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Hey beaut's!!!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year to you all, sorry I've abit quiet lately, I've been really poorly with the flu (which I'm still getting over now) so I really haven't had the energy to even turn my computer on let alone write a blog post which has been so annoying. Anyway today I thought I'd join in on the 'What I Got For Christmas' bandwagon, personally I love reading these type of posts and seeing what lovely gifts everyone receives, I know this is abit of a love/hate post so I just want to add a little disclaimer that in no way am I bragging/ showing off, I'm a super lucky lady to receive all the lovely gifts I got and I really am grateful and thankful!!! Anywhoo lets get going...

These are a few stocking fillers from my Mum and Dad, they know I'm really into the Youtubers Tanya Burr and Zoella so my Mum done well to remember and popped a couple of their goodies into my stocking he he.

I'm in love with Cheryl so I was super happy that I got her perfume gift set for Christmas, it smells extremely floral and oddly tropical too but it works really well and I absolutely love it!
 Michael's parents know how much I love a good ole Lush bath so his Mum picked me out a few individual bath bombs and bubble bars for their Christmas range, I was so happy to see the Candy Mountain bubble bar as that's one of my all time favourites.
 Michael also joined in a bought me this Christmas Candy Box from Lush containing the amazing Snow Fairy shower gel, Candy Mountain bubble bar, Rock Star soap and the cute little Butter Bear bath bomb. I don't have the pretty box or wrapping for this as I immediately ripped it all open with excitement to see what was inside ha ha.
 Some more things from my stocking that Micheal kindly bought me! I had been going on and on about how much I wanted to use my SensatioNail Gel Manicure Set again but I had used up all of the products in the essentials kit that I had, had before (I was slightly obsessed with gelling my own nails last year you see ha ha) so I'm super happy that I can now get geltastic again! The Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 I've been lusting after for agesssss, I'm a huge Urban Decay fan so anything new that they release I just need in my life ha ha. The Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation I did actually put down on my list as I really wanted it after getting a little sample in my local Mac store so I cant wait to start using it.
How beautiful is this hairdryer! Its the BaByliss Ombre and I'm in absolute love with it!
Isn't this a box of absolutely joy ha ha, Michael's parents know how much I love American food so they put me a box together full of different American sweets, cakes mixes, cereals, pop tarts plus more, I love it and I'm American food heaven ha ha!

My Vans really are on their last legs so when my parents asked what I would like for Christmas I said I'd like a pair of Converse to replace my Vans, I just love how they go with everything and are so comfy.  
And lastly the best, most amazing, thoughtful present of all, again from my gorgeous boyfriend ( he spoils me too much doesn't he ) was this iPad Mini, I cried my eyes out when I opened this! I have wanted an iPad for a couple of years  but because they are so pricey it isn't something Ive been able to just treat myself too previously, so Michael waited until I had opened all my presents and then said 'ohhh theres one more thing for you but its hidden behind the sofa', there was 2 boxes, one of which was the iPad and the other was a cute pink case for me to keep it protected in. I can honestly say I wasn't expecting the iPad in the slightest, I literally had no idea but one thing I do know is that it has not left my side since Christmas Day, it goes with me everywhere and I absolutly love it.

So that's most of my gorgeous gifts, my goodness I'm a lucky girl!!! I also received some comical stocking filler gifts, a tonne of chocolate and biscuits that I think will last me a lifetime ha ha and this year me and Michael received some money so I think a shopping trip will be in order very soon I'm sure!!!

What did you get for Christmas beaut's??? Leave me your links below as I'd love to see.


  1. Ooh you got some lovely stuff! I got some stuff from lush too and I was so excited! Great post :) xx

    Leah Talks | New Post - 2014 Faves

  2. I love the zoella, lush and American pop tarts

  3. You got some lovely gifts :) I love the American food themed box, thats the kind of gift that is so thoughtful but would make me so happy xx

  4. What lovely gifts, so thoughtful especially the American treats goodie box, gives me ideas for the fella next year as he loves American food brands. Hope you had a lovely xmas and NY and feel better soon :) xx


  5. You got some lovely gifts, I love the idea of the American Foods hamper, such a nice gift to receive! I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year!

    Emma emhasrednails

  6. It looks like you were treated over Christmas! That American foods box was so thoughtful!
    Hope you feel better!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  7. You got some really nice gifts for Christmas, i got the Zoella Soak Opera as well it's so goo and i also got the Lush Cinders bath bomb and used it a few nights ago but it did stain my bath but it smells amazing!


  8. You got some absolutely fantastic Christmas presents! :) I love all of the Lush goodies and that American food box looks amazing!!
    I just posted my 'What I Got For Christmas' post, which I hope you can check out if you get a chance lovely:
    What I Got For Christmas

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

  9. Awesome! I really want to get into Lush soon for a few bombs :)

  10. You got some amazing gifts (: The American food box looks amazing xx

  11. The box of American food makes me jealous! :') You got some lovely gifts x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  12. is it weird that i'm really jealous of the pop tarts? haha you've been a lucky girl! love the naked basics palette :)

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE ♡

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  14. love love love all of the bits you got! i went into lush just after xmas to see if i could buy snow fairy but they had sold out as i think there gift box for it was in the sale! love all the american sweets yum!



  15. you've got some really lovely gift - so jelly of ipad!

    becca xx

  16. I could dive right into that American goodies box haha.
    Rubi | The Den | http://www.the-den.blogspot.com

  17. Oooohh that's a lovely Christmas haul! I love the Lush bits and bobs that you got - I've never tried Candy Mountain Bubble Bar!


  18. What lovely gifts you received, loving the Lush bits! Hope you had a fab Christmas.

    alice xo | beautybyalicee

  19. Wow, you got some really awesome gifts!
    Can you post a swatch /review of the naked basics 2?

    Enter my Smashbox GIVEAWAY!

  20. You got some incredible gifts, I especially love the idea of the American treats box! I'd also just like to say that your blog is absolutely gorgeous, so detailed and organised with great content!
    - Jodie x

  21. Oooo some lovely bits and bobs here! I got the Zoella Beauty stuff and lush things too. Have you tried the lashes yet? I love them! I reuse them like 3 times- definitely worth the money xx

  22. Wow! Some amazing gifts! Here's my post on what I got for Christmas, if you want to take a look? :) ownandbecome.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/what-i-got-for-christmas.html


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