April Favourites!

Hey beaut's!

I cant believe we are at the end of April already, this year is whizzing by so fast! April has been a pretty good month to be fair, we've had Easter where I gorged on so much chocolate until I felt rather queasy, we also had some pretty epic weather, I'm talking an entire long bank holiday weekend of bright blue skies and temperatures in the low-mid 20's, which was incredible! We have also had our new bathroom started which is actually nearly finished now and is looking soooo nice and of course the final season of Game Of Thrones started.....
That brings me onto my first favourite this month...Game Of Thrones! My goodness I knew the final season would be epic but after watching the third episode last night I'm completely blown away! I'd actually say that - that episode was up there with the best, most intense episodes of a TV series/show I've ever watched in my entire life, it was incredible!

As for the beauty products I've loved...I have to mention the AMAZING Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser from Superdrug! This stuff is basically the same as the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but a fraction of the price, it works the exact same way, the ingredients are pretty much the same and the results are the same, it gives such a deep cleanse and removes all traces of makeup, I love it! Something else that's been a complete game changer for me is the Elf Flawless Finish Foundation, this stuff has become my new holy grail foundation because it's bloody brilliant, the coverage is great, the shade range is immense, it looks and feels so light on the skin and it's a bargain too, it's actually cheaper than Makeup Revolutions foundation and in my opinion it's much better!

For nails my go to polish has been the Essence Shine Last & Go in the shade Legally Pink, I'd say it's more of a coral-pink perfect for the Spring/Summer and the gel like formula is incredible considering it's so affordable! I've also been obsessed with the Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops, it creates such a gorgeous base for your foundation to blend and sit on top of and lets face it, we all want unicorn skin don't we. I've actually used my entire bottle up already, I love it so much! Finally this month I need to praise the makeup gods and Laura Mericier (lol) for creating the translucent setting powder, this powder is the best I've used, it's sets my makeup all day without my face looking powdery and it helps blur in perfections too, it's fab!

What have you been loving this month beaut's? I'd love to know!


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Superdrug Naturally Radiant Skincare! Is It Good Or Bad?

Hey beaut's!

For a while now I've been trying to completely use up my skincare stash before repurchasing more, well the time came that I needed a few new products and instead of buying my usual favourites which are a little on the pricey side I looked into finding some cheaper alternatives and that's when I came across the Superdrug Naturally Radiant range!
Firstly I needed a new cleanser as my trusty Liz Earle had run out, usually I just buy myself another when I run out but this time I really didn't want to drop another £17.00 if I didn't have too! Now when I look for a cleanser I generally find the hot cloth cleansers work the best for me and really give a deep cleanse so I was pretty chuffed that Superdrug actually had a Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser in the Naturally Radiant range, and it was just £2.89! I would go as far as saying that this cleanser is a super dupe for Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, even the ingredients are pretty much the same which is pretty mind blowing and you get a muslin cloth with Superdrugs offering with no additional charge unlike Liz Earle! The Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser works just the same as the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, you simply massage the luxuriously thick cleanser all over the skin then take the damp - warm muslin cloth and gentle buff aways the days makeup and grime and voila....my skin looks and feels squeaky clean and soft!  
Next I was looking for a new day cream so naturally I decided I may as well just grab one from the same range, I opted for the Naturally Radiant Brightening Day Cream for Normal to Combination Skin. The cream itself is super thick and feels a lot more expensive than it was...it was just £2.89 by the way! A little goes a long way with this day cream and as soon as I started rubbing it into my skin it felt soft and nourished and left a subtle which made the perfect makeup base! As far as day creams go I really like this one, the dewy glow really does give your skin that brightened effect and my skin always feels nourished and soft all day without feeling like an oil slick, and it contains SPF15 which is always a bonus!
Finally I thought 'sod it' and picked up the Naturally Radiant Brightening Eye Cream as well, it had been a while since I'd actually used an eye cream so I could really see a positive improvement around my eye area after using this little beauty! Just like the day cream the smallest amount of the eye cream goes a long way, it feels thicker than most other eye creams I've tried, usually their quite runny but this one definitely has a more gel like feeling to it! It doesn't have a cooling sensation when you apply it but it really does smooth out my under eye area and makes my eyes appear more awake that's for sure! If you find your eye area gets dry through the day from your concealer I cant recommend this enough because it's super nourishing!

