Monday, 30 November 2015

Meet my November 'Sparkling' Advertisers!

Hey beaut's!

 As we are nearing the end of November I thought it was about time that you lovely lot got to know my gorgeous November 'Sparkling' Advertisers a little bit more, hopefully you have seen their blogs sitting in my sidebar and have already had a cheeky little peek and found some great, new reading material... arrrhh I love finding new blogs to read, it's so inspiring and often sends me into wish list overdrive ha ha... Anyway enough of me rambling, let me introduce you all to my November Advertisers!
My name Is Kate and I'm from Norfolk , England, Kate's Closet is my opportunity to share with you all , some of the things I love , anything from Fashion and beauty, Lifestyle to just stuff I wanna share with other women ( I live in a house surrounded by men , my husband and my two sons) so don't get much chance to talk about my latest beauty find or that new handbag I need . Lol 
Thank you for taking a look at my blog , I hope you enjoy.
Love Kate
I'm Stephanie and I run I set up my blog is late 2012 as a creative outlet to talk about me love of all things beauty and fashion and over the years it's grown and developed into my biggest hobby! I mainly write about makeup, beauty, skincare, fashion, nails, hair and blogging with a hint of home interiors, food, travel and personal posts thrown in for good measure. 
Hello everybody! I'm Sam, 23, and I live in Scotland. I'm a mum to my gorgeous boy Rhys, and I blog all things beauty, food, and vegan related at Lashes and Diamonds. I'd really love for you to come and check it out - Hope to see you over there soon! Much love, Sam xoxo
Sparkles at Midnight is ran by Nikki who blogs about life and loves and a few gluten free goodies along the way!
I am a 22 year old blogger on a journey to a better life, both mentally and physically. I write all things lifestyle and food and I’m currently running blogger events in the South West and West Midlands! I’d love for you to come check out my blog at, I have plenty of exciting plans coming up!

If you would like to come a join in on the fun and advertise with HaySparkle all details can be found HERE!


Sunday, 29 November 2015

November Taffy Mail Box

Hey beaut's!

Now you all know how much I love a good ole subscription box and a couple of weeks ago I came across a new kind of subscription box that I'd never heard of before, Taffy Mail. Taffy Mail is a food subscription box that sends out a selection of American candy for all of us beaut's to enjoy, wait what!!!! Yes that's right, the amazing Taffy Mail have come up with a box that allows us in the UK to try out different US sweets and treats without spending a fortune, because as I know very well American food is like the food of the gods in the UK an is extremely pricey so I think the idea of a subscription service is amazing!
Taffy Mail have three plans available to choose from, firstly theres the 'Light' box which is a taster size box that contains 4-5 American sweets and will set you back just £7.49 per month, then theres the 'Classic' box which is £14.99 per month and contains 10-12 American sweets and 1 can of American soda and lastly theres the 'Extra' box which is £24.99 per month and contains up to 20 American sweets, at least 1 can of American soda and at least 1 premium item, premium items include the likes of Twinkies and other cakes, American cereals, large packs of Oreo’s and other higher priced items. The Taffy Mail boxes are shipped out on or before the 15th of every month and the postage and packaging is free so theres nothing extra that will be added to your monthly payment which I think is pretty fab! 
In the Classic* box I received were such amazing yummy treats.... Theres was a double pack of  Twinkies which are my absolute favourite and didnt last more than five minetes, Milk Duds made with chocolate and caramel, Take 5 Bar, Double Dipped Nerds in Watermelon Apple and Cherry Lemonade, Twizzlers, Mike and Ike Zours, Laffy Taffy in Strawberry and Laffy Taffy in Sour Apple, Trident Gum in Pineapple Twist, Funyuns Onion Flavoured Rings and a can of Hawaiian Punch in Fruit Juicy Red. As you can see theres such a variety to try in the box from chocolate, sweets, crisps, fizzy drink and even chewing gum so it's not as if you just get a box of gummy sweets or anything which I think is amazing!
Overall I think Taffy Mail have come up with a brilliant idea for a subscription box, I loved my box and everything in it as did my boyfriend and I think it's such amazing value for money when you consider how much American goodies are to buy here in the UK. If your into your subscription boxes and American treats then Taffy Mail is a must try!


