MAC Lorde Collection ♥

Hey beaut's!

You may remember last month I wrote a post all about the upcoming Disney Maleficent Make-Up Collection that MAC are releasing this Summer and if that wasn't good enough MAC have something else up their sleeves for this Summer in the shape of a collaboration with New Zealand born, 17 year old (yes, I couldn't believe it either) singer-songwriter Lorde. 

The collection is actually no more than a duo which consists of a limited edition deep plum, Lipstick called Pure Heroine (£15.00) which shares the same name as Lorde's Album and a Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapidblack (£17.00). The duo is completely inspired by Lorde's signature beauty look, so if your a fan or Lorde and want to recreate her deep plum lips and dramatic wing-tipped eyeliner, now you can.
The Lipstick is due for release on June 5th and the Eyeliner is actually available to buy in store and online now as it's already part of MAC's permanent makeup line.

 I do really like the look of the lipstick and Lorde certain wears it well however I don't think I'd be brave enough to rock a plum lip that dark but I'm sure it will fly off the shelves. I would of liked to see a few more makeup pretties in the collection, maybe some sort of brow product and something to create her amazing, clear base but maybe MAC will add a few more products later on in the year, we will see.
What do you think of the MAC Lorde collaboration beaut's?? Will you be picking up that lippy?? I'd love to know!!


April Beauty Favourites ♥

Hey beaut's!!!

I cant quite believe its that time again.... Monthly favourites time!!! I know we all say this every month but honestly I cant believe how quick the months are going, its crazy... At least it's not so dull now that we are in the middle of Spring, I'm absolutely loving the sunshine, warmer days and pretty flowers at the moment, it lovely!!! Anywhoo today I thought I would share with you all the makeup and beauty products I've been loving throughout April, so here goes....

Tanya Burr Lip Glosses
Arrrhhh I've been wearing these lip glosses everyday since I got them, they are just so pretty and have amazing quality. What impresses me the most by the lovely Tanya Burr's glosses is the gorgeous formula, it unlike any formula that I've tried from a gloss before, it's ultra glossy, super moisturising and best of all non sticky. You can find my full review with lots of pictures and me wearing each shade HERE.

Avene Skincare Samples
 At the beginning of April I found a website that allows you to 'try before you buy' on certain high end skincare brands, all you had to do was pick 5 (free) samples and pay the £3.25 delivery fee, theres no subscription or catch so I quickly added 5 Avene goodies into my basket and checked out ha ha, I do have a whole post dedicated to this which you can take a look at HERE. I have actually used most of my little samples up now and I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed using them all and can now safely purchase some Avene skincare products without worrying that I'm wasting my money on something I may not like. Out of all my samples I particularly liked the Gentle Purifying Scrub and the Soothing Hydrating Cream. Look out for an updated post on how I got on with all the products I picked up beaut's.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine 'Dragon Fruit' Nail Paint + Barry M Limited Edition 'Birthday' Nail Paint
My favourite nail polish this month has to be 'Dragon Fruit' from Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine range. I found the little beauty hidden away in my nail polish collection from last year and once I whacked it back on my nails I fell in love with it all over again, its just so perfect and pretty for spring time wear. I also couldn't resist adding the new limited edition 'Birthday' nail paint to my April favourites, even though the polish has only been out a few weeks I love it so much already that it thoroughly deserves a spot on my favourite this month, it looks fab on its own across all my nails, it's lovely on toes and can be used as an accent nail colour too, it's such a gorgeous versatile polish.

Benefit Stay Don't Stray in Light/Medium
Me and primers never usually get on as I suffer from oily eyelids and I find primers usually make them worse however...  Ever since I received this little sample of Benefit's Stay Don't Stray in a Birchbox a few months back my eyelids have calmed down so much, its fab. Benefit's Stay Don't Stray is a stay-put primer for concealers and eye shadows, so if you have problems with your concealer creasing under your eyes or creasing eyeshadow, this could be the primer for you girls. It just completely smooths out and neutralises my eyelids ready for my eyeshadow and I find my eyeshadow stays put all day, doesn't crease, blends out easier and the colour pay off is much better once I've used this primer, I cant recommend it enough.  

Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara
I don't really want to go into too much detail about this mascara in this particular post as I have a full review for you beaut's coming soon but there's no way I could miss out Rimmel's Rockin' Curves in my April Favourites as I've been obsessed with this mascara since the beginning of March when I bought it. I cant believe how much curve and volume its gives my lashes, its amazing!

Sleek Face Form Contouring & Blush Palette in Light
The Sleek Face Form kit is always making its way into my favourites because I just use it and love it so much, especially at this time of the year. Just recently I've been loving the Spring trend of wearing a wash of highlighter over my lids and then using my contour shade to blend and define my crease, its such a beautiful, easy to achieve look and it's great knowing that the makeup I'm wearing is bang on trend he he. Ive not only been loving  my contour kit for my eyes but I've been using it constantly to sculpt and highlight my face as well as using the gorgeous coral/rose gold blush which again looks fabulous on the cheeks for spring/summer.

What have been your favourite beauty products to use throughout April beaut's??? I'd love to know!!!


Beauty Tag ♥

Hey beaut's!!!

I was recently tagged by the gorgeous Nyss from Miss Nyss Beauty Magpie and the lovely Georgie from Beans Beauty Blog to do the Beauty Tag, so I thought I'd join in the fun and give it a go myself...

If you had £500, would you spend this on clothes or makeup?
I think I would buy abit of both. Knowing me I'd go wild in Primark then I'd spend the rest on makeup, treating myself to some higher end goodies that I wouldnt usually be able to splurge on.

Bright nails or nude nails all year round?
Definitely bright nails for me, you will never see me rocking a nude nail as I have such small, diddy nails, it just doesn't look good on me and I need something more eye catching to make them stand out more, however you lucky ladies with longer nails look gorgeous with a nude nail, I think it looks so chic and sophisticated.

Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one?
My perfect mascara would have to be something that gives me volume, length and curl whilst staying in place all day without flaking, smudging or transferring, Lucky enough I have found my perfect mascara that does all of the above, the gorgeous Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara, ohhh it's just amazing.

What's your ideal coverage foundation?
I love a nice light to medium coverage, luckily my skins quite clear so I just use foundation to even out my skin and to calm down any redness I may have.

Favourite High Street/Drugstore beauty brand?
I have two ha ha, Rimmel and MUA! I think Rimmel in general are such an amazing high street makeup brand, their makeup's quality and pricing is fab and they've been releasing some beautiful makeup over the last couple of years in particular. I couldn't leave MUA out as I LOVE MUA, I have so many favourite makeup products from them and you really cant go wrong with their prices can you.

Favourite High End beauty brand?
Definitely MAC and Benefit!

Is there any makeup you can leave the house without wearing?
Yes, some days I skip powdering and wearing eyeshadow, and in the summer months I rarely wear foundation, I'll just be using a small amount of BB Cream or tinted moisturiser this year.

What is your most cherished beauty product?
For me it has to be my Urban Decay NAKED Palettes and my MAC Eyeshadow Quad, I'm soooo protective of them and would be distraught if they got lost or damaged, they are just so pretty.

Do you have a budget each month, or do you spend freely?
If I'm being completely honest I spend freely. I don't go too mad, but if there's something I really want I'll tend to just buy it. Obviously there's certain times when I have to restrict myself slightly when I have bills to pay, or birthdays etc but most of the time I buy little and often. Im trying to be better this year, so if I really dont need it I tend not to buy it, so far im doing quite well hehe.

How often do you shop for goodies - online or in stores?
Like I said before I tend to buy little and often, I never really have a massive splurge at all. I buy most of my makeup in store as I do like to see and swatch what I'm interested in buying,  but I do shop online sometimes. 

Do you always use the same skin routine or do you like switching it up?
My skins quite sensitive so I try and stick to the same routine as much as I can although I do get lured into special offers and being a beauty blogger I love testing out products, but I do always opt for the sensitive options.

If you could only buy one makeup brand forever which would you buy?
It would have to be Rimmel as everything I've ever tried from them I've loved, their makeup is super affordable, my all time favourite foundations are the Wake Me Up and Match Perfection so theres no way I could live without those and even their nail polish is lovely. 

Which brand has your favourite packaging?
Benefit all the way, it cute, pretty and super quirky.

Which do you apply first, concealer or foundation?
Always foundation first.

