October Favourites ♥

Hey girlie's!!!

I cant quite believe its that time again.... October favourites time!!! I know I say this every month but my goodness October went quick, are you all getting into the festive Christmas spirit yet?? I know I am ha ha. Anywhoo... I thought I would share with you all my favourite beauty products I've been loving throughout this past month... So here goes...

SensatioNail Raspberry Wine Starter Kit

I have to say say I think the SensatioNail Starter Kit is one of my beauty favourites of the year so far, I just love it so much. SensatioNail is an at home kit that is designed to give you a salon perfect gel polish manicure but at the fraction of the price, that will last you up to two weeks without chipping, lifting, cracking or smudging. The results are literally amazing, they last a whole 2 weeks on my nails without a chip insight and that stay completely glossy and shiny the whole 2 weeks to. I have literally used nothing but SensatioNail Gel polishes on my nails since I've had it and I'm super impressed. You can read my full review on SensatioNail here.

MUA Matte Lipstick in Wild Berry

A while back MUA brought out a range of Matte Lipsticks, there are 5 shades in the collection  and they are all priced at just £1.00 each.... What a beauty bargain!!! The two shades I picked up are Wild Berry and Scarlet Siren, both of which I love but Wild Berry is by far my favourite and I've been wearing it constantly recently. In the bullet Wild Berry looks like the most unwearable shade but once its applied to the lips its the most stunning wearable plum/berry shade. Its such a beautiful colour to wear at this time of year and I'm sure I'll be getting a lot more use out of this lipstick through the coming months. You can check out my full review on the MUA Matte Lipsticks here.

L'oreal Gel Eyeliner in Pure Black

I must admit I've had this little pot of L'oreal gel eyeliner in my make up collection for a super long time, I've never really used it much, not because I don't like it but because finding a nice brush to use it with proved difficult and the brush that comes with the eyeliner was really hard to work with. Recently I got my hands on a set of Nanshy Brushes and within the set was a very fine pixel eyeliner brush... Bingo, my eyeliner brush debacle is no more. Once you find the right brush that works for you this gel eyeliner works a treat and is so easy to use. It has amazing staying power too and once it has set there's no budging it however... If you like creating very smokey dark eyes then this will be your best fried as if you work quick before the eye liner sets it smudges/blends out beautifully.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

One of the Urban Decay Palette's usually always creeps into my monthly favourites, they are by far my most loved/used palettes, this month however... Ive been using the Naked Basics Palette everyday. It has the most gorgeous neutral matte shades that are just perfect for autumnal daytime wear, and the shades create a nice neutral smokey eye. It's also alot smaller than the average Urban Decay palette so its great for on the go too.  

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Light
Ive had to use an old picture as my concealer is far to messy to photograph ha ha!!

Ive really been enjoying using the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer recently, it has a super thick formula meaning it covers really well yet its still creamy and easy to blend and work with. I also love the fact its a 3 step concealer as you literally have everything you need to conceal completely. 

What's been your favourite beauty products this month??? I'd love to know!!!


Top 5 Under £5 | Make Up Edition

Hey girlie's!!!

When it comes to make up I'm a real bargain hunter, of course I like the fancy high end make up but unfortunately my purse hates high end make up he he. I honestly believe if you shop around and go swatch crazy in the shops you can find absolute gems that are just as good as the higher end make up but less that half the price. So today I thought I would share with you lovely girlie's my top five make up items that are under £5.00!!!

Sleek Make Up Blush in Pixie Pink £4.49
When it comes to Blusher there's only one stand out make up brand for me and that's Sleek. Sleeks Blushes are incredible and the quality really does remind me of a more expensive Blush. I own a few Sleek Blushes and every single one is highly pigmented, you only need to use a light hand as a little really does go along way, they are really easy to work with, they blend out beautifully and the packaging is 'sleek', compact and has a decent size mirror inside for any on the go touch ups. At £4.49 a pop you really cant go wrong!!!

Collection Extreme Felt Tip Liner £2.99
I have tried so many liquid liners in my time because personally I've always struggled to apply it, until I got my hands on Collections Extreme Felt Tip Liner. For me its all about easy application and this eyeliner screams easy application. The applicator is a relatively small felt tip nib, you can draw a very thin line to a thick line with ease and I find that as its a felt tip style eyeliner its really easy to create even flicks which is something that has always been tricky for me. Another thing that I love about this eyeliner is its staying power, my goodness its a good'un, its stays put all day without fading, smudging or transferring. So if your after a new liquid liner or you find liquid liner hard to use, I honestly cant recommend Collections Extreme Felt Tip Liner enough!!!

