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With Valentines Day fast approaching I thought I'd do a little his and hers fragrance review/gift idea for you all. On the 28th January Hugo Woman and the refreshing Hugo Man will both be released nationwide and my goodness they are lovely, I'm especially in love with Hugo Woman, it's up there with my all time favourite fragrances that I've ever tried, I just love it. Other than Valentine Day in mind both of these fragrances have Spring 2015 in mind.

Hugo Woman* RRP 30ml £35.00/50ml £45.00/75ml £58.00
Hugo Woman is a fruity, floral fragrance with a boyish twist which makes the scent ever so slightly musky but it really works. With that added boyish twist you would expect the perfume to be quite heavy but it isn't at all, when you first spray Hugo Woman you really get that Spring time floral vibe but its when the scent has had time to settle then you get the musky notes which I really do like. I find that just one spritz of this on my neck is enough for most of the day, it's a very apparent, noticeable scent but isn't overpowering at all however I think if you went abit over board and sprayed Hugo Woman a few times it would overpower you slightly, so the key is 'less is more' with this eau de toilette. As for Hugo Woman's bottle... Its very simple which I like, it's circular, transparent glass bottle is super sleek and has the grown up feel, I think the fuss free approach is great when your on the go as it wont feel really heavy in your handbag or take up much room. Overall I absolutely love this scent and can see myself wearing constantly all throughout Spring, it's also quite versatile meaning there isn't a particular time of day or night you should use this fragrance, its a great all rounder.

Top Notes- Ripe boysenberry, sparkling Italian mandarin and Himalayan red grass. 
Middle Notes- Jasmine sambac and plush, darkly fruity black plum and Indian black tea.
Base Notes- Sandalwood laced with cedar, warmed by feminine amber. 

Hugo Man* RRP 40ml £30.00/75ml £40.00/125ml ££55.00
Hugo Man is a naturally fresh yet individual scent that combines fruits, herbs and aromatic pine. From a woman's perspective I'd say Hugo Man is a very refreshing, daytime scent that's very apt for the up and coming Spring time. When you first spritz Hugo Man it smells very much like a forest walk (think he freshness of leaves and different types of tree) he he and then when the scent settles you do get that fruity/aromatic fragrance come through which when combined is very masculine. Just like Hugo Woman, Hugo Man has a very simple, fuss free bottle thats transparent and great for on the go. Overall I think this a great scent for any man who likes a natural refreshing scent with lots of masculinity, my boyfriend absolutely loves it!

Top Notes- Green apple, bergamot, cedar leaves, basil & thyme 
Heart Notes- Lavender, geranium, sage & clove 
Base Notes- Sandalwood, vetiver, cedar wood & oak moss

Will you be sporting these fragrances this Spring?? I'd love to know!


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  1. Hello there, I have a question regarding to your Hugo boss women parfume. I saw some photos of it online and the bottle cap doesn't seem as in Hugo boss' website. I have one bottle of it with the same cap like yours, but I'm pondering it might be a fake


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