Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette Review

Hey beaut's!

Makeup Revolution are certainly kicking 2015 off with a chocolaty bang! Yup, they have gone an done it again, releasing another beautiful chocolate bar inspired eyeshadow palette. This time around they've gone for the 'Naked Chocolate' Eyeshadow Palette*, from the outside your met with a 3D white chocolate bar effect palette that's oozing and melting and on the inside it's full with elegant, bare too smokey eye shadows, it's just stunning!
The Naked Chocolate Palette itself contains 16 exclusive shades in total all of which are neutral, earthy tones, theres also a nice mixture of shimmer finishes and matte finishes that each compliment each other beautifully to create numerous looks for day and night. The palette also comes with a lovely large mirror which is always appreciated for travelling purposes and a double ended sponge applicator, Ive also found the packaging of the Naked Chocolate palette to be extremely strong, sturdy and very robust which is great if your abit of a clutz like myself ha ha.
As always I really have no complaints on the eye shadow's quality, Makeup Revolution seem to make such amazing eye shadows don't they he he. Each eyeshadow within the 'Naked Chocolate' palette is packed full of pigmentation, especially the metallic/shimmer finish shadows and are all super soft to swatch, easy to work with and blend out a treat, they last great on my oily eyelids without any creasing or fading most of the day and what's best is the palette is super affordable at just £7.99, that's around 49p per eyeshadow, wowza!

As you can see the shades in the palette are absolutely stunning, theres rose golds, bronze shades, chocolate brown tones and even rosy hues, it's scrumptious! I did notice when I was swatching the eye shadows that I could smell something sweetness, I immediately took a whiff of my hand and yes, the eye shadows do have a very light chocolaty scent, arhhh its amazing!  

Overall I think this is another absolute hit by Makeup Revolution and its certainly got me lusting after the other 2 collectible chocolate bar palettes that Makeup Revolution have released previously. I just love the mixture of mattes and shimmers and they are such pretty, elegant shades, its also a great palette to take with you on the go.

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette?? What did you think beaut's?? I'd love to know! 



  1. the shades in this palette are so beautiful, think i'm going to have to pick it up once my spending ban is finished!! nice post :-)

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

    1. They are so stunning, im honestly in love with the entire palette hehe. Defo a must have when your spending ban is finished lovely! Thank you!
      Hayley xoxo

  2. I have seen so much good stuff from makeup revolution recently, need to get in on the party!

    Joanna xx

  3. I really want to get this palette - such a great price too. this is on my January wishlist which I have just posted x

  4. I received this palette as well and almost fooled my boyfriend into thinking it was a real bar of chocolate, haha! I love all of the shades in this, they're very me. Can't wait to swatch it and start wearing the shades.

  5. The obsessive collector in me is screaming that I need to buy all three of these palettes because they're so gorgeous! I suppose it's better than when I wanted to collect all of the Naked palettes because they're much cheaper, but I don't think I have enough eyes to justify having that many eye shadows! This palette does look absolutely beautiful though
    Megan x

  6. I'm dying to buy one of these!
    I love all the neutral colors and these are so soft!
    I love your blog! Kisses*

  7. Wow this palette looks incredible, and you'd never think it was from MUR! The shades look perfect and right up my street :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  8. I love the look of this palette as it contains lots of cool toned shades which are right up my street!
    Great review as always Hayley!

    Mollie,xo /// The Fashion Of Craft

  9. I saw something about this palette on twitter- the eyeshadows look amazing. I've not tried Makeup Revolution yet but I hear about it everywhere- especially their eyeshadows. I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging of this palette but it is quite cool that the eyeshadows smell a bit like chocolate. Great swatches.
    Julz Obsessions

  10. I purchased this, and just waiting for it to arrive in the mail :D

    Angie x |~ Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog ~

  11. Love the look of the shades in this palette! :D

    Alicia | LissyBeauty

  12. This palette looks so lovely!! Especially for a great price as well!X

  13. This palette looks so nice!

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