MUA £1.00 Lipstick in Shade 1
As a brand I highly recommend MUA, most of their make up I've tried I've loved and their lipsticks certainly don't disappoint. Shade 1 is personally one of my favourites out of MUA's shade selection and its the perfect shade for this time of year too. As with most of the MUA Lipsticks the quality is great, I always find the pigmentation to be amazing, their formula is always really creamy and they just glide onto your lips for easy application and feel so smooth and easy to wear. It's hard to believe that these lipsticks are just £1.00 each, you really cant go wrong with that bargain price.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair £4.19
A good coverage long lasting concealer is a must for me and my horrid dark under eye circles, and the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is by far the best high street concealer there is in my opinion. It has a nice creamy formula making it super easy to work with and blend, it provides full long lasting coverage without looking cakey and not only is it great to cover blemishes and dark circle's but it helps conceal and fill pores too. I'm so in love with this concealer and I always repurchase it over and over.

MUA Undressed Eye Shadow Palette £4.00
MUA really do make an amazing eye shadow palette and their Undressed palette is one of my favourites, its an amazing dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette too so if you like the look of the Urban Decay palette but cant justify the price I'd definitely go for the Undressed palette. The Undressed palette contains 12 highly pigmented eye shadows, two of which are completely matte with the rest are either pearl or metallic. The one thing that truly amazes me with this is palette is it's staying power, I have oily eyelids and in the summer they are worse than ever, I found the eye shadows in the Undressed palette to be the only eye shadows that stayed in place all throughout the summer with no fading, creasing or smudging and that alone impresses me no end!!! Also it's an absolute beauty steal at just £4.00, it really is a must in any ones make up collection.

And there you have it, my top 5 make up bargains that are great quality and wont break the bank!!!

I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post girlie's, feel free to tell me what your beauty bargains are too, I'd love to know!!!


NOTD | Dark Vampy SensatioNail Nails

Hey girlie's!!!

Today I'm back with my second nail of the day post, I'm rather enjoying doing these he he. So since Halloween is fast approaching I thought I would do a classic dark nail but still add a little sparkle, as I do love me some sparkle he he.

You may or may not know I'm currently addicted to using my SensatioNail Gel Polish Kit, I just love that feeling of salon quality nails that don't chip, lift or smudge that I can do in the comfort of my own home, and what's best is they last a whopping 2 weeks!!!

If you are interested in SesatioNail and want to know more information on their kits and gel polishes you can check out my full review on the Starter Kit here and you can see my first NOTD post featuring SesatioNail here.

Anywhooo onto the shades I've gone for today...

Dusk Til Dawn
Dust Til Dawn is a shade I'm in love with right now, its that kind of shade that looks different when your in different lights, sometimes it can look like a very dark burgundy/red, sometimes slightly black and also a very deep purple shade, its just brilliant!!! It has a gorgeous glossy finish and looks fabulous for this time of year, especially if you want something dark and vampy for Halloween but still classic/classy looking. Dusk Til Dawn is one of SesatioNail's Limited Edition Gel Polish shades, so if you love it as much as I do, snap it up quick before they all sell out.

Silver Glitter
I always have to add some sparkle to my nails so this time I thought I'd paint on some cute glittery tips just on my thumbs and little fingers, its a nice way to add some sparkle without it being too much. I thought the silver went really well with this deeper nail shade, gold glitter would also create a nice look with Dusk Til Dawn too.

I thought I would also include an easy way to remove your gel manicure at home without damaging your natural nails, if you do try to peel your gel manicure off you are risking damaging your natural nails. The best thing to do is....

1. Soak some cotton wool in some acetone.
2. Place the soaked cotton wool on the nail, then wrap with foil and leave for around 10 minutes.
3. Remove the foil and your gel manicure should be nice and soft and easy to just lightly scrape off with a manicure stick. It's key to remember that gel manicures wont damage your natural nails as long as your using the right procedure to remove the manicure!!!

Overall I just cant get enough of the SensatioNail Gel Polishes, the fact they look and feel so professional really impresses me and the lasting power is just incredible. You can buy your Gel Polishes on the SensatioNail website for £12.50 each.

I hope you enjoyed my second NOTD post girlie's!!!


Festive Yankee Candle Haul

Hey girlie's!!!

You may or may not know I have a very serious addiction to candles, I just love them, and as Autumn/Winter has finally arrived its the perfect excuse for me to go out and see what gorgeous spicy festive candles I can find.

Anywhooo here's the sweet smelling treats I picked up....

Cinnamon Stick Sampler £1.30

Cinnamon Stick is an essential in my house during Autumn/Winter, its got that gorgeous spicy clove/cinnamon scent that makes your house smell all cosy and warming. Cinnamon Stick is also one of Yankee Candle's 'offer of the month' candles, so it currently has 25% off, whoop.

