Tresemme Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shot Review.

Hey girlie's!!! So recently whilst having a mooch around Superdrug i saw Tresemme had launched a new range called 'Platinum Strength' the range was all half price so i immediately had to have a nosey. The range claims to visibly repair 2 years worth of damage after 5 uses, now I'm sure anyone would think that's quite a big claim as i sure did, anyway as i was looking i saw this little 60 second treatment shot and I'm all about a quick fix so i bought 1 to try. 

As you may or may not know I've been growing my hair out for quite some time now and I've also been quite naughty and not had my hair cut in a long time so my ends are extremely dry and split, also the fact i use heat on my hair more of less everyday doesn't help the poor condition of my hair either so this little shot was just what i needed if it lived up to its claim. 

I have to say Tresemme have really pulled it out of the bag with this range, its amazing. Whilst in the bath i applied some of the treatment shot to the lower half of my wet hair and left it in roughly for the 60 seconds it advises, once i had thoroughly rinsed my hair straight away i noticed a difference even though my hair was still soaking wet. Once id blowdryed my hair my ends felt completely smooth and the only way i can really describe it is when you've just had your hair cut and your ends are all swishy and full of life, its exactly how this makes your hair feel, there was no dry ends and my split ends where no longer visible. I do also have to mention i got 2 uses out of my shot which for someone with long thick hair i thought was fab too.

All in all this product is amazing and I've already stocked up on other products from the 'Platinum Strength' range, also why its half price its a right brucie bonus. I only paid 69p for my little treatment shot.

Let me know your thoughts on this range, have you tried it out yet?? 

Love Hayley xXxXx

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