April Favourites ♥

Hey girlie's!! As April is drawing to a close ( woahhh that went quick ) i thought i would share with you my most reached for beauty products of this month, so without further a do here are my April faves.......

MUA Intense Kisses Lipgloss In Kiss and Tell

I brought this lipgloss a few weeks back and have been using it most days ever since, its the lasting power as well as the colour that i love. I'm the kind of girl that when i pop a lipstick or lipgloss on i want it there for a long time without having to worry as to whether it needs topping up or not, plus whilst I'm at work theres no way i can keep topping up my pout so the fact this stays on for hours ( 5 hours on me to be precise ) is great, and for a bargain of just £2 you cant go wrong. Check out the full review of this lipgloss by clicking here.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium

This is just amazing!!! The finely milled powder gives a perfect matte finish and has amazing coverage without looking cakey, i love the fact you can pop this on top of a tinted moisturiser and have maxium coverage, its great for concealing pours and is super long lasting. I use my Real Techniques powder brush to apply this as i find its super quick to buff round my face into my skin. This maybe a pricey little bugger at £21.00 but so worth it.

Benefit High Beam
Ive recently been getting into highlighting again since the spring weather has arrived and its the High Beam I've been reaching for constantly. The baby pink liquid is so easy to apply and blend and gives you a beautiful radiant dewy complexion. It is abit on the pricey side but is super long lasting, its a great product and the packaging is mega cute too.

Sleek Storm Eyeshadow Palette

Ive been loving using my Storm palette again this month, I've been so loyal to using my Urban Decay Naked palette that id totally forgotten how much i love the Sleek palette. Ive swatched 3 of the eye shadows just so you can see how pigmented and pretty the shades are but i do plan on doing a full review on this palette so I wont go into too much detail. What i will say is this palette is really versatile as it goes from neutrals to more darker smokey colours and is a right bargain for the amazing quality of the eye shadows.

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean

Peaches and Clean is a 4 in 1 wash off deep cleansing milk, Its great to use if you want to deep cleanse your skin which i have been doing every 2-3 days it also removes makeup with ease. When i first started using this i did get a few odd spots but i persevered and now i never get spots at all, i think it was the product working and getting rid of all the crap that brought out the spots in the beginning. All in all another great product from Soap & Glory that I'm totally in love with.

Whats been your favourite beauty product this month?? Id love to know :) 

Love Hayley xXxXx

A Picture Tells A Thousand Storie's #11 (Sunday Summary)

Hey girlie's!!! I hope you've all had a fabulous week!!! This week hasn't been all that exciting for me to be honest, the best thing for me this week id say has to have been the weather, its been gorgeous warm sunshine for most of the week where i live which has meant I've been able to get out into the garden planting some flowers and doing general garden type things, ha. My bathroom has also started undergoing its makeover which I'm pleased about, its strange when you have your own house when simple things like doing abit of gardening or sprucing up the bathroom excite me he he. I'm looking forward to the week ahead as me and Michael have a week off work to spend some quality time together and also get some decorating done around the house, I'm hoping to spend some time with my mum as well so busy times ahead. Anywhoo here's my week in pictures ♥

Mmm i baked some white chocolate and milk chocolate cookies ♥ Me, myself and I ♥ My Alfie bear is so damn cute when he's snoozing ♥ My lovely neighbour baked a chocolate cake and brought me some round, bless her ♥ I painted my nails in Nails Inc St James ♥ One of the many beautiful days we had during the week ♥ My throwback Thursday picture this week is of me and Michael 3 years go whilst we was having a picnic in the park ♥ Some dark clouds that loomed over my house whilst is was sunny, freaky weather ♥ Recently i discovered that Poundland sold these yummy Haribo strawberry cables and I'm totally addicted at the moment ♥ Whilst having a major clear out in my bedroom i found a super old computer game of 'The Lion King' and then i got majorly excited when it still worked, yay  ♥ Love this quote, it definitely says exactly what i think about beauty ♥ My Alfie bear fast asleep with his tongue hanging out ha ha ♥

♥ My favourite song this week is Macklemore feat Ray Dalton Can't Hold Us, i have this song on repeat right now although i didn't like it at first it was a definite grower for me ♥

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Love Hayley xXxXx

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

Hey girlie's!! So a while back i had my first encounter of a seriously bad break out and my general high street foundations weren't cutting the mustard when it came to covering up the awful spots and blemishes that had just appeared on my face out of no where, so i decided to pop into Debenhams and grab myself a swanky high end  foundation that would hopefully work wonders, after browsing for ages i decided on 'Double Wear' by Estee Lauder.

