Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso Reviewed

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I keep seeing Milani makeup everywhere at the moment and something that keeps catching my eye are their gorgeous blushes, I think I now have about 5 of their blushes on my wishlist but the first one I had to give a whirl is the ever so popular Baked Blush in Luminoso.
Milani's Luminoso comes housed in a gold mirrored compact which has a flip-up compartment under the blush itself revealing a handy mirror and mini brush perfect for travelling and any on the go applications. Now lets get down to the juicy stuff... the actual blush... Luminoso is such a pretty peach toned pink shade with a gorgeous luminous sheen that looks perfect on the cheeks for Spring and Summer, it's so healthy looking and dewy without being glittery or sparkly in the slightest. Formula wise it's nice, because it's a baked powder it's incredibly finely milled and has such a soft, smooth texture with medium pigmentation which I favour because it allows me wear the blush softer some days or I can build it up for a more intense pop of colour. Lasting power is great too, the colour and luminous sheen stays put on my skin most of the day without fading, going patchy or sticking to dry patches, the only downside I have is that the blush can be a little powdery/dusty when I pick it up on my brush but it's nothing 'tapping off the excess' wont fix so it's not a major for me.

Overall I bloody love this blush and I can now see why it's so popular, it adds the prettiest flush to my cheeks and I love the fact it has that luminous sheen to it without all the glitter because I hate glittery blushes. Luminoso looks so dewy and healthy and screams Spring and Summer to me, trust me beaut's you need this bad boy in your makeup bag pronto, I think it would suit most skin tones too.

You can find Milani's Baked Blush in Luminoso for £9.95 HERE.


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  1. This is such a beautiful colour ! I want to try out some milani products.
    Alex ox


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