Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in Ivory | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

Quite a while back now I decided to pick up the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream as I'd heard so many good things about it and wanted try something that felt lighter on my skin for the Spring/Summer months. I must admit this was my very first CC Cream purchase so I really didn't know what to expect or how a CC Cream would benefit me, but after using the Bourjois offering for over a month now I'm 100% confident in saying I LOVE this product and Bourjois really have come up with a cracking CC Cream!
The Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream is available in 4 shades, Ivory, Light Beige, Rose Beige and Bronze, on this occasion I opted for the lightest shade Ivory, which matches my skin tone perfectly right now as I'm rather pale but when the weather heats up abit more and I start to get a tan going on I'll definitely need to go up a shade, I think it's nice that Bourjois offer a nice variety of shades as usually I find CC/BB Creams just come in light-medium etc. The CC Cream comes packaged in a plastic tube which holds 30ml's worth of product and has no dispenser or pump, instead its one of the squeezable, screw cap jobbie's which I do like, at least you know you can use all the product up and not waste any, I also cut these sort of plastic tubes open when I think I'm finished as there always 2-3 applications left in little secret hiding places within the tube ha ha.
The CC Cream itself contains 3 colour correcting pigments, Apricot to counteract the signs of fatigue, Green to disguise any traces of redness and White to conceal those dark spots and blemish's, it also contains SPF 15 and offers 24 hours of hydration, making it perfect for anyone with drier skin like myself. With all of the above combined the CC Creams aim is to give us a fresh, luminous complexion and smooth skin, which is something I always want please ha ha. So does the 123 Perfect CC Cream live up to it's claims? I'd have to say yes is does, I have major love for this product! It seems to just make my skin look amazing and is such a great pick me up in the mornings.

The consistency of the CC Cream is quite thin and rather runny so bare that in mind when squeezing it out onto your hand, I like to apply the CC Cream by dabbing my Nanshy Flat Top Buffer Brush onto my hand to pick up some product and then dot it around my face before blending, I have used my hands and my beauty blender for this but I just prefer how my Nanshy Brush works, it just blends the cream quickly, flawlessly and doesn't need much work at all blending wise which saves me time in the mornings woohoo. The finish and the coverage that the CC Cream provides is so lovely, because of the thin texture the finish feels like a healthy, luminous second skin, it honestly feels as light as air on my skin and doesn't cling to a single dry patch. The coverage I'd say is light to medium and is definitely buildable on problematic area's, but essentially it evens out the skin tone. Personally I think this would amazingly as a base for anyone who suffers from acne because it isn't drying so it wouldn't cling to the skin and it would help fight against the redness and smooth out the skin. Because the Bourjois CC Cream gives us a luminous complexion I was worried about looking like a disco ball but in actual fact the CC Cream doesnt contain any noticeable light reflecting particles at all, which is great if your looking for a luminous look without the sparkle.
Overall I think Bourjois have provided us with yet another hit from their base collection, they really do know how to create amazing base makeup with a good amount of coverage that feels so lightweight don't they? I can honestly see myself repurchasing this over and over again, a huge 10 out of 10 for me. I have also picked up their CC Eye Cream/Concealer so expect a full review of that coming soon beauties!

Have you tried Bourjois' CC Cream yet beaut's?? What did you think?? Was you as blown away as I am??


Vera Wang Princess Power Perfume | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

You may have seen that I recently reviewed the gorgeous Prada Candy Florale perfume because with Summer on the way it's definitely that time to refresh our perfume caddies, out with those deep, woody scents and in with the more fresh, floral, fruity scents and today I have yet another very amazing scent to share with you that's perfect for the warmer months ahead... Say hello to Vera Wangs Princess Power*!
Vera Wangs Princess Power is the third instalment in the 'Princess' range, and is said to be an effortlessly cool and stylish scent and from looking at that packaging and that bottle alone it certainly looks like a scent that will get you noticed. 

