The Summer Tag ☼

Hey beaut's!

To celebrate the arrival of Summer in the UK the lovely Emma from the blog Peace.Love.Vintage created a Summer Tag, Emma very kindly tagged me in the post to get involved in the summer time fun so today I thought I'd share my answers...

1. What's your favourite thing about summer?
For me it has be the atmosphere and just how much happier everyone seems to be including myself. I love nothing more than waking up to a bright blue sky, warm sunshine, birds tweeting away and seeing so much colour and everything in bloom, it just sets me up for a good day and I absolutely love it.

2. Do you have a favourite summer drink?
Pink Lemonade with a tonne of ice for me, it's the only drink that I specifically buy just in the summer months and I find it so refreshing on a really hot day.

3. Is there a special place you like to visit each summer?
Not particularlly, I do always like paying one of the local beaches a visit when the weathers scorching hot, we don't get many opportunities for beach days in the UK so I only get the chance to do that around once a year.

4. Whats your favourite make up look for summer?
It's all about the glowing look for me, I've been obsessed with using the Garnier Moisture Illuminating Match Cream as my base before I apply any makeup, it just adds an subtle illuminating glow to the skin as well as containing SPF 20 which is a must, then I always reach for the Bourjois CC Cream because it's so lightweight but add's more coverage than you would think which is a bonus. As for the eyes... I always stick to something warm yet neutral and for the lips it the same all year round because I basically just wear whatever shade I fancy that day he he.

5. Dresses or skirts?
Dresses all the way for me, they just suit my body shape so much better than skirts and are so easy to just throw on with a pair of sandals or flip flops.

6. Festivals or Vacations?
It would have to be vacations for me, I'd absolutely love to go away on holiday some where and going to festivals really does'nt excite me at all, I'd much rather watch it on TV if I'm honest he he.

7. Whats your signature summer hairstyle?
Beachy waves with my side fringe pinned back away from my face, I've been wearing my hair like that a lot lately and really like it. 

8.  What's your signature summer scent?
Ohhhh I have a couple that I'm loving for Summer at the moment, Cheryl's Storm flower and Vera Wang's Hippie Princess are both very fruity and exotic scents and go down extremely well with the heat and Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is another I'm obsessing over at the moment.

9. Favourite music for summer?
For me music never changes with the seasons, I like all sorts of tunes all year round but I think in Summer I much prefer to listen so something more uplifting and happier than some sort of ballad but again it just depends on my mood.

10. Pool or Beach?
Beach all the way for me, you can get involved in all sorts of fun including water sports,  pedalos and I find my inner child comes out and I go sand castle crazy ha ha, plus you can  sunbath and I love the feel of sand in between my toes, so yeah beach all day long for me.

11. BBQ or Seafood?
Definitely a BBQ, me and Michael actually bought out very first BBQ at the weekend and it was amazing so I can imagine we will be BBQing all summer long he he.

I tag glitterinfatuation , hannahheartss and charlottesamantha to complete the summer tag and nominate their favourite bloggers to take part too Hebe.

What's your favourite thing about Summer beaut's?? I'd love to know. 

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Meet my June 'Sparkling' Advertisers!

