Terry's Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake Recipe

Who's ready for things to get a bit festive around these parts? I know I am, and what better way to kick start the super festive recipes than with a Terry's Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake! Chocolate orange is one of my favourite flavours, and lets face it a Terry's Chocolate Orange is a Christmas essential, their so festive and I think all of us receive one in our Christmas stockings don't we?! This recipe is based off of my Halloween layer cake I made back in October but the quantities are slightly different, so if you fancy giving this one a go just scroll down for the recipe!

Gingerbread Cupcakes Recipe

We've found ourselves in lockdown for the second time this year which means I'm furloughed and off work AGAIN! Although this sucks, it does give me plenty of time to start my festive bakes and cakes seeing as I'm stuck at home again, so I thought I'd kick things off with an absolute classic, the gingerbread cupcake! These taste so festive, there's just something about that gingerbread flavour that makes me feel all cosy and Christmas-y, I've finished them off with a yummy batch of vanilla buttercream and some cute little gingerbread biscuits and I think they look so cute!