So what does Princess Power really smell like... Well in a nutshell if you like fruity, floral scents with a hint of sweetness and a pinch of girlyness for good measure then your going to love Princess Power for the up and coming Summer months. The scent opens up with top notes of Sparkling Pear, Apricot Blossom and Raspberry (cue the fruity, sweet twist), the heart of the fragrance consists of Jasmine, Rainbow Rose and Plumeria (there goes the florals) and ends with a base of Blonde Woods, Creamy Musk and Vanilla, ohhh so much fruity, floral and sweet gorgeousness he he.

 When I first spritzed Princess Power I could immediately smell the sweetness of the fruits and also got a slight hint of floral, I wouldn't say it's a strong, overpowering scent but it certainly gets slightly lighter as it drys down and has a more musky vibe going on as appose to the more fruity scent that very first appears as it goes onto the skin. I must admit I really do like the fact that the scent slightly changes as it drys down as it feels like your getting two perfumes in one ha ha. The lasting power of Princess Power is pretty good, I do about 3 spritz' (wrists, neck and or course one more for luck on my clothes ha ha) and I can honestly smell that fruity/musky scent on myself most of the day. Just like Prada's Candy Florale perfume, Princess Power is very much a complimentary perfume where alot of people can smell it on me and they seem to love it and ask what I'm wearing, which again is always nice. As much as I love wearing this scent during the day (and trust me, I do all the time ha ha) I'd say it leans more towards a scent for the summer evenings, because of its musky side it just works so well at night.
As for the packaging and the bottle... It certainly has a youthful, playful vibe going on with its bold graphics and bright colour blocking prints, doesn't it! Truth be told I am a sucker for cute packaging, I tend to buy most things that look pretty and Princess Power doesn't disappoint. I absolutely love the heart shaped, glass bottle which is completely flat from the front but at the back of the bottle it feels like some sort of glass jewel and you can see the pretty pink perfume fluid inside too which is nice. The bottle is then nicely finished off with a pretty, jewelled crown lid.
Overall I do really like Vera Wang's Princess Power, it's such a lovely scent to wear during the summer months especially in the evenings when you can really take in it's musky side. I would say that it is quite a youthful scent, the packaging and the bottle also really reflect that, but then again my mums in her 50s and says she loves it!

Vera Wang's Princess Power is available on the Fragrance Direct website for £39.99 for a 50ml bottle, you also get a free gift at the moment woohoo, it's a gorgeous Vera Wang Tote Bag. Free Vera Wang arm candy, yes please!!! Their are little snippits of the bag in my pictures above or you can see it in all it's glory HERE on my Instagram!

Are you a fan on the Vera Wang Princess scents?? Id love to know beaut's!


May Beauty Favourites ♥

Hey beaut's!!!

I cant quite believe its that time again.... Monthly favourites time!!! I know we all say this every month but honestly I cant believe how quick the months are going, its crazy... Who else has been loving the first signs of Summer?? I know I certainly am, I'm absolutely loving the sunshine, warmer days and pretty flowers at the moment, it lovely!!! Anywhoo today I thought I would share with you all the makeup and beauty products I've been loving throughout May, so here goes....

Real Techniques Modern Natural Makeup Kit
A good few weeks back the Pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nic released their very first colour collection with Real Techniques in the shape of two Limited Edition Makeup Kits, obviously I had to get my hands on one immediately and I opted for the Modern Natural Makeup Kit as I knew I would get the most use of it, as the shades are right up my street and easy to wear day and night. I have been using this makeup kit more or less everyday ever since I got it but mainly just for the eye shadows and the gel liner, I've been wearing Gold Metal as a wash of colour all over the lid, then I've been taking Caramel Mocha through the crease to add some definition and finally Ive been using Quicksand on my brow bone and tear duct area for a highlight, it just creates a really pretty, golden eye makeup look for the Summer, I just love it! You can check out my full review HERE if you like beaut's.  

