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Today I'm back with an exciting review on some gorgeous products from St Grape*. St Grape are a Canadian brand that thrive in producing natural skincare products which are all handmade using the ancient processes. If you have sensitive skin there really is no need to worry as St Grape promote healthy skin so their products will help sooth and condition dry sensitive skin including eczema and psoriasis.

 I firstly have to touch upon the packaging of the St Grape skincare products, Its absolutely beautiful. You can really tell each product has had alot of thought going into its packaging whether its been dressed with a bow or has been wrapped in gorgeous floral paper, each product has something to offer with its packaging. Even just to look at, these look like beautiful gifts, perfect for Christmas that is fast approaching!!!

Now onto my thoughts of the St Grape products...

Exotic Soaking Salt 600g*

How pretty does the Exotic Soaking Salts look, firstly the salts are baby pink so I'm completely sold just by that factor ha ha. The salts are 100% natural, enriched with pure essential oils and are made with Himalayan mineral pink sand which is the purest form of salt on earth, wowza!!! What I love about the Exotic Soaking Salts is that they can be used in a few different ways, which is always a bonus for me as I love a multi use product. Firstly you can pop 3 cups of the salts into your bath water if you want a calming, soothing bath, this is great for tired/aching muscles, also if you have trouble sleeping using these salts in a bath before bed can really relax you. You can also pop 1 cup of the salts into a foot bowl and soak your tired aching feet for around 20 minuets, personally I love this method as I'm constantly on my feet at work. Lastly you can use it for massage purposes, simply fill the little drawstring bag provided with the salts, wet the bag and massage over your whole body with the bag, it feels amazingggg!!!! As for the salts scent... It has a very strong minty menthol fragrance, great for any of those winter colds and blocked noses as it really does clear everything. The 600g bottle of the Exotic Soaking Salts retails for £15.00.

Ancient Foot Scrub 500g*

A foot scrub is something I've never really used before but after using St Grapes Ancient Foot Scrub I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone. The scrub itself is made up of sea salt granules and natural essential oils, it feels quite dry in the tub but once you start using it on your feet the oil disperses leaving your feet feeling soft, soothed and relaxed. Like all of the St Grape products the smell is just incredible, it has strong luxurious soapy scent that lingers for a super long time. The scrub is really easy to use, simply moisten your feet then rub the scrub all over and rinse off with warm water, I personally love using the foot scrub after I've soaked my feet in the salts, it honestly feels like a spa treatment at home. The 550g tub of the Ancient Foot Scrub retails for £25.00.

Aqua Bliss Bath Scrub 150g*

I literally adore St Grape's Aqua Bliss Bath Scrub, it feels like such a treat. When you pop the scrub into your hand it feels slightly like wet sand in texture and is very gentle with no harsh, sharp scrub particles inside, the texture of the of the scrub as you scrub it over skin is very light, not too abrasive yet it still feels like your giving your skin a good exfoliate, afterwards your skin is left feeling super soft and polished. The smell of the scrub, well..... Its gorgeous, it has quite a strong soapy scent that lingers on your skin for ages afterwards. Its great if your using the scrub in the bath too as when you rinse you skin free from the scrub it leaves your bath water slightly bubbly and the scrubs scent stays in your bath water, its honestly like heaven. The 150g tub of the Aqua Bliss Bath Scrub retails for £12.00.

Invisable Skin Massage Oil 120ml*

I was super excited to try the Invisible Skin Massage Oil as I've really been getting into oils at the moment. Ive actually been using the Massage Oil as more of an luxurious body oil/moisturiser as its fair to say my boyfriend is rubbish at massages ha ha. I love the fact that the Massage Oil is 100% organic, its also enriched with pure essential oils and leaves you with an immediate moisturising feeling, its super silky lightweight formula leaves your skin feeling so supple and smooth with its citrus scent left lingering. I also found a little bit of the massage oil really does go a long way so the bottle is going to last you quite some time and isn't wasteful at all. The 120ml bottle of the Invisible Skin Massage Oil retails for £25.00.

Overall I absolutely love all four products I've been road testing, they have all fast become products I use more or less on a daily basis. Each product feels super luxurious, spa like, very high end and alot more expensive than they actually are. I love how every product I tried left a gorgeous lingering scent on my skin, even my boyfriend commented on how lovely I smelt after using the products. They are all packaged beautifully and not to mention they look gorgeous sitting in your bathroom too. They honestly feel like an absolute treat to use and I would highly recommend St Grape if your looking to have girly pamper nights, if you want to sooth tired aching muscles or like I've mentioned before they make lovely gifts.

You can buy all of the St Grape products I've reviewed in this post plus many more skincare products on the St Grape website .

Have you tried anything skincare products from St Grape before??? What did you think??? I'd love to know.

Im currently holding a giveaway where 5 of my lovely followers can win the St Grape Aqua Bliss Bath Scrub. Just click here to go to the giveaway post where you can enter.

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  1. I enjoyed all of the products, however for me the foot scrub was far too strongly scented. My favourite is the Aqua Bliss - the texture is just dreamy and amazing! Xx

    1. Ohhh I loved the strong scent hehe, Omg yeah the Aqua Bliss is amazing!!!! xoxo

  2. Ooh they look interesting - I love a scrub thats proper 'scrubby!!' & really scrubs at my skin!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

    1. Haha I love that, 'scrubby' haha, yeah its gorgeous and feels amazing!!!!! xoxo

  3. These look gorgeous never heard of this brand b4! Have to have a look the packaging is lovely will make pretty gifts !
    Lots of love
    Laura x


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