Jord Cora Wood Watch in Koa & Rose Gold Review ♥

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Today I have a really exciting post for you all featuring a very unique and beautiful looking watch made by a company called Jord. Jord are a US brand that don't just make any old watches but instead they make ladies and men's wood watches, yup that right, all of their watches are made from natural and sustainably sourced wood from around the world, pretty amazing right. I 'd honestly never seen a wooden watch before and when browsing the Jord website I was blown away with their stunning collection of watches and quickly feel in love. Theres so many designs, woods and colours to choose from on the Jord website but I opted for the Jord Cora Series in Koa & Rose Gold* ($275/£177), I can never resist anything with a hint of Rose Gold, it's just so beautiful. 
When my watch arrived it was beautifully packaged in an amazing, well made, pale wooden box with a sliding lid, the watch was then nestled inside the box over a little tweed jewellery pillow which just looked adorable and would work so well if your buying the watch as a gift. The Jord Cora watch is available in 5 different series/colour designs, as I said before I opted for the Koa & Rose Gold design which I adore, I think the dark Koa wood is so beautiful against the metallic rose gold watch face and although it's a wood watch it still looks super feminine and delicate and is relatively lightweight too. The watch face also has square swarovski crystal markers, sapphire crystal glass which is scratch proof and you can see the mechanical watch movement from the watch face as well as at the back of the watch, all of which I think is such a beautiful touch, and when the sun catches the crystals it really twinkles and looks super pretty.
 The Cora model is currently Jord's only automatic mechanical watch model for women so it requires no batteries at all. The automatic mechanical watch needs to be worn a minimum of 8 hours a day, as the motion of your hands and arms keep the movement running and keeps your watch wound up, this does mean if you don’t wear the watch for a few days it will need to be wound again but I personally I think it's genius and saves the trouble of getting new batteries often.

With Jord being based in the US it's good to know they ship internationally, and they aim to ship orders within 1-3 days via tracked USPS shipping, I actually kept tracking my watch which I found really quite fun. One of the many things that really blew me away about Jord is when ordering your watch you have the ability to have the watch re-sized for a $10 fee, I think that is so good, I have quite small wrists and every watch I've ever owned has always been too big for me, so the fact you can have this done before you watch even arrives it pretty impressive. The extra links that were taken out were included in the wooden box and
the deployment buckle with push button at the back is  easy to open and close and is made from stainless steel. 
Overall I'm so happy with my Jord wood watch, If you are in the market for a new watch, then definitely check out Jord watches. As you can see, they are absolutely gorgeous and uniquely beautiful. There's a style for everyone and their watches start at $120 which is really good for such well made watches.
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You can find JORD on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



  1. wow i have never seen anything like this before , what a unique present , and I too love the rose gold xxx

  2. That is very very pretty and so unique! Rose gold is also my fave

  3. Omg this is stunning! Ive never seen anything like it! You've just ticked someone off my xmas list for me :)



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