Sunday, 30 April 2017

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD High Definition Concealer Review

Hey beaut's!

I'm a bit of a concealer addict, I'm always on the hunt for something that's going to hide my hideous dark circles in the mornings and recently I've been giving the ever so popular L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD High Definition Concealer a whirl, wow that's a mouthful!

The L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD High Definition Concealer comes in a whopping 27 shades including their colour correcting shades which is pretty impressive, theres certainly a shade to suit everyone that's for sure. I got the shade Porcelain which is the lightest shade within the collection, it's fair with yellow undertones and really brightens up my under eye area as well as concealing at the same time which is just what I look for in an under eye concealer. Formula wise.. its creamy with a medium-full buildable coverage and leaves a semi-matte finish which stays put really well, once this concealer has set that's it, theres no budging it what so ever, it literally doesn't move or crease on me all day which is amazing. Application wise I do find its best blended in using the warmth of my finger tips, I did try and use my beauty blender and a makeup brush but I found it didn't blend into the skin very well that way, but using my fingers achieved such a flawless finish.
Overall I'm loving this concealer, I'd highly recommend Porcelain if your looking for a bright under eye concealer that covers, brightens and stays well, I feel like this would be a great concealer for blemishes too because that coverage and staying power is great, however my Porcelain shade was too bright for my blemishes, I definitely want to get a couple of the other shades for that purpose and for contouring too because the formula is just lush.

Have you tried the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD High Definition Concealer beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know

You can find the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD High Definition Concealer for £3.95 HERE.


Saturday, 29 April 2017

Feel Unique Pick 'N' Mix Sample Service Review #2

Hey beaut's!

You might remember back in March I placed my very first order with Feel Uniques Pick 'N' Mix sample service, getting some great samples from brands such as NARs and Benefit, I absolutely loved the service and couldn't wait to order again. Recently when having a browse at Feel Uniques latest samples I noticed they had loads from Charlotte Tilbury so I placed an order pretty sharpish!
To use the Feel Unique Pick 'N' Mix Sample Service all you have to do is choose five beauty samples out of the hundreds of samples they have to choose from, I actually couldn't believe how much choice their was, whether your looking for makeup, skincare, hair or fragrance theres a sample for it, all of which are high end brands/well known names. The samples don't cost you a penny but the delivery and handling is £3.95 however...once your order has been dispatched you receive an email with a voucher code worth £3.95, you can then use this on the Feel Unique website the next time you place an order, so really it's not costing you a thing woohoo.
The first sample I knew I wanted to try was the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation, I've heard so many good things about this so I thought it was about time I gave it a whirl, so far I bloody love it. As you can see most of my samples are made up by Charlotte Tilbury, I did go a little bit crazy when I saw her products where available on there he he, I also got the Magic Foundation and the The Retoucher Concealer both of which I've had samples of before but I wanted to give them another go again before I commit to buying the full size versions. They also had the Mini Miracle Eye Wand too which has an eye lifting cream at one end and concealer/brightener at the other so I thought I'd give that a try too. The final sample I went for was the Benefit KA Brow in shade 1, this is a cream/gel brow pomade which I've been eager to try for a while. The size of this a pretty generous to be honest and it even comes with a mini brush too so it's great for travelling.

You can find the Feel Unique Pick 'N' Mix Sample Service HERE.

Have you tried the Feel Unique Sample Service? What did you think? I'd love to know!


Thursday, 27 April 2017

Joan Collins Divine Lips Lipstick Review

Hey beaut's!

I've heard so many good things about Joan Collins Beauty recently, it all looks so luxurious and glam...well I wouldn't expect anything less from Joan Collins really. Her Divine Lips lipsticks caught my eye instantly because of their stunning gold packaging and I couldn't wait to give them a whirl, I'm such a magpie for pretty packaging I tell ya!