As you can see i got matched up with the colour 'Fresco' which is a tan shade with creamy undertones and in my opinion slightly to dark for me, its only bang on when I'm more tanned in the summer month's. The foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle with a screw up lid, personally I'm not a fan of the packaging as it comes without a pump so i find myself always pouring out too much product which leads to wastage or its just generally messy if you try and scrape the foundation back into the bottle. The consistency of this foundation is like a thick cream so is quite hard to smooth and blend across your skin with your fingers so id always recommend using a buffing brush to get that smooth, even finish. Id also say to work quickly whilst buffing this into the skin as it sets mega fast and you don't have much time to work with it all.

 The finish of this foundation on me is a very matte full coverage and covers up any in perfections, spots and blemishes, i didn't find it heavy or cakey  on the skin nore did it sink into any creases, the one thing i did notice is if you have any dry patches of skin it does cling to them so id say use a good moisturiser first. The lasting power of this foundation is amazing, it lasted all day without a single touch up and didn't slide at all.

The foundation provides an SPF of 10 which is great for the protection of your skin but awful for photo's, be warned girls if you have your photo taken with the flash on this foundation gives a awful white cast and makes you look ghostly.

The Price: I paid £26.50 for mine but i think it all depends where you buy it from and if there's any offers on.

Availability: I picked mine up in Debenhams but it is widely available online and at Estee Lauder stockists.

My Verdict: Great for problematic skin that needs good coverage, it worked a treat for me whilst my skin was having a bad few weeks. It is a little on the pricey side for me but if you fancy treating yourself then its not too bad for a luxury high end foundation. The staying power is great, i even noticed it didn't budge during some hot humid weather. The fact it doesn't have a pump it abit pants but not a major, the only real let down  is the fact you look ghostly in pictures when you've used a flash.

Have you used this foundation? What did u think? 

Love Hayley xXxXx

I ♥ Spring Tag

Hey girlie's!!! So recently the lovely Dee from deesbeautifullife tagged me in the I ♥ Spring tag so i thought id join in a do it as i do love a good tag ♥ 

The Questions ♥

1. Favourite spring nail varnish?

This was hard for me as i switch up my nail polish quite a lot but my most loved polishes so far for spring are Ciaté Paint Pot in Beach Melba (on the left), i love this for a more muted down pink pastel look or if i want to be more vibrant i love Revlon Tropical Temptation (on the right), its a gorgeous pinkie coral colour which is fab for when its warmer and great on toes too.

2. What is your must have lip colour for this spring?

My must have lip colour for spring would have to be Natural Collection's Pink Mallow, as you can see it looks totally different in the lipstick tube than it does swatched but its just so pretty on the lips, its a subtle pretty spring time pink. Its also a moisture shine lipstick so it keeps your pout looks glossy and moisturised.

3. Show us your favourite spring dress!

This was really hard as i love a good ole spring/summer dress and i have so many to choose from but this one in particular i wore loads last year, its from New Look and just fits me perfectly.I'm quite curvaceous so i find skater style dresses that nip in my waist are so flattering on my figure and I'm sure ill get lots of wear out of this dress again this year.

4. What's your favourite flower?

For me it has to be pink roses, they are just so pretty and look gorgeous in the spring/summer time. My neighbour has a pink rose bush in her garden and every year it looks beautiful. I'm also partial to Lily's as well.

5. Favourite spring scarf/accessories?

I'm not a huge accessories wearer if I'm honest although i do love to pile up the chunky wooden bracelets in summer, i think they look great with maxi dresses and even swimwear.

