Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream Review

Hey beaut's!

My favourites over at Makeup Revolution are at it again, releasing new makeup that I just couldn't wait to try! This time around Makeup Revolution have turned their hand at strobing bringing us a 50ml bottle of their Ultra Strobe Cream to turn us all into glowing goddesses. I'm sure this is probably a dupe for Mac's Strobe Cream but having never tried that unfortunately I cant compare the two for you today but I can indeed tell you what I think of Makeup Rev's offering!
Makeup Revolution's Ultra Strobe Cream* (£8.00) is a radiance enhancing product that can be used either under or on top of your foundation to make your skin look healthy, dewy and glowing. Personally my favourite way to use this Strobe Cream is by using it all over my face underneath my foundation, I love that glow from within look and that's exactly what you get from this. The formula actually comes out as a white cream at first but then turns in to a golden, glowing shimmer effect on my skin once it's blended in, their are some ever so slight golden glittery particles that run through the strobe cream which at first I was slightly worried about because disco ball images popped into my head, but actually once my foundation is blended in over the top all you can see is a glowy effect and it isn't glittery at all.
Overall I absolutely love this little beauty and have been using it every single day underneath my foundation, it makes such a nice glowy base and just makes my features pop and look more highlighted, I love it! As I said before this strobing cream can double up as a cream highlight that sits over your foundation which I've found looks equally as pretty when blended with a brush, it will certainly look stunning in the summer months when you want to be all bronzed and glowing but for now this little beauty sits under my foundation making me look more healthy, illuminated and dewy!

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream yet beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know.



  1. Oooh this sounds so lovely! I'm glad I never splashed out on the Mac version! x

  2. I love that they went with gold rather than white/silver like Mac's Strobe cream. Definitely going to nab this for the summer months!


  3. I really want to try this, I think it's the first MR product I've really wanted! I wanted the Mac version at first but at half the price I would rather try this out! didn't realise it was so golden x

    Tamz |

  4. The strobe cream looks like such a good product! I've tried out the Mac strobe cream and it's so good, so this has to be tried out by myself!
    Shan x

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