Joan Collins Divine Lips Lipsticks come in a whopping 16 shades and I've been giving 2 a whirl in the shades Bella* and Evelyn* which are just perfect for Spring! Bella is a pretty pastel pink with cool nude undertones running through it, it's so perfect for day to day wear, and Evelyn is slightly more out there and playful being a bright coral-red, I can see this one looking perfect for evenings out or for daytime wear with stripped down makeup. Both shades are super pretty and have a super moisturising cream finish which is one of my favourite finishes.
Formula wise these are both stunning and performed a lot better than I expected if I'm honest, their really rich in pigmentation and completely opaque after one swipe, their super creamy and moisturising which is down to the added hyaluronic acid which really nourishes the lips, they didn't even dry my lips out as time went on either which is super good and definitely something I'll keep in mind for the colder months. The lasting power is really good too considering their a cream formula, I find Evelyn - the coral red shade - lasts the best on me but I think that's because it's more of an intense shade and also it leaves a slight stain on my lips as it wears so it appears to last a really long time. 
If your into your lippies or if your looking for some new shades to try for Spring I cant recommend these two from Joan Collins Beauty enough, their super pretty, have awesome pigmentation, their long lasting and they look a dream on my dressing table or when I pull them out of my handbag to use he he.

Have you tried any of Joan Collins Beauty range beaut's? What would you recommend I try next?

The Joan Collins Divine Lips Lipstick are £18.00 each and can be found HERE.


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso Reviewed

Hey beaut's!

I keep seeing Milani makeup everywhere at the moment and something that keeps catching my eye are their gorgeous blushes, I think I now have about 5 of their blushes on my wishlist but the first one I had to give a whirl is the ever so popular Baked Blush in Luminoso.
Milani's Luminoso comes housed in a gold mirrored compact which has a flip-up compartment under the blush itself revealing a handy mirror and mini brush perfect for travelling and any on the go applications. Now lets get down to the juicy stuff... the actual blush... Luminoso is such a pretty peach toned pink shade with a gorgeous luminous sheen that looks perfect on the cheeks for Spring and Summer, it's so healthy looking and dewy without being glittery or sparkly in the slightest. Formula wise it's nice, because it's a baked powder it's incredibly finely milled and has such a soft, smooth texture with medium pigmentation which I favour because it allows me wear the blush softer some days or I can build it up for a more intense pop of colour. Lasting power is great too, the colour and luminous sheen stays put on my skin most of the day without fading, going patchy or sticking to dry patches, the only downside I have is that the blush can be a little powdery/dusty when I pick it up on my brush but it's nothing 'tapping off the excess' wont fix so it's not a major for me.

Overall I bloody love this blush and I can now see why it's so popular, it adds the prettiest flush to my cheeks and I love the fact it has that luminous sheen to it without all the glitter because I hate glittery blushes. Luminoso looks so dewy and healthy and screams Spring and Summer to me, trust me beaut's you need this bad boy in your makeup bag pronto, I think it would suit most skin tones too.

You can find Milani's Baked Blush in Luminoso for £9.95 HERE.


Living Room Wishlist/Inspo

Hey beaut's!

I absolutely adore homeware, I think personalising my house with bits and bobs I love is one of the best things about being a home owner, I could literally spend hours shopping for homeware which got me thinking.... I need to have a bit of a Spring time revamp and get a bit of inspo on what I could do or add to my lounge next.

We are in desperate need for a new leather sofa, ours is pretty much dead and it's brown so I'm definitely after something more bright and fresh looking. I keep being drawn towards anything with cactus's on at the moment too, it doesn't matter if it's homeware or clothes, if theres a cute cactus on it I want it. I'm also still after one of the letter light up boxes too, I think their so cute and would look lovely in my lounge.

Whats on your living room wishlist at the moment beaut's? I'd love to know!


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Nail of the Day featuring Barry M and iZ Beauty!

Hey beaut's!