6. What spring trend (s) are you most excited about this year? Makeup, fashion or both?
For me it has to be both, i work in a fashion store so I'm surrounded by new trends coming in all the time and i love the floral ditsy prints for spring and the more pastel shades too. Makeup wise i love the more dewy healthy looking finish to the skin and the more vibrant blushers that come out.

7. Favourite spring candle?

As you might know I'm a huge candle lover and i love Yankee Candle's in perticular so I'm excited to try their new Spring 2013 range. I think Black Coconut is going to be my first purchase, i bet that smells lush. I do love Black Cherry its such a great all rounder.

8. Favourite body spray/perfume for spring?

Most of my favourite spring time scents I've used all up like Marc Jacobs Daisy and Juicy Couture La La, but right now I'm in love with Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy, it smells amazing and lasts on you for hours but isn't overpowering at all. I'm also a big fan of most of the Impulse body sprays too.

9. What is spring like where you live?
Hmm spring in the UK usually consists of rain, cloud and a hint of sunshine. We don't get much hot weather and if this year so far is anything to go by then i don't hold out much hope for a summer this year. 

10. Whats your favourite thing about spring?
I love the fact that everything has more colour to it, the tree's are green and blossoming, the flowers are out in full force, even fashion and beauty gets more vibrant. I also love to get stuck into abit of gardening, i always have done since i was little. Its so satisfying to plant things and see how beautiful they can turn out to be. Also that fact that its not freezing cold and the evenings are nice a light helps.

11. Are you a spring cleaner?
Yes!! In general i am quite a tidy person and do lots of deep cleaning all year round but the sunshine certainly helps motivate me sometimes. 

12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?
So far no!!! I do hope i will get a little break at some point this year but nothings booked up as of yet.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tag as much as i loved writing it and a big thank you again to Dee for tagging me. I tag everyone to do this and if you do decide to, don't forget to let me know in the comments below so i can check out what your favourite springtime loves are.

Love Hayley xXxXx 

Instagram Prints ♥

Hey girlie's!!!! So as you might know I'm a little addicted to using Instagram, i tend to photograph everything as i love capturing little memories or moments that you can look back on. Ive wanted to get my Instagram pictures printed for a while as sometimes it seems pointless just having all the little memories stuck on your phone so i decided to take the plunge and order some, i used the site printstagr.am to do this. On the site theres loads of  different options for you to chose from as to how you want your photo's to be printed, you can have posters, mini books, calenders, stickers, framed prints and the little Polaroid squares which is what i opted for. I only got a set of 24 printed this time as i wanted to see what the site was like and i have to say its brilliant, it advised it could take up to 2 weeks for my photo's to arrive but they came within a couple of days and the quality of the photo's is great too. I'm completely chuffed with my photo's and I'm definitely going to order some more, I'm now deciding whether to get a big pin board to put them on or search for some nice photo frames to put them in. So if your a little addicted to Instagram like i am you should definitely check out the website.

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Love Hayley xXxXx 

A Picture Tells A Thousand Storie's #10 (Sunday Summary)

Hey girlie's!!!! Hope your all well, this week started off fab as we had the first slice of spring  time pie as it was lovely and warm, so warm in fact that we decided to get our garden table and chairs back out for the first time since last year woohoo. Then i was saddened by the news Boston America had been hit by 2 bombs, i just cant believe horrible things like this happen in the world, my thoughts are with everyone in Boston at this horrible time. Ive been quite busy again with work this week, I'm looking forward to getting this next week at work out the way as i then have a weeks holiday whoop whoop. Also this week i hit 80 followers on here yayyyyy, i really cant thank everyone enough for following me it really does me alot, 80 might not be alot to everyone but to me its amazing so thank you all so so much. Anywhooo here's my week in pictures ♥

