Things I Love About Autumn! ♥

Hey beaut's!

We are nearly at the end of September which can only mean one thing... Autumn is well and truly here, and this excites me so much! So today I thought I'd put together and different post for me and my blog and just share all the things that I love about Autumn, enjoy! 

Candles, Candles and more blooming Candles 
 At this time of the year you may as well just call me the crazy candle lady because I get obsessed, my house is already full of them he he! I just love how they make your house feel so cosy and I just love all the spicy scents as they are so warming and give that wintry feel that I love.

Gold Smokey Eyes 
 My Urban Decay Naked Palette literally gets used to death during Autumn and in particular the shade Half Baked, its just such a gorgeous gold that I love to use when creating a gold smokey eye.

Berry Lips
Autumnal makeup wouldn't be complete without that berry lip, I have a few berry lippies that I love for this time of the year but my favourite at the moment is my most recent purchase of Revlon's Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion, I'm wearing it HERE on Instagram and have been addicted to it.

Lush Baths
I've now kissed goodbye to having showers and said helllloooo to the bath tub again, yup bath season is back and I cant wait to stock up on lots more Lush goodies, especially the Christmas ones he he.

Crunchy Autumn Leaves
One of my most favourite things about autumn is the crunchy leaves that are all different shades of orange, I think they look super pretty and the inner child in me still loves walking through them all and kicking them everywhere when I'm walking the pooch and also picking huge handfuls up and throwing them everywhere ha ha, it's so fun and satisfying.

Hot Chocolate
  I literally only drink Hot Chocolates throughout Autumn and Winter, they aren't an all year round type of drink for me so I'm super happy we are now into hot choccy season, bring on the marshmallows and whipped cream ha ha.

Snugly Jumpers, Boots, Hats and Scarves
 Arhhh yes cosy clothes are my favourite, I hate summer clothes when everything is bright and in your face, give me a huge thick jumper in a burgundy hue any day.

I get so into Halloween, I usually decorate the lounge all spooky and autumnal and me and Mike buy pumpkins to carve every year without fail, we actually went to a pumpkin patch last year which was amazing and I'd definitely recommend going if you can. I also watch Hocus Pocus over and over whilst chomping on toffee apples, arhhh I cant wait.

Twinkly Lights
I go twinkly light crazy at this time of year because I think they make a room look and feel so cosy, I literally drape them anywhere and everywhere ha ha.

I love gingerbread men, I always make my own and do loads of batches over Autumn and Winter, the smell of them baking is just one of the best smells and the fact they taste amazing afterwards is just a huge bonus he he.

Movie Nights
To be honest I love movie nights all throughout the year but at this time of the year I love it even more because you can just get really cosy in your thick pj's and slippers, get all your cosy blankets out, have a hot chocolate by your side and watch loads of festive movies, and yes, I have already started watching Christmas films he he.

The feeling that Christmas is approaching
 I love all things festive and the feeling that Christmas is approaching is amazing! I love it when all the shops get their gifts in and decorations, arhhh I seriously cant wait! 

What are you excited for around this time of the year beaut's? I'd love to know.

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  1. Ahh I literally agree with everything you said - candles, jumpers, all of the golds and bronzes on the lips - seriously everything! There's just so many festivities throughout October to December, including my birthday so this time of the year is definitely my favourite. Great post!

    Toni x

  2. You have just made me even more excited about Autumn. I definitely need to take a trip to lush and buy some big cosy jumpers! Lovely post :) x

  3. I love everything on this list! Halloween and the Autumn make up shades are the best things about this time of year! Nice post!

    Amy Caitlin xo

  4. Love this and I defo need some of that gingerbread action , next time you bake them xoxo

  5. I've just written about why I dislike Autumn so I have a difference of opinion here. I think I'm in the minority as loads seem to love it! It's nice to hear others views though and I'm definitely with you where Lush baths are concerned!




  6. I think a agree with you on eveything on this list. I love candles and if a had the money for it I would probably spend more time buying them then I spend time acually lighting them. Also my favorite bath bomb from Lush is coming already in time for halloween.


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