I haven't done a nail of the day post in such a long time and seeing as I'm pretty obsessed with 2 nail polishes in particular at the moment I thought it would be rude not to do one and share these pretty spring appropriate shades with you.
If your read my iZ Beauty review (here) recently then you would of seen me rave about this pretty pink pastel polish in the shade Lily Romance, it's literally the perfect pink for Spring and I've been super impressed by the quality of the iZ Beauty nail polish range so far. I also opted for one of Barry M's new Molten Metal shades in Pink Ice on my accent nail and thumb, this is a stunning pinky-rose gold foil looking shade, I'm so in love with the colour and how it looks on my nails. 
Both shades applied like a dream with no bubbling or streaking and where completely opaque after two thin coats, the lasting power was great too, I was on my fourth day of wear before I noticed some big chips appearing. Overall I absolutely love this duo, their both so pretty for Spring and I'm kind of in love with this new shade from Barry M, I can see me getting so much wear out of it!

Whats your favourite nail polish for Spring right now beaut's? I'd love to know!


Friday, 21 April 2017

Sleek 'Solstice' Highlighting Palette Review

Hey beaut's!

Can you believe I only just purchased the ever so popular Sleek 'Solstice' Highlighting Palette around three weeks ago, their highlighting palettes are so raved about especially the Solstice palette but because I was so in love with my Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter by theBalm I didn't think I needed Sleeks offering, pah how wrong was I? The Solstice palette literally hasn't left my makeup bag since I got it, it's everything I hoped it would be and more, in fact I love it so much more than my Mary Lou and that's really saying something because I adore my Mary Lou-Manizer!
Sleeks Solstice Palette comes in a shiny rose gold/copper compact which is super easy on the eye and looks beautiful on my dressing table, it also has a well sized mirror within the flip up lid which is always appreciated and a tiny little brush for any on the go applications. Within the palette are four highlighting shades, one of which is a luxurious cream and the other three are velvety soft powders. All four shades within this palette have different hues and oh my goodness they send me into glowing, highlighter heaven, their stunning! If your into super intense highlighter then you'll love this palette because each shade delivers such a radiant glow and luminous polish to the skin, even my higher end highlighters have nothing on these, their incredible.
From top to bottom, left to right we firstly have Ecliptic, this is the cream highlighter and what a beauty it is, it's a nude-pinky-rosey gold type of shade that's works beautifully either on it's own or as a base highlighter before laying on a powder highlight. Next is Hemisphere, this is a baked powder highlighter that looks lilac in the pan but transforms into more of a silver toned metallic sheen on the skin, I thought this was going to be quite hard to wear seeing as it looked lilac but actually I've been reaching for this one a lot. The third shade within the palette is Subsolar – this is a bright, pale gold shade that gives a foil like sheen to the cheek bones, it's super pretty. Lastly theres Equinox, another baked powder highlighter and oh my shes a beauty and my favourite and most used in the palette. This is the prettiest peachy highlight I've ever laid my eyes on and again gives such a foil like glow to the skin, oh my goodness I'm in actual love with a highlighter.
All of the shades within the Solstice palette apply like a dream, I either use a fan brush or my smaller Real Techniques Setting Brush and both work well, theres never any fall out, their not chunky or glittery, they blend beautifully and the pigmentation and intensity is wellll....people in space can see me glowing put it that way! If your into highlighter this will be the best £9.99 you ever spend, trust me!

You can find the Sleek Solstice Highlighing Palette for £9.99 HERE.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Soap & Glory FREE Beauty Flash Pack with Purchase

Hey beaut's!

Soap and Glory have an amazing deal on at the moment which is almost impossible to resist, from now until the 9th of May you can get their limited edition Beauty Flash Pack* for free when you spend £14.00 in a single transaction on any Soap and Glory cosmetics in Boots stores and online. I'm a massive Soap and Glory fan so spending £14.00 on their cosmetics is pretty easy for me, I absolutely love their blushes, kohl eyeliners and matte lip crayons, I seriously cant recommend them enough.

