How To Decorate A Chocolate Overload Cake

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Back in February I made my boyfriend an epic chocolate overload cake for his birthday, it was a chocolate swirl sponge with chocolate fudge butter cream and then wrapped in chocolate fingers and the top was covered in sections of different chocolates, yup chocolate overload cake is definitely the correct title for this bad boy! When decorating the cake I was totally free styling it, I had no idea how much chocolate or chocolate fingers I would need which ended up in me worrying - do I have enough? do I have too much? - so I thought today I'd put together a quick post of how much chocolaty treats you actually need when making a cake like this.
Firstly the amount you need will vary depending on how big or small you make your cake, mine was baked in 8 inch sandwich tins and used 2 and half packets of cadburys fingers for the entire cake including the fingers I used on top of the cake to create the different sections for the choccies. I created six sections on top of my cake and bought far too much chocolate, I had a feeling I would need loads of chocolate but in actual fact I used hardly any at all, the Milky bar Buttons, Smarties, Giant Cadburys Buttons and Mint Aero Bubbles all came from the original small little packets you can get, I ended up buying three packets of each so as you can imagine I had so much left over, I also used Galaxy Golden Eggs and Cadburys Mini Eggs and used less than half a packet of each of those too. I finished the centre of the cake off with some sprinkles I had in my baking cupboard and tied some ribbon around the cake to keep the chocolate fingers in place and voilaaa the cake was done.

I had so much fun baking this cake, I think it's such a showstopper for any birthday and if your not very confidant doing fancy piping I think all the sweeties and chocolate are a great was to decorate a cake. You can use pretty much any candy or sweets to decorate the top and if your not fond of cadburys fingers you can use kit kats instead, it's totally up to your preference! One tip I do have is to make sure that you use quite a sticky frosting, something like nutella or chocolate fudge works best as it's tacky and really keeps those fingers in place, last thing you want is for your chocolate fingers to start domino-ing down he he! So remember beaut's if your making a cake this size all you need are 1 small packet of each sweet or chocolate and 2 and half packets of cadburys fingers.

Have you ever made a chocolate overload cake before beaut's? I'd love to know!


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