Overall I'm really chuffed that I decided to buy these bit's to try and the brightening hot cloth cleanser is certainly going to save me a lot of money going forward, if you like the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish I really recommend Superdrugs offering enough as it's practically the same, and I've not experienced any break outs since using this range either! The entire Naturally Radiant range is also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and its cruelty free which is obviously fab and it's all super affordable too, whats not to love!! 

Check out the full Naturally Radiant range HERE.


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Reduce Plastic Waste In The Bathroom

Hey beaut's!

Plastic is a problem. More and more people around the world are slowly realising that something has to be done. Just this month, plans to ban plastic shopping bags in New York have been released, Sir David Attenborough has backed the manufacture of biodegradable glitter and a British coffee company gladly took a 25% profit loss to remove single-use cups from their shops. 

It isn’t just the big names that can make a difference either. Some simple swaps in your day-to-day life can be a fantastic way to do your part in helping the planet. Here are 5 simple switches that you could make in your bathroom to reduce plastic waste. If you’re feeling inspired, I’d love to hear your ideas on more switches -- just drop me a message in the comments!

Here are some top tips on reducing plastic waste without sacrificing on quality or on feeling great!

5 Simple Switches To Reduce Plastic Waste

1. Soap
Shower gels always come in a plastic bottle and hand wash soap dispensers are also plastic. Swapping to a bar of soap in the shower and by your sink is a really easy way to reduce use amounts of plastic waste in the long run.

 There are so many different varieties of bars of soap out there that come in paper or cardboard packaging. Even your small, local supermarket will sell a few options -- Dove do a fantastic soap bar (which smells great!) and comes in a cardboard box. It’s sold everywhere so even if you’re caught short you’ll be able to find a plastic free alternative to shower gel.

You’ll also be able to find artisan soaps on local markets or plastic-free bars of soaps online. There’s a bar of soap for every skin type so this is one of the easiest swaps on the list!

2. Safety Razor 

You might not be familiar with this old-school style of razor -- it’s what your grandfather would have used  -- but they’ve made a huge comeback in recent years! They’re completely plastic free and last for years. They don’t just cut back on your plastic waste, but will save you a lot of money!

The English Shaving Company have a fantastic collection of safety razors and their Edwin Jagger ones are manufactured in Sheffield. As a woman, you should look for one with a longer handle as it makes shaving your legs (and other areas!) a bit easier.

Using a safety razor is a little different from a cartridge, but it doesn’t take long to get used to. The main difference is that the blades are set in the razor and therefore need to be held at the correct angle manually (45 degrees). You don’t press down as you shave either, but instead let the weight of the razor do the work.

For more information, there’s a great blog here on how to shave your legs with a safety razor.


Reducing plastic isn’t the only benefit of the double edge safety razor. It’s also known to give a higher quality shave because the blade is extremely sharp. Many people find it also reduces shaving rash because there’s only one blade involved (rather than multi-cartridge) which minimises abrasion.

The actual razor has an initial cost that varies from around £15 upwards, but you don’t have to spend too much to get a decent one. The blades need replacing every now and again (depending on how much you shave) to keep them sharp, but they’re incredibly cheap, usually 25-40p per blade. It’s much more cost effective than disposable razors.

 3. Bar Shampoo
We’ve already mentioned bars of soap, but you can also get bars of shampoo. These usually last longer for your money than bottles of shampoo and are plastic free.

There are a lot of different varieties of bars of shampoo out there. You can get them from local artisan shops or places like Lush.

4. Menstrual Cup
Menstrual cups are alternatives to sanitary pads and tampons that are long-lasting (both throughout the day and throughout the years) and reusable. Sanitary pads and tampons not only come in plastic packaging, but also contain plastic within them. It’s not easy to find alternatives, but the menstrual cup is one option.

They are usually made from silicone, which is antibacterial, and act as a funnel. They are inserted, collect blood over the course of 10-12 hours, and are then removed and the blood poured away.

They come in different sizes for different bodies and flows. Most women who try them swear by them, but it will depend on your personal preference and your own body as to whether they work for you.