The garden table and chairs came out to play after we had lovely 21 degree weather in Norfolk ♥ My naughty Alfie bear trying to play with socks outside ♥ Me and Alfie ♥ Love this little picture from Aristocats, so cute, also proving lady's always go first he he ♥ The horrible news about the Boston bombings ♥ I'm longing to try these new Revlon Nail Art Polishes, they look amazing ♥ Alfie missed me after i had a long day at work, he wouldn't leave my side and slept with his head on my lap all night, bless him ♥ Cute texts with the boyfriend ♥ Diary Milk for lunch, yup its fair to say my diets not going too well ♥ My April Glossy box arrived ♥ My Instagram photo prints also arrived ♥ Trying the Ben & Jerry's Clever Cookies ice cream, I've never tried this one but oh my god its delicious ♥ Found this cute little picture of 'Screw this, I'm going to Hogwarts' and i had to post it as i definitely want to get in a flying car and fly to Hogwart's ♥

♥ I haven't got a favourite song this week but i do have a favourite TV Show its called Revolution it's on Sky 1 its amazing and has been a huge success in the US. I don't want to go into to much detail in case you haven't seen it yet but all id say is it gets you hooked and it will leave you wanted to see more ♥

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Love Hayley xXxXx

Glossybox April 2013

Hey girlie's!!!! This month Glossy box teamed up with the lovely Pearl Lowe who designed the gorgeous box inspired by her love for all things vintage and floral and i blooming well love it. 

The contents is all about 'Spring Fever' getting us all ready for the spring/summer that's fast approaching (we hope). Inside my box this month are five gorgeous treats, 2 of which are full size yippee.

♥  Essie Nail Lacquer in Nice Is Nice- I was so excited to see this in my box, I've always wanted to try Essie polishes but I've never been able to bring myself to spend £7.99 on a single nail polish, so the fact i now have a full size one to try out is fab. The shade 'nice is nice' is a muted down pastel lilac colour which is perfect for springtime wear.

♥ Nip & Fab Dry Skin Fix Body Butter in Pistachio Sundae- I must admit I've never tried any Nip & Fab products before so i was thrilled to have this in my box to try out. Firstly the scent is amazing, it honestly smells that nice that i could just taste it. The consistency is more like a thick moisturiser than a body butter but still its gonna be great to get rid of any dry patches on the skin.

♥ Sun Sense Daily Face SPF 50plus- I'm going to save this to try in the Summer on the real hot days, I'm pleased that it says its a matte formula as I'm hoping it's going to be great under foundation and not leave that oily residue that sun lotions usually leave. The one thing that I'm abit miffed about is that because it's facial sun protection your not gonna need a great deal of product each time its applied yet there is not lid or cap, it just has one of those snap off stoppers so once its open there's no closing it which could prove to be annoying.

♥ Model Co Cheek & Lip Tint in Rosy Red- The second full size product in my box and another range I've never tried before but I'm excited to give this a go. I popped a small amount on the back of my hand and it feels like a thin gel formula which rubbed into the skin quickly and easily to leave a nice rosy stain, i also noticed it had a nice berry scent to it which is lush.

♥  Yves Rocher So Elixir Purple Eau de Parfum- Like i said last month, the perfume samples give me the grumps in these beauty boxes as i can always pick samples up for free if i want to try them, however this month you get a little 5ml bottle which is better than the usual one spritz you normally get, as its a little bottle it will be great for your handbag or even on a night out when u only have a small bag with you but u want to take a perfume, so all in all the perfume sample isn't so bad this month. 

All in all I'm pleased with this months box as its a box brimming with new products and ranges to try and 2 full size items, cant be bad. 

Love Hayley xXxXx 

MUA Intense Kisses Lipgloss Review ♥

Hey beauties!!! Recently i picked up the Intense Kisses Lipgloss by MUA. I've always been a fan of MUA as not only is the brand really affordable but the quality always seems to be great too and this lip gloss doesn't disappoint either, i love it!!!!!

