W7 Double Act and Africa Blush Review's

Hey girlie's!!! Whilst i was visiting my mum we decided to go and have a nosey around and went into a shop called The Factory Shop, i have no idea if this shop is just in my mums town or if its everywhere as its new to me, its sells pretty much everything but on a lower price budget which is great for me as i do love a good bargain. Whilst looking in the makeup section  i noticed a few W7 make up items and the Double Act Duo and the Africa Bronzing Powder caught my eye and for £2.99 each i thought i may as well give them a go.

Double Act Bronzer and Highlighting Powder 

Firstly, the packaging is a cute little box that holds 8 grams worth of product, it comes with a small brush which is extremely soft but i don't find it useful for the application of this product if I'm honest. Now for the product itself, the little box holds a bronzer and a blusher, it does state its a bronzer and highlighter but there is no way you could use the pinkie shade as a highlight as its just too pink. Both the bronzer and blush are packed full of little glitter particles so if you don't like a glowing finish to the skin this one probably isn't for you. This isn't the most pigmented product in the world but it is buildable for your desired affect.

There are 2 things i didn't like about this, the first being that because this is a duo i find it very difficult to pick up the product on my brush without getting both colours mixed together unless you have a tiny blush/bronzing brush which i don't, the second is that its a very powdery product so it can be a little messy and can have some fall out.

Africa Bronzing Powder

The packaging is the same as the Double Act, in a cute little box with the 8 grams of product and has the same little brush as well which like i said before I'm not a fan of. The bronzer id say actually isn't bronzer at all id say its more like a golden bronzed highlighter as it has that pearl type shine that a highlighter would give, i certainly wouldn't dream of contouring or bronzing my whole face up with this but used as a highlight its lovely. The pigmentation is quite good id say better than the Double Act's pigmentation and this actually feels more softer and less powdery than the Double Act too. The Africa Powder is definitely the winner for me out of the 2 but for its highlighting ability not as a bronzer.

Have you tried any of these little W7 boxed powders??? What did you think???

Love Hayley xXxXx


  1. I just reviewed africa :) I really like these blushers/bronzers for the price they're not half bad :) I just wish I picked up double act too.

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty Blog!

  2. Yeah they are good for the price, i want to try the other 2 out now aswell :) Just subbed to your blog hun i thought i already had so ive just made sure i have this time :) Thank you for commenting xx


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