What skin type do you have?
Sensitive with some dryness from time to time.

Name a makeup crime you hate.
One thing I cant stand is the whole 'permanmnet marker eyebrow look', I mean why would you do that to yourself, it just looks horrible. Another is, foundation that isn't blended down the neck properly, ohh and orange fake tanned hands look terrible.

Quick Fire
Blush or Bronzer? Blush
Lip gloss or Lipstick? Lipstick
Foundation or Concealer? Foundation
Brushes or Sponges? Brushes
OPI or Essie? Essie
Lotion or Body Butter? Body Butter

I tag each and everyone of you beaut's!

I'd love to know if you got involved and done this tag too, I would love to read your answers!

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Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!!!

I've got to be honest, when it comes to body care, I'm quite a lazy bum! However... when I find something I really enjoy using, that doesn't break the bank, that does exactly what I'm looking for and more its a whole different story, and with Summer on the way and the chance that I may be exposing more skin than usual I like to make sure I'm all moisturised and Summer ready and I have found something that I just adore... Say hello to Soap & Glory's Body Buttercream from the Sugar Crush Collection.  
Soap & Glory's Body Buttercream is part of the popular 'Sugar Crush Collection' which consists of a Body Wash £6.50, Body Scrub £8.00 and of course the Body Buttercream £10.50 which is what I'm reviewing for you all today. Firstly let me start by saying just how amazing the Sugar Crush scent is, it's so sugary sweet and packs a powerful lime punch ha ha. Also as the body buttercream is loaded with shea and cocoa butter, almond and coconut oil, a super refreshing triple whammy of lime oil, kiwi juice water, and smoothing lime tree blossom extract you can only imagine how nice it smells. Personally I think the citrus twist is great, it's extremely re-energising and wakes you up a treat when used in the mornings he he, I never find it overpowering or sickly either.
The body buttercreams consistency is extremely thick, actually luxuriously thick so it's fantastic for us girlie's with very dry skin, for knees and elbows and generally for any of us beaut's who want gorgeously soft, moisturised skin. I like to apply the body buttercream to slightly damp skin when I've just gotten out of the bath or shower, it just feels like such a treat and is now an automatic thing that I do straight after bathing, of course it feels just as nice to slather the buttercream onto dry skin and moisturises just as well but I just prefer rubbing it into my dry skin. As the consistency of the buttercream is so thick I did worry it would take a super long time to absorb into my skin but I was pleasantly surprised as it seems to just melt into my skin beautifully and absorbs very quickly, so thankfully you don't have to stand around for ages waiting for it to dry! The moisturising feeling doesn't wear off quick either, my skin honestly feels super soft and moisturises all through out the day and I always get hits of the Sugar Crush scent during the day to which is lovely.
Overall I absolutely love this body buttercream, its something I enjoy using and doesn't feel like a chore to apply and whether you use the Sugar Crush collection all together or separately it feels like such a treat.

Have you tried Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush Collection beaut's?? What product is your favourite?? I'd love to know.


April Love Me Beauty Box Review ♥

Hey beaut's!!!

You probably know by now that I love a good ole beauty box subscription, and recently whilst catching up on some blog reading I noticed a few reviews on the Love Me Beauty Box and as I loved the whole concept of the box I thought I'd give it a go. Love Me Beauty is a monthly subscription box (£10+ p&p) with a difference, unlike many beauty boxes that are full of surprise products that we may or may not like, Love Me Beauty allow 'us' their subscribers to choose between 3 menu's, with each menu's contents valuing £30+ and will contain between 4-5 products and will have 1 to 2 star products (full size) and 3 travel sized samples. However if you do like the element of surprise Love Me Beauty do have an option for a surprise box, and if any of the 3 menu's don't tickle your fancy on that particular month you can simply skip that months box, with no charge at all which I think is a fab idea.

So lets see what goodies I received inside my very first Love Me Beauty Box...

Neal & Wolf  Smoothing Blow-Dry Balm | Full Size 200ml | RRP £12.50
The first of my full size products is in the shape of a blow-dry balm from Neal & Wolf. The silk smoothing balm claims to put an end to tangles and frizz, whilst its hydrating wheat protein complex provides moisture, balance and manageability. It sounds pretty fab to me and is just what need as I blow dry my hair often and I'm always getting those frizzy fly aways. I've actually used Neal & Wolf products in the past and loved them so I've got pretty high hopes for this.