Like with safety razors, they have an initial investment but will save you a huge amount of money in the long run as they usually last around 10 years.

5. Reusable Wipes
While wipes themselves rarely contain plastic, they do come in plastic packaging and are thrown away immediately, creating a lot of waste.

Instead of single use wipes and cotton pads, you can apply makeup remover, toner or other products to soft cotton cloths as a fantastic, plastic free alternative. Shove them in the washing machine and use them again next time!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on reducing plastic in the bathroom. Have you tried any of the tips above, or maybe you have more of your own ideas!


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April Degustabox Review + £5 off Discount Code!

Hey beaut's!

I have a subscription box review for you all today but it's a subscription box with a difference.... it contains yummy food and drink, so say hello to Degustabox*. Degustabox works very much like how beauty subscription boxes work, for £12.99 a month (postage included within the £12.99 price) you will receive 10 to 15 surprise food/drink products, many that are completely new to the market! So if your a bit of a foodie like myself and you love subscription boxes your going to love this beaut's!

The shortlist for this months box is:
Heinz Organic Baked Beans £1.00
Heinz Cream Of Tomato Soup Pot £1.19
Cheerios £2.69
Typhoo Black Tea £2.20
Robinson's Fruit Cordials £2.49
London Flavours Crisps £1.00
Candy Kittens Wild Strawberry £1.50
CRAFTED by Cracker Drinks Co Mango & Passion Fruit £2.00
Skinny Food Co Not Guilty Milk Chocolate/White Chocolate Crispies £1.49
Bull's-Eye NY Steakhouse Barbecue Sauce £2.49
Love Corn Smoked BBQ £1.29
Pachamama Bars £1.39
Eat Water Slim Rice Sushi £2.55
Overall I think the April 'Best Of British' Degustabox is amazing, it has a great variety of yummy treats and drinks to try and enjoy, and persoanlly I think it's one of the best boxes I've had, I literally love every single thing in the box this time which is always a bonus!

If you like the look and sound of Degustabox you can grab your first box for just £7.99 with the code 039DB HERE.


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What I've Watched On Netflix Recently #2

Hey beaut's!

I'm soooo addicted to Netflix ya know guys and gals, I seem to be watching so many things on there recently, but I mean who doesn't love a relaxed evening (or day off lol) all cosy on the sofa filled with endless things to choose from on Netflix and plenty of sweets to gorge on...I know I do, so here's what I've watched and competed recently!

The Perfect Date - This Netflix original film literally went live last Friday and guess what...I watched it last Friday night! Well...it has Noah Centineo in and anything with him in I'm all over! The movie sees high school senior Brooks  — who’s strapped for cash - create an app called The Stand-In where he does just that. Women of all ages hire him to be a date for a variety of different occasions. He goes from pretending to be a cowboy, to an art connoisseur the list is endless, all of this is so he can get the funds to get into his dream Ivy League school. This is a rom-com so of course there's love interests a long the way, some of which get complicated and Brook's finds himself in hot water with his best friend too so he has some making up to do there! Would I watch this again..probably yes... is it as good as To All the Boys I Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser? In my opinion no, but if you like a teen rom-com and have a bit of a think for our boy Noah then its definitely worth a watch!

After Life - Now I loved this series, it really takes you through all the motions I tell ya, I went from crying to laughing to nearly spitting my tea out in pure shock of some of the lines that Ricky has! Ricky Gervais actually wrote and directed the series and also plays the main character Tony! Tony's really going through the motions as his wife of 25 years has passed away and he's not dealing with the grief well, you kind of see how his attitude or should I say the grief affects his work, family and friends, it's dark-humour but honestly I cant recommend this season enough!

Dirty John - Now this is quite a creepy one, Dirty John tells the story of a successful woman who falls for a con-man. The series has so many twists and turns and really explores abuse and psychological manipulation and has quite the dramatic ending. If you do give it a go I would say stay with it as the first couple of episodes where a little lack luster for me but I kept with it and wow things got creepy good if that's such a thing ha ha!

 The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann - I mean lets face it we all have our own opinions on this but I was so keen to watch this documentary and get a more detailed look of what happened or what might of happened to Madeleine. It really does show what a complete shambles the investigation has been and to be honest I feel it leaves you with more questions than answers! Did you feel the same if you watched it?