MUA Intense Kisses Lipgloss in Kiss and Tell

Kiss and Tell is a pink fuchsia colour with red undertones, as you can see from the pictures this gloss is highly pigmented and comes out on the lips the same colour as it appears in the tube which i think is fab. The gloss is in no way tacky or sticky and theres no glitter particals running through it either, from what i can tell this gloss is unscented but doesn't leave a horrible taste on the lips. The thing i find completely amazing about this lip gloss is the lasting power, the glossy finish does wear off quite quick but the gloss leaves this gorgeous stain on the lips which stays put for hours, in the picture above id actually been wearing the gloss for around 3 hours and the colour payoff was still going strong and i didn't experience any patchiness until about 5 hours or so which is amazing considering this only cost me £2, yup that's right £2!!! I'm not too sure if the lighter shades in this range would have the same amount of staying power as i find the darker colours do always last longer but I'm definitely going to give more shades in the range a go as I'm really impressed.

All in all id give this lip gloss full marks, id definitely purchase it again and ill be buying more shades in the collection soon.

Have you tried these little beauties??? What did you think???

Love Hayley xXxXx

W7 Double Act and Africa Blush Review's

Hey girlie's!!! Whilst i was visiting my mum we decided to go and have a nosey around and went into a shop called The Factory Shop, i have no idea if this shop is just in my mums town or if its everywhere as its new to me, its sells pretty much everything but on a lower price budget which is great for me as i do love a good bargain. Whilst looking in the makeup section  i noticed a few W7 make up items and the Double Act Duo and the Africa Bronzing Powder caught my eye and for £2.99 each i thought i may as well give them a go.

Double Act Bronzer and Highlighting Powder 

Firstly, the packaging is a cute little box that holds 8 grams worth of product, it comes with a small brush which is extremely soft but i don't find it useful for the application of this product if I'm honest. Now for the product itself, the little box holds a bronzer and a blusher, it does state its a bronzer and highlighter but there is no way you could use the pinkie shade as a highlight as its just too pink. Both the bronzer and blush are packed full of little glitter particles so if you don't like a glowing finish to the skin this one probably isn't for you. This isn't the most pigmented product in the world but it is buildable for your desired affect.

There are 2 things i didn't like about this, the first being that because this is a duo i find it very difficult to pick up the product on my brush without getting both colours mixed together unless you have a tiny blush/bronzing brush which i don't, the second is that its a very powdery product so it can be a little messy and can have some fall out.

Africa Bronzing Powder

The packaging is the same as the Double Act, in a cute little box with the 8 grams of product and has the same little brush as well which like i said before I'm not a fan of. The bronzer id say actually isn't bronzer at all id say its more like a golden bronzed highlighter as it has that pearl type shine that a highlighter would give, i certainly wouldn't dream of contouring or bronzing my whole face up with this but used as a highlight its lovely. The pigmentation is quite good id say better than the Double Act's pigmentation and this actually feels more softer and less powdery than the Double Act too. The Africa Powder is definitely the winner for me out of the 2 but for its highlighting ability not as a bronzer.

Have you tried any of these little W7 boxed powders??? What did you think???

Love Hayley xXxXx

13 Personal Questions Tag ♥

1. What do you order at Starbucks?
To be honest I'm not a fan of hot drinks and i hate coffee so i don't really go into Starbucks often, however in the winter months when its cold i do like a hot chocolate to warm myself up whist I'm doing my Christmas shopping.

2. Whats the one thing in your closet you cannot live without?
For me it has to be my Topshop Leigh Jeans, i have a few pairs now and i find they are the base of nearly every outfit i put together, their comfortable and fit me perfect. I cant wait to add more to my collection.

3. What's one thing most people probably don't know about you?
Most people don't know that i suffer from an illness called Labyrinthitis, its an illness that affects your inner ear which throws your balance off making me feel dizzy all the time. It has its many added side affects and the one that affects me the most is Anxiety, I've had this illness for nearly 3 years now unfortunately.

4. Name one thing you want to do before you die?
The most obvious thing is that id love to have children and get married before i die but besides that I've always wanted to go to New York and Florida so I'm hoping one day ill be able to.

5. Whats one food you cannot live without?
Probably chocolate, i know its terrible but i love it and eat it everyday and just imaging not having it everyday makes me feel odd.