Saturday, 28 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide | Mens Fragrances

Hey beaut's!

It just wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't buy a fragrance for someone would it...  Sometimes Christmas shopping for men can be difficult but the one thing that's sure to be a winner every time is an aftershave, I mean everyone loves to smell nice, right??? So today I've got a selection of gorgeous smelling aftershaves that are sure to be a hit whether your buying for a family member, a loved one or even a friend.
BOSS The Scent* 100ml RRP £64.00
Firstly we have BOSS The Scent by Hugo Boss which is Boss' latest release for men and comes housed in silver cage like bottle which contains amber coloured aftershave inside. As for the scent itself, its light and fruity, but still warm and strong at the same time. After testing this out on my boyfriend I think its quite a versatile scent meaning its fresh enough to wear through the day, but also bold enough to splash on before an evening out too. Personally I think this is more of a 'Dad' scent and really reminds me of a scent my dad used to wear, theres something about the spicy ginger and leather accords that make this scent more suited to the older generation I think, so if your looking for the perfect scent for your Dad or Grandad this Christmas I'd highly recommend BOSS The Scent.

Top Notes: Ginger
Heart Notes: Maninka Fruit
Base Notes: Leather Accords

James Bond SEVEN* 30ml £21.95
Secondly we have SEVEN from 007 fragrances, this will go down well with any James Bond  lover I'm sure. The aftershave itself has a very powerful, strong, spicy scent to it with a slight hint of citrus sweetness in their too, so if the man in your life likes a nice woody, spicy scent that has strong lasting power this could be the one for him not to mention it's perfect for this time of the year. The packaging of the SEVEN aftershave is rather cool, the bottle itself is black and has a sharp-edged profile which offers an additional diagonal contour to create the shape of the number seven,  you see what they did there.

Top Notes - Tangerine, Bergamot and Apple.
Heart Notes - Cinnamon, Saffron and White Pepper .
Base Notes - Smooth Amber, Vanilla, Musk and Caramel .

Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc* 100ml RRP £47.00
Like all the Lacoste L.12.12 fragrances, Blanc is inspired by the Lacoste iconic polo shirt, this range acts as a tribute to the founder Rene Lacoste himself, its said that if you team the coloured fragrance with the same coloured polo shirt it will make the most out of the fragrance and intensify it, which I think is a rather cool/quirky fact!!! I can only describe Lacoste Blanc as being a very clean, fresh, sweet fragrance and perfect for the younger generation, to me this is not a mature scent at all so maybe not one for your Dad or Grandad but more for your Brother or Boyfriend. After testing Blanc out on my boyfriend, its clear to see or should I say smell (he he) that Blanc is very long lasting and lingers all day without being strong or overpowering at all. The packaging of Blanc is very simple and comes in a white glass bottle that is completely opaque and has Lacoste's trademark embroidery crocodile on the front of the bottle which I think is a really nice touch, it would certainly sit nicely on any mans bedside table.

Top Notes - Grapefruit, Cardamom, Rosemary, Cedar Leaves.
Heart Notes - Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang.
Base Notes - Leather Notes, Cedar.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas gift guide on Mens Fragrances and I hope it's given you a few idea's on what to get the men in your life this Christmas, you really cant go wrong with an aftershave can you!!!

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Friday, 27 November 2015

Jord Sully Wood Watch in Green Sandalwood | Christmas Gift Guide + E-Gift Card GIVEAWAY!

Hey beaut's!