Real Techniques Multi Complexion Sponge
I've found myself reaching for my Multi Complexion Sponge alot recently, not to apply my foundation though as I still prefer a brush for that, but I've been using it constantly to apply my concealer and cream blush. It just blends both in so flawlessly and leaves my skin looking pixel perfect. Also I have a HUGE cleaning tip for you beauties, if you struggle to your multi complexion sponge squeaky clean just pop it in the washing machine and then leave it to dry in a warm place on top of a towel, it works an absolute treat and comes out looking brand new, obviously be careful not to put it in with washing that has alot of zips as that may snag on the sponge, I just throw mine in with my towels and voila!! 

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl 
I was having a good rummage around and sort through my makeup collection recently and came across a little 7.5ml sample of Benefits Girl Meets Pearl, truth be told I have no idea how or why I have this and I cant remember where it came from but I thought I'd give it a go. Well... it's absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad I came across it. Girl Meets Pearl is a golden toned, liquid highlighter for the face and I've been obsessed with using it across my cheekbones and down the centre of my nose, it just leaves my skin looking so dewy, glowy and luminous and is so summer appropriate, I feel like some sort of golden goddess when I wear it he he. It can also be mixed with foundation or with moisturisers for the body and face for nights out too, it just adds that extra glow when used that way.

Essie Nail Polish in Off The Shoulder
I go through phases with nail polishes, last month I was obsessed with all shades of coral and this month I've been obsessed with pink, pink and more pink, and in particular Essie's Off The Shoulder! Off The Shoulder is a gorgeous carnation pink shade with a crème finish making it perfect for Spring/Summertime wear. I also adore the Essie nail polish formula, its just so glossy, long lasting and is so easy to work with . Off The Shoulder was actually from Essies Summer Collection in 2012 but I buy all of my Essie nail polishes from Fragrance Direct to save on the pennies and they often have old season's shades, and luckily for me I managed to pick up this beaut of a shade. 

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 50+ SPF
We've had some warmer days in the UK recently and a few weeks back we had a mini heatwave so I knew I needed to wear a nice suncream with  good SPF so I dug out my trusty La Roche Posay Anthelios. I love this stuff when it's really hot as its gel based formula just blends into my skin quickly leaving a matte finish which I love as usually sun creams can leave you with that horrible oily, tacky feeling to the skin, its also water resistant, non perfumed and paraben free so great for sensitive skin suffers like myself. The only downside is that it's not very moisturising so I would recommend when using this on your face under your makeup just to moisturise as normal.

Soap & Glory Heel Genius
Arhhh this is my new love.. I never really bother with my feet, the most I usually do is paint my toes and that's about it. However... As the warmer weather is on the way and I've been whipping out the odd pair of sandal's recently, I thought I really should pamper my feet a little as they where slightly dry and in a nutshell they needed some TLC. Sooo... I've been massaging some of the Heel Genius into my feet most nights just before bed and in the mornings my feet honestly feel so soft, smooth and pampered without a single bit of dry skin in sight. I do have a full review coming up on this very soon but Id highly recommend it, it's well worth trying.

What have been your favourite beauty products to use throughout May beaut's??? I'd love to know!!!


Miners Cosmetics Cherry Tin o 'Tint | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

Recently the lovelies over at Miners Cosmetics, very kindly sent me one of their limited edition NVS Tin O Tints in the shade Cherry. If you're not sure who NVS are, they're a five piece group made up by the talented Harri, Tess, Declan, Axel and Danny. I must admit I'm not too familiar with the group myself by they did support JLS on their Goodbye Tour last year and will be supporting the X Factor 2012 winners Little Mix on their tour throughout May and June of this year which Miners Cosmetics will also be sponsoring. Throughout the tour Miners Cosmetics will be running lots of incredible competitions on their Twitter and Facebook pages, with prizes including exclusive Limited Edition NVS Tin o 'Tins signed by the band and even tickets to the gigs so make sure you check those out beaut's!

