Nspa Melting Cleansing Gel | Review

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Recently Nspa tweeted asking for people to take part in one of their online surveys and if you got involved and took part you could get a little treat, i was lucky enough to get a little treat and they sent me a 50ml tube of their Melting Cleansing Gel to try, Eeeeekkkk. 

Id never tried anything from the Nspa range before as i dont have an Asda in my town (sad face) but i must admit after taking part in the survey and looking at their website more in depth they seem to have some really impressive looking products that wont break the bank.

The Melting Cleansing Gel is part 1 of their 4 step skincare programme, its an intriguing gel like cleanser that turns into a soft milky cleanser when it comes into contact with water. You simply massage the cleansing gel onto dry skin then wet yours hands with warm water and massage again to turn the gel into a soft milk then rinse well with warm water, i found this very simple and easy to use so no grumbles there. The texture of the gel id say is quite silky and looks shiny as your applying it to your face and it smells amazing, very fresh and zesty.

Overall after using this i would say its great for people with sensitive skin like me as this is an extremely gentle cleanser, as for removing makeup i found it took a good couple of uses before i could see that my makeup was being removed simply because its that gentle. It does however make your skin feel super soft after you use it and i never experienced any break outs at all. I'm not sure i would use this as an everyday evening cleanser and i just don't think it strong enough for me but as a morning cleanser i think it would be great.

Have you tried any of the Nspa beauty products??? What did you think??? 



  1. I've never heard of this brand to be honest but it looks really nice :) and your review has made me want to try it!

    I'm now following you on bloglovin. xxx

    1. Yeah im now wanting to try more from them too hehe :) Thanks for the follow hun :)


  2. I need to try some n spa as well I've heard some great things about their products. Lovely write up :)
    Kirsty x


    1. Yeah im eager to try more from them now, thank you hun means alot :)



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