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 As we are nearing the end of June I thought it was about time that you lovely lot got to know my gorgeous June 'Sparkling' Advertisers a little bit more, hopefully you have seen their blogs sitting in my sidebar and have already had a cheeky little peek and found some great, new reading material... arrrhh I love finding new blogs to read, it's so inspiring and often sends me into wish list overdrive ha ha... Anyway enough of me rambling, let me introduce you all to my June Advertisers!
Hey there my name is Asia I'm 18 and I live in London and I write a blog called Asia Jade which is a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blog. I’ve been blogging for quite a while now which has flown by and I love every minute of it. I mostly write about lifestyle topics as they’re most interesting to me. In addition to this I also make youtube videos which have made me more confident in myself which has really opened up many doors for me. I try to upload a blog post every other day and I upload videos on Wednesdays and Sundays. I would love it if you checked my blog out and maybe even come along with me on this whole internet journey. Asia xx
My name is Cherry, I'm a 26-year-old Graduate PR Consultant by day and beauty blogger by night. I began CherryPieBlog as a platform to showcase my published and unpublished writing. It mainly featured CD and Gig reviews as that was what I specialised in at the time, but it has slowly developed into a general Fashion/Beauty blog.
I write for the blog in my spare time and see it as a hobby, where I can do what I love best...writing.
Weight loss, life and all that jazz!
Hi, I'm Bex, a soon to be 28 year old from Manchester. My blog is all about my journey to healthy with chit chat thrown in. From reviews, hauls and make up must haves to clothes and films. I also have personal posts about my ups/downs and thoughts. Grab a brew, get comfy and enjoy this ride with me :D

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New Look Pure Colour Makeup | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

Recently I've been seeing a lot of fashion stores releasing their very own makeup and beauty lines, and being the makeup addict that I am I just couldn't wait to give some of them a go, the latest range I've come across is Pure Colour by New Look! Pure Colour is said to be New Looks solution to stylish yet cost-effective cosmetics, available now in 120 stores across the UK and online at With 100-pieces of makeup to choose from such as lipsticks and glosses to face powders and nail polishes, and even makeup tools it's safe to say theres something for every makeup loving gal out there in this collection. 
I've been road testing four makeup products from the Pure Colour range and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised at just how good and pretty they are.
Pure Colour Lipstick in Burgundy* £3.99

I absolutely love a red lip and this Pure Colour Lipstick in Burgundy just ticks all the boxes for me, it super creamy on the lips and is extremely moisturising because its enriched with vitamin E, the pigmentation is amazing and I find it lasts a good 4 hours on me before it starts to fade slightly in the centre of my mouth. The design of the lipstick bullet itself is great at prise application and the end of the bullet actually has a curve to it so which just hugs the lips allowing it sweep on beautifully.

Pure Colour Liquid Lip Gloss in Sweet Rose* £3.99

Next I gave New Looks Liquid Lip Gloss a go, now I usually really dislike lip glosses because of their horrendous sticky texture but new looks offering is surprisingly not sticky at all, what I will say though is that it does have quite a thick, gloopy texture that can sometimes feel abit heavy but that's only if you apply a bit to much gloss to the lips so less is more with this product. The shade I got 'Sweet Rose' is a 'your lips but better' kind of shade which contains some very minute glitter particles but I find it's the perfect shade for everyday wear and does look super pretty and delicate on the lips, as for lasting power... I'd say it lasts around an hour on me which isn't necessarily long lasting at all but I find most glosses wear off quickly anyway. Overall I do really like this gloss and think it's the perfect partner for your handbag for an on the go glossy look.

Pure Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Nudes* £4.99
I must admit I wasn't expecting much from this Warm Nudes Eyeshadow Palette but in actually fact I love it and have been wearing it everyday since I got it so that shut me up didn't it ha ha. The palette itself contains five well pigmented eyeshadows all of which have a gorgeous metallic finish, the shades are all very warm in tone but are still quite sutle which look stunning during these hot Summer months but can easily be worn all year round. I also think these shades are so easy to wear and could definitely take you from day to night, you could just apply a wash of any of the first four shades within the palette all over your lid and then use the darkest shade to add all the definition and smokiness.

Pure Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Brown* £2.99
And lastly we have the Eyeshadow Pencil in Brown, this little beauty is super creamy, well pigmented and long lasting and can be worn alone on your lid for a quick wash of colour or it can be used as a base for when you want to achieve a smokey eye look. Personally for me I love using the eyeshadow pencil for adding definition to my lower lash line, it so quick to use I just swipe it along my lower lash line and either use a pencil brush or my finger just to blend it in, it literally takes seconds to use and look so pretty.  