The Tin o' Tint tinted lip balm's by Miners Cosmetics are specially designed to tint 'n' care. The award winning range is made up of 6 delicious shades, Cherry, Watermelon, Vanilla, Pink Grapefruit, Cocoa Bean and Mango, all of which have an added moisturising formulation, claiming our lips will be left feeling soft and smooth with a hint of gorgeous colour, sounds great to me and perfect to have in my handbag on the go.
The very first thing that caught my eye about the Tin o 'Tint was just how cute the packaging is, it is quite youthful looking but I love it, it's one of those balms that when you get it out of your bag to use your friend is like 'Ohh whats that? That looks lovely', it's very eye catching indeed. The generous 12g of product is placed inside a nice sturdy tin with a secure pull off lid which is very reminiscent to the vaseline tins although Miners offering is slightly bigger and taller. The formula of the Tin o 'Tint balm is quite hard in the pan, certainly alot harder than a vaseline balm and I find you need to work your finger on the surface of the balm to 'warm it up' slightly before it's easy to apply onto the lips. Once on the lips it is slightly sticky but has that smooth feeling at the same time, it's not an unbearable sticky where your hair gets stuck to your lips but I do notice that it has that tacky feeling to it. The pigmentation of the balm is rather impressive, it's a gorgeous deep berry shade to swatch and on the lips it creates a light berry sheen and certainly makes my lips look more plush ha ha. The smell of the balm is seriously yummy, it smells just like the sweets cherry drops it's so scrumptious, as for lasting power... I can definitely feel the balm on my lips for a good hour or so but can feel the moisturising benefits for a good couple of hours after which is nice.
Overall I think the Tin o 'Tints are great, and perfect to just chuck in your handbag for on the go or of you going for a more natural makeup look the Tin o 'Tint works well. I just love the fact that they give your lips that dose of moister and add a pretty, glossy tint all at the same time and the scent is literally insane, I love it! 

You can buy the Tin o 'Tint collection from the Miners Cosmetics website for an impressive £2.99 each.

Have you tried any of the Tin o 'Tints?? What flavours do you have?? I'd love to know.


Sleek Californ.I.A Blush By 3 Palette | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

With Summer fast approaching I think its the perfect time to switch things up in my makeup bag and introduce more cream based products and of course get some beautiful coral shades in there too, and the perfect place to start is Blusher, so say hello to the gorgeous Californ.I.A Blush By 3 Palette*.
The Sleek Makeup Californ.I.A Blush by 3 Palette is one of two new blush trio compacts that launched this Spring from our friends at Sleek, bringing the current Blush By 3 total to 8 gorgeous palettes (that's a heck of alot of blushes he he). The Californ.I.A  Palette which I'm reviewing for you all today contains 3 gorgeous peachy/coral toned, cream blushes which are all inspired by all things California! Think, the sun, beaches, surf life, the heat, arhhh it just makes me feel all warm thinking about it!
Firstly I'm just going to jump right in and say I love this palette, it's just absolutely stunning! Like I said before all the of the three blushers in the Californ.I.A palette are cream in formula and have such a soft, creamy texture which allows them to blend out an absolute dream, I like to use my finger to pick up my chosen blush (my finger literally melts into the silky smooth blush arrhh) then pop the colour onto the apples of my cheeks so that I resemble a clown ha ha and I then take my Real Techniques Buffing brush to blend the blush all out onto my cheeks, I find that, that particular brush just seems to work amazingly with Sleeks cream blush offerings and blends effortlessly in seconds. As for the blushes pigmentation... It's great! They apply to the cheek the exact same shade as they look in the actual palette but blend out to a very subtle finish allowing you to build up as much colour to your cheeks as your heart desires, so if you want a natural look you can create that with ease or if your want something more vibrant you can achieve that with ease too.
Now onto the shade rundown...

♥ OC- A pinky toned coral with an ever so slight luminous look to it and has a slight lustre finish.

The Surf- A pale golden peach with lots of minute golden shimmers running through it. This shade works beautifully as a highlight shade, especially if your rocking a summer tan and had a luminous finish, it's so pretty and delicate.

♥ Newport Peach- A coral shade with abit more depth to it than the other two shades in the palette, I wouldnt say this shade is as luminous as they other two but it still looks beautifuly dewy and fresh on the cheeks.

