July Favourites ♥

Hey girlie's!!!

I cant quite believe its that time again.... July favourites time. I honestly cant believe how quick July has gone although i do love the fact that August is just around the corner as i have lots planned in August he he anywhooo... I thought i would share with you all my favourite beauty products I've been loving throughout this past month... So here goes...

Ive been addicted to this nail polish recently... The shade is just so pretty and versatile for all seasons and the quality of the actual polish itself is amazing!!! The Gelly Hi-Shine range is completely faultless in my opinion, i have done a full review on 'Pomegranate' you can take a peek here.

Superdrug's B.Pure Micellar Water is the only micellar water I've ever tried so i cant compare this to something like Bioderma but what i do know is i love this B.Pure little gem. It cleanses your skin so gently and removes all traces of makeup with ease, its kept my skin completely clear from spots and i can honestly say i can see an improvement in my skin too. I'm so happy to have discovered this as i can see it being in my skin care routine for a long time.

This Collection Cream Puff in 'Cotton Candy' has become my new best friend ha ha. I honestly thought when i bought it 'how could a matte lip cream be moisturising??? But its blooming lovely!! Its not drying at all and has such amazing staying power, i also love the fact that's its the perfect shade for daytime or evening wear. Check out my full review here.

Usually I'm strictly all about the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes but a while ago i was rummaging through all my makeup and i came across the 'MUA Undressed Palette' so thought id give it a go again, I'm so happy i did as its gorgeous. Its an amazing dupe for the 'Naked' palette but I've actually found the lasting power of the MUA eye shadows in this palette to be alot better than the Urban Decay ones, i couldn't quite believe it. The quality of each eyeshadow is amazing, the pigmentation is great even on the matte shades and the palette is priced at only £4 yup that's right £4.... Bargain Alert!!!

When the weathers been hot in the UK recently I've been enjoying adding a pop of colour to my lips and Revlon's Kiss Me Coral has done just that... Its such a pretty summer shade and although I'm not a massive gloss fan this is among my very few favourite glosses. If you want gorgeous summer time lips then this is your shade.  

Usually I'm addicted to this stuff in Autumn/Winter when the weathers frosty and your skin need lots of TLC but for some reason i just slapped a load on when i got out the shower a few weeks ago and it reminded me just how much i love it and I've been addicted again ever since. Its smells amazing and the scent lingers on your skin the next day which i love, its super thick so you feel completely moisturised and leaves it your skin feeling super duper soft. If you haven't tried this before then you need to get yourself to Boots as your missing out on a beauty must have he he.

What's been your favourite beauty products this month?? I'd love to know :)


Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Celestial | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

Although I'm extremely late on the 'Apocalips Lip Laquer' train, its better to be late than never and I'm so glad i ended up getting one as I'm in absolute love!!! I picked up 'Celestial' a medium rose pink shade, its so so pretty and such a versatile shade as you can wear it day or night.

Rimmel London Apocolips Lip Laqeur's combine the pigmentation of a lipstick and the texture of a lip gloss. Usually I'm not a massive fan of lip glosses as i find so many to be really sticky so that's why i was always on the fence as to whether to buy these lip laquers but i have to say the formula is lovely, its not sticky what so ever, it feels super creamy on the lips and is ubber moisturising but i have to say I'm not to keen on the scent, it has that horrid plastic scent but i find it does soon disappear after application so that's not too much of an issue. The pigmentation of 'Celestial' is fabulous.... it's completely opaque after just one application so that saves faffing around layering up to get colour payoff. As for lasting power... I found the nice glossy shine does wear off quite quickly but it does leave a pretty matte stain to the lips that lasts for a long time.

The applicator is a nifty doe foot applicator... now your probably wondering why is it so nifty, well..... The tip of the applicator has a little dent that sucks up some additional product meaning theres no need for re dipping to apply more as you'll already have more than enough product to use. The applicator itself was really easy to use and gave complete precision as it's slanted and rounded at the tip. 