Have you tried any of the New Look Pure Colour Collection beaut's?? What did you think?? I'd love to know.

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Nanshy 'Gobsmack Glamorous' Face Makeup Brush Set Review + GIVEAWAY!

Hi beaut's!

I think it's fair to say we all lust after luxury feeling makeup brushes that can work together with our base makeup to help us achieve a brighter looking complexion, create buildable airbrush-like coverage, hide imperfections and achieve the smoothest finish imaginable, and after trying the gorgeous Nanshy 'Gobsmack Glamorous' Face Makeup Brush Set* I can safely say that all of the above is easily achievable.
 The Nanshy 'Gobsmack Glamorous' Face Makeup Brush Set (£34.95)  is the stuff of base makeup dreams, it contains five full size brushes each having super soft, lush, anti-bacterial, cruelty-free bristles that are held by robust metal ferrules on top of ergonomic Onyx Black handles (pearlescent white handles also available) and can be used with mineral, liquid and cream makeup. 
Blush & Bronze Brush

The Blush & Bronze Brush is my new favourite brush for when I'm getting my bronzed goddess on ha ha, it just applies bronzer in such a flawless, even way, I love it! It has lovely dence, angled bristles that help you achieve a lovely contoured look as well as blush up those cheeks, personally for me I find it abit large to apply blush but I know for some it would work brilliantly. The Blush & Bronze Brush is actually a set exclusive and is not available in the Gobsmack Gorgeous Set which is good to know. 

Angled Airbrush Brush

The Angled Airbrush Brush can be used in numerous ways, firstly it's a great liquid foundation brush and makes easy work of getting into any nooks and crannies, you can either use it in buffing motions for and even application or use the angled edge to layer up over areas that might need more coverage. Secondly it work well with setting powders, again the angled edge really helps push the product in and really seal that makeup into place without it looking heavy or to overdone. 

Flawless Foundation Brush

The Flawless Foundation Brush is an amazing brush, I already own it singly with the pearlescent white handle and use it religiously with lighter coverage foundations and BB/CC creams, it works best with those sort of products because it leaves such even yet lightweight coverage to the skin. It's great for those minimal daytime makeup looks 

Buffed Base Brush

The Buffed Base Brush is easily my favourite brush out of the collection, if you love a good buffing brush to buff in your foundation then trust me, this is a brush you need in your life. The Buffed Base Brush just seems to buff in my foundation in seconds leaving not a single streak or cakiness in sight, just flawless, even, dewy looking skin. Arhhh I love this brush so much. 

Conceal Perfector Brush

The Conceal Perfect Brush is a pointed brush with a soft rounded tip which is best used in specific targeted areas to apply and blend any concealer, foundation, and even tinted moisturiser such as under the eyes and around the nose. It's shape also makes it a great brush to use with setting powder to set the under eye area, it just moulds itself perfect to the shape of the eye and sets the area completely without a heavy, cakey look or feel.

To co inside with my Nanshy 'Gobsmack Glamorous' Face Makeup Brush Set Review, Nanshy have kindly sent me another Face Makeup Set to giveaway to one of my lovely blog followers... How exciting!!! All you have to do to enter is complete the mandatory steps within the Rafflecopter form below.

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Esqido 'Unforgettable' False Eyelashes | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