Within the Beauty Flash Pack are three Soap and Glory *hero* makeup products, all of which are full size and worth a whopping £26.50, this is literally a corker of a deal and such great value so I'd snap it up whilst you can beaut's. The set includes a Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump, the Thick & Fast HD Mascara and the Supercat Black Eyeliner Pen! I've actually repurchased both the mascara and the eyeliner before, their regulars in my makeup bag so I was super pleased to see them within this set.
The one product out of the set I had never tried before was the Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump, this is a clear gloss that claims plumps up the lips. You can either use the gloss on its own to give a nice shine to the lips, or on top of other lip products but what I like to do is whack some on whilst I'm doing my makeup, this gets my pout looking fuller ready for my lipstick application. The gloss itself smells divine, just like chocolate and instantly tingles on the lips, it can feel a little intense to start with but once your used to the sensation it's actually quite satisfying and I definitely feel my lips look more plump after using it too, and a major plus is that the gloss isn't sticky at all, woohoo.
As I said before I LOVE the Thick & Fast HD Mascara and the Supercat Black Eyeliner Pen, their a duo that never leave my makeup bag. The Thick & Fast HD Mascara features a 7-sided fan flare-180 brush along with strength-building Collagen formula which creates length, volume and definition as well as being super intense, smudge proof and flake free. The Supercat Black Eyeliner Pen is again a super intense inky black liner with an easy to use felt tip nib, I'd definitely recommend it for beginners because of it's shape, it just feels like your drawing it on he he. It's also super long lasting on me and doesn't fade, run or smudge all day long.

Will you be taking advantage of this amazing deal beaut's?

You can find all of Soap and Glory's cosmetics in store at Boots or online HERE.


Monday, 17 April 2017

3 Makeup Products To Try From Just My Look

Hey beaut's!

Just My Look is UK based website that I know loads of you beauty loving gals are going to love, theres so many brands to shop and choose from like Sleek, Urban Decay and theBalm, as well as some brands that are harder to find in the UK such as L.A. Girl and Milani which really impressed me as I've been after Milani makeup for such a long time, if that wasn't good enough they also offer free delivery on all UK orders no matter how much you spend and same day dispatch when you order before 2pm, how good is that? I've been giving three products a whirl from the site that I've been after a while and after testing them out I think you all NEED them in your makeup bags!
Seeing as I'd been after trying some makeup from Milani I decided to go for the ever so popular Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso* (£9.95). This is such a pretty blush and I can now see why it's so popular, it's a peachy orange shade with a gorgeous luminous sheen that looks perfect on the cheeks for Spring and Summer, it's so healthy looking a dewy without being glittery or sparkly. Formula wise it's nice, it has a soft, smooth texture, medium pigmentation which I love because I can wear it softer some days and more intense on others, it is a little powdery/dusty when I pick the blush up on my brush but nothing 'tapping off the excess' wont fix and it stays put on my skin most of the day without fading. I can see myself getting so much use out of this little beauty and the blush flips up to reveal a brush and mirror underneath making it great for travelling too.
Something else that's been high on my wish list for quite some time is the L.A. Girl Concealer in Porcelain* (£3.95). This concealer is again really raved about in the beauty world but I found the shade Porcelain quite hard to come across, I remember looking for it a while ago and couldn't find it but Just My Look have a whopping 27 shades to choose from including their colour correcting shades which is pretty impressive. Porcelain is the lightest shade within the collection, it's fair with yellow undertones and really brightens my under eye area as well as concealing at the same time which is just what I look for in an under eye concealer. Formula wise.. its creamy and easy to blend, with a medium-full buildable coverage and leaves a semi-matte finish that stays put really well, once this concealer has set that's it, theres no budging it, which again is just what I look for in a concealer because I don't want that bad boy to move or crease throughout the day. Overall I bloody love this concealer, I'd highly recommend Porcelain if your looking for a bright under eye concealer that covers, brightens and stays well, I want to get a couple of the other shades too for my blemishes and for contouring too because the formula is just lush.
Just My Look also have lots of Sleek Makeup to shop and seeing as I love their highlighting palettes so much I just had to get another shade to play with, Cleopatra's Kiss* (£9.95). Cleopatra's Kiss contains four highlighting shades in total, two of which are luxurious creams and the other two are velvety soft powders. All four shades are within the golden, bronzed realm and oh my goodness they send me into glowing, highlighter heaven, their stunning! If your into super intense highlighter then you'll love this palette as well as Sleeks other highlighting palettes, they deliver such a radiant glow and luminous polish to the skin, even my higher end highlighter have nothing on these, their incredible.