The lasting power of each blush is amazing, they last on my skin a good 7-8 hours without fading or moving and feel so lightweight, just like a second skin. The finish that all 3 blushes leaves is very much dewy, healthy and luminous, so if your looking for a cream to powder blush then these wont be for you, but if you want that healthy, sun kissed , holiday look for the summer then the Californ.I.A Palette will be right up your street.

Overall I'm majorly impressed with Sleeks Californ.I.A Palette, your getting 3 amazingly pigmented cream blushes, which honestly replicate high end quality for the price of £9.99 which makes each blush come in at around £3.33 which is an absolute bargain in my opinion. So girls, if your looking for some cream blushers for the Summer with peachy/coral tones this is the kiddo hehe!   

Have you tried the Californ.I.A Blush Palette before beaut's?? I'd love to know your thoughts on it!


Prada Candy Florale Perfume | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

With Summer on the way it's definitely time to refresh your perfume caddie, out with the deep, woody scents and in with the more fresh, floral scents and today I have one very amazing scent to share with you that's perfect for the warmer months ahead... Say hello to Prada Candy Florale*!
Prada Candy Florale is the third instalment in the Candy range,  firstly they launched Candy in 2011, which is said to have been an instant hit with it's super sweet, youthful and flirty scent. Then in 2013, the Italian-line followed it up with Candy L’Eau, which is described to be a less sweet, more musky offering. Then this year on April 8th Prada presented us with their third Candy perfume, named Candy Florale, which is the ultimate spring/summer scent.

Prada Candy Florale is inspired by an imaginary flower that smells like candy or a bouquet of flowers standing on the counter of an ice cream shop in Italy, so basically think of a light peony floral scent with a touch of sweetness and that your scent right there. The fragrance is all about pretty flower Peony, but has a top note of yummy Limoncello, making it sparkling fresh. At the heart of the fragrance is a majestic bouquet of fresh peonies, with the base of musk, benzoin and caramel, mmm it's such a fresh, floral scent with that hint of sweetness!

I have to admit I think Prada Candy Florale is one of the nicest perfumes I have EVER tried, just because everything about it is just spot on for me. When you first spritz Candy Florale you aren't met with a strong overpowering scent that needs time to dry down, instead you are met with a gorgeous, light scent that sits on the skin (or your clothes, as I go mad and spritz all over sometimes ha ha) exactly how it comes out of the bottle, and I really like that about a perfume. The lasting power of Candy Florale is amazing, I do about 3 spritz' (wrists, neck and or course one more for luck on my clothes ha ha) and I can honestly smell the perfume on me all day, and even when I get into bed that evening I can still smell it, it's also very much a complimentary perfume where alot of people can smell it on me and they seem to love it and ask what I'm wearing, which again is always nice. It's also a scent that I would describe as an all rounder, so it's not to young nore too mature and would be suitable for day and nighttime wear.
And then there is the packaging and the bottle... I mean it just looks stunning doesn't it! The bottle and box are the standard signature design for Prada, but this time around the box is coloured a soft, dusky shade of pink and decorated with flower motifs. The bottle is just as beautiful as the box, it has a heavy, pink toned glass design, with Prada gold lettering at the top and comes complete with a unique, rounded dispenser. It's definetly one luxurious looking perfume!

Overall I absolutely love every single little thing about this perfume and I personally couldn't fault it at all, it's perfect for Spring/Summer wear, it's not strong or overpowering, it wears beautifully and doesn't need drying down time, the bottle looks beautiful, luxurious and very expensive and most importantly it smells incredible.

You can pick up your very own bottle of Prada Candy Florale from the Fragrance Direct website and is available in 30ml for £33.50, 50ml for £46.50 and 80ml for £62.99.

Have you smelt this perfume beaut's?? What did you think?? I'd love to know.


MAC Kelly and Sharon Osbourne Collection is Coming Soon ♥

Hey beaut's!

