Glossy Box January 2013

As its a brand new year i thought i would treat myself and restart my Glossy Box subscription again. The reason of me stopping my boxes before wasn't that i disliked them, i had just started slipping back on my YouTube uploads and knew i was going to have a break so didn't see much point of continuing anymore if I'm honest.

After receiving my January box i have noticed they have changed the normal card 'menu' to a folded up paper  leaflet/magazine which at first i wasn't a fan of but i must admit there's alot more information on the new leaflet than the card 'menu' before. The January box has a new year detox theme which i thought was a cute idea to help us all recover from the holiday season indulgence.

I opened the menu first and was impressed by the layout as i could see exactly what i had in this month's box and i could easily see and read all the information about all of my products. After diving into my box i noticed i had a little added bonus that wasn't on the leaflet menu, an amazingly cute sleeping mask which i thought was a really nice touch.

In my box i received the Sanctuary Spa Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask, Monu Micro Exfolioant, Premae Skincare Balance Rescue Face Tonique, Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Moisturizing Conditioner and the Jason Lips Bee Healthier. I wasn't wow'd by any of the products i got in my box this month and I'm only really excited to try the Monu Micro Exfolioant and the Face Tonique, the Jason Lips Bee Healthier i didn't really think was a high end treat and the Lavender Conditioner is a big no no for me as the smell of lavender alone makes my eyes water. The Sanctuary Spa product also doesn't excite me as i think its aimed towards more mature skin as it claims to reduce lines and wrinkles which at my tender age of 25 I'm sure i wont be needed that anytime soon ( i hope). All in all I'm hoping my next box will be a little bit more up my street.

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