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You may remember last month I decided to try another beauty box in the shape of Love Me Beauty, I had seen so many positive reviews and loved the concept so I thought why not! If you never saw last months post or haven't heard of Love Me Beauty before it's basically a monthly subscription box (£10+ p&p) with a difference, unlike many beauty boxes that are full of surprise products that we may or may not like, Love Me Beauty allow 'us' their subscribers to choose between 3 menu's, with each menu's contents valuing £30+ and will contain between 4-5 products and will have 1 to 2 star products (full size) and 3 travel sized samples. However if you do like the element of surprise Love Me Beauty do have an option for a surprise box, and if any of the 3 menu's don't tickle your fancy on that particular month you can simply skip that months box, with no charge at all which I think is a fab idea.

So last month I loved my first box, it contained 3 full size products, a good sized sample and a Hello Fresh £25 voucher and in total my box valued £49.00, I was super impressed and couldn't wait for this months box to arrive however... Personally my May offering isn't that great when you compare it to Aprils box. I opted for menu 2 this time around but to be honest all the menu's where more or less the same, anywhooo onto what I got this month...

Nail Girls Nail Polish in Nude Pink | Full Size | £13.50
 I'm starting off with probably my most favourite item from my box which is a dusky, baby pink nail polish from Nail Girls. Nail Girls is a brand I'm new too but I have to say the formula of this nail polish is gorgeous, it's so creamy and slightly on the thicker side compared to your average nail polish and seems to dry opaque and shiny after just one coat which is really impressive. I'm looking forward to using this shade alot more throughout the summer.

Suti Trail Pack in Cleanse Balm, Purity Balm & Fabulous Foot Balm | Sample Size | RRP 6.50
Another brand new to me in this months box is Suti. The little sample pack of three comes in a cute little drawstring bag which I'm sure I'll find a use for elsewhere and features the Suti Cleanse Balm for drawing out impurities, cleansing and removing makeup, Suti Purity Balm for moisturising and soothing lips, heels, elbows and the Suti Fabulous Foot Balm to rehydrate and revive chapped, tired and aching feet. I love the sound of all three to be honest, and it's so nice to get a sample pack with such variety too, another plus is that they  are all organic. 

Raw Skincare Natural Lip Balm in Ginger |Full Size | RRP £1.98
I usually love a good lip balm but I'm not too keen on this one by Raw Skincare. Firstly I think the packaging is so manly and not something you'd love to whip out of your handbag to use and secondly the ginger scent is horrible, I was hoping it would smell like a ginger biscuit which I love ha ha but nope, theres not a hint of sweetness in there at all, just pure ginger. If you love the taste and smell of ginger you will love this but unfortunately it's not for me.

GO Stationary Pocket Notebook Set | RRP £5.00 
When I saw that the 3 menu's had these cute little notepads in different designs and colours I quickly opted for the menu that had the 'Tulip Garden Teal' Set, they where pink, blue and teal and looked so Cath Kidston, but then I was left super disappointed when I saw that Love Me Beauty had put black, red and green notepads in instead of the pretty ones I was expecting, in fact non of the 3 menu's even offer this set of notebooks so I'm completely baffled. Disappointment aside, the little notebooks I received are cute and will certainly come in handy, as you may know being a blogger I'm constantly scribbling down notes he he. 

 Tea Pigs Tea in Rooibos Creme Caramel x3 | RRP £1.90 (£0.65 Per Tea Bag)
Oh how I love me some Tea he he, ohh I'm a poet now ha ha. I've actually tried Tea Pigs tea before, I'm pretty sure I had some samples in a Birchbox once and I remember I really enjoyed them so I'm looking forward to giving these Caramel, yes that right, Caramel Tea Bags a taste, they smell lovely so that a good sign he he.

Overall I have to say this months box is slightly disappointing for me, don't get me wrong I love the nail polish and the tea, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the Suti samples are like, but the mix up with my notepads, the nasty lip balm and the fact that my box totals to just over £20.00 when Love Me Beauty state that each menu's contents will value £30+, really has casted a dark cloud. I do really like the Love Me Beauty concept but to me this months box is a step down from lasts months box.

What did you think to this months Love Me Beauty box?? I'd love to know.


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  1. I've heard about all these various companies that do beauty boxes but they all seemed a little expensive for what you get. £10 doesn't sound too bad. I love the nail polish colour.

    Would you recommend trying out a beauty box?

    Hayley \\


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