I think it's fair to say that back in January when MAC announced they where collaborating with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne we all got very excited, well I know I sure did he he. I mean, with Kelly's iconic, lavender locks and the family's rock-and-roll roots, it just gave me the impression we had a collection full of colour and alot of attitude on the way ha ha. The collection's contents has been kept very hush, hush up until now, but finally we get to feast our eyes on some of the press pictures, hooray!  

The MAC Kelly and Sharon Osbourne Collection is a two-part collection, so they will each unveil their own selection of products and limited edition packaging, which I think is a great idea!  From the pictures I've seen so far it's clear to see that both Kelly and Sharon's personality really does shine through their collection, right from the shade selection to the packaging. Sharon's collection looks like it comes in glossy, red packaging and features lots of smoky, warm neutral tones. Kelly, on the other hand, went for pastel, neutral toned products with the packaging's lavender design matching her locks. I've also noticed that the packaging comes with the ladies signatures on, but they are written in the shades of each others collections packaging, so Kelly's  signature is written in the same red as Sharon's Collection and Sharon's signature is written in the same lavender shade as Kelly's Collection, which I think is a nice touch and links the collections together even more.

Here are a couple of teaser pictures with just a snippet of what the collection has to offer... 

Kelly's Collection 

Sharon's Collection
Both collections have a selection of lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeliners, eye shadows, brow shades, blushes and even brushes so theres certainly plenty of products for us to get excited about. I particularly like the eyeshadow shades within Sharon's quad.
 The collection is due for online release on the 2nd of June or you can pick it up in store at selected MAC locations internationally in August. 

Are you excited about this collection beaut's?? I'd love to know!


Real Techniques Modern Natural Makeup Kit | Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

Recently the gorgeous Pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nic Chapman joined forces again to bring us something extremely exciting... Yup... they've only gone and bought out 2 stunning 'Limited Edition' makeup kits haven't they he he. The two makeup kits available are  the Night Owl Makeup Kit which as the name would suggest contains dark, purple toned smokey colours to achieve that perfect 'night out' look and the Modern Natural Makeup Kit which contains more neutral, everyday shades. Out of the two kits, I opted for the Modern Natural Makeup Kit as it's right up my street and I know I'll get so much use out it.
Firstly onto the packaging... The Modern Natural Makeup Kit comes in a black and white cardboard box which has a handy QR barcode on the back for us to scan with our smart phones, I've actually done this myself and it brings up Sam's makeup tutorial using the Modern Natural Makeup Kit, personally I think it's a great idea and something you never really see on other makeup kits or palettes. The Modern Natural Makeup Kit itself has sturdy cardboard packaging which is embossed with the Real Techniques logo all over it. Inside, the products are contained in a plastic tray which you can easily be pulled out if you'd like, I don't why you would but hey, the options there ha ha. The lid of the kit has a very thin, clear plastic window which again boasts the Real Techniques logo and has a magnetic closure. I must admit when I first saw the packaging I was slightly disappointed and on the inside especially it looks very cheap because the tray the product pans are sat in is again very thin plastic, but it does do the job so I shouldn't really grumble he he.
As I said before the Modern Natural Makeup Kit is all about neutrals, and we all love a good natural smokey eye don't we beaut's he he. The kit is made up by four powder eye shadows, a gel eye liner, a powder blush, a cream highlighter along with a choice of two different lip glosses, so basically it contains everything you will need for an everyday look that can easily be transformed to something more smokey for an evening look. Also as a little bonus treat, the lovelies over at Real Techniques kindly adding a Pointed Liner Brush into my packaging which is perfect to use with the gel liner that's  within the kit, I'm pretty sure Real Techniques are giving away a Pointed Liner Brush with each palette purchased, but I'm not 100% sure on it so don't quote me on that ha ha.
Onto the shade rundown for the eye shadows and the gel liner...