Let me know if you’ve watched any of these TV shows beaut's and if you enjoyed them, also I'd love some more Netflix recommendations too!


Yankee Candle Grilled Peaches & Vanilla Review

Hey beaut's!

The crazy candle lady is back he he, if you know me then you'll know that theres always a candle burning in my house, and recently I fell completely in love with Yankee Candles new Spring range 'Sunday Brunch', this collection is mainly made up of sweet, floral scents with a couple of foodie scents thrown in for good measure - which are my absolute favourite! I actually reviewed the Belgian Waffles scent from this collection a little while ago which quickly became a new favourite of mine, however Yankee Candle have just added three new scents to the Sunday Brunch collection, one of which is Grilled Peaches & Vanilla, I mean doesn't that just sound like a mouth watering scent!

Grilled Peaches & Vanilla* is described as 'Caramelized brown sugar and golden honey drizzled over juicy grilled peaches and garnished with vanilla cream' I mean it does literally sound like a candle you'd want to eat doesn't it, wowza! The candle itself has top notes of grapefruit, brown sugar and blackcurrant, middle notes of grilled peaches and ripe apricot and finally base notes of drizzled honey and vanilla cream and my goodness it's DIVINE! I get the peach, apricot and vanilla notes come through almost instantly when I light this, it's almost like I could be sat eating a bowl of peaches with the most amazing vanilla ice cream, it's quite sweet too and the caramelised brown sugar really comes through with the sweetness of the fruits, despite it's sweetness I never find it sickly which is good! I also think it's such a perfect scent for Spring/Summer, for some reason it instantly makes me think of all things Summer when I get a whiff of it! As for the scent throw...it was very good and managed to fill the entire house very quickly and still lingered when it had been blown out, it isn't over powering, and everyone that walks into my house loves the scent and instantly asked me what it was which is always a good indication of a bloody good candle isn't it!
All of the Yankee Candle large jars have a burn time of between 110 – 150 hours and Grilled Peaches & Vanilla is certainly lasting me well, I think because I find that the scent really lingers and fills the entire house I don't have to keep it alight four hours on end which is a bonus. For me this is the perfect Spring/Summer candle, juicy fruits and sugary sweetness, whats not to love!

You can find the Grilled Peaches & Vanilla Large Jar for £23.99 on Yankee Candle website, it also comes in wax tarts, votive's and small and medium jars too.


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Easter Gift Guide!

Hey beaut's!

One of my favourite times is nearly here, yup Easter is just around the corner and I literally cant wait! I'm such a chocoholic, the minute those Mini Eggs are in the shops I'm there with my trolley stocking up on them beauties however...not everyone is a chocolate lover like me, sayyy whattttt!!! Ha ha!!! So today I thought I'd share with you all a few bits and bobs that I think would make great Easter gifts for that friend or family member that doesn't like or cant eat the chocolaty stuff!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette £39.00
Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquefied Lipstick £19.00
Anatomicals Look, You've Got Chocolate All Over Your Face Anti-Stress Mask  £1.95
Yankee Candle Easter Basket £19.19
Sterling Silver Bunny Rabbit Stud Earrings £7.05
Invisibobble Scented Hair Ring - Crazy for Chocolate £4.99
L'OrĂ©al Paris Box of Chocolates Ultra-Matte Liquid Lip Gift Set £26.99
Cath Kidston Bunny Meadow Mug £8.00
LUSH COCO Sugar Scrub £4.95
Too Faced Chocolate Matte Bronzer £25.00
Totes Barley Lane Bunny Cosy Socks £3.00

Will you be buying anyone any of these non chocolaty goodies this Easter beaut's? I'd love to know what you have in mind!


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Slay This Spring/Summer With Cosmetify!

Hey beaut's!

As the weather gets a that bit warmer, the flowers start blooming and we naturally start feeling those Spring/Summer vibes it's time to switch things up in your makeup bag and get Spring/Summer ready! Say goodbye to your heavy matte foundations, dark eye shadows and vampy lips and rekindle your love with something lighter, brighter and fresher. So today I thought I would share with you a couple of products I got from Cosmetify* that are going to be perfect for the up and coming seasons!

