Sleek Face Form Review ♥

Hey girlie's!!!! Ive been wanting to get my hands on the Sleek contouring kit for ages but if I'm totally honest i don't seem to go big on the ole contouring or highlighting malarkey until spring/summer or nights out, so since the sun is now starting to slowly appear i thought id treat myself to the little Face Form palette which now comes with a blusher too, yay.

Pictures taken with flash on.

The packaging is the usual for Sleek with they're matte black palette with 'Sleek' written on the top, as you open the palette you get a good sized sturdy mirror which i think is fab for when your on the go. 

The Face Form palette comes in 4 different shades, Fair, Light, Medium and Dark, i opted for the Light palette as with contouring i sometimes think if i go too dark i can look muddy so for personal preference i go a little lighter. The palette contains a matte brown contouring powder, a champagne coloured highlighter and a coral/rose gold shimmery blush ,I am told this blush is a dupe for the famous NARS Orgasm but i have no idea if it is as I'm not lucky enough to own that 'YET'. 

All the powders in this palette are extremely pigmented, easy to blend and really soft to the touch, i did find when swatching the contour colour that it was slightly chalky in the pan but it doesn't transfer to the face like that at all, so no problem there. The highlighter is gorgeous and gives a glowing shimmer to the skin and is in no way glittery and wont make you look like a disco ball, thank goodness. The blusher is definitely one for the summer for me, its not something id wear any other time to be honest but its still a lovely product and again has a nice shimmer to it and is not glittery at all. 

The price of this palette is £9.99 which i think is amazing considering your getting 3 different  products and if any of my other Sleek makeup is anything to go by then i know this palette will last forever, for me its another win for Sleek.

Have you got this palette?? What did you think???

Love Hayley xXxXx

Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara Review

Hey girlie's!!!! After seeing that Max Factor had brought out a new mascara in their False Lash Affect range i was rather excited as i LOVE the original False Lash Effect mascara. Not long after the clump defy was launched i picked one up and its fair to say i wasn't disappointed. 

The Claim: Clump Defy gives you super volume, stroke after stroke and beautifully separated defined lashes, without clumping, thanks to its new revolutionary brush with evenly spaced defining bristles and a curved shape to achieve mega volume.

The Result: It defiantly lives up to its claim, i love this mascara. It gave me super separated lashes with lots of volume without a clump in sight and my lashes where super black too. The lasting power was great, my lashes looked exactly the same as they did at silly o'clock in the morning and i had no flaking at all either. There was no struggle to remove this in the evening either i just used my normal cleansing routine. 

There was a couple of small things that didn't tickle my fancy, the first being the plastic bristled brush! Ive never been a fan of these sort of brushes as i find them quite sharp and spiky and as i like to wriggle the mascara wand from the root of my lashes i can find it quite painful at times but if I'm careful this brush is fine, the second thing is that as this mascara promises not to clump, the formula will be on the thinner side so the brush wont load up as much product so it takes longer too do your lashes when applying your makeup but apart from that this mascara is great and id defiantly purchase this again.

The mascara retails for around £10.99 depending on special offers.

Much Love Hayley xXxXx

MUA Undressed Eye Shadow Palette Review

Hey girlie's!!!! After using the MUA Undressed Palette recently i couldn't wait to tell you how much I'm in love with it. As i walking into Superdrug i spotted that we finally had the MUA Professional range in, i cant tell you how long I've been waiting for this to come into my local Superdrug store, as i was browsing i noticed how similar the Undressed Palette was to the Urban Decay Naked Palette and as it was an absolute bargain of £4 i thought why not buy it and give it a go.

The palette contains 12 eye shadows in total, 2 matte shades and the rest is made up by a  mixture of pearl, shimmer and metallic shades. The pigmentation of the shades in this palette are all amazing, there isn't 1 shade that isn't highly pigmented. The lasting power is also great i never had to retouch my eyeshadow all day, i found the eye shadows really easy to blend and to work with, the one thing i did find was when applying these shadows i did experience a small amount of fall down even after tapping off excess shadow off of my brush but it was nothing i couldn't fix with a bit of foundation and concealer. I will insert a picture of the swatches i done, unfortunately the shades don't have names so its just a case of them being shade 1, 2 and so on.

Shade 1 is there it's just a very light shade and my arm is pale here.

As you can tell from the swatches the shades really do resemble the Urban Decay Naked Palette and the quality is just as good and just as the 'Naked' Palette it can take you from a day look to a evening look really easily. On the back of the packaging it does give you what they call a 'mini master-class' of a look you can create with these eye shadows but to me the list is endless and the colours in this palette are right up my street. All in all I'm super impressed with this little palette and id recommend it to everyone, its so nice to find a real good quality eye shadow palette that doesn't break the bank, you can get your palette from  Superdrug only i believe as MUA are exclusive to them.

