour but it gives your home a Spring time feel! 

New Windows
Arhhh windows, obviously this can be a big job but new windows can make a big in pact on how your home looks and feels from the outside and in and can add a lot of value to your home too, and what better time to make the update than during springtime when you want your home to feel bright and airy! If you are looking to make the change Tuffx Glass is the place to look, they're huge toughened glass suppliers in the UK with over 25 years manufacturing experience, supplying places like M&S, Edinburgh Zoo, Next and of course not forgetting our homes! They have everything from glass balustrades and balconies to conservatory glass and fixed roof lights, the choice is endless!
Use Lighter Fabrics In Your Bedroom
Put that teddy bedding away and fold up those thick heavy throws and replace them with lighter cotton sheets or some linen. I also love keeping things quite neutral in colour when it comes to my bedding during Spring, it just add a soft, delicate feel!

Give The Garden A Spruce Up.
I don't know about you but our garden gets severely neglected over the autumn/winter period, so its time for a well needed spruce up! You can freshen up your pots buy giving them a paint and it's the perfect time to plant your bulbs ready for Spring/Summer! I also like to grab a couple of Spring hanging baskets as they add a nice pop of colour! Also give your patio some TLC, get the table and chairs back out ready for those sunny Spring mornings, add some fairy lights around the garden and fill up those bird feeders!  

Are you thinking of giving your a home a little Spring update? What are you wanting to change? I'd love to know!


AD- This post is in collaboration with Tuffx Glass*, all opinions are my own!

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Blueberry Cheesecake Candle By Kiss Air Candles!

Hey beaut's!

If you've read my blog for a while now you'll know I am absolutely obsessed with candles and home fragrances, particularly the ones from Kiss Air Candles which I've fallen in love with since I was introduced to them last year! Now that all of my festive scents have finally been burnt through it was time to freshen things up with this AMAZING Blueberry Cheesecake scent, and yes it does smell as good as it sounds!

If your new to Kiss Air Candles, they literally sell everything that will make your house smell incredible, theres wax melts, wax burners, tea lights, candles and reed defusers with so many scents to choose from. What I love about Kiss Air Candles is that all of their candles are made in small batches using natural soyabean (vegetable) wax, cotton wicks and the finest fragrances that are all vegan friendly as well as paraben and phthalate free. These raw materials work together to give the candles a cleaner burn (no soot here!), fabulous scent throw and an impressive burn time. 
Sweet, foodie scents are always my favourites so I just knew Blueberry Cheesecake was 
going to be a winner for me, the fragrance itself is made up of refreshing blueberry tones giving a light, fruity aroma that sits on a sweet creamy vanilla biscuit. It smells just like the real thing, you'll definitely be craving dessert whilst you burn this one thats for sure! Despite being quite sweet I never find it heavy or sickly which is good, it has that perfect balance between the fruity notes and sugary sweet notes, it just works! As for the scent's very good and managed to fill the entire house very quickly and still lingered when it had been blown out, it's also one of those candles that when you walk past it when its not even lit you get the most amazing whiff! The candle has an approximate burn time of 30 to 35 hours which is pretty good for a smaller sized candle, and I love the fact it comes in a glass jar as you can re-use it after your candle is burnt out!
If your looking for some new candles to burn this Spring then I cant recommend Kiss Air Candles enough, they have so many scents to choose from and Blueberry Cheesecake definitely gets my seal of approval, I'll be buying this one again thats for sure!

You can buy the Blueberry Cheesecake Candle HERE for £14.00.


*This post contains a gifted item from Kiss Air Candles, all opinions are my own!

Monday, 3 February 2020

January Degustabox Review + £5 off Discount Code!

Hey beaut's!

I have a subscription box review for you all today but it's a subscription box with a difference.... it contains yummy food and drink, so say hello to Degustabox*. Degustabox works very much like how beauty subscription boxes work, for £12.99 a month (postage included within the £12.99 price) you will receive 10 to 15 surprise food/drink products, many that are completely new to the market! So if your a bit of a foodie like myself and you love subscription boxes your going to love this beaut's!

