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Hey beaut's!

Recently the ever so affordable Collection released a Contour Kit for us to sculpt and highlight our face with until our little hearts content, the minute I heard about this new release I just knew the contour kit had to be mine regardless of whether I actually needed it or not and so far I've been loving it.
The sleek little Collection Contour Kit is an absolute bargain at just £4.19 ( however I picked mine up for £2.79 when it was first released ) and is available in one 'suits all' shade. The kit contains two powders - a bronzer shade to contour with and a highlight shade to highlight with, the bronzer shade is very nice, its easily blendable, very pigmented so a little goes a long way, completely matte and oddly a slight mix between cool-toned and warm-toned, on me it's cool-toned enough to add depth to the contours of my face, yet warm enough to add a bit of life into the skin which I really like. The highlighter is very pretty too, it's a cream, pearly pink kind of shade and contains some subtle micro-glitter particles that look super pretty when the light catches them and isn't disco ball-esk in the slightest, I've found it great to use as an everyday highlight but you could easily built it up for a night out.
As for the packaging.... It's actually a very good size, small enough for your handbag but big enough to contain a decent amount of product inside. The slim plastic packaging feels very sturdy and robust and the lid houses a small mirror strip at the top, which is quite useful if you want to have a quick glance at your makeup when your out and about. 

Overall I absolutely love this little kit and have been using it everyday since I bought it, I'd highly recommend it if your looking for a budget friendly contour kit on the high street that works amazing well at highlighting, bronzing and sculpting or if your a beginner to the contouring, well this kit would be a great to learn and play around with.

Have you tried Collection's new Contour Kit beaut's? What did you think?



  1. That sounds like an absolute bargain! Might have to give it a go!

  2. I picked this up the other day, i can't wait to try it. Keep hearing such great reviews :)
    Natalie xx

  3. this looks great and a right bargain xoxo

  4. The contour looks a little shiny and too red but the highlighter looks amazing

  5. I love Collection and I love contour kits so I'm sure it won't be long before I end up trying this! I prefer a matte highlighter at the moment, but this could be gorgeous for nights out :)

    Claire | | xx

  6. Never tried this before but it looks great and is so affordable! Great review :)

    Tayla | Daisychains16

  7. I've been looking for this for ages, it looks perfect for people like me who are a bit scared of contouring!


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