Christmas Memories Sampler £1.80/Tart £1.25 *New Scent*

Christmas Memories is one of the new scents from Yankee Candle this year and it certainly doesn't disappoint, I love it and I can see that its going to be my go to candle over the festive season. It literally has every scent that you associate with Christmas all piled into one candle. It smells like sweet/spicy baking with a hint of mandarin and cloves, it's just amazing!!!

Sparkling Cinnamon Sampler £1.80

Sparkling Cinnamon really doesn't differ much from Cinnamon Stick, It's slightly less spicy and not as strong as Cinnamon stick, so if you like mild cinnamon scents this candle will be for you. 

Cranberry Ice Sampler £1.80

Cranberry Ice is a refreshingly sweet scent that bursts with the scent of frosty cranberry's, in a nutshell, to me it just smells like a pimped up version of the cranberry sauce we have with our Turkey on Christmas Day ha ha.

Snowflake Cookie Sampler £1.80 *New Scent*

Snowflake Cookie is another new scent from Yankee Candle this year and it really reminds me of the Christmas Cookie candle but Snowflake Cookie has more of a sweet icing scent, so if you love sweet sugary scents you will love to burn Snowflake Cookie.

Black Cherry Small Jar £6.29

I know this isn't a festive candle but Black Cherry is my all time favourite scent from Yankee Candle, I always have to repurchase it as soon as I run out. It has the most delicious rich cherry scent and it honestly makes my house smell incredible. If theres one Yankee Candle that id urge your girlie's to try its Black Cherry he he. The Black Cherry candles are also on Yankee Candles 25% off offer so stock up while you can girlie's.

And there you have it, my Festive Yankee Candle Haul. I hope you girlie's enjoyed this different style of post from me but I just wanted to share some of the new festive candles  Yankee Candle have brought out this year.

Are you addicted to Yankee Candles like me??? Whats your favourite scent??? I'd love to know!!!


The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box | 4th Edition | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

Today I'm back with something abit different, a gorgeous smelling fragrance box!!!! 

Some of you may or may not know that The Fragrance Shop have their very own fragrance box called 'The Discovery Club', it's very much like a beauty box but with high end perfume samples inside. The box costs just £5.00 per quarter, with a yearly subscription costing just £25.00, what a bargain!!!

Each 'Discovery Club Box' contains six perfume sample vials and a snazzy booklet with £60.00 worth of perfume vouchers inside, each voucher giving you £10 off each perfume sample you received in your box, brilliant!!!

Usually a perfume sample box is something I wouldn't even go for, but at this time of year it's certainly great to have. With Christmas fast approaching this box is a great way to smell and sample perfumes that could be potential prezzies for your family and friends, I don't know about you, but sometimes it can be abit awkward in shops asking to smell alot of fragrance's so this box helps you sample some scents in the comfort of your own home, plus you have the extra vouchers to help you save the pennies too!!!

This month is The Discovery Clubs 4th Edition Box, inside are 5 ladies fragrance's and 1 fragrance for the man in your life he he.....

Hugo Boss Jour

Hugo Boss Jour is such a lovely sophisticated fresh scent and its great for daytime wear. I love that it's not too strong or overpowering either, there's nothing worse than a strong scent that gets on the back of your throat, yuk. The full size bottle of Jour retails for £34.50 30ml, £48.50 50ml and £62.50 for 75ml's.

Giorgio Armani Si

I love a good ole Giorgio Armani scent I find they really do make a nice perfume and Si doesn't disappoint. If you like fruity scents then your going to love this as it has a very strong passion fruit scent to it, I've also found that the longer you wear Si the nicer the fragrance gets which is slightly bizarre but great none the less ha ha. The full size bottle of Si retails for £43.50 30ml, £62.50 50ml and £84.50 for 100ml's.

Loewe Aura

I absolutely love this Loewe Aura scent, its quite a musky scent and definitely smells very luxurious and expensive he he. The full size bottle of Aura retails for £53.50 40ml, £72.50 80ml and £88.50 for 120ml's.

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Now this is my absolute favourite out of the entire box, and if you like a nice sweet scent your going to love La Vie Est Belle!!! Ive used my little sample up already and this scent id definitely going on my Christmas list ha ha. The full size bottle of La Vie Est Belle retails for £38.50 30ml and £54.50 for 50ml's.

Elizabeth Arden Untold

The scent of Elizabeth Arden's Untold I actually really like, its quite sweet but there's definitely a hint of floral in there, its a really sophisticated scent too. Personally i think this is more of a mature scent, and definitely a fragrance I know my mum would love. The full size bottle of Untold retails for £34.50 30ml and £47.50 for 50ml's.

