April Non Beauty Favourites ♥

Hey beaut's!

You may remember back at the end of January I added a new little monthly feature to my blog in the shape of non beauty favourites, I'm really enjoying the new little addition and will continue to keep doing these type of posts every month, I also think it's a great way for me to look back and see what I was loving non beauty wise throughout the year.

 Anyway lets get down to business ha ha.....

The Hills
I used to be addicted to The Hills way back when it started in 2006 and watched all the seasons without fail, I even watched the spin-off shows like The City and Audrina and recently I've become totally addicted once again. It started a few months back when I caught one of the episodes being randomly shown on MTV and then I decided I'd start watching The Hills all over again from season 1, I've literally been watching all the episodes back to back and I've just finished season 5 so Ive been making my way through them pretty quick ha ha. I also have the biggest girl crush on Lauren Conrad and all her Chanel handbags arrhhh!!                        
We ♥ It
I'm some what addicted to my little We ♥ it app on my phone, I could literally spend hours upon hours scrolling through all the pretty pictures and quotes. I guess you could say it's slightly like Pinterest but instead of pinning things and making boards you 'heart' the pictures you like and post them on your social media until your hearts content, never the less it's a cute little app that I love!

Frozen is slightly taking over my life right now ha ha, I'm not even ashamed that I'm in my 20's and love it so much, who cares ha ha! Not only do I think the movie is super cute but  I'm addicted to the soundtrack too, and listen to it all the time, man are those songs catchy ha ha.

I do love abit of Lorde, I love how different her sound and style is and this song 'Team' in particular has been on repeat in my house throughout April. If you haven't heard it yet check out the video HERE.

Fresh Flowers
Now that Spring is finally upon us I have been going slightly gaga over having fresh flowers in my house at all times, I mean don't get me wrong I always love the look of flowers in my house but never do I usually have fresh flowers every week, well until now ha ha. They also come in handy when I take pictures for certain blog posts as they look all pretty in the background he he. 

What have you been loving non beauty wise throughout April??? I'd love to know!!!



  1. I loved the hills to and teen vogue and Whitney it was fab:::: oh my how I dribbled over Lauren's handbag to


    Libertylovesmakeup.blogspot.com xx

  2. Great faves! I love we heart it too! :)


  3. I love The Hills! I've been watching The City recently and am totally addicted. I would love to live their lifestyle! xx


  4. Ah I love the Hills! I watched all the episodes in a week last year! x
    Stella Et0ile

  5. In April, one of my non beauty favourites was the start of the new series of Made In Chelsea. I love it! Also agree about Lorde-Team, her music is brilliant


  6. I love the hills, I could watch it all day!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  7. I started watching old episodes of The City, I wish The Hills was still being made :(
    Hannah xo | The Beauty Drawer

  8. ah the hills!! i love it! MTV are playing so many reruns of it at the moment, it's ruining my exams!!

  9. I loved the hills too and I'd happily watch it again without fail I'm also a huge fan of Frozen!!
    Asia xo

  10. I STILL need to watch Frozen, hopefully I will soon :D

    Style Sunrise

    :) x

  11. oh i forgot about we heart it xxx


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