Models Own Nail Polish in Coral Reef | Full Size 14ml | RRP £5.00
I've always loved Models Own nail polishes as their formula and lasting ability is great and I just love this shade 'Coral Reef', like the name suggests it's a bright coral shade that will be amazing for the Summer months, ohhh I can just imagine it looking amazing against a tan too. 

Betty Hula Secret Wonder Oil Roller Ball | Full Size 10ml | RRP £6.50
Betty Hula isn't a brand that I'm familiar with and body oils usually aren't my thing at all, however I love the fact that this oil in particular has a handy roller ball applicator, it makes it so much easier to apply and is great for on the go when you need an emergency moister boost. I've only used the oil on my cuticles so far but it worked a treat so I'm looking forward to experimenting more with this.

Redken Colour Extend Conditioner | 25 ml sample |
 I've heard so many good things about Redken haircare and even though I don't have colour treated hair I'm pretty sure this little conditioner will work just as well on my hair, the ends of my hair need all the help they can get ha ha, the conditioner also smells amazing so I cant wait to see the results.

Hello Fresh £25 Gift Card
I was chuffed to bits when I saw this £25.00 voucher to spend on the Hello Fresh website because I absolutely love to cook, I love making things from scratch and I love food so it's win win for me ha ha. Hello Fresh is a unique service that delivers fresh, high quality ingredients to your door, along with chef created recipe cards that guide you along the way to making delicious meals. I cant wait to use my voucher and get cooking he he.

Overall I'm really pleased with what I received in my very first Love Me Beauty Box, I'm definitely going to keep subscribed for the next few months and see if the boxes continue to be as fab as this one. I valued of all my full size products and my Hello Fresh voucher and it came to £49.00 and that's without taking into consideration the value of my Redken sample, how amazing is that! If your new to beauty boxes I'd highly recommend giving Love Me Beauty a whirl as the concept is great and if you don't like it you can cancel your subscription free of charge at any time.

What beauty box do you get beaut's?? I'd love to know to know your thoughts on Love Me Beauty's concept, is it a yay or nay he he!!


Tanya Burr Lip Gloss Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

I have a very exciting post for you all today, all about my thoughts on the extremely talented Tanya Burr's lip glosses. I'm pretty sure you have all heard of Tanya Burr before through the vlogging/blogging community but if you haven't she's an amazingly talented makeup artist and has become one of Youtube's hottest stars, with her easy to follow make-up tutorials teaching us 'her followers' how to replicate and wear the latest beauty trends. I've been a subscriber of Tanya's now since 2009 so when she mentioned in one of her video's that she had her very own cosmetics collection 'Lips and Nails' coming out I just knew I'd have to try it  for myself and I was so happy for her, it just goes to show anything is possible and you should never give up on your dreams.

Tanya's Lip Gloss collection consists of 12 lip glosses in total that come in a variety of shades from peachy nudes, pinky tones and even glamorous reds, theres certainly a glossy shade to please everyone and they all come in a mixture of either cream finishes or more shimmery finishes too. Tanya also picked all the shade names herself which I think is such a nice personal touch, you can really tell a lot of hard work, thought and effort has gone into these glosses and Tanya's personality certainly shines through.
All of the 3 Tanya Burr glosses I have been testing out have such a beautiful formula, they glide on the lips super smooth and creamy, they have a good amount of pigment, they smell amazing just like strawberry laces, and most importantly for me they are all non sticky, woohoo!!! The consistency of each gloss is rather thick so you would naturally assume it would feel sticky on the lips but they aren't at all, they feel more like a moisturising balm to me and are super comfortable to wear and ultra glossy. The packaging of the glosses I really do favour, they all come in clear plastic tubes so you can see the shade your picking clearly and also feature Tanya's name and a cute heart on the front, the same heart also appears on the top of the lid too. The lid has a 'twist/screw' mechanism and locks into place after a few turns making it nice and secure, which is great for when you toss the glosses into your handbag when your on the go. The glosses applicator slightly differs from your typical doe foot applicator and appears slightly longer and flat with a rounded end, it really does hug the lips whilst your applying  and pulls out the perfect amount of lip gloss for my lips, I never find myself re-dipping for more product. 
Now onto the shade rundown...  