Gucci Made To Measure For Men

And lastly the Men's scent from the box, this pleased my boyfriend alot, its always nice when the men in your life can have a little treat from our girlie beauty boxes so they don't feel left out ha ha. Gucci Made To Measure is definitely a very spicy sexy scent for men, my boyfriend loved it so I think that's another crimbo gift sorted he he. The full size bottle of Made To Measure retails for £36.50 30ml, £48.50 50ml and £64.50 for 90ml's.

Overall I think the Discovery Club Box is a great idea for anyone who's really into their perfumes or if you want gift idea's this is the perfect way to trial them out and get your money off vouchers. 

You can sign up for your Discovery Club Box on the Fragrance Shop website, its just £5.00 every quarter, and your free to have your membership as long as you like as you can cancel at any point with no strings attached.

Let me know your thoughts on the Discovery Club Box girlie's!!!

Spray a little happiness!!!


P.S. This post does contain a PR sample. This does not affect my opinion of the product.

Nanshy Luxury Brush Set | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

A good make up brush is key in my everyday make up routine as the quality of the make up brushes really does makes a difference in your make ups finished look, so say hello to Nanshy!!!

Nanshy are a make up brush and accessories brand that I got introduced to a while back and ever since I've been addicted to their great quality brushes!!! The Nanshy Luxury Makeup Brush Set features all the best make up brushes you'll need for creating a polished, complete, natural look!!! No matter your level of artistry, the gorgeous luxury brush set will make an immense difference in your make up application leaving you with a flawless finish. A great thing to also take note of is that all of the Nanshy brushes including this 13 piece brush set are synthetic, cruelty free, 100% vegan and have antibacterial bristles, which I think is great and makes all the difference!!!

As I said the Luxury Brush Set contains 13 brushes including a Liner Brush, Small Shadow Brush, Crease Brush, Shadow Brush, Fluffy Shadow Blending Brush, Concealer Brush, Eyelash/Eyebrow Spoolie, Angled Brow Brush, Angled Shadow Brush, Angled Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Powder Brush and a Powder/Foundation Brush. The kit also comes with a gorgeous elegant brush bag to keep your brushes organised and safe from damage, the brush bag is also great for travelling as it's as small as a clutch bag so it wont bulk out your luggage or your handbag if you choose to take your brushes with you on the go.

 The one thing I literally cant get over when it comes to these brushes is how soft and dense each brush is, I've literally never felt make up brushes that are so soft in all my life. Because of the Nanshy brushes softness they feel amazing to work with and aren't rough or harsh on the skin at all. The brush design is also so unique, with each brush having a some what sculpted handle which enables you to have a great grip for a more comfortable application.

As for how the brushes wash up... There was no shedding what so ever, although I do take caution when washing my brushes, if you are quite rough I would assume you may lose the odd bristle or two but then again that would be the case for any brush, the brush bristles also go back to their bright white 'new' looking state after their washed.  

Overall I think Nanshy have triumphed with their Luxury Brush Set, they are definitely gorgeous brushes that I think look alot more expensive than they actually are and they feel so luxurious too, its definitely a brush set that most of us make up obsessed girlie's need in our lives!!! 

You can buy the Nanshy Luxury Brush Set from Amazon and beautystore4u  for £29.95, what a bargain for 13 great quality brushes and a brush bag!!!

Have you tried any Nanshy brushes before??? I'd love to know what your favourite brush by Nanshy is!!!


P.S. This post does contain a PR sample. This does not affect my opinion of the product.

Collection's Gothic Glam Lipstick in Seduction | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

Recently I've been going rather gaga over Autumnal makeup, anything with a slight hint of the shade berry in I just have to buy, and surprise surprise I've made yet another cheeky little lipstick purchase he he.

Collection have recently launched their Gothic Glam Collection which consists of 3 lipsticks and 3 nail polishes, all of which have that deep dark autumnal theme. I opted for the shade 'Seduction' a raspberry shade with pinkie undertones, its the most beautiful colour and great for this time of year. 

I was surprised how nice the formula of 'Seduction' is, its so creamy, moisturising, highly pigmented and glides on the lips with ease. The lasting power was also brilliant, the lipstick lasted around 4-5 hours without any touch ups at all and didn't dry my lips out either. The only slight downside with this lippy is when the lipstick does start to fade it clings slightly to the contours of your lips, so just look out for that. 

Overall I'm super happy with Collection's Gothic Glam offering and I'm certainly going to go back for the other 2 shades in the collection, I'm so naughty!!! The quality really is great and the lipsticks are so affordable too, retailing at just £2.99 each!!! I think 'Seduction' is the perfect shade for this time of year, whether you want to wear it glam on a night out or wear it with natural makeup during the day you cant go wrong, its such a wearable shade.

Have any of you girlie's tried anything from Collection's Gothic Glam Range??? I'd love to know!!!