Makeup Revolution Viper Mascara Review

 Hey beaut's!

I'm an absolute mascara addict, I honestly own about 40-50 of them because I'm always looking for that perfect mascara to make my eyes just pop, so when I received Makeup Revolutions Viper Mascara a while ago I couldn't wait to give it a go a see the results.
 Makeup Revolutions Viper Mascara* will set you back a teeny tiny £3.00 which is an amazing price for a mascara, it comes packaged in an eye catching tube that features a gorgeous snake skin design that's printed onto a luxe bronze tube, it doesn't feel or look cheap at all in my opinion. The Viper Mascara claims to be a 'Mascara with Bite' that gives you volume and lift at the same time which is exactly what I look for in a mascara, anything that opens my small eyes up is a winner.

When I opened up the mascara I was so surprised at the shape of the wand, it's so different and something I've never seen done before, It's curved but slightly diamond shaped too and is made up of natural bristles not plastic bristles. The application process of this mascara is very easy, because the wand is curved it fits the shape of my eyes/lashes perfectly which gives great ease and comfort whilst applying. I found the curve of the wand injects the volume and the lift whilst also combing through and separating the lashes and the tip/diamond shape of the wand is great for getting any hard to reach in corner lashes and great for loading up the outer corner lashes.
I'd loved the result the Viper Mascara gave me, my lashes were left lifted, curved, non clumpy and looked perfect for an everyday makeup look. The mascara lasted all day on me without flaking or smudging and I noticed it wasn't one of those mascara's that drys really hard on your lashes, which I prefer as it makes your lashes feel weightless and comfortable.
Overall I think the Viper Mascara  is a great little mascara for everyday wear and for £3.00 it's an absolute steel!

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Viper Mascara beaut's?? What did you think?? I'd love to know.   



  1. this mascara looks so good, makeup revolution is such good value for money, can't seem to find any faults with them - nice post :-)

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

  2. I'm yet to try MR mascaras and this one looks great! It's really good to know it doesn't dry hard on the lashes, I've been struggling a bit with mascaras lately :/ Have to give this one a try xx

    Mary Bloomy

  3. The brush of this mascara is strange looking indeed but it seems like is doing the job well. I'm yet to try mascara from MR but will remember about it when I'm placing an order next time. x
    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  4. I have not had the chance to try this mascara yet but I am definitely going to pick it up soon (:

  5. I can't believe I STILL haven't tried any Makeup Revolution products. I have seen so much hype around the palettes but this is the first mascara review I've seen. Like you I'm an absolute mascara junkie but I usually gravitate towards the high end ones. In saying that I'm loving one by the Natural Collection at the mo xx

  6. Must admit, I wasn't overwhelmed with this mascara. Love the wand, but the formula wasn't great I found!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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