Today I have a really exciting review/Christmas gift guide for you all featuring a very unique and beautiful looking watch made by a company called Jord. Jord are a US brand that don't just make any old watches but instead they make ladies and men's wood watches, yup that's right, all of their watches are made from natural and sustainably sourced wood from around the world, pretty amazing right. I'd honestly never seen a wooden watch before until I got the gorgeous Cora Series in Koa & Rose Gold a few months ago and quickly fell in love. Theres so many designs, woods and colours to choose from on the Jord website and this time around I opted for the Jord Sully Series in Green Sandlewood* ($139/£89) for my boyfriend, a unisex watch that I think would make an amazing Christmas present for any loved one, it's just so lovely. 
When the Sully watch arrived it was beautifully packaged in an amazing, well made, pale wooden box with a sliding lid, the watch was then nestled inside the box over a little tweed jewellery pillow which just looked adorable and adds an extra special touch when your giving the watch as a gift. The Jord Sully watch is available in 4 different colour designs, as I said before I opted for the Green Sandalwood design which is made from natural green sandalwood that has been hand finished and pretreated with tung oils, I think its a super versatile design and would suit men or woman. The watch itself is battery operated, has scratch resistant mineral glass on the watch face,  fastens at the back with a stainless steel deployment buckle with push buttons which are easy to open and close and as a whole the watch is relatively lightweight too.
With Jord being based in the US it's good to know they ship internationally, and they aim to ship orders within 1-3 days via tracked USPS shipping, I actually kept tracking my watch which I found really quite fun. One of the many things that really blew me away about Jord is when ordering your watch you have the ability to have the watch re-sized for a $10/£6 fee, I think that is so good, I have quite small wrists and every watch I've ever owned has always been too big for me, so the fact you can have this done before your watch even arrives is pretty impressive. The extra links that were taken out are still included in the wooden box too.
'Boyfriend modelling the Sully wood watch below hehe'
Overall I think this Sully wood watch is lovely and my boyfriends really chuffed with it, If your in the market for a new watch or your looking for a luxury Christmas prezzie for a loved one, then definitely check out Jord watches. As you can see, they are absolutely gorgeous and uniquely beautiful. There's a style for everyone and their watches start at $120 which is really good for such well made watches. SEE E-Gift Card GIVEAWAY DETAILS BELOW!
I've actually partnered up with JORD to giveaway a limited quantity of e-gift cards worth $25 each for the festive season! If you've had your eye on one of these lovely wood watches, be sure to enter to get in on the savings, tis the season! Entering is easy; simply follow my Haysparkle on Bloglovin and click the link HERE - it will ask you for your email address and your favourite JORD watch (so many to choose from) once you hit enter, your code will be emailed directly to you, it that easy! Like I said before their are a limited number of e-gifts cards so make sure you get yours quick, before they all go! 

What do you think of the idea od wood watches beaut's? I'd love to know.


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Makeup Revolution Pro Prime Aqua Priming Base Review

Hey beaut's!

Priming waters and sprays seem to be everywhere at the moment and are proving to be really popular and effective in the beauty world and as you may have seen I actually reviewed Freedom Makeup's offering a few weeks ago and have been really enjoying using it, so when I saw that Makeup Revolution had also released one recently I was keen to see if there was much of a difference between the two seeing as Makeup Rev and Freedom are created by the very same people. 

Much like Freedoms priming water the Makeup Revolution Pro Prime Aqua Priming Base* (£6.00) is a lightweight primer spray that can be used to either provide a moisturised base underneath your makeup or on top of your makeup like a finishing spray for extra highlight and dewy-ness. So does this little beauty work you may be wondering... in a word YES! I've have been loving this priming water and how it makes my skin look and feel, to apply the priming water all I do is after popping on my usual moisturiser I just spritz 4 sprays onto my skin, 2 going downwards from the top on my face to my chin and the 2 going across from ear to ear, I like spritzing it in that way so I know all my skin has had some priming water love, I then wait a few seconds for the priming water to settle in slightly and I usually fan myself with my hands to speed up the process he he. The priming water feels so refreshing and lightweight and adds a dose of moisture to the skin because of it's added multi-vitamins and creates a really nice dewy base to work on, the spray wont reduce or fill in pores but is great for boosting radiance and revitalising your complexion. 

I also love using the priming water after I've applied all of my makeup, kind of how you would use a setting spray, it just adds more radiance to the skin and reduces that flat, matte, powdery look which I hate. I would probably say someone with slightly dryer skin like myself will benefit more from this priming water because of its hydrating qualities and the fact that it adds radiance to the skin, that being said as the priming water does contain glycerin which is a key ingredient in keeping things set onto the skin and making your makeup long lasting I think oily skin types shouldn't rule this priming water out either.