Much Love Hayley xXxXx

A Picture Tells A Thousand Stories #3 (Sunday Summary)

Hey girlie's!!!! Hope you've all had a fabulous week. My week this week has been a pretty chilled out one, I'm in the middle of my 2 week holiday from work as i have to use up my remaining holiday before the new financial year starts. I'm really looking forward to this week coming as my boyfriend Michael also has the week off and its his birthday Monday too so happy days all round. Anywhoooo this is my week in pictures ♥

♥ Michael made me yummy fried eggs on toasted bagels ♥ A beautiful spring like day in Norfolk ♥ I got some pretty lights for my bed ♥ Me admiring my ever growing long hair ( I've been growing it out for yonks) ♥ I baked a yummy chocolate fudge cake ♥ I cant wait for Summer and when i saw the 'summer 2013 I'm waiting for you' picture on i had to post it as that's exactly how I'm feeling, bring on summer ♥ I watched The Notebook, i love Ryan Gosling ♥ I went over my mums and took my little man Alfie with me and we went on a walkies in the forest ♥ My Thursday throwback picture was of me and Michael 5 years ago ♥ I got my One Tree Hill season 3 box set back out and had abit of a marathon ♥ Moi being a poser ha ha ♥ Me and my dog Alfie ♥

♥ My favourite song of this week has to be Ellie Goulding Explosions, what an amazing song and voice and I'm actually listening to it now as I'm typing this. 

Instagram : hayley_anne1986

Much love Hayley xXxXx

Revlon Lip Butter Review

Hey girlie's!!!! Today i thought i would share my thoughts on my most loved lip product to date, the Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter.

This is a balm like lipstick that has a medium amount of pigment, I'm not sure how pigmented the rest of the collection is as i have only tryed this one  'Cotten Candy' out. As you can see by the images i LOVE this product and have used most of mine up now, my reason for liking this product so much is the fact its part balm part lipstick so your getting the colour payoff and staying power of a lipstick but also the moisturising feeling of a lip balm. In general I'm not a big lipstick wearer as i hate how most of the time they dry my lips out so when i saw this advertised on TV i went and snapped it up quick as i loved the idea of it. They are super super moisturising and i found even if my lips where abit chapped before application afterwards they looked silky smooth and nourished.  As far as wear goes, on me it lasts around 3 hours unless i eat or drink something then its less, the colour is a real pretty pale pink with a golden sheen to it which i love and is great for day to day wear. Overall I'm really impressed with the quality of this and am defiantly going to repurchase this one and pick more up whilst I'm at it. 

I got mine from my local Superdrug store for £5.99 as it was on an offer at the time but the usual price is around the £7.99 mark.

I hope this was helpful and if i did miss anything out please don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below as ill always reply.

Much love Hayley xXxXx 

My Most Worn #2

Since my first 'My Most Worn' post is my most popular post so far i thought i would come back for round 2. As i said in my last post these are things that i wear the most, use the most and repurchase the most. To me these little gem's are worth every penny an i must admit i certainly get my moneys worth.

My Most Worn......

Eyeshadow Palette

This is my rather battered and bruised Urban Decay Naked Palette, i got this palette about 2 years ago and its become a staple in my every day makeup routine and as you can tell its very well used. I love the fact it can take you from day to night, from something subtle to something smokey, the shades are right up my street and the pigmentation is great even the lasting power is amazing. I will put all the shade descriptions below going from left to right:

Virgin: A satin champagne shade. Great for using as a highlight, I've hit pan on this shade.

Sin: A gorgeous warm shimmery champagne colour, I've also hit pan on this shade.

Naked: A matte Nude .

Sidecar: A coppery champagne colour with a hit of rose gold shimmer to it.

Buck: A matte soft brown.

Half Baked: A very pretty gold colour, kind of like MAC Amberlights.

Smog: A metallic bronze.

Darkhorse: A deep metallic brown.

Toasted: A reddened champagne.

Hustle: A deep metallic taupe.

Creep: A shimmery black. 

Gunmetal: A deep shimmery grey.

Brows Palette

This is my beloved HD Brows Palette in 'Foxy', i received this palette in a Glossy Box a long time ago and at the time i never even bothered filling in my eyebrows as i didn't think it made much of a difference to me however, after playing around with this palette i was converted into using it everyday to fill in my brows ,as you can see I've hit pan on my brow colour ' Ash Brown' as its 100% the correct colour for my brows and makes them look natural and full. This palette also doubles up as an eyeshadow palette which is great as you can make a really nice soft smokey eye out of this, all round i couldn't live without this baby.


