Partylite Spring Collection Reviewed

Hey beaut's!

I have another candle post for you all today, yes I know, I know, I'm such a candle addict but I just love the cosy, warm atmosphere they provide in your house as well as making your home smell absolutely incredible. This time around I've been trying out a selection of the PartyLite Spring Collection that can also double up as a Mother's Day Gift Guide because these candles and accessories would makes amazing Mother's Day gifts!
The PartyLite Spring Collection is so pretty, it's filled fresh, floral and fruity scents in lots of delicate pastel shades and size variations so theres certainly something for everyone. Firstly I've been giving the GloLite Large Jar (£21.50) in the scent Berry Blossom* a go,  this is one huge, double wicked candle that not only looks super pretty with it's lilac wax and shimmering GloLite technology but it smells incredible too. The scent of Berry Blossom is really sweet and juicy, theres sun-ripened berries runing through this scent and a touch of jasmine and sometimes I get a slight sweet pea vibe too, it's honestly gorgeous so the fact that it has a burn time of a whopping 50-60 hours pleases me a lot.
Next up I was really excited to try the PartyLite Decorative Fragrance Sticks* (£12.95 for a pack of 5), these really intrigued me because usually you would have to burn incense sticks but with PartyLite's offering theres no flame or liquid oil required, you just pop the rolled paper fragrance sticks into a holder and the scent lasts up to 30 days, how amazing is that! I've been giving the Peony scent a whirl which is so nice, it smells just like Peony petals mixed with peachy notes. The scent throw is really impressive for something that doesn't burn, I have mine in the SmartScents White Ceramic Flower Holder* (£9.95) on a shelf at the bottom of my stairs and you can literally smell the Peony scent all the way up my stairs and as soon as you walk into my house, it's lovely. All you need to do is use 1-2 sticks for a small area or 3-5 sticks for larger spaces, the sticks also divide so you snap them in half but for a shorter length than the 30 days.
Then theres the super pretty Butterflies Porcelain Tealight Pair* (£28.95), these are so lightweight and delicate sporting lilac and pink butterflies painted on the front and can be used to either pop votives or tea lights in. As well as looking pretty from the outside the inside of the holders have been painted too which really reflects the shimmer of a tea light or votive and looks super pretty. Talking of tea lights I've been popping the Wild Lemongrass Tea lights* (£6.95 for a pack of 12) into my Butterflies Holders, the scent of these is super strong and if you like the smell of lemon sherbets then you'll love this particular scent from Partylite. Each tea light has an impressive 4-6 hours burn time and really kicks off that fresh lemon scent. 

Overall I'm so impressed with the few things I've tried from the PartyLite Spring Collection, everything smelt and looked amazing and I'm certainly going to be getting some bits for my Mum to try for Mother's Day!

Have you tried any of the PartyLite Spring scents beaut;s? Which is your favourite? I'd love to know!


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