All in all I'm really impressed and in love with 'Celestial' and am now lusting after other shades in the Lip Laquer collection which i know ill just have to buy soon. I picked mine up from Superdrug for £5.99 which i think is pretty reasonable considering this is like a 2 in 1 product. Have you tried the Rimmel London Lip Laquers??? What did you think???


A Picture Tells A Thousand Storie's #23 (Sunday Summary)

Hey girlie's!!!!

I hope you've all had a fabulous week!!! I started this week off by having some girlie shopping time with my mum, we didn't go too mad but its always nice spending time with my mum. We also had the hottest day of the year so far in the UK on Monday, it was like 30 odd degrees and i honestly felt like i was melting away ha ha. The big news this week was the birth of the Royal Baby, little Prince George awww, although the staring at the Lindo Wing door for goodness knows how long  drove me mad ha ha it was worth it in the end. I also hit 11,000 page views on my blog this week which is amazing so thank you all so much, it means so much to me that you gorgeous lot take the time to read and comment on my blog (big smiles all round). My Instagram has bee playing up alot this week so i haven't been able to post as much as i usually would but don't worry I've still been snap happy so here's my week'ish in pictures ♥

Me and Michael had a very naughty dessert of Profiteroles, I keep saying I'm gonna go on a diet but my sweet tooth really lets me down he he ♥ Sunbathing in the garden ♥ The Royal Baby was born awww ♥ My weekly selfie ha ha ♥ My little monster is always on my bed snoozing ♥ My 11,000 page view mile stone woohoo ♥ I started playing my Nintendo DS again this week, i love abit of Mario Worlds ♥ Woke up to Alfie on my bed on his back with his legs sticking up hahaha ♥ A nice little treat arrived from Npsa ♥

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Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Pomegranate | Review

Hey girlie's!!

I know I've reviewed some other shades in the Gelly Hi-Shine range before but i couldn't help giving 'Pomegranate' some extreme love of its own. Ive been after this particular shade for so long, for some reason my Superdrug hasn't stocked it for month's so on a recent shopping trip out of town i spotted it in Boots, i went slightly mad with excitement then purchased it ha ha.

Pomegranate is a beautiful vibrant pink-red shade that looks lovely on either finger nails or your toes. It has a lovely thickish formula that i find is completely opaque after just one coat and applies really even and easy. 

The Gelly Hi-Shine range have such a gorgeous finish, its so shiny and really gives you the effect of gel manicured nails. The range is great if you want an easy to use no faffing around nail polish,  i find the drying time to be quick, there's no messing around with applying lots of coats as its completely opaque after just one and there's no need for a top coat either...Brilliant!!! Whats better is its super long lasting on the nails and doesn't chip very easily, so in the long run you'll save yourself some time.

This shade 'Pomegranate' is my absolute favourite to wear at the moment, i literally cant get enough of it. I picked mine up in Boots for £3.99 which i think is fabulous for such a high quality nail polish. Have you tried these Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints before?? What did you think???


Collection Cream Puff | Cotton Candy Review

Hey girlie's!!!

After a long time debating should i ?? shouldn't i ?? I caved in and thought id give the 'Collection Cream Puffs' a go, I'm so pleased i did as i love them.

I picked up 'Cotton Candy' a natural muted pink, kind of a your lips but better shade. It literally applies like a dream, it feels super creamy as it goes on and sets to a moisturising matte finish, i was abit on the fence as to whether id like the matte finish as my first thought was it was going to be really drying on the lips but in fact it was lovely and moisturising. The pigmentation is also fab, it comes out the exact same colour of the packaging!!! This Cream Puff lasted on me around 3-4 hours on me which i think is amazing!!!  

 Cotton Candy has a vanilla scent to it which i love and the packaging was super cute and a great size to carry around with you if you wish to although... Ive just realised even though i purchased this recently its the old packaging which is odd ha ha, regardless of that the product itself is amazing and alot better than i ever expected to be honest.

I picked mine up from Superdrug for £2.99, what a beauty steal!!! Have you tried any of the Cream Puffs before??? What did you think???


Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

Recently Max Factor have brought out a new mascara... say hello to 'Wild Mega Volume' ha ha. It was on an introductory offer for £4.99 which i thought was fab considering lots of their other mascara's are usually £10 plus!!! 

The mascara claims to give you 3 times more volume for high impact, high drama 'look at me' lashes instantly. Id say the mascara did give me a certain amount of volume but i wouldn't say it was high impact, to me it just feels like a good general day to day mascara that gives you slight volume, that isn't clumpy and is nice and black. However the 1 thing i will say that is amazing about this mascara is its staying power, it literally doesn't smudge or flake at all and looks exactly them same at night when I'm about to cleanse as it did in the morning when it was applied, even with the hot weather we've had in the UK recently it hasn't budged, for me that's definitely a huge plus as there's nothing worse than a smudgy flaky mascara.

The brush itself is an easy to use hourglass shaped bristle brush, it allows you to really wriggle the brush at the root of your lashes without stabbing yourself in the eye like i always do with those horrible rubber/plastic brushes. 

The formula is really nice, i found it applied really quickly and gave the right amount of coverage on the lashes without it being clumpy and even though this mascara doesn't give the amount of volume i was expecting i do still really like it and would re purchase.  

Have you tried this mascara?? What did you think??  


Angelica Florence Accessories Pave Bracelet | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

Recently the lovely Clare from Angelica Florence Accessories contacted me asking if i would like to try an item of jewellery from her website, i jumped at the chance as i love me some bling haha, Clare kindly let me choose a bracelet from the website and within a few days it arrived. I honestly couldn't be happier with it, its so pretty.

Ivory & Pink Pave Bracelet £28.99

When the bracelet arrived it was wrapped carefully in tissue paper and had been slotting inside a little luxury fuchsia coloured suede pouch. The bracelet i chose was the 'Ivory & Pink Pave Bracelet', its made up of glass ivory pearls and finished off with a gorgeous 10mm pink crystal pave bead with all the fittings being silver plated. One thing that is super awesome about the website is that you can choose between three different bracelet sizes, if your anything like me and have tiny wrists then you wont have to worry that the bracelet will be too big. You can opt for a Small 6.5 inch, Medium 7.5 inch or a Large 8.5 inch, they all come with an inch chain extender too so you can choose how tight or loose you want the bracelet to be for your own comfort.

All the jewellery on the website is handmade with the specification that it will be dispatched as soon as possible. The website has such beautiful jewellery to choose from such as necklaces, earrings, bridal jewellery, engraved jewellery and of course the pretty bracelets and they all come in different colours and designs too so theres something for everyone.

All in all i adore my bracelet and love what the website has to offer, i think its not only great if you want to treat yourself to something sparkly and precious but also the jewellery would make such lovely prezzies for Birthdays or Christmas aswell.

Have you checked out the Angelica Florence website??? What did you think??? 



A Picture Tells A Thousand Storie's #22 (Sunday Summary)

Hey girlie's!!!

I hope you've all had a good and super hotttt week, its definitely felt slightly like we are all living in the Sahara rather than the UK at the moment ha ha. I do love all this gorgeous weather we are having right now it puts me in such a good mood when the suns shining, unless I'm at work of course then I'm extremely jealous of all the people who are out enjoying it when I'm not. I haven't been up to much this week apart from work, occasionally sunbathing, eating lots of ice creams oh and we also had 2 BBQ's ha ha... well its gotta be done sometimes doesn't it. Ive also been super addicted to Big Brother, i missed a few episodes at the beginning but once id caught up that was it, i was glued ha ha. Me and my friend Rebecca (check out her awesome YouTube channel here) are constantly tweeting each other about Big Brother we're terrible he he. Anywhooo here's my week in picture's  ♥

Tried to get some colour on my pasty white legs ha ha ♥ My beloved HD Brows Kit brow shade ran out this week (super sad face) ♥ Hot, hot, hot weather forecast which actually wasn't correct as it got alot hotter than that ♥ Catching a few rays on my lunch break at work ♥ BBQ time ♥ Me posing ♥ My little monster Alfie being extremely nosey ♥ Some beautiful roses i got from tesco's in the sale for £3, they where suppose to be £10 so i got a right bargain there ♥ Colling down after a hot day with a Magnum, Osshhhh ♥

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Face of the Day | Neutral Smokey Eye

Hey girlie's!!!