6. What quote or phrase do you live by?
I wouldn't say i have a specific quote that i come out with alot but i do always say to live your life to the fullest as your never know whats round the corner, i find people sometimes waste their time on silly things or silly people and then regret it, so i say just try and do what you truly want to do all the time and make everyday count.

7. Favourite TV Show?
Arrrhh i have so many, i love Eastenders, Hollyoaks, One Tree Hill, 90210, Prison Break, Revolution and i love all reality TV Shows.

8. Whats your most listened to song on Itunes?
The Underdog Project- Summer Jam its a classic from back in the day but i still listen to it all the time, its probably one of my all time favourite songs.

9. What kind of style would you define yourself  as having?
I don't really have a style to be honest, i just wear anything that looks nice, fits nice and goes together as an outfit.

10. Favourite number?
My favourite number is 5.

11. Two Hobbies?
My first hobbie would have to be blogging,  i love reading other peoples blog's too as well and writing my own. My second thing i love doing is spending time with my mum, i don't really want to call it a hobbie but any spare time i have i love to spend it with her, we are very close and since I've not lived at home for years now i miss her loads. 

12. Two Pet Peeves?
My first pet peeve has to be rude customers at my work, if any of you work in retail you will probably relate to this as well, i cant stand the fact that someone can come into the shop and literally stand there and shout at me maybe because they don't agree with the company's return policy for instance, its not my fault and i don't deserve to be spoken to like crap thank you very much. My second pet peeve has to be street sellers, in my town we have the most annoying man that sells the big issue magazine, he literally shoves the magazine in your face and says 'big issue, buy it' and he will continue to do that every time you walk past him its so annoying. 

13. Guilty Pleasures?
Probably shopping because i love it but i can never really afford it, ill go out and spend a fortune and then get home and think SHIT i shouldn't of done that. 

Hope you enjoyed the tag my lovelies, i tag you all to do it too.

Love Hayley xXxXx

A Picture Tells A Thousand Storie's #9 (Sunday Summary)

Hey girlie's!!! Hope you are all well. This week i decided that i need to be more healthy and lose a little bit of weight, this is an extremely hard task being the chocoholic that i am so instead of being on a strict 'diet' I've decided just to cut back on some things and exercise more, that way i can still have the odd treat without feeling terrible about it.I have no idea if ill keep to it but its definitely worth a go. Anyhoooo here's my week in pictures ♥ 

A cheeky couple of purchases i made in Superdrug ♥ My healthy lunch of tuna salad with a bagel on the side ♥ My baby Alfie with his head on my leg whilst i eat my dinner, he was hoping for some scraps i think ha ha ♥ My jacket spud and salad i had for dinner ♥ Me wearing my geeky glasses, love them so much ♥ My Thursday throwback picture of me and Alfie when he was a little puppy, love this picture Alfie just looks so small ♥ My naughty treat of the week, the new Teasers bar, amazing creation ♥ I'm loving the Sky Disney Movie channel at the moment and thoroughly enjoyed Bambi the other day ♥ 

♥ I haven't really got a favourite song this week but I've been really into Lana Del Rey's album Born To Die again, i just adore her voice ♥

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Love Hayley xXxXx

Tresemme Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shot Review.

Hey girlie's!!! So recently whilst having a mooch around Superdrug i saw Tresemme had launched a new range called 'Platinum Strength' the range was all half price so i immediately had to have a nosey. The range claims to visibly repair 2 years worth of damage after 5 uses, now I'm sure anyone would think that's quite a big claim as i sure did, anyway as i was looking i saw this little 60 second treatment shot and I'm all about a quick fix so i bought 1 to try. 

As you may or may not know I've been growing my hair out for quite some time now and I've also been quite naughty and not had my hair cut in a long time so my ends are extremely dry and split, also the fact i use heat on my hair more of less everyday doesn't help the poor condition of my hair either so this little shot was just what i needed if it lived up to its claim. 