Jeans have always been a massive problem for me as I'm quite short with a curvaceous figure  and have never been able to find that pair of jeans that just fit me correctly let alone being nice and comfortable, because of this I've always lived in leggings and jeggings or worn awful jeans that do nothing for my figure. One day when i was out shopping with my mum i decided to pop into Topshop and just have a quick look at their jean section, my mum convinced me to try some of the Leigh jeans on and like usual i had the ' they wont be any good ' attitude, as i started to try them on i honestly couldn't believe it, they where perfect. I love the fact you can shop for your leg length and your waist size in inches, they are a super soft lightweight denim and have a cute little turn up hem at the bottom, they are £38 a pair but are worth every single penny. I love them.

I hope you enjoyed another instalment of my most worn treasures, i will be doing more of these type of blog post's so be sure to check them out too.

Face of the Day (Valentine's)

I thought i would do another face of the day today and show you the makeup i wore on valentines day. I went for my normal kinda neutral eye but just darkened up the crease a little bit more and added the trademark red lip......


Rimmel London wake me up foundation in 100 Ivory.
♥ Rimmel London wake me up concealer in 010 Ivory.
♥ Rimmel London stay matte pressed powder in 001 Transparent.
♥ Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud (not really noticeable on the picture)


♥ Urban Decay primer potion.
♥ Stila 'In The Light Palette' using Kitten all over the lid, Bliss in the crease and Sandstone on the outta corner just to add some extra darkness and give a subtle smokey look, i then used Ebony to line my upper lash line.
♥ Rimmel London scandal eyes kohl eyeliner in Black.
♥ Max Factor clump defy mascara in Black.
♥ HD Brows kit using Ash Brown from the Foxy palette.


♥ MUA lipstick in Shade 13.


A Picture Tells A Thousand Stories #2 ( Sunday Summary)

Here's my week in pictures this week, not so snap happy this week as i was mega busy at work but now have 2 weeks off... Yay, lucky for me i had 2 weeks left to take instead of 1 ♥

I love the Channing Tatum vest and defiantly want to get my hands on it soon ♥ I'm actually beyond excited of the fact Beyonce is touring over here and i really want to go but knowing my luck tickets will sell out within seconds  My gorgeous pooch Alfie decided to take his football to bed  ' you are someones reason to smile' i love this quote i found on  i just think its so sweet and i feel no matter how down you can be there will always be someone out there that is smiling because of you  Alfie had a lay in  movie night with Michael ended up with me eating silly amounts of M&M's  My beautiful valentines roses  A picture mash up of my and my wonderful man through the years  My lovely personalised valentines card Michael got me and another movie night another treat for me ha ha ♥

Instagram- hayley_anne1986

Much love Hayley xXxXx

My Current Wishlist ♥

♥ These are the gorgeous goodies I'm lusting over right now. Ive been after a leather look jacket for a while now and have finally found 1 that fits nice, looks nice and isn't plastered with studs or spikes, its from New Look and priced at £34.99 and I'm hoping to pick this up soon.

♥ The Ted Baker Bow Tote Bag  is so pretty and girly and right up my street and something I've wanted for yonks, but.... I'm waiting for my faithful Paul's Boutique Bag to give up on me before i splurge on this.

♥ Mmmm now the Yankee Candle in Black Cherry is my favourite scent out of all the candles they sell and the large jar's are the best buys too but as they can be quite expensive i only buy them as a treat every now and then, I'm thinking i might have to have a treat day very soon he he.

 ♥ Oh my goodness i think going to see Beyonce on her Mrs Carter world tour is properly my biggest wish of the whole year, i just love her. 

♥ I really wanna get my hands on some white converse, they look so comfortable and think they will look really cute with a casual outfit.

♥ My obsession with Topshop's Leigh Jeans hit a new high when i saw the new lightwash colour they've got out for spring/summer, the Leigh jeans are by far the best jeans I've ever bought and worth every penny.

♥ I'm currently in love with Revlon Lip Butters and i really want to add more to my collection, they are a great alternative to lipsticks and nice and moisturising too.

There you have it, my current wish list of little treasures I'm hoping to purchase soon ♥

A Picture Tells A Thousand Stories ( Sunday Summary)

So every week I'm going to be doing a kinda Instaweek, showing you my week in photo's from my Instagram, i hope you enjoy..... 

♥ Decided to try 1 of the new Kit Kat Chunky's that are out, watched Pretty woman, had a movie night with tones of nibbles with my man, got bought some flowers, me at workies, my gorgeous Alfie having a nap, me posing again, remembering my all time favourite TV show One Tree Hill, Alfie watching me cook dinner, my Thursday throwback picture of me and Michael 7 years ago, playing around with Insta collage and from the pretty spring time picture on weheart as i just cant wait for the spring time to come

Instagram- hayley_anne1986

My Blush Collection

I thought i would take some time today and share my blush collection, although i only have a small collection i find it gets me through all seasons no problem, some are more expensive than others but i find it doesn't matter how expensive or cheap a product can be if you like it and if it works for you then great, lucky for me every blush i own i love.