If you haven't heard of Cosmetify before they're a beauty discovery website that has thousands upon thousands of makeup and beauty products all on one platform making it so quick and easy to shop, theres your higher end brands like NARs, Charlotte Tilbury and Chanel, and your high street brands like Barry M, Collection and ELF so theres brands to suit everyone, and theres everything from makeup, hair, tanning, fragrance, nails and even men's grooming to choose from, it's essentially a hub of all things beauty! 

One thing I always like to switch up when the weather gets warmer is my base makeup products so I had to grab a new primer to try, I opted for the Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops Beauty Elixir (£7.99) and I'm so glad I did because I love it! This is an oil-free elixir which is packed with super fruits such as acai berry, goji berry, watermelon and tamarind, which all work together to brighten, detoxify, hydrate and smooth the skin making it the perfect primer and skin care treatment. As you apply the primer the pink glowy formula from the little pipette dropper adds the most natural luminosity to the skin without being glittery thank goodness, it goes super tacky as you rub it in which my foundation seems to love because it blends and lasts like a dream over the top of it, it's amazing stuff that I'm going to need to re-purchase over and over from now on!    

Sticking with base makeup I had wanted to try the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder (£20.00) for soooo long and when I saw Cosmetify had a deluxe mini size available it seemed the perfect time to give it a whirl, plus you always need a good setting powder in the warmer months dont you! After giving this powder a go I can finally see why it's so well loved in the beauty world, it literally goes on so lightly and smoothly without adding a powdery texture to the skin - it's amazing, it also has a soft-focus blur effect built in so it subtly blurs imperfections, it doesn't settle into fine lines or pores either and never looks cakey, which is an absolute first for me when trying a loose powder! It's INCREDIBLE and no wonder it's won awards!

I love that MAC now have a 'Little' range as it allows you to try something out before maybe committing to the larger size, I decided to grab the MAC Little Pigment (£10.00) in the shade Rose which is the most beautiful deep metallic rose colour with gold flecks suspended within it, it just screams Spring/Summer to me and I also think it would work amazingly well during the festival season!
Finally Summer just wouldn't be Summer without messy beachy waves and I happen to love that wavy look, and Redken's Wax Blast Spray (£10.73) is literally incredible for creating that perfectly undone texture to the hair whilst also keeping the style in place for a good couple of days! The way I like to use the wax blast spray to achieve that beachy look is by curling my hair (you don't have to be neat) I then spray the wax blast through the curls and on my hands and use my hands as a comb to work it through the curls and make them quite messy and choppy, the effect is lush! The next day I repeat with the spray to add more texture to the curls and as more days go by the better it looks in my opinion!

What are your Spring/Summer beauty product must haves beaut's? I'd love to know!

Check out all of these products along with thousands more on the Cosmetify.


This post is in collaboration with Cosmetify, all opinions are my own.

New In From Essence Cosmetics!

Hey beaut's!

If you've been reading my blog for a while now you'll know that I'm a bit of a Essence Cosmetics addict, I absolutely love their products because not only are they all so affordable but the quality is actually very good too - I literally cant get enough of their lip products and nail polishes, their so so good! Anyway...recently Essence launched some fab new bit's for Spring/Summer and I've been testing a few out over the last month or so and I'm actually pretty shook!!
Let's start with the Shine Last & Go nail polishes, now as I said before I love the Essence nail polishes but this range has a new quick dry gel formula which is literally to die for, the gel finish gives you that hard wearing, glossy 'salon-esk' finish and the fact their quick drying is heaven for me because I hate waiting for my nail polish to dry! Theres also a whopping 50 shades to choose from which is literally insane, and at £1.60 a bottle you really cant go wrong!
Essence now have a Lip Ritual Collection to keep our pouts looking and feeling fresh, three products within this collection are the Ritual Balms, theres a Nourishing Balm with Rice Oil which nourishes and pampers the lips intensively, a Moisturising Balm with Cherry Blossom Extract which revitalises and provides a huge dose of moisture and theres a Repairing Balm with Ginkgo Leaf Extract which regenerates the lips and makes them feel supple. My favourite is the Moisturising Balm because it makes my lips look and feel so juicy, it smells lush and it's pink which is always a winner for me, and at £2.00 they really are a bargain!