From left to right...
Quicksand- A cream highlight shade with a beautiful pearl sheen to it.
Gold Metal- A highly pigmented golden/bronze shade that reminds me so much of Half Baked from the Naked palette.
Caramel Mocha- A medium matte brown shade, and again great pigmentation for a matte eyeshadow.
Nightshade- A mauve shade with a brown undertone and contains lots of silver micro shimmers, be warned the silver shimmers do have a tendency to fall down when applying.
Dark Chocolate- Just as the name would suggest, the gel eyeliner is a dark yet rich chocolate brown shade.

I have to say each eyeshadow really does pack some amazing pigment, it's incredible, and I must admit I wasn't expecting them to be as pigmented as they are. All of the eye shadows feel super smooth and silky to the touch and apply lovely, and they all blend with complete ease. I don't find any of the shades to be powdery or chalky, the only shade I experience fall out from is Nighshade but that's only the silver shimmers not the colour of the shadow itself. As for lasting power... I have used the shadows with and without a primer and I would say for best results definitely use a primer as I got a full day of wear out of mine however, without a primer I noticed creasing and fading after around 3-4 hours. I also want to add that nowhere on or within the makeup kit are the shade names for the eye shadows displayed, however you can find them on the Real Techniques website. As for the gel liner, well I love it... It has great pigmentation, glides on beautifully and I have no problems with smudging or transferring, it's also great to use as base if your using the palette for an evening look as it will really intensify the look.

Onto the Blush and Highlighter...
Coral Sunset- A super subtle, peachy pink, which is completely matte and blends out beautifully. You can wear this blush more natural or build it up for more colour pay off depending on your skin tone. 
Champagne- Arhh I love this highlighter, as the name suggests it really is a champagne colour. It's very creamy in the pan and feels very lightweight on the skin and again it blends out beautifully. Just be careful if you do leave your makeup kit in a warm room as the highlighter can go slightly melty and gets a watery residue on the surface, this happened to me and was rather annoying. 

Now my thoughts on the (teeny tiny) Lip Glosses...
Copper Head- In the tiny tube Copper Head looks like it's going to be a shimmery golden shade with fine golden glitter running through it, but if I'm being honest the pigmentation is pretty much non existent, however it does feel lovely on the lips, very smooth, non sticky (woohoo) and moisturising.
Nectar- Again in the tube Nectar looks like it's going to be a sheer pink/peach shade, but on the lips its nothing more than a clear gloss really, neither of the glosses have a scent or taste and they both last no longer than around half an hour really. I have to be honest the glosses really are quite disappointing but are OK if you need a quick slick of gloss on your lips. 

And lastly the Pointed Liner Brush... 

As with all Real Techniques brushes the quality is amazing and they are so easy to work with and the Pointed Liner Brush doesn't differ, it applies gel liner beautifully and work well at smudging out eye shadows and liner on the lower and upper lash line.  

Wowza, after all of that my overall thoughts on the makeup kit are... I think the packaging is OK but definitely could be alot better, the eye shadows are absolutely beautiful and the quality and longevity (when used with a primer) is amazing. The gel liner is my new love, it's so pretty and achieves a natural look, and it's so nice to step away from harsh black liners for a change. I really like the blush and the highlighter so there are no grumbles there. The glosses are a real let down for me, despite the gorgeous non sticky formula, they aren't long lasting nore are they pigmented, plus you probably only get less than a sample size of product within each tiny little tube which I feel is slightly pointless. If I had to rate the kit out of 10 I'd give it a 7 , that's with me knocking a point off for each gloss and the packaging, apart from that I love everything else the kit has to offer.    

The Modern Natural Makeup Kit and the Night Owl Makeup Kit are both available to purchase from the Real Techniques website only. I must stress that as both of the makeup kits are Limited Edition it means that there is only a limited amount of stock and once their gone, their gone! So grab one or both quick beaut's. As Real Techniques are based in America the costings on the site are based in dollars, but don't worry is does convert to pounds and they will ship worldwide. Each palette is priced at $25.00 or £14.86 for us in the UK and I payed £1.04 for delivery, so all in all it's very reasonably priced. 

Have you bought yourself one of the Real Techniques Makeup Kits yet beaut's?? Which one did you go for?? I'd love to know!