The only difference I have found between Makeup Revolutions offering and Freedoms offering is that the Makeup Revolution Pro Prime smells really nice, just like baby powder which makes it more enjoyable to use where as Freedoms smells a little more chemical like. I also prefer Makeup Revolution black and rose gold packaging to Freedoms clear bottle too. But in terms of how the product works there really isn't any difference between the two and you could easily get away with buying either or.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution's Pro Prime Aqua Priming Base? What did you think? I'd love to know.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Lush Santa's Lip Scrub Review

Hey beaut's!

You may have seen that I recently popped into Lush and stocked up on a few Christmassy bits (haul here) and something that I couldn't wait to get my hands on was Santa's Lip Scrub. I had run out of my trusty Bubblegum Lip Scrub a while back, and with the cold winter weather approaching I knew I'd need to restock asap as my lips always need some extra TLC at this time of the year and after smelling Santa's Lip Scrub it literally went straight into my basket.

Santa's Lip Scrub (£5.50) is made up from a generous helping of caster sugar that has cute little red love hearts running through it and acts as a gentle scrub getting rid of any flaky, rough skin on and around your lips, the scrub also contains jojoba oil and extra virgin coconut oil which help soften and moisturise your lips leaving them feeling super soft. The scent of the scrub itself is divine, it smells just like cola with a slight hint of cherry which is just so scrummy and tastes amazing when I lick it off, yup that right beaut's the scrub is completely edible, even the little love hearts he he.
To use Santa's Lip Scrub all I do is simply pop as much or as little of the scrub as I want onto my finger and then gently scrub and buff away until my lips are soft and flake free and then I simply lick off the excess. The scrub works so well at moisturising and leaves you with a fantastic smooth base to apply your lip balm or lipstick on.
All in all I absolutely love this lip scrub, it looks so cute and festive, tastes and smells amazing and is super nourishing too, I've actually found it to be quite addictive, I literally want to use it all the time he he. If your after a new lip scrub and this tickles your fancy I'd hop-foot it down to Lush now beaut's because it's limited edition and only available to buy until Christmas, so stock up whilst you can, it would also make a great stocking filler too.  

Have you tried Santa's Lip Scrub beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know. 

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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Stocking Fillers £10.00 and Under!

Hey beaut's!

Christmas is creeping ever closer so today I thought I'd do another gift guide and share some affordable stocking fillers that are all under £10.00. Theres everything from cosy socks to choccies and even PJ's and smellies so hopefully I've got you covered....I hope you enjoy!!!
Stcoking Filler £10.00 and Under!
Lush Santa's Belly Gift Set £8.95/ Soap and Glory Kissmas Cracker £6.00 / Zoella Soap Pop Fragranced Soap on a Stick £5.00 / Tanya Burr Sugar Plum Nail Polish and Nail Art Set £4.00 / Dark Red Cable Knit Faux Fur Bobble Hat from New Look £7.99 / Eyelure Black Party Queen False Eyelashes £6.99 / 2 Pack Red Boucle Slipper Socks from New Look £3.99 / Wax Lyrical Diffuser in Gingerbread £4.00 / The Body Shop Strawberry Festive Cracker £5.00 / M&M Peanut Butter Theatre Box £2.59 / Models Own Colour Chrome Nail Polish in Copper £4.99

I hope you enjoyed my Stocking Filler idea's that are all £10.00 and under beaut's, and I hope it's given you a few affordable idea's on what to pop in your loved ones stocking this year. 

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide | Ladies Fragrances ♥

Hey beaut's!

It just wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't buy a fragrance for someone would it...  Sometimes Christmas shopping can be difficult especially when your trying to buy for someone who seems to have everything but the one thing that's sure to be a winner every time is a fragrance, I mean everyone loves to smell nice, right??? So today I've got a selection of gorgeous smelling perfumes that are sure to be a hit whether your buying for a family member, a loved one or even a friend.

