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It's always an exciting time when Benefit have a new launch and this time around they've delivered us a fantastic little eye treatment, Benefit Puff Off! Benefit Puff Off has been developed to de-puff the under eye area whilst also ironing out fine lines and wrinkles for a “satiny smooth” eye look. Sounds pretty amazing right and something I certainly need on a daily basis as my under eye area is hideous in the mornings he he!
Benefit Puff Off* (£22.50) comes in the cutest packaging, the gel type formula is packed in a little 10ml squeezy type tube which has a custom metal “ironing” tip which is what dispenses the product, isn't this just the most amazing concept for packaging and a product name, I'm so in love with it! 
Puff Offs gel formula is peach in colour which helps reduce the darkness under your eyes, it also has a soft iridescent finish (no shimmer included) which really does help brighten up the under eye area and smooths away the appearance of fine lines. The little metal ironing tip really works well together with the gel and instantly cools the under eye area on contact, this is great for the mornings when your tired eyes need waking up and need an extra boost ha ha, the cooling sensation of the tip along with the added peptide in the gel also helps reduce puffy eyes too which I get sometimes when I've slept quite heavily. The gel itself is really easy to use, I simply give the tube a little squeeze and then dot the gel under each eye and then use the iron tip to glide the product under my eye area for ultimate smoothing, I always do this before I apply my makeup but you can apply it over makeup if you wish however I would avoid the gliding motion as it may disrupt your makeup so I'd lightly pat instead. The gel is in now way heavy or sticky, it absorbs quickly and then your left with a hydrated, cooled, smoothed, brightened under eye area, I absolutely love this puffy stuff ha ha. 

Overall I think this is a great little product and a must have in your makeup bag if you suffer with dark, puffy under eyes like I do. I really have noticed such a difference in my under eyes appearance since I started using Puff Off, the dark circles under my eyes are no where near as dark as they where prior to using the gel, the skin around my eyes feels so smooth and moisturised and I also love the fact that the gel doesn't interfere with my eye makeups lasting ability, it doesn't crease or move my concealer which is one of the things I was worried about but no, no problems there. What a brilliant little product!

Will you be 'ironing away for a smoother day' with Benefit's Puff Off he he??



  1. I love the design of this, the iron nib is so interesting! I can't wait to try this :)

    alice x | beautybyalicee

  2. Always love Benefit packaging x

  3. I can't get over how super cute the iron head is :) I like this, as I am faking being wide awake at work now! haha

  4. The design is so nice! Love it! Really want to try it out!

    Elizabeth -


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