The shortlist for this months box is...
Kit Kat Chunky More or Yorkie More £1.29 Per Bar.
Eat Natural Simply Vegan Peanuts, Coconut and Chocolate.
Chescots SuperGut Porridge Pots £1.99.
Withworths Shots Berry & White Chocolate £1.60 for 4 Pack.
Bounce Energy Ball £1.79.
CRAFTED Blueberry & Blackberry Fruit Juice Drink £1.50.
Zest Vegan Basil Pesto £2.20.
Sun-Pat Peanut Butter £1.79.
Kallo Organic Honey Rice and Corn Cakes £1.89.
NESCAFE Gold £2.98.
PrepCo. £2.00.
Wholesums Fresh Veg Popped Chips £1.75.

Overall I think the 'Breakfast & On The Go' themed box is really good, it has a great variety of yummy treats to try and enjoy whether your looking for sweet or savoury, and I feel like the box is crammed full this month which is always a bonus! The Kit Kat and Yorkie bars have me so intrigued as I've never seen of heard of these flavours before, I just love how many snacky type foods their are because I love a good snack for when I'm out and about!

If you like the look and sound of Degustabox you can grab your first box for just £7.99 with the code R5R0F HERE.


*This post contains gifted items from Degustabox, all opinions are my own!

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Fashion Wishlist With justyouroutfit!

*This is a collaborative post* 

Hey beaut's!

It's been a hot minute since I last done a wish list on my blog, I love doing wish lists as I find it so satisfying when I actually buy something from my wish list, it's like ticking something off your to-do list isn't it he he! Today's wish list contains a few fashion pieces that I've actually fallen in love with on the justyouroutfit website, I'm really into knitted dresses with boots at the moment and the pink ribbed one I've featured below from justyourpoutfit would look amazing with those biker boots! It's also an outfit that can carry you through to Spring too, you know when it can still be a bit chilly but you want to add some pastel hues to your look! Also can we appreciate just how STUNNING that dusty pink ruffle edge pleated bardot top is, team it with some skinny jeans, sandals and some sunnies and you've got a super pretty Spring outfit sorted!
The women's jeans from justyouroutfit are amazing, theres so many different colours and styles to choose from, some of which are super unique! I'm actually loving the look of their charcoal stonewashed denim mom jeans, mom jeans are actually totally out of my comfort zone, I always stick to basic skinny jeans but I LOVE how mom jeans look and I think these folded up slightly with the biker boots is such a look, I need them in my life asap and for £20.00 you cant go wrong! I'm also loving the look of their distressed acid wash jeans, these are such a nice colour for Spring and will go with all the pastel colours as well as white!
Have you got much on you fashion wish list right now beaut's? I'd love to know!


*AD – This post is a paid advertorial with justyouroutfit, all opinions are my own!

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Vegan Biscoff Cookie Sandwiches

Hey beaut's!

It's veganuary! The perfect time to bake my very first vegan recipe wouldn't you say?? I'm not actually Vegan myself but I definitely want to try/share a lot more Vegan recipes on my blog, this time around I've actually used a recipe from Cupcake Jemma as inspiration as I need to play around with my own Vegan recipes, but these cookie sandwiches turned out so well and where delicious I just had to share them! I'm actually intolerant to eggs and wanting to cut down on dairy so Vegan bakes and cakes are definitely the way forward for me from now on!
What You Will Need For the Cookies 
100g Caster Sugar
100g Light Brown Sugar 
120g Sunflower Oil or Vegetable Oil, I used Vegetable!
75g Water 
1 tsp Vanilla Extract 
300g Plain Flour 
3/4 tsp Bicarb 
1 tsp Baking Powder 
1/2 tsp Salt 

