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I recently made an E.L.F order so i thought id pick up the much talked about Conditioning Lip Balms. I decided on 'Mellow Melon' and 'Peaceful Pink'!!! Each lip balm has SPF 15 with vitamins A & E and claims to relieve and condition lips. These lip balms do definitely live up to my expectations, they are both really creamy and super moisturising and leave my lips feeling super smooth and conditioned. I also love the packaging, they are abit big for your makeup bag but regardless of that the packaging seems very sturdy, the lid is extremely secure and wont be unscrewing itself in your handbag and i also think they look more expensive than their bargain price of £3.50, however i purchased mine when they had their 60% off everything offer so i only paid £1.40 for each balm whoop, that's one thing i love about E.L.F they always have amazing offers and deals on. Anywhooo onto what i think of each balm...

Mellow Melon

Mellow melon is a coral/pinky shade, i was so surprised with how pigmented this shade is considering this is only a lip balm but the colour pay off is really impressive. I also adore the nice glossy finish the balms leave on the lips and it isn't sticky or tacky what so ever either.  

Peaceful Pink

Peaceful Pink is baby pink colour when swatched, but once applied to the lips it gives you an ever so slight baby pink tint, its not as pigmented as mellow melon but then it is a lighter shade so that was to be expected. Like mellow melon this shade leaves a gorgeous glossy finish to the lips and isn't sticky or tacky at all.

All in all I'm super happy i picked these up, i think their great for days when you don't wont to wear a bright lip but you still want a small amount of colour or days when your not wearing much makeup and want to look more natural, even if your going on holiday these balms would be great to keep your lips protected whilst in the sun because of the added SPF. If you haven't tried these already id definitely suggest giving them a go.

Did you take advantage of E.L.F's 60% off offer??? What did you buy???



  1. They look so lovely, I didn't expect them to be so pigmented! I just wish the packaging on some of elfs products wasn't so bulky.
    Lovely Review!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. Me neither i honestly thought they would be so sheer but i agree its either really bulky or slighty cheepy looking haha.

      Thanks for your comment my lovely


  2. I dont have anything from E.L.F but these look really nice so may have to have a browse
    Beth x

  3. These look lovely, I find ELF can be hit and miss but these are definitely a hit!


  4. The pigmentation is really good! I never would've thought that they would be so pretty and pink like that. I didn't get to take advantage of that offer, but I'm going to try for the next one!

  5. These look like two lovely lipbalms! :)


  6. I had wondered what these would be like but they look really lovely!! I love the fact you can see a difference in the shades, but still a lovely natural colour :)

  7. I wish I had taken advantage of it now! Might have to buy myself a few of these x



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