I have to say Tresemme have really pulled it out of the bag with this range, its amazing. Whilst in the bath i applied some of the treatment shot to the lower half of my wet hair and left it in roughly for the 60 seconds it advises, once i had thoroughly rinsed my hair straight away i noticed a difference even though my hair was still soaking wet. Once id blowdryed my hair my ends felt completely smooth and the only way i can really describe it is when you've just had your hair cut and your ends are all swishy and full of life, its exactly how this makes your hair feel, there was no dry ends and my split ends where no longer visible. I do also have to mention i got 2 uses out of my shot which for someone with long thick hair i thought was fab too.

All in all this product is amazing and I've already stocked up on other products from the 'Platinum Strength' range, also why its half price its a right brucie bonus. I only paid 69p for my little treatment shot.

Let me know your thoughts on this range, have you tried it out yet?? 

Love Hayley xXxXx

April Wishlist ♥

1. Ive been lusting over this gold stud purse every time i go into Topshop so as I've been working my butt off recently i think I'm gonna treat myself very soon to the little beauty.

2. I know the Alexander Wang knockoff bags where everywhere last summer but i decided to restrain myself back then, not because i didn't like the bag as i actually love it, but i knew everyone would have it around the same time so i thought id wait, but now i want it more than ever so i will definitely be picking it up soon.

3. The Theodora palette by Urban Decay looks gorgeous, even the packaging is fab and I'm a sucker for cool packaging!!! The quality of Urban Decay eye shadows is great so I'm hoping to get this soon so my Naked palette has a friend ha ha.

4. I'm a massive candle fan and my obsession seemed to get worse when i moved into my house. Ive seen these Neom candles raved about on Blogs and YouTube and would love to have one myself, they are a little on the pricey side although I'm sure they are worth every penny, I'm so gonna have to buy one very soon.

5. Ive wanted to try the Bourjois Bronzing Powder for so so long but as I'm not a huge bronzer fan I've always shied away from it, however, Ive recently started using my Elf Warm Bronzer  and I'm really loving the more bronzed look so I'm going to pick one of these up very soon, it looks amazing and its always raved about so I'm hoping that since I've now found my love for bronzer that this will look lush this spring/summer.

6. Next i want to try any of the Loreal liquid eyeliners, it doesn't have to be the one pictured but just in general I'm wanting to try their range out. Believe it or not I've only recently got the hang of doing liquid eyeliner and as the quality of Loreal's are ment to be really good I'm hoping to test a few out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

7. I really want to see if the La Rouche-Posay Effaclar Duo will help get rid of some of my blemishes left by past breakouts so I'm definitely up for giving this a whirl soon.

8. As we draw closer to some nicer weather ( hopefully ) i really want to steer away from my winter shades and get more into pastels, i love Barry M Nail Paints so the fact they do some amazing cute pastel shades excites me silly amounts.

Whats on your wishlist this month girlie's????

Please let me know any good recommendations on the liquid eyeliner front or if you've reviewed any feel free to leave your links, id love to check them out.

Love Hayley xXxXx

A Picture Tells A Thousand Storie's #8 (Sunday Summary)

Hey girlie's!!! Hope you all had a fabulous Easter and got lots of chocolaty treats. This week I've noticed how unhealthy I've been recently an I've put on some weight so I've decided that i want to go on abit of a health kick and loose a little weight before the summer arrives so as of today (Saturday 6th April) I'm a healthy Hayley. I'm basically just going to eat alot healthier and exercise on my wii fit and go with the flow really, hopefully ill shed a few pounds. Ive been working as usual this week and walking the pooch alot, we also had the Grand National Races on Saturday, i did place a few cheeky bets but never won a sausage. Anywhoooo here's my week in pictures ♥

Me and my Mum on Easter Sunday, i went over my parents for a yummy Easter roast ♥ As you might or might know I'm a huge fan of One Tree Hill so i had an early night with Season 7 ♥ Hmm my naughty lunch at work ♥ Me, the pic was taken by my Mum on Easter day ♥ My baby just chilling ha ha ♥ My Thursday throwback picture was of me on a balcony in Menorca 2010, i was on holiday with Michael my boyfriend ♥ Me rocking my black lace dress for work ♥ I enjoyed my last takeaway before my health kick starts ♥ Woke up to find Alfie on my bed staring at me, bless him ♥ I'm hoping and praying that summer is on its way, bugger off cold wintry weather ♥ Alfie enjoying his walkies in the sunshine ♥ Found this calories quote and had to post it as I'm going health kick crazy ha ha ♥