What You Will Need For The Biscoff Icing + Decoration
75g Dairy Free Spread 
75g Shortening, I Used TREX
400g Icing Sugar 
50g Biscoff Spread + Extra for Decorating
2 Large Bars Of Dark Chocolate
A Couple Of Biscoff Biscuits To Crush
How To - The Cookies
* The cookies are so easy to make but there are a few steps involved. In a bowl, whack all of your cookie ingredients in and mix until a smooth dough appears, this part literally takes seconds and no fancy mixers are needed I just used a good old wooden spoon. 
* Once everything is combined you need to cover/wrap your dough in cling film and pop it in the fridge to chill ideally overnight or for a few hours minimum.
* Once the dough has chilled roll it into small balls trying to keep them the same size, once you've rolled all the dough into balls pop them into the freezer for 10 mins, this just stops the cookies spreading out too much when their in the oven. Whilst the cookie dough is in freezer pre-heat your oven to 170 or gas mark 4. 
* Cook the cookies for around 12-13 mins or until your cookies have a turned a golden colour.

How To - Biscoff Icing
* In a large bowl, beat the dairy free spread and TREX together until it becomes pale and super whippy, then start adding the icing sugar slowly to avoid the dreaded icing sugar cloud and mix until combined. 
* Then whack in the Biscoff spread and mix well throughout the icing, as usual if the icing becomes too stiff then pop in some dairy free milk like soya or almond until you get your desired constancy. 
* Once the cookies are completely cool and the icing is mixed, match up your cookies in pairs and pipe a ring of icing all around the bottom of one cookie leaving the centre empty, then pop a blob of Biscoff spread in the centre and sandwich together with another cookie!
* Once all your cookies are sandwiched together, melt some dark chocolate and dip one end of the cookie sandwich into the chocolate and finish off by sprinkling some broken up Biscoff biscuits onto the dark chocolate, then leave to set if your patient he he!
Honestly these are divine, my boyfriend couldn't believe the icing or 'buttercream' was completely dairy free, it's so tasty! What I will say is that they are quite sickly and half of one if plenty for me but if you have a mega sweet tooth your going to love these! Vegan or not you have to give these a whirl! 


Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Is The Morphe Highlight and Contour Sponge Worth The Hype??

Hey beaut's!

It's been a while, this is my first post of 2020 so happy new year guys and gals...arhh I cant believe we're now in a new decade, pure craziness! Anyway just after the festivities I did post my 'What I Got For Christmas' blog post and within that post I shared that I had received the Morphe Highlight and Contour Sponge, I had wanted to try this best selling sponge for ages and thankfully my Mum bought it for me bless her! So is it really worth the hype?? Lets find out!
I have to jump straight in and say this little sponge by Morphe has been a complete game changer for me, it bounces on and blends my foundation and concealer with complete ease without leaving any streaks and makes my base makeup look so smooth, lightweight and natural and I never have any problems with my makeup looking cakey or going cakey during the day when I use this little beauty. The sponge itself is quite firm when dry but gets more bouncy when it's wet, I will admit though it does still have a slight firmness to it when it's wet, it's not what I'd call light and foamy but it's not rock solid either - it's somewhere in between, it feels more durable if that makes sense and like it will last longer! The shape of the sponge is absolutely amazing for all area's of the face, the roundness at one end makes it so easy to use and blends your cream and liquid products in like a dream and then the flatter almost triangular end is great for getting into the harder to reach area's around your nose, eyes and brows, also if your fond of the 'baking' trend the sharper end of the sponge works incredibly well because you can stripe on loose powder under your contour and under your eyes really precisely. 
In my opinion the Morphe  Highlight and Contour Sponge is definitely worth they hype and I can see why it's a best seller, my foundation and concealer looks so lightweight and flawless when I use my sponge - which is everyday without fail he he - it's also affordable at just £8.00 making it much cheaper than the original beauty blenders and only a couple of pounds more than the Real Techniques sponge! I feel like the Morphe sponge is really robust too, most of my cheaper sponges rip and tear so easily but I cant really see this happening to my Morphe one anytime soon! Overall I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sponge, so thank you so much Mother for buying it for me for Christmas!

Have you tried the Morphe Highlight and Contour Sponge beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!

You can find the Morphe Highlight and Contour Sponge on the Boots website HERE for £8.00!


*This post contains a gifted item from my Mum for Christmas...No idea if Christmas gifts from family members have to be disclosed but I'm just covering my arse!