Have you tried any of these products beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!

You can find the Just My Look website HERE.


Saturday, 15 April 2017

iZ Beauty Nail Polishes Reviewed

Hey beaut's!

Spring is finally here and I'm so happy about it, finally the sandals can come back out, the light wash jeans can make an appearance and it's pastel heaven in the makeup and nail polish caddie he he. Talking of pastel shades I've been obsessed with three new nail polishes I got recently from iZ Beauty, if your new to iZ Beauty like I was their an online brand that sell soooo many nail polishes and loads of nail art products as well as a few makeup items too.
iZ Beauty* have just launched their 'Blooming Beautiful' nail polish collection for Spring and its oh so pretty, the collection is made up of four nail polishes in complimentary pastel shades all with a lovely gel effect formula. The three shades I have been road testing are Wild Sage - a soft spring green, Wisteria Lane - a pastel purple with a pink undertone and finally Lily Romance - a cool-toned pink, theres also a pastel powder blue shade in the collection too called Forget Me Not which is high on my wish list to try he he.
Each shade applied smoothly with no bubbling or streaking what so ever and where fully opaque after two thin coats, I found the polishes dried pretty quickly on my nails too despite not being classed as quick drying which is always a plus as I hate waiting for my nails to dry. As these are all gel effect polishes the finish is super rich and glossy and because they have been formulated and created with plasticiser technology it allows the polishes to resist chipping quickly so you get longer out of your iZ Beauty manicure. I'd say I got a good 3 full days wear out of mine before I noticed some chipping which I think is good considering how hands on I am at home and at work. 
Overall I'm completely obsessed with these polishes and shades, their so pretty for spring, they last well on my nails, they all apply easy, the packaging is cute and their affordable at £6.00 each, what more could a pastel loving gal ask for he he.

Have you tried any of the iZ Beauty Nail Polishes beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know.

You can find the iZ Beauty 'Blooming Beautiful' Nail Polishes for £6.00 each HERE.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

Tangle Angel in Precious Pink Reviewed

Hey beaut's!

I'm always on the hunt for a good hairbrush, my hair is long and quite thick and I'm always whacking different products in it so a good brush is an essential for my barnet, but I tend to go through quite a few due to bent bristles and what not so when I heard of the Tangle Angel being great for detangling as well as being 'Kim K's favourite' I just had to give it a whirl.
The Tangle Angel* is a professional detangling hairbrush which is not only perfect for detangling both wet and dry hair, but is also a great blow drying brush and is suitable for all hair types. The brush itself comes in lots of different colours but I opted for Precious Pink because it was so cute and girlie, the back of the brush has an angel wing design which not only looks pretty but is multi functional too because you can hold it just by the wing design to get greater control and extra grip or you can just use the free standing handle. 
The bristles of the brush come in different lengths to catch every hair and are super soft and flexible, at first glance it reminded me of my tangle teezer but actually the bristles are much softer and more flexible with the Tangle Angel. Theres so many other benefits to the Tangle Angel bristles too, their heat resistant (the tangle teezer isn't) and retain their shape even when used with high temperatures, their anti static which is a major plus for me because theres nothing I hate more than when my hair goes static, and the bristles and the plastic also have antibacterial additives embedded within them which makes it an ultra hygienic brush.
Overall I really love the Tangle Angel brush and have been pleasantly surprised by it, it glides through my hair with ease without pulling or tugging and I've noticed that hardly any of my hair gets left behind within the bristles, not like my other large paddle brush I have which is basically full of my hair which has been yanked out. I also love how soft the bristles are, their not scratchy in the slightest and feel so gentle against my scalp, and the brush is super lightweight too despite looking quite heavy so its easy to hold whilst I blow dry or straighten my hair.

