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I think its fair to say these cold winter months are playing havoc with my lips, they've been so dry, cracked and sore recently which is annoying as it is let alone if your a lipstick lover like myself, but that's where Anatomicals comes in! Anatomicals have recently launched 3 new luscious lip balms that all claim to nourish, moisturise, heal up cracks and sores, protect from wind and frost and leave a natural looking gloss effect to your lips, all of which is exactly what I'm after. I've been road testing 2 out of the 3 lips balms recently so I thought I would share my thoughts with you all today!

Anatomicals Stop Cracking Up* RRP £2.45

Firstly I tried 'Stop Cracking Up', don't you just love the quirky packaging and product names, I know I do he he. I found this particular lip balm great for my lips when they are very dry and need lots of re-hydrating a nourishment because it really does give you that hit of moisture. The texture of 'Stop Cracking Up' is more like a gloss than a balm but isn't sticky in the slightest, it's also completely clear which works well if your looking for a moisturising base before applying your lipstick for the day. The packaging is great and very hygienic, it has a nozzle that you can just apply straight to your lips rather than having to put your finger into some sort of pot. Overall I absolutely love 'Stop Cracking Up' its really been rescuing my lips recently and the moisturising quality's can be felt hours after application too.

Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry* RRP £2.45

Secondly I tried 'Never Lose Your Cherry', this balm is more for when you need a moisture boost there and then rather than moisturising for hours after application, it probably moisturises my lips for a good hour so it best used when your lips are slightly dry rather than sore, cracked and chapped. 'Never Lose Your Cherry' has the same glossy formula as 'Stop Cracking Up' however it is slightly tinted, it it very sheer but the cherry tint is still noticeable, 'Never Lose Your Cherry' also has an added SPF8 which is great for the summer months or to pop in your beach bag when on your holidays

Overall I really do like the Anatomicals Lip Balms, they have certainly become a hangbag/makeup bag staple for me. They are also great to have if your want your lips to be in tip top condition for the up and coming Valentines celebrations hehe.

Have you tried any of the Anatomicals Lip Balms beaut's?? Which is your favourite?? I'd love to know.



  1. I've been looking for something that can help my ridiculously chapped lips that doesn't cost the earth so your post came at the perfect time! Thank you!

    Dusty Foxes Beauty

  2. I've never tried Anatomicals but this lipbalms sound pretty amazing! Love the fact the first one is clear :) have to give them a try! xx

    Mary Bloomy

  3. I love Anatomicals - but I didn't know they did lip balms! All their products always have such quirky names :)

    Scarlett x


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