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Hey beaut's!

Quite a while back now I decided to pick up the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream as I'd heard so many good things about it and wanted try something that felt lighter on my skin for the Spring/Summer months. I must admit this was my very first CC Cream purchase so I really didn't know what to expect or how a CC Cream would benefit me, but after using the Bourjois offering for over a month now I'm 100% confident in saying I LOVE this product and Bourjois really have come up with a cracking CC Cream!
The Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream is available in 4 shades, Ivory, Light Beige, Rose Beige and Bronze, on this occasion I opted for the lightest shade Ivory, which matches my skin tone perfectly right now as I'm rather pale but when the weather heats up abit more and I start to get a tan going on I'll definitely need to go up a shade, I think it's nice that Bourjois offer a nice variety of shades as usually I find CC/BB Creams just come in light-medium etc. The CC Cream comes packaged in a plastic tube which holds 30ml's worth of product and has no dispenser or pump, instead its one of the squeezable, screw cap jobbie's which I do like, at least you know you can use all the product up and not waste any, I also cut these sort of plastic tubes open when I think I'm finished as there always 2-3 applications left in little secret hiding places within the tube ha ha.
The CC Cream itself contains 3 colour correcting pigments, Apricot to counteract the signs of fatigue, Green to disguise any traces of redness and White to conceal those dark spots and blemish's, it also contains SPF 15 and offers 24 hours of hydration, making it perfect for anyone with drier skin like myself. With all of the above combined the CC Creams aim is to give us a fresh, luminous complexion and smooth skin, which is something I always want please ha ha. So does the 123 Perfect CC Cream live up to it's claims? I'd have to say yes is does, I have major love for this product! It seems to just make my skin look amazing and is such a great pick me up in the mornings.

The consistency of the CC Cream is quite thin and rather runny so bare that in mind when squeezing it out onto your hand, I like to apply the CC Cream by dabbing my Nanshy Flat Top Buffer Brush onto my hand to pick up some product and then dot it around my face before blending, I have used my hands and my beauty blender for this but I just prefer how my Nanshy Brush works, it just blends the cream quickly, flawlessly and doesn't need much work at all blending wise which saves me time in the mornings woohoo. The finish and the coverage that the CC Cream provides is so lovely, because of the thin texture the finish feels like a healthy, luminous second skin, it honestly feels as light as air on my skin and doesn't cling to a single dry patch. The coverage I'd say is light to medium and is definitely buildable on problematic area's, but essentially it evens out the skin tone. Personally I think this would amazingly as a base for anyone who suffers from acne because it isn't drying so it wouldn't cling to the skin and it would help fight against the redness and smooth out the skin. Because the Bourjois CC Cream gives us a luminous complexion I was worried about looking like a disco ball but in actual fact the CC Cream doesnt contain any noticeable light reflecting particles at all, which is great if your looking for a luminous look without the sparkle.
Overall I think Bourjois have provided us with yet another hit from their base collection, they really do know how to create amazing base makeup with a good amount of coverage that feels so lightweight don't they? I can honestly see myself repurchasing this over and over again, a huge 10 out of 10 for me. I have also picked up their CC Eye Cream/Concealer so expect a full review of that coming soon beauties!

Have you tried Bourjois' CC Cream yet beaut's?? What did you think?? Was you as blown away as I am??



  1. This looks lovely, really pale too which I am in need of at the moment! lovely review :)

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty Blog!

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  3. It is so lovely to know that Bourjois provides 4 different shades for this CC cream :D i'm definitely going to check it out as Bourjois is launching its first kiosk in Malaysia this Sunday 1st June ^_^

    Mieza Everdeen's Blog

  4. this is great, I love all the Bourjois products!

    x Rose

  5. I'm not a fan of BB creams at all, so i'm a little cautious about going out and buying a CC cream. I'm guessing that you'd recommend this one?

    Hayley \\

  6. It looks amazing blended into your skin, you can't tell it's there! I should probably try this out for summer x


  7. was looking for a BB/CC cream for summer, will definitely be picking this one up now!xx

  8. I've heard amazing things about this too. Sounds lovely! I wish we could get all the UK brands over here!

  9. Lovely review! This sounds amazing - I really want it now! :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  10. Ohhh this looks nice! Need to try it x

  11. This is definitely on my wish list. I've not been a fan of BB creams at all in the past but haven't tried a CC and this one seems like a good place to start x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  12. Keep walking past this in boots... Need to get it!


  13. Maybe it's because I've tanned a bit and therefore my skin is a bit more even, but I've been using this for a while and wasn't blown away/Convinced by it's correcting abilities until a few days ago when I noticied it did a better job at covering my redness than before. It does feel kind of gross on my face if I don't put cream first but as a whole, it's an okay product! (I actually made a review on it, if you want to have a look!) xx


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