If you have long thick hair like mine that's prone to tangling or being hard to manage in the mornings then I'd definitely recommend this beauty, I mean if it's good enough for Kim K then why not hey? He he.

You can find the Tangle Angel Professional Detangling Brush for £12.95 HERE.


Monday, 10 April 2017

Topshop Magic Liner Review

Hey beaut's!

I absolutely love a good ole winged liner look, I basically wear winged liner everyday without fail which means I've tried my fair share of liquid liners over the years, however I'm still always up for trying and experimenting with different liners and when I saw Topshop's Magic Liner was finally in stock in my local Topshop (I've been after it a while) I just had to buy it to try.

The Topshop Magic Liner in the shade Engraved has an ultra thin felt pen style applicator which is great for creating very sharp, precise lines and if you struggle with feline flicks then this eyeliner will really make things easy for you. The tiny nib works great for any detailed work and for creating very thin lines, which is nice for those days when you want a less dramatic eyeliner look or if you have small eyelids like myself, this eyeliner is great because it doesn't take up much lid space that thicker liners are prone to doing. The liner itself is very easy to use and control, the nib has a good amount of flexibility but is sturdy at the same time and applies really smoothly with no tugging at the skin or skipping which is great! The formula and pigmentation is great, its an intense jet black shade that has a slight shine to it once it's dried, and doesn't fade, smudge or flake on me through out the day, I was actually quite shocked at this liners lasting power, I don't know why but I imagined it would fade throughout the day and lose it's intensity but it doesn't at all. I had also read a couple of reviews on the Topshop website where some people experienced smudging but other didn't, but I've not once had experienced any what so ever, I don't know if that's down to me having dryer skin but once my liners on it ain't going now where he he.
Overall I'm so happy I finally got to try the Topshop Magic Liner because I bloody love it, it's jet black, easy to use, long lasting, doesn't smudge or flake, can create thin or thick lines and is affordable too, I'll definitely be repurchasing this bad boy for sure. 

Have you tried the Topshop Magic Liner beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!

You can find the Topshop Magic Liner for £6.50 HERE.


Sunday, 9 April 2017

April Beauty Haul

Hey beaut's!

I hit the shops recently and decided to treat myself to some makeup bits and pieces that I've been wanting to try for such a long time, you know those bits that you always add to your online basket and then delete or I pick them up in the shop and then put them back again, well this time I thought 'sod it' and treated myself.
Something I've wanted for a while is Mac's Nylon Eyeshadow, the reason it's taken me until now to buy it is because I actually only wanted it for one specific thing... inner corner highlight! Seems pretty odd getting an eyeshadow for one purpose but honestly it's the prettiest 'frosty' inner corner highlight that lasts all day, I love it and I'm so pleased I bought it. Sticking with highlighter, I finally decided to cave and buy the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette and wow...I actually feel stupid for waiting so long to buy this, if your into super intense highlighter then you NEED to get this palette asap, I love it more than my Mary Lou-Manizer and that's really saying something. I'd also been lusting after the Topshop Magic Liner for a while but it was never in stock in my Topshop until the other day so I snapped that up pretty sharpish and so far so good. I then popped into Primark because I wanted to get another one of their amazing oval brushes, this time around I opted for the smaller one best suited for concealer and contouring.
  I then popped into Superdrug and noticed their 3 for 2 offer across makeup was back on so it would of been rude not to get a couple of bits wouldn't it. I actually opted for three things from Barry M because I needed to repurchase my trusty Mist and Fix Dewy Makeup Setting Spray (review HERE), then I saw they finally had the Colour Correcting Wand for Dark Circles back in stock so I quickly grabbed that, and then if that wasn't good enough they also had the brand new Molten Metal Nail Paint shades in and Pink Ice just HAD to be mine.

Look out for some full reviews coming soon on each of these products beaut's but so far I'm loving everything I picked up.

What new makeup have you picked up recently? I'd love to know!