Aurora £6.99
A gorgeous natural, dusky pink shade that has tiny specs of glitter running through it, the glitter isn't overpowering at all but adds a beautiful twinkly sheen  to the lips when it catches the light. I love the Disney 'Sleeping Beauty' inspired name too. 
Exotic Island* £6.99
A fuchsia, pink shade with some purple undertones that has no glitter or shimmers within the gloss what so ever, it looks some what juicy on the lips too he he, its certainly a colour you would expect to find within an exotic fruit on an exotic island too.
Picnic in the Park* £6.99  
A pinky coral shade with a nice creamy finish with no noticeable shimmers or glitters running through the gloss at all. Picnic in the Park is the perfect shade for spring, daytime wear. 
Each gloss lasts on my lips around 2-3 hours before I feel I could use a touch up, however even when the glossy finish has worn off after the 2-3 hours my lips feel super smooth and moisturised.
Overall I do really like Tanya's range of glosses and I'd go as far as saying the formula is the best I've EVER come across. I love the fact that the range contains a shade of gloss that would suite everyone, I'm already eyeing the red shades he he. I'd highly recommend these glosses to everyone especially those who really aren't gloss fans because of stickiness issues, Tanya's range really isn't sticky at all.

Tanya's Lip Gloss (£6.99) and Nail Polish (£5.99) collection are now available to buy in selected Superdrug stores nationwide, the Superdrug website and the Feel Unique website too.

Have you tried any of Tanya's Lips and Nails Collection yet?? What did you think?? I'd love to know. 

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Barry M Limited Edition 'Birthday' Nail Paint | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!!!

You may know that Superdrug recently celebrated being on our high street's for an impressive 50 years, how amazing!!! To mark the celebrations lots of makeup and beauty brands teamed up with Superdrug to bring us some special, limited edition releases... whoop, I love me some limited edition makeup! Barry M joined in with the '50 years' fun with their offering being in the shape of a gorgeous pink, glittery, sparkly nail paint called 'Birthday' and my goodness it is literally like a birthday party in a bottle, full of Superdrugs classic 'hot pink' look and pizazz he he.
Barry M's 'Birthday' is a rather show stopping nail paint, it has a gorgeous, hot pink base and is crammed full of white, pink and purple glitters which all vary in size. What makes 'Birthday' differ from alot of Barry M's glitter nail paint's is that it isn't your typical glitter top coat, the hot pink base is completely opaque with 2 thick coats which I think is fab and saves you the time of having to apply a base coat of another solid polish first. The formula of 'Birthday' is slightly thicker than your average Barry M nail paint but I put this down to the amount of glitter suspended within the polish, it's also really easy to apply, I didn't find myself having to dab the glitter particles on at all like I usually have to do, they just went on easily with normal brush strokes, again another bonus! 
The lasting power of 'Birthday' was rather good, I had the polish on my nails for 4 days without it chipping however I did have some slight wear at the very ends of my nails, so I all in all I think that's pretty good going seeing as I only applied 2 thick coats of the polish to my nails. When it came to removing the polish, I soaked a cotton pad with nail polish remover and held it over my nail for a good minute or so and wiped off pulling upwards, I did have to repeat this several times as the glitter particles are rather stubborn to remove but I find that happens to me with most glitter polishes so it wasn't out of the ordinary.
Overall I'm so happy I managed to get my hands on this nail paint and it definitely lived up to my high expectations, I mean when something is limited edition I expect it to be quite fabulous and Birthday certainly is.

The gorgeous 'Birthday' nail paint is available exclusively in Superdrug for £2.99. If you haven't picked this little beauty up yet, I'd urge you to do so as I'm unsure how long this particular shade will be around seeing as its just limited edition. 