False lashes are something I absolutely love but will only wear on a special occasion or night out, I think they can pull a whole look together and when wearing the right pair for you they can look absolutely amazing against your eyeshadow work. I've recently been road testing a pair of Esqido's 'Unforgettable' False Eyelashes* from their Mink Collection and have fallen in love with them so much so I just had to feature them on my blog today.
If you haven't heard about Esqido's Mink Collection, they're handcrafted, cruelty-free lashes that are made of the highest grade, naturally shed Mink hairs, so no harm comes to the animal while the lashes are being made, (insert very happy face he he). The benefit of using mink is that the hairs are much wispier and also taper at the ends, much like our own lashes, which gives a more natural look. 
I've been testing out Esqido's 'Unforgettable' style of false lashes which are so natural and elegant, which is just what I look for in a false lash, I'm the sort of gal that when I do wear  false lashes I actually like them to look somewhat natural and these definitely tick all the boxes for me in that department. The Mink hairs just make the lashes look a lot more natural than your average strip lashes and the gradient of increasing length and thickness across the lash band creates a subtle yet beautiful winged out effect which I love. Something else that makes a huge difference for me is that these lashes actually sit on a cotton band instead of the usual plastic band, this makes them so much easier to apply, are much more comfortable to wear and they feel much lighter than your typical false lash.
Esqido's mink lashes are also reusable up to 25 times, which somewhat justifies the higher price tag of $36.00. Obviously to get the most out of these lashes you do need to take good  care of them by removing them in the correct way and storing them safely. Esqido recommend using a swab of eye makeup remover on a cotton bud and then gentle rub it along the lash band to soften the glue, then the lashes should remove easily.
Overall I think these are absolutely beautiful lashes, they just pull any eyeshadow look together and make your eyes appear so pretty and fluttery. I also need to add just how easy these lashes are to apply, I'm usually useless at applying false lashes but the tip Esqido give you in the pretty White and Rose Gold box really helps, simply pop a mirror below you and look down into that mirror, this seems to position your eyes perfectly and the lashes just drop down onto the lash line very easily. Whether you a beginner to lashes or a pro I think the Unforgettable style would go down a treat and I'd highly recommend them!

Have you tried any lashes by Esqido beaut's?? What did you think?? I'd love to know.


Yankee Candle 'Tarte Tatin' Votive Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

Yankee Candle have recently launched lots of new scents for Spring and Summer 2015 ranging from the more traditional beachy scents to sweet bakery scents so of course being the Yankee Candle lover that I am I just had to go and stock up. I quickly made my way over to my local garden centre which has a huge range of Yankee Candle's and found their NEW Cafe Culture Collection, I picked up the three new votives from the collection and have already reviewed Pain Au Raisin and Cappuccino Truffle but today I have Tarte Tatin (£1.80) to review for you all.

Tarte Tatin is described as a just-baked tart made with sweet apples, spices and vanilla, mmmm now that sounds delicious doesn't it! For me Tarte Tatin is my favourite out of the Cafe Culture collection, it just smells divine. Imagine a freshly baked apple pastry with a hint of cinnamon and that's your scent right there, it really is good enough to eat and is so homely and warm and will definitely be a hit with those who have a sweet tooth like myself that's for sure. Like I've said before I do find the Cafe Culture candles quite a strange collection of scents to release for Spring/Summer, I think they suit more autumnal days because of that slight spiciness that most of them have running through them, that being said if you like a sweet, sugary scent like I do then they are all fine to burn all year round.

All the Yankee Candle votive/samplers claim to provides up to 15 hours of fragrance but personally I've found that Tarte Tatin  has lasted me so much longer because it throws off a rather strong scent, I only have to have Tarte Tatin lit for a couple hours and that's enough to fragrance my entire house with it's sweet, bakery scent which is amazing and such great value.

You can find the entire Cafe Culture Collection on the Yankee Candle Website with prices starting from £1.49 to £19.99. 

What's your favourite scent from Yankee Candle's new collections?? I'd love to know beaut's!!