Recently whenever I've decided to wear eye shadows I've always been choosing to do a neutral smokey eye, i just love it!!! So today i thought id share with you what makeup I've been using daily at the moment, hope you like!!!!

For everyday wear i don't tend to use too many products, half the time I'm rushing around at silly o'clock in the morning trying to get ready for work quickly so i don't bother with certain things like highlighter or contour and sometimes skip lip products completely.. Anyway here's the run down of products I'm using at the moment.

 ♥ I start off by using my 'Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation in 100 Ivory' i love this for everyday use, it gives the perfect amount of coverage without being cakey and literally blends out in seconds with the 'Real Techniques Buffing Brush'.

♥ For concealer I've been using 'Benefit Erase Paste in No2 Medium' this provides really great coverage over my horrid dark under eye circles and is super long lasting.

♥ As always i like to use my 'Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium' just to powder over my t-zone area as that's where i sometimes get some shine.

♥ Now for the neutral smokey eye I've been loving... Ive been addicted to my 'MUA Undressed Palette' i used shade 1 all over the lid, blended shade 5 into the crease then i deepened the crease and outta corner slightly with shade 8 and then blend, blend, blend!!! 

 ♥ For eyeliner on my waterline I've been using 'Stila Waterproof Smudge Stick in Damsel' its deep brown colour that doesn't budge for hours. I then used 'L'oreal Super Liner in Black Lacquer' just to create a slim line on my upper lash line.

♥ Ive been testing out so many mascara's recently but the one i opted for today was 'Max Factor's Clump Defy in Black' it really separates your lashes and doesn't flake or smudge.

♥ As abit of a lip and cheek duo I've been using 'Benefit Posetint' its great to build up on the cheeks and lips and stays put for yonks.

♥ For eyebrows i just mixed a few shades from the MUA Palette as my beloved HD Brow Palette is all gone (super sad face) so until i buy a new 1 I'm having to deal with awful brows ha ha.

I hope you liked this kind of post girlie's, let me know if you use any of these products too.


Beauty UK Nail Polish | Review

Hey girlie's!!!!

Ive had this Beauty UK nail polish for quite sometime but i had forgotten about it until just recently, the reason for me stumbling across this brand was actually because the clothes store i work in has a large stand of Beauty UK makeup so I'm always looking at it at work and just thought why not give the nail polish a go.

The colour i picked up is 'Metallic Red No 25' id say its more a metallic pink myself but hey ho. The polish itself id say is a pinky colour with red undertones with lots and lots of finally milled pinky red and silver glitter particles running through it, it really is pretty!!!! The polish sits very flat on the nail which i was surprised at as i thought with the amount of glitter running through it , it may feel slightly bumpy or gritty but it didn't.

The nail polish applied lovely, completely streak free with just one coat although you do need two coats for it to be completely opaque, drying time was extremely quick and it doesn't claim anywhere to be quick drying so that's quite impressive. The lasting power was OK, i went around 3 days until there was noticeable chipping but that was without a top coat so I'm hoping with a top coat this would last longer than the three days.

All in all I'm really impressed with this nail polish and would definitely buy Beauty UK polish again. As far as i know Beauty UK Makeup and Polish is available online, Superdrug and selected 'Select Fashion' stores. The polishes are a bargain of just £1.99 each for 14ml sized bottles.

Have you tried Beauty UK before??? What did you think??? 


Introducing.....Love My Vouchers

Hey girlie's!!!!

