Topshop Magic Liner Review

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I absolutely love a good ole winged liner look, I basically wear winged liner everyday without fail which means I've tried my fair share of liquid liners over the years, however I'm still always up for trying and experimenting with different liners and when I saw Topshop's Magic Liner was finally in stock in my local Topshop (I've been after it a while) I just had to buy it to try.

The Topshop Magic Liner in the shade Engraved has an ultra thin felt pen style applicator which is great for creating very sharp, precise lines and if you struggle with feline flicks then this eyeliner will really make things easy for you. The tiny nib works great for any detailed work and for creating very thin lines, which is nice for those days when you want a less dramatic eyeliner look or if you have small eyelids like myself, this eyeliner is great because it doesn't take up much lid space that thicker liners are prone to doing. The liner itself is very easy to use and control, the nib has a good amount of flexibility but is sturdy at the same time and applies really smoothly with no tugging at the skin or skipping which is great! The formula and pigmentation is great, its an intense jet black shade that has a slight shine to it once it's dried, and doesn't fade, smudge or flake on me through out the day, I was actually quite shocked at this liners lasting power, I don't know why but I imagined it would fade throughout the day and lose it's intensity but it doesn't at all. I had also read a couple of reviews on the Topshop website where some people experienced smudging but other didn't, but I've not once had experienced any what so ever, I don't know if that's down to me having dryer skin but once my liners on it ain't going now where he he.
Overall I'm so happy I finally got to try the Topshop Magic Liner because I bloody love it, it's jet black, easy to use, long lasting, doesn't smudge or flake, can create thin or thick lines and is affordable too, I'll definitely be repurchasing this bad boy for sure. 

Have you tried the Topshop Magic Liner beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!

You can find the Topshop Magic Liner for £6.50 HERE.


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