From left to right

♥ Sleek Pixie Pink- This is my all time favourite blush, its great for the day or night and all throughout the year, its extremely pigmented so u need a light hand when using it, the packaging is really sturdy and well made with a handy mirror inside and at £4.49 you cant go wrong.

♥ Wet'N'Wild Glowing Pink- I got this on a whim from a discount store for only £2.00 and i must admit it was the price that sold it to me, i love anything cheap and cheerful. As it was a bargain i wasn't expected much but I'm so pleased i picked it up now, the pigmentation is great it gives you a real healthy radiant glow it does have a tiny bit of shimmer to it but i love that about it, its definitely more of a spring/summer blush.

♥ MUA Shade 1- This is my favourite colour of the MUA blushers, its quite a bright pink with a slight shimmer to it but nothing major,the pigmentation is OK and lasting power isn't that great but for a bargain £1 u cant complain really, i have hit pan on this as i do use it often but u find yourself topping it up all day as it wears off quick.

♥MUA Shade 2- This dusky pink shade is lovely to give you that flush of colour but the same applies to this as shade 1, its has a slight shimmer to it, pigmentation is OK and lasting power isn't that great but for £1 it does the job. Word of warning these MUA blushers are quite soft so shatter easy.

 Estee Lauder Nude Rose- I love this blush for the summer its a peachy colour with a hint of rosiness and looks amazing when u have a tan, its not extremely pigmented but really nice to build up as it had a  nice a smooth texture, staying power is great too i never have to top it up at all. Not too sure on the price as i got this a few years ago id say around the £20 mark also i think they have since revamped the packaging.

 ♥ Natural Collection Pink Cloud- This is a very nice natural everyday shade, pigmentation is OK and lasting power is about 6 hours before you need to touch up, i love this if I'm going really neutral and just want an ever so slight pop of pink to my cheeks, a nice cheap and cheerful price of £1.99 and only available in boots.

  ♥ Bare Minerals Luxury- I got this blush as part of a gift set a few christmas' ago and love it for spring summer, its a warm coral colour that u can build up really easily, and feels really nice on the skin., the price of these blushers is around £14.75 which is alot for a blush but as its amazing quality i cant grumble really.


Face of the Day

Today i thought i would do something new that i haven't done on my blog before and that is a cheeky little face of the day. Today's look is just my everyday casual makeup look so here goes......


 Rimmel London wake me up foundation in 100 Ivory
♥ Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer 1 Fair
♥ Mac mineralize skin finish natural in Medium
♥ Sleek blush in Pixie Pink (small amount, well blended)


Mac paint pot in Bare Study
Urban Decay Naked Palette using Sin all over the lid, Buck on the outta corner and the crease and Creep softly used as liner on the lash line.
♥ Rimmel London scandal eyes kohl eyeliner in Black
♥ L'oreal volume million lashes mascara in Extra Black
♥ HD Brows kit using Ash Brown from the Foxy palette


Burberry lipstick in Rosewood


Glossy Box January 2013

As its a brand new year i thought i would treat myself and restart my Glossy Box subscription again. The reason of me stopping my boxes before wasn't that i disliked them, i had just started slipping back on my YouTube uploads and knew i was going to have a break so didn't see much point of continuing anymore if I'm honest.

After receiving my January box i have noticed they have changed the normal card 'menu' to a folded up paper  leaflet/magazine which at first i wasn't a fan of but i must admit there's alot more information on the new leaflet than the card 'menu' before. The January box has a new year detox theme which i thought was a cute idea to help us all recover from the holiday season indulgence.

I opened the menu first and was impressed by the layout as i could see exactly what i had in this month's box and i could easily see and read all the information about all of my products. After diving into my box i noticed i had a little added bonus that wasn't on the leaflet menu, an amazingly cute sleeping mask which i thought was a really nice touch.

In my box i received the Sanctuary Spa Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask, Monu Micro Exfolioant, Premae Skincare Balance Rescue Face Tonique, Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Moisturizing Conditioner and the Jason Lips Bee Healthier. I wasn't wow'd by any of the products i got in my box this month and I'm only really excited to try the Monu Micro Exfolioant and the Face Tonique, the Jason Lips Bee Healthier i didn't really think was a high end treat and the Lavender Conditioner is a big no no for me as the smell of lavender alone makes my eyes water. The Sanctuary Spa product also doesn't excite me as i think its aimed towards more mature skin as it claims to reduce lines and wrinkles which at my tender age of 25 I'm sure i wont be needed that anytime soon ( i hope). All in all I'm hoping my next box will be a little bit more up my street.