007 for Women is a fragrance inspired by the iconic women found in Bond's seductive and daring world. The fragrance is described as 'dangerously seductive', with a unique mix of ingredients that blend signature femininity with intangible mystery into a modern interpretation of an oriental fragrance, sounds pretty amazing right?? The scent itself is very oriental with top notes of black pepper and rose milk, heart notes of  blackberry and white floral jasmine and base notes of vanilla, white musk and cedarwood. It really is a beautiful scent that I've been enjoying wearing over the last couple of weeks, all of the fragrant notes just go hand in hand together and the vanilla and white musk really do come through as it settles. It's also a very light, delicate scent to wear and is in no way overpowering which is a huge bonus. As for the packaging.... I really like it, I love the mix of the black and rose gold and the diamond-cut pattern all around the bottle adds that little bit of texture. Overall I think 007 for Women is an absolute hit! It's in no way gimmicky and is a very neutral scent meaning I think most women would enjoy it.

Lacoste Touch of Pink is very much a classic for the younger girlie's and has been around for years but never gets old. The scent itself is light, very sweet with a touch of vanilla to it. It's girlie, youthful and feminine without being overpowering or sickly sweet which is a major plus as nobody wants one of those perfumes that really gets down your throat do they! Overall I think this would be an absolute hit at Christmas for any younger girls that you might want to buy for and the bottle really reflects the youthful scent too. 

 Top Notes - Coriander Leaves, Blood oranges and Cardamon
 Middle Notes - Jasmine, Violet Leaves and Carot Seed
Base Notes - Sandalwood, Vanilla and Musk.

Hugo Boss Jour* RRP £65.00
Next up is a trilogy of gorgeous scents from the Boss Woman Runway Collection starting with Jour. The Jour fragrance is described as being an elegant floral/fruity fragrance and is inspired by the first light of day. For me Hugo Boss Jour is a very fresh/fruity scent, that when first spritzed can come off quite strong but dulls down to a lovely elegant fragrance and isn't overpowering in the slightest. Jour is also a very versatile fragrance, meaning your not restricted on when and where you can use it, it's a great all rounder, which personally I prefer as I feel you can make the most out of the fragrance. As for Jour's lasting power... Well, like most BOSS fragrances I've tried the lasting power is phenomenal, the scent lingers all day and it's one of those scents that always complimented on too. I think this would be the perfect scent for someone who likes something fresh yet fruity and slighlty strong.

Top notes: Grapefruit Flower and Lime. 
Middle notes: Freesia, Lily of the Valley and Honeysuckle.
Base notes: White Birch and Amber.

Hugo Boss Nuit* 75l RRP £65.00
 Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme is described as the perfect scent for the modern woman and is very alluring and sensual, including top notes of white peach and wet aldehyde, heart notes of jasmine, white flowers and violets, and the base notes include warm woods, sandalwood and crystal moss which combined together give it a subtle floral scent but with lots of creamy warmth, perfect for the woman who likes her nights out because like I said before it's very alluring but very elegant at the same time without being strong or overpowering. The packaging of Nuit follows the same shape as Jour, it comes in a black, glass bottle that really reflects it's 'evening' theme, it actually makes me think of a little black dress that you'd wear on a night out, and is finished off with gorgeous crystal effect lid which I think really sets it off. Overall I think this would be the perfect scent to give any lady in your life no matter what her age as it isn't youthful but it isn't mature either, it's a great all rounder that smells amazing and even though it's an eau de parfum the lasting power is incredible, I could smell its distinctive notes lingering on me all day.

Hugo Boss MA VIE* 75ml RRP £65.00
Lastly we have Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme which is the latest addition in the female Boss family and follows on from Boss Nuit and Boss Jour which both smell gorgeous. At first glance the packaging of this fragrance is beautiful, it comes in a delicate soft pink, glass bottle and has a gorgeous crystal effect lid which I think really sets it off. The concept behind the Ma Vie fragrance is the off-duty Boss woman, so expect sophistication and plenty of depth with this scent. It's quite a grown up scent and the delicate pink blossoms give it that floral/pretty edge and then the more woody notes come through giving the scent some bite and depth. Overall it smells rather lovely, it looks gorgeous and very luxurious and I think would make the perfect Christmas prezzie for your Mum!