Today I'm introducing to you all an online website called lovemyvouchers.co.uk. Its a website  where you can get different voucher codes or discounts on a whole variety of  different things such as fashion, beauty, food, electronics, DVDs and that's just to name a few, there's literally something for everyone and who doesn't like getting a bargain... I certainly do.

As you will be able to see there are different vouchers codes scrolling to the right side of my blog, all the vouchers are ready to be used now and are constantly updated by the UK based Lovemyvouchers team. All you have to do is click on the code  your interested in and it will take you straight to that store in question, you can shop until your hearts content and then use the voucher code to get yourself a nice saving, how brilliant is that. The website itself also allows you to write in their search bar to find you a voucher code or discount for your particular desired store the website also has lots of vouchers and discounts ready to be used now without you even having to search. It not only saves you money but i find it saves you time too!!!

I hope you like the new addition to my blog and i hope it will help you on getting that bargain we all love, especially beauty bargains he he.


MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blusher | Review

Hey girlie's!!

Ive become a complete Blush addict just recently and when i realised i hadn't tried the MUA cream blushes i just had to buy 1... Well one more blush to add to the collection wont harm anyone will it??? he he

I picked up the shade 'Bittersweet'  which is girly pink shade, there are a few more shades to choose from in the cream blush range but 'Bittersweet' was my absolute favourite out of them all. One of the very first things i noticed when i used this was just how soft and creamy the formula is, its honestly the softest most creamy cream blush I've ever used which for me makes it easier to apply too. The pigmentation was good, it wasn't too strong or overpowering but nice enough to give you a natural looking flush which you could easily build upon if you wanted a stronger look, it also leaves the most beautiful dewy finish too the skin too. As for staying power... I felt i could use a touch at lunchtime bearing in mind i apply my makeup at 7am when getting ready for work, although if you have oily skin it may wear off quicker.

The best way of application for me is by using my 'Real Techniques Stippling Brush' it just blends onto the cheeks super quick that way, using my finger tips worked just as fine too but it did take slightly longer to blend out properly and as I'm all about a quick fix the brush is what i opt for. 

There is one thing that is slightly annoying about this which is the packaging... Its quite difficult and fiddly to open and every single time i open it i end up chipping my nail polish off of my thumb nail which frustrates me every time but the blush itself i have no problems with, its lovely. 

I purchased mine from Superdrug for a complete bargain of £2... Wowza... Have your tried out the MUA Cream Blushers yet??? What did you think???


Budget Bucket List | Money Supermarket

Hey girlie's!!!

Today's post is slightly different to my usual beauty posts so i hope all you lovelies don't mind he he. I was tagged by the lovely Jamie-Lee over at Glitter Infatuation and once i read her post i just couldn't wait to write one up for myself. 

Money Supermarket are currently running a fab competition where you tell them your 'one budget' and 'one extravagent' bucket list items, and if your the lucky winner you can receive £1000 towards it, It could also increase up to £2000 if more than 50 people enter, amazing right!!! Money Supermarket are also giving £50 to 4 lucky runners up too.

The Budget

The Making Of Harry Potter, Studio Tour!!!! I'm a huge Harry Potter fan anyway but going to the actual studio tour is something I've wanted to do for a while but so many things get in the way, I'm quite far from London too so the travel is expensive in itself and i know id want to buy every wand going ha ha so money is a main factor. It would definitely be a magical day for me full of ohhhhh'sss and arrhhh'ssss ha ha.

The Extravagant

Disney Land Paris at Christmas. Now this is something I've dreamt of since being a little girl. I adore Disney and love anything and everything to do with Christmas so the 2 at once would just be so dreamy, just thinking about it now gets me super excited ha ha. The thought of watching festive Disney parades with someone special and doing lots of Christmas shopping in Paris would just be awesome, everyone would so have Disney inspired prezzies too ha ha. I can but dream right??? 

What did you think to my two choices??? Would you do any of these??

I'm going to tag three people here that i think would love to join in and that would enjoy this sort of post.

Orlaith at Lady With The Bags

The competition ends 2nd August 2013, if your interested and want to enter too just click here.