♥ This weeks favourite song is Rihanna Stay. Usually im not a fan of Rihanna's slow numbers but this song is beautiful, i also love the video its asif she feels every word in it ♥ 

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Love Hayley xXxXx

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Hey girlie's!!!! So today it dawned on me that i haven't deep cleaned my makeup brushes for a while, which is pretty gross considering how much nasty bacteria must be lurking in them, so i decided whilst i have the time id spruce them up abit and write a post of how i quickly, simply and cheaply i clean mine....

What you will need:

I use a basic hand towel, as you will need something to place your brushes on whilst they dry and you'll need your chosen brush cleaner, i just use Johnson's Baby Shampoo, its so easy to get hold of, it also helps that its mega cheap i pick mine up in Poundland,  and also with it being a baby shampoo you know its gonna be nice and gentle on the bristles and wont damage them in anyway.

How i clean my brushes:

From Left to Right

1. Rinse your dirty brush under warm water with the bristles facing downwards, i do this just to prevent rusting or getting any warm water on the inside stem of your brush as it could melt the glue that keeps your brush together which could result in your brush getting ruined.

2. Pop a small amount of your shampoo into the palm of your hand, the amount you need will depend on the size of brush your washing and how dirty it is.

3. In the palm of your hand lather up the shampoo on your brush, i use circular motions against my palm just to make sure I'm really deep cleaning.

4. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear still making sure the brush is facing downwards as i rinse, once clean carefully strain as much water out as possible and reshape your brush bristles.

5. Lay your damp brush flat on your towel and leave to dry over night, the next day you should have lovely fluffy clean brushes.

There you have it, nice clean brushes without breaking the bank or being too time consuming. Don't forget it is quite essential to clean your brushes regularly as it will cut down on bacteria growth and contamination which will lead you to having much more healthier clearer skin.

Love Hayley xXxXx

Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette Review

Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette £20

I'm super excited to review this palette being the huge Urban Decay fan that i am. The Naked Basics is a cute little palette with 6 neutral matte eye shadows, so if your into your matte eye shadows and your neutrals this is definitely the palette for you. The palette is quite slim and small with a rubberised finish to it and has a good sized mirror inside the lid, out of all the Urban Decay palette's this is my favourite packaging as the other palettes tend to be quite large so aren't so easy to travel with or carry around in your make up bag for touch ups during the day, but this little beauty is pocket sized id say. 

Two of the shades in this palette are available in other Urban Decay palettes but the other four are brand new shades. The only semi matte shade in this palette is Venus (the lightest shade in the palette) it has a slight pearly shimmer to it which is fabulous to highlight the brow bone or the tear duct area. What i love about this palette is that the shades can simply take you from day to night, you can use your lighter colours in the palette for the day time and then smoke it up at night with the darker colours, the colour 'Faint' is also great for my eyebrows too.

Colour Description:

Venus: An off white shade with a slight shimmer. NEW!
Foxy: A matte light yellow/creamy colour.
Walk of Shame: A very light nude colour also matte.
Naked 2: A taupe matte colour. NEW!
Faint: A matte dusty brown. NEW!
Crave: A deep dark matte brown/black. NEW!

Without flash.

With flash.

All the shades in this palette are highly pigmented, super soft to the touch and easy to work with, as the formula is so super soft they're really easy to blend and stay in place on the eyelids all day, i have super oily eyelids so i do use a primer or a base so i can get longer wear out of the shadows but i have tested this palette out without primer and the shadows lasted a good 6/7 hours which i thought was amazing.

Overall i really do love this palette, i think it super affordable considering its a high end makeup product, its great for travelling and the eye shadows are super good quality.

Have you got this beauty of a palette?? What did you think??

Love Hayley xXxXx