Lush Unicorn Horn Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

When I saw that Lush where bringing the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar back for Valentines this year I just knew I had to have one after missing out last year, luckily my friend kindly bought me one whilst she was in Lush recently (we don't have a Lush in our town unfortunately) so I've finally been able to try it, woohoo!

The Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (£4.25) is super pretty with it's colourful, bright stripes that have been merged together to create the shape of a magical Unicorns Horn, its also covered in a delicate silver lustre which just adds to the magical effect! The Unicorn Horn has been created to help us relax and uplift our mood, it contains lavender oil which takes care of the relaxing part and neroli oil which helps us feel that little bit content and more cheery, it's a great bubble bar to use before bed for a good night sleep or if you've had a long hard day at work it's definitly one to help you unwind and relax! The scent of the Unicorn Horn actually surprised me, I was expecting something sweet but instead it has a gentle lavender aroma, I'm so happy that the lavender isn't too strong because I think that would ruin it for me but its so delicate ans smells amazing! I split my bubble bar into two chunks so I could get two baths out of it, the bath water turned a gorgeous peachy, pink shade with tonnes of fluffy bubbles, but whats fun about the Unicorn Horn is that I think it will depend on how much of each colour has been swirled into your bubble bar as to what colour your water will go, mine had a lot of pink swirled into it so that's why mine was quite a peachy,  pink colour! 
Overall I absolutely loved the Unicorn Horn and think it's such a shame its limited for Valentines, you can still get it in store and online but I'm guessing it wont be available for long so I'd stock up while you can beaut's!

Have you tried the Unicorn Horn yet beaut's? What did you think?



  1. I love the Unicorn Horn and became obsessed with it last year and I am again this time! I just hate the fact that there's no lilac this time :(

  2. I hope they still have it at Lush! It looks so amazing!


  3. I am a big fan of LUSH and love their bath products. They really help me unwind. I have not had the chance to try the Unicorn and cannot wait to get down to the store to buy one.

    Erica K.

  4. This looks really amazing, I also like that the smell isn't too overpowering, it sounds like the perfect product to use to relax!

  5. Fab pics! <3 This should be a part of their permanent range!


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