Top Notes – Modernity: Cactus Blossom
Heart Notes– Femininity: Pink freesia, jasmine petals, rose bud
Base Notes– Confidence: Sheer woods, cedar wood

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas gift guide on Ladies Fragrances and I hope it's given you a few idea's on what to get the loved ones in your life, you really cant go wrong with an perfume can you!!!

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Friday, 20 November 2015

Imperial Leather Comforting Marshmallow Shower Cream Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

When I heard Imperial Leather had released a Sweets range of shower creams I just knew I had try them out, as far as I know their are four sweet scents in the collection to choose from, theres Mouthwatering Fruit Salad, Uplifting Sherbet Lemon, Stimulating Spearmint and Comforting Marshmallow which of course I just had to buy.

Comforting Marshmallow was easily sold to me by the look and sound of it, I mean just look at that packaging, it's pink and girlie and quite frankly I just couldn't resist it. As far as shower gels go Comforting Marshmallow is pretty good and does get the job done, it lathers up really well when used with a loofah and feels so soft and creamy against my skin whilst I'm washing. I think it's obvious that the scent is the real selling point here and I must admit that was what I was most excited about when buying this shower cream and my goodness it didn't disappoint, it smells so soft, fluffy, sugary sweet and very feminine just like your showering in a sea of marshmallows, for some it might be slightly sickly but I absolutely love sweet, sugary scents so that isn't a problem for me, the scent also seems to linger on my skin slightly after getting out of the shower which I absolutely adore. If you are looking for a shower gel with hydrating qualities then Comforting Marshmallow wont be for you, whilst it never dried my skin out at all it is just your average shower gel but with an amazing scent and cute packaging.

Overall I think Imperial Leather's 'Sweets' range is an absolute hit and after falling in love with Comforting Marshmallow so much I now want to try Mouthwatering Fruit Salad so bad he he. 

Imperial Leathers Comforting Marshmallow Shower Cream is usually priced at £1.80 but you can find in on offer in so many places at the moment, I got mine from Tesco's a little while back when it was 90p but Superdrug currently have the range priced at just 85p so I'd highly recommend trying them out or stocking up now as I know I will be.

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Chocolate Pink Fizz Palette Review

Hey beaut's!

Makeup Revolution are back with a chocolaty bang with their current new release! Yup, they have gone an done it again, releasing another beautiful chocolate bar inspired eyeshadow palette. This time around they've gone for the 'Pink Fizz' Eyeshadow Palette, from the outside your met with a 3D pink chocolate bar effect palette that's oozing and melting and on the inside it's full with sparkling highly pigmented shades that would be perfect for the party season ahead or as a stocking filler, it's just stunning and so girlie!
The I ♡ Makeup Chocolate Pink Fizz Palette* itself contains 16 shades in total perfect for those of us who love our neutrals but have the temptation to try a bit of colour too, theres a nice mixture of shimmer finishes and matte finishes that each compliment each other beautifully to create numerous looks for day and night. The palette also comes with a lovely large mirror which is always appreciated for travelling purposes and a double ended sponge applicator, Ive also found the packaging of the Pink Fizz palette to be extremely strong, sturdy and very robust which is great if your a bit of a klutz like myself ha ha.

As always I really have no complaints on the eye shadow's quality, Makeup Revolution seem to make such amazing eye shadows don't they he he. Each eyeshadow within the 'Pink Fizz' palette is packed full of pigmentation, especially the metallic/shimmer finish shadows and are all super soft to swatch, easy to work with and blend out a treat, they last great on my oily eyelids without any creasing or fading most of the day and what's best is the palette is super affordable at just £7.99, that's around 49p per eyeshadow, wowza!
As you can see from the swatches of the middle row of shadows the shades are absolutely stunning and so highly pigmented, theres a nice range of golds, bronze, chocolate brown tones, pink hues, silvers and theres even a blue shade within the palette, it's such an all-rounder palette that can be used during the day or ampted up at night!

You can find the I ♡ Makeup Chocolate Pink Fizz Eyeshadow Palette instore on online at Superdrug or on the Makeup Revolution website for £7.99.

Have you got the Pink Fizz Palette yet beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know.

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