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Superdrug Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

 Recently I've really been getting into skincare alot more, which is quite a shock to be honest as it's always been something that I'm quite weary about because of my sensitive skin. Myself and face masks in particular have never got on, in the past I've had some bad reactions and it simply put me off them for years but whilst I was in Superdrug a while back their Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask caught my eye and when I saw that the packaging read 'ideal for sensitive skin' I took the plunge and bought a couple of sachets as they where only 99p each or 2 for £1.50.
Each sachet of Superdrug's Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask holds 15ml's worth of product and I easily got 2 applications out of 1 of my sachets which I thought was great and amazing value. The mask itself has a thick, creamy consistency and is enriched with cucumber fruit and Dead Sea Minerals which smell incredible and claim to help eliminate impurities and sooth the skin for a vibrant, fresh faced look. The mask is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, is paraben free and BU AV approved which again I thought was brill.
I applied my mask to cleansed skin whilst I was in the bath, at first when I applied the mask it didn't feel cooling at all like the packaging suggests, it was more of a tingling sensation than cooling, I can only describe it as the same feeling you get if you was to put toothpaste on your face, at this point I was slightly worried that I was having a reaction but I persevered and the tingling soon wore off after a few minutes once the mask had started to set. Once the mask had hardened I still wouldn't say it was cooling at all but it did smell delightful and I had plenty of fun making silly faces trying to get that tight, hard feeling of the face mask to crack, there really is something very satisfying about making those funny faces whilst having a clay mask on isn't there? Ha ha. I left the mask on for around 15 minutes ( the packaging states 10-15 minutes) and then rinsed off with warm water and a damp flannel, the mask came off very easily, I didn't need to scrub, or wipe my face roughly, it simply melted away with the damp flannel and left my skin feeling extremely soft and refreshed.
Overall I did really like this face mask and its the first and only face mask in 5 years that hasn't given me a bad reaction. I do think it's cooling ability is a bit iffy, even the second time I used the mask it still had that tingling sensation but wasn't as harsh as the first time around, I think that was because I applied a thinner layer the second time around so Id suggest if you have sensitive skin like me just apply a thin layer to begin with as appose to slathering it on ha ha.

**I did notice something peculiar on the packaging that I'd just like to add in my review, under the 'Care and Safety Advice' it states that the scrub should not be used on broken, damaged or sensitive skin? However the front of the packaging reads 'Ideal for Sensitive Skin' which I think is really bad on Superdrugs part and needs looking into pronto.**

Have you tried this particular face mask beaut's?? What did you think?? I'd love to know.

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Primark P.S Love Nail Art Pen Trio | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!!!

When Primark recently released their bargain makeup collection they also brought out lots of nail polishes and nail goodies for all of us girls who love that perfect mani without paying a fortune. So when I saw the Nail Art Pens they went straight into my basket he he, I've had my little set of 3 Primark Nail Art Pens for what seems like ages now, so today I thought it was about time I reviewed them for you all.

The Primark P.S Love Nail Art Pens are just £2.00 for a set of 3, yup that's right, just £2.00!! There are two colour variations to choose from, the set I picked up contained a pink, white and black or you can get a set that contains a gold, silver and black however... in my local Primark some of the packs where mixed and the set that I picked up some had a mint green pen instead of the black pen, weird? I went with the set with the black pen instead of the green as I thought black is a pretty popular/standard colour for nail art.
The packaging of the nail art pens is very simple, they all have squeezy style plastic bottles with each bottle holding 6ml's worth of polish inside. You can use the nail art pens in two ways, you can either screw off the lid entirely which reveals long, striper style bristles or you can pull of the top of the lid to use the small metal nib for precise work, just a heads up, the lid at the top of the nail art pens that you need to pull off to reveal the precise nib is extremely stiff, so just be careful when pulling at it as you can end up squirting nail polish everywhere during your battle ha ha.
As for the formula of the polish inside these little nail art pens... It's great! All the shades are completely opaque, even the white is lovely and bright which is great because with nail art it can be difficult if you need to go over something precise such as writing, stripes or dots so the fact the pens are opaque makes life so much easier. The consistency of the polish isn't too thick or thin, it just perfect and easy to use, however all the pens do have a VERY STRONG nail polish scent which can sometimes be rather overpowering and get down the back of my throat which isn't nice. The quality of the bristles that are used for striping are OK, I've not experienced any shedding although my white striper came with an extra long bristle sticking out from the rest, so I had to trim that back with scissors which wasn't a major. 
Overall I'm really impressed with just how much you can do and create with these little pens, and if like me, you are new to nail art then these little bargain trio's are fab to practise with.

Have you picked up any or Primark's P.S Love nail polishes or nail art pens?? What did you think?? I'd love to know.

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