B.Defined Eyebrow Kit Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

A while ago in my Glossybox I received the B. Defined Eyebrow Kit in Dark, B. Makeup is only available exclusively in Superdrug stores, I have tried a few bit's from their skincare range which I did enjoy, but I've never tried anything from their makeup range so I was super happy that I finally had something to try from them thanks to my Glossybox, and I was really pleased to see the entire B. range is BUAV cruelty free approved, paraben free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
 The B.Defined Eyebrow Kit is available in Light and Dark (theres no medium shade for some reason) and comes with two brow powder shades, a cream highlighter, a setting wax and a double-ended applicator which has a mini slanted brush at one end and the cutest mini spoole at the other. All of this is housed in a dark grey compact with a generous sized mirror inside, so it certainly contains everything required for beautifully defined eyebrows and is also ideal for travelling and handbags.
The two brow powders within the kit are very soft, blendable and have a good amount of pigmentation without being to stark and harsh, personally I love the fact that you get the choice of the two different brow shades within this kit as it allows you to have full control over the look you want and you can mix and match to achieve that perfect brow. So you can use the darker shade if you want a trendy full brow perfect for a night out or simply mix the two shades for a more natural, everyday look which is what I've been doing. The brow wax within the kit is really handy, I must admit I don't use brow wax everyday but I love the fact it's there for when you have those pesky brow hairs that are unruly and stick out of place, it's also great to have if you want to create a very sculpted striking brow. And lastly we have the cream highlighter.... Although I don't really use the cream highlighter because it's far to subtle for me, I feel like it makes the set complete and it's nice to have the option to use it or not.
Overall I think this is a great little kit and does a great job at making my brows look thicker and more defined without looks harsh or fake. I love the fact you get the two brow shades as you can create natural or fuller brows and the choice means it will be more suited to lots of different brow shades.

Have you tried the B.Defined Eyebrow Kit beaut's?? What did you think?? I'd love to know!!


Mini Beauty Haul + Discount Code ♥

Hey beaut's!

Today I'm back with a mini high end beauty haul from the Cosme-De website, it features three very popular makeup items that I've been dying to try for so long, if that wasn't exciting enough the lovelies over at Cosme-De have also given me a cheeky discount code to share with all you beauties. All you have to do to receive 10% off your entire order is type HAYSPARKLE in the discount box, by using this code you'll also get a free gift of the b.liv Squeaky Clean Beads Cleansing Gel  so it's definitely worth using! 

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler* £14.00 

These Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers are something I couldn't wait to try, they seem to be the queen of eyelash curlers in the beauty world don't they? On first impressions these curlers are really good and I definitely think if you have very flat, straight lashes you'd really benefit from these little beauties as they really do lift and curl the lashes extremely well. Personally I have quite curly lashes anyway but I find after using these bad boys my lashes really are lifted and appear a lot longer than they actually are which is a huge bonus for me, I have quite small eyes you see so anything that can open them up more is always a winner for me. Also how good is Cosme-De's discount on these, £14.00 instead of the usual RRP of £20.00 is an absolute steal!

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Radiant Touch* in 01 Luminous Radiance £25.00
The Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat is another very popular product in the beauty world and is something I've been dying to try. After using this little golden beauty for a few weeks  I can definitely see why it's so popular because it's blooming amazing! The tiny light particles and mineral extracts within the formula really help to create light, luminosity and radiance to all of the places on the face that need it. I found that on me the Touche Éclat literally banishes the dark shadows underneath my eyes, adds a gorgeous highlight to the cheekbones, brow bone and down the nose, and it can really trick the eye when used around the contours of the lips because it can make them appear fuller and more pouty which I really like when I'm wearing lipstick. It's also really travel friendly and fits in any handbag/makeup and the packaging is just to die for, it just looks so luxurious doesn't it.  

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara* £12.00 

I've always thought bottom lash mascara's where abit of a fad if I'm honest, I've never really had a problem with any mascara smudging on my lower lash line before so I kind of thought whats the point, until now! The cute little Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara wand honestly gets to every single tiny bottom lash and makes my lower lash line appear alot fuller, it has honestly found lower lashes that I didn't know existed ha ha. As well as being fantastic for those lower lashes it's also great at getting those hard to reach inner corner lashes on my top lash line, not to mention it's staying power is incredible, it literally doesn't transfer, move or flake all day, I've fallen in love with this little cutie.

Have you tried any of these High End Makeup goodies beaut's?? What did you think?? I'd love to know!!