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Recently the gorgeous Pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nic Chapman joined forces again to bring us something extremely exciting... Yup... they've only gone and bought out 2 stunning 'Limited Edition' makeup kits haven't they he he. The two makeup kits available are  the Night Owl Makeup Kit which as the name would suggest contains dark, purple toned smokey colours to achieve that perfect 'night out' look and the Modern Natural Makeup Kit which contains more neutral, everyday shades. Out of the two kits, I opted for the Modern Natural Makeup Kit as it's right up my street and I know I'll get so much use out it.
Firstly onto the packaging... The Modern Natural Makeup Kit comes in a black and white cardboard box which has a handy QR barcode on the back for us to scan with our smart phones, I've actually done this myself and it brings up Sam's makeup tutorial using the Modern Natural Makeup Kit, personally I think it's a great idea and something you never really see on other makeup kits or palettes. The Modern Natural Makeup Kit itself has sturdy cardboard packaging which is embossed with the Real Techniques logo all over it. Inside, the products are contained in a plastic tray which you can easily be pulled out if you'd like, I don't why you would but hey, the options there ha ha. The lid of the kit has a very thin, clear plastic window which again boasts the Real Techniques logo and has a magnetic closure. I must admit when I first saw the packaging I was slightly disappointed and on the inside especially it looks very cheap because the tray the product pans are sat in is again very thin plastic, but it does do the job so I shouldn't really grumble he he.
As I said before the Modern Natural Makeup Kit is all about neutrals, and we all love a good natural smokey eye don't we beaut's he he. The kit is made up by four powder eye shadows, a gel eye liner, a powder blush, a cream highlighter along with a choice of two different lip glosses, so basically it contains everything you will need for an everyday look that can easily be transformed to something more smokey for an evening look. Also as a little bonus treat, the lovelies over at Real Techniques kindly adding a Pointed Liner Brush into my packaging which is perfect to use with the gel liner that's  within the kit, I'm pretty sure Real Techniques are giving away a Pointed Liner Brush with each palette purchased, but I'm not 100% sure on it so don't quote me on that ha ha.
Onto the shade rundown for the eye shadows and the gel liner...

From left to right...
Quicksand- A cream highlight shade with a beautiful pearl sheen to it.
Gold Metal- A highly pigmented golden/bronze shade that reminds me so much of Half Baked from the Naked palette.
Caramel Mocha- A medium matte brown shade, and again great pigmentation for a matte eyeshadow.
Nightshade- A mauve shade with a brown undertone and contains lots of silver micro shimmers, be warned the silver shimmers do have a tendency to fall down when applying.
Dark Chocolate- Just as the name would suggest, the gel eyeliner is a dark yet rich chocolate brown shade.

I have to say each eyeshadow really does pack some amazing pigment, it's incredible, and I must admit I wasn't expecting them to be as pigmented as they are. All of the eye shadows feel super smooth and silky to the touch and apply lovely, and they all blend with complete ease. I don't find any of the shades to be powdery or chalky, the only shade I experience fall out from is Nighshade but that's only the silver shimmers not the colour of the shadow itself. As for lasting power... I have used the shadows with and without a primer and I would say for best results definitely use a primer as I got a full day of wear out of mine however, without a primer I noticed creasing and fading after around 3-4 hours. I also want to add that nowhere on or within the makeup kit are the shade names for the eye shadows displayed, however you can find them on the Real Techniques website. As for the gel liner, well I love it... It has great pigmentation, glides on beautifully and I have no problems with smudging or transferring, it's also great to use as base if your using the palette for an evening look as it will really intensify the look.

Onto the Blush and Highlighter...
Coral Sunset- A super subtle, peachy pink, which is completely matte and blends out beautifully. You can wear this blush more natural or build it up for more colour pay off depending on your skin tone. 
Champagne- Arhh I love this highlighter, as the name suggests it really is a champagne colour. It's very creamy in the pan and feels very lightweight on the skin and again it blends out beautifully. Just be careful if you do leave your makeup kit in a warm room as the highlighter can go slightly melty and gets a watery residue on the surface, this happened to me and was rather annoying. 

Now my thoughts on the (teeny tiny) Lip Glosses...
Copper Head- In the tiny tube Copper Head looks like it's going to be a shimmery golden shade with fine golden glitter running through it, but if I'm being honest the pigmentation is pretty much non existent, however it does feel lovely on the lips, very smooth, non sticky (woohoo) and moisturising.
Nectar- Again in the tube Nectar looks like it's going to be a sheer pink/peach shade, but on the lips its nothing more than a clear gloss really, neither of the glosses have a scent or taste and they both last no longer than around half an hour really. I have to be honest the glosses really are quite disappointing but are OK if you need a quick slick of gloss on your lips. 

And lastly the Pointed Liner Brush... 

As with all Real Techniques brushes the quality is amazing and they are so easy to work with and the Pointed Liner Brush doesn't differ, it applies gel liner beautifully and work well at smudging out eye shadows and liner on the lower and upper lash line.  

Wowza, after all of that my overall thoughts on the makeup kit are... I think the packaging is OK but definitely could be alot better, the eye shadows are absolutely beautiful and the quality and longevity (when used with a primer) is amazing. The gel liner is my new love, it's so pretty and achieves a natural look, and it's so nice to step away from harsh black liners for a change. I really like the blush and the highlighter so there are no grumbles there. The glosses are a real let down for me, despite the gorgeous non sticky formula, they aren't long lasting nore are they pigmented, plus you probably only get less than a sample size of product within each tiny little tube which I feel is slightly pointless. If I had to rate the kit out of 10 I'd give it a 7 , that's with me knocking a point off for each gloss and the packaging, apart from that I love everything else the kit has to offer.    

The Modern Natural Makeup Kit and the Night Owl Makeup Kit are both available to purchase from the Real Techniques website only. I must stress that as both of the makeup kits are Limited Edition it means that there is only a limited amount of stock and once their gone, their gone! So grab one or both quick beaut's. As Real Techniques are based in America the costings on the site are based in dollars, but don't worry is does convert to pounds and they will ship worldwide. Each palette is priced at $25.00 or £14.86 for us in the UK and I payed £1.04 for delivery, so all in all it's very reasonably priced. 

Have you bought yourself one of the Real Techniques Makeup Kits yet beaut's?? Which one did you go for?? I'd love to know!



  1. This looks incredible! I'm trying to resist buying it!


  2. Great review, I have been really interested in this palette but the packaging has put me off!

  3. I love the look of this palette! But I just can't justify buying another neutral palette haha :)

  4. It's great to hear that they are pigmented! Looks like such a pretty, wearable palette!

  5. I have got one of these pallets and I love it xx

  6. I also love this palette, I've been wearing the eyeshadows every day since I got it x


  7. I'm so glad they brought out a make-up range! :)

  8. This looks beautiful! Must resist buying until next payday! Ahhh.


  9. This looks amazing and would be perfect for travel - almost everything you need all in one palette. I've only ever tried their brushes but it may be time to check out some of their make up.
    Great post!

  10. Uh oh!! Another thing added to my "list of things I want but must refrain from getting otherwise you will have to go to sixth form in your birthday suit list" 😂


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