I'm a sucker for eyeshadow palettes so I was so excited when I saw Essence had some new ones I could play with. The City of Palettes collection features four stunning eyeshadow palettes which are just £7.00 each, I have the G'Day Sydney Palette which contains nine warm toned shades with a pop of blue and green thrown in for good measure and the Hello New York Palette which again contains nine shades but this one has more cool-toned shades to play with! Both eyeshadow palettes have a mixture of matte and shimmer shades, the pigmentation is good for budget eyeshadow palettes, but I will say some shade do need a bit of building up but overall I really like them! 
Theres also a new face palette called 'Hey Cheeks' (£6.00) which contains 6 shades - theres 1 highlighter, 3 blushes and 2 bronzer's. Now this palette I absolutely love, all 3 of the blushes are gorgeous and blend out beautifully, the matte bronzer is lush and really warms up my pasty face and I actually like to use the glittery bronzer as an eyeshadow - I do love a muilt-use product! The only shade that's a little lack-luster for me is the highlighter, it's quite subtle which is great if you don't like something super bright but I like my highlighter to really glow, that being said I LOVE this palette and it's not left my makeup bag since I got it!
Now you know how much I love a winged liner look so it didn't take me long to put the Essence Dip Eyeliner (£2.50) through it's paces, this one has a super firm tip making it so easy to create precise line and wings with the sharpest flick at the end, arhhh it's amazing! It's super inky black, dries down matte and because it has a waterproof formula it lasts all day long!
The final product I've been putting to the test is the Insta Perfect Liquid Highlighter in the shade Gold Addiction. I love a liquid highlighter because their so versatile, you can use it as a glowy primer before foundation, you can mix it in with your foundation for a dewy finish, you can mix it with body butters or you can just use it as a regular highlighter to make your cheekbones pop! 

All Essence products are available from Wilko stores or online HERE


*This post contains gifted items, all opinions are my own!

Creme Egg Brownie Recipe

Hey beaut's!

Easter is creeping ever closer so I thought it was about time to do another recipe, and as you  I do love a brownie or five so I thought I'd finally try some Creme Egg brownies...ahhh give me all the Creme Eggs pleaseee! For these brownies I used my basic brownie recipe that you can mix with any chocolate chunks or sweet treat if you wish but I added those oogy gooey Creme Eggs and wow the results where immense even if I do say so myself!

What You Will Need
140g of butter
100g light brown sugar
100g caster sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon of salt
115g plain flour
45g good quality cocoa powder
2 packets of mini Cadbury Creme Eggs
5-6 regular Creme Eggs

How To
1. Preheat your oven to gas mark 4 or 350°F (177°C) and line or grease your brownie tray.
2. Melt your butter carefully in the microwave then pop it into your mixing bowl, then add in the caster and brown sugar and beat together until smooth then add in the vanilla extract and the eggs and mix again until combined.
3. Once all of your wet ingredients have been well combined pop in your salt, flour and cocoa powder and mix again until smooth. Because my brownie recipe doesn't require you to melt and add in additional chocolate, I cant stress enough how important it is to use the best quality cocoa powder you can find to make a super chocolate-y brownie!
4. Once your brownie batter is well combined whack in as many mini Creme Eggs as you like, I popped in a couple whole but most of them I chopped up and stirred them through just like they where chocolate chunks, it's best to pop your Creme Eggs in the freezer before hand as it firms them up making it less messy and sticky to handle when it comes to chopping.
5. Pour the brownie mixture into your tray and bake for around 15-20 minutes, then get the tray out the oven and push your Creme Eggs halves into the top of the brownie slightly and pop it back into the oven for a further 5-10 minutes to finish the brownie off, if you like a more fudgy brownie like I do then then 5 minutes will be plenty long enough. 
6. Leave to cool completely before chopping into small or big brownies bites and voila!!!

If you love a brownie and you love a Creme Egg then you have to make these beaut's, the combination is heavenly. If you a peanut butter lover too I bet this recipe would be amazing with those Reese's Eggs you can get now, my boyfriend is after me trying that recipe next he he!