QVS Makeup Brushes and Tools Review

Hey beaut's!

Recently I was lucky enough to win a twitter giveaway and won some QVS makeup brushes and tools, I was super excited because firstly I never win anything and secondly I had never tried anything from QVS before so I was keen to give some of their bits and bobs a whirl.

If your new to QVS like I was, their an Australian brand that make makeup brushes and beauty tools at affordable prices starting at just £2.95, their range of brushes cover all bases such as face, eyes and lips and all can be used with either cream, liquid or powder products.
Firstly I gave their Powder Brush a whirl, this is made up of 100% natural bristles and can be used to apply finishing powder and bronzer. The first few times I used the powder brush I did get a little bit of shedding but this has calmed down now and I've been loving it for bronzer in particular, I find it's the perfect size and shape for me to bronze with, it's fab. Next up I've been giving their Foundation Brush a whirl, this is a standard flat foundation brush which is ideal for getting a seamless and smooth base with liquid foundations. It does get the job done and is great for getting into those hard to reach areas of the face but personally I prefer to use this type of brush for applying my primer or face masks. The Blusher Brush is actually quite a versatile brush that I've been using for loads of different things, it's a flat topped blender style brush which makes it ideal for not only defining your facial contours and cheekbones but also for buffing in foundation. I've not had any shedding from this brush either which is a major plus.
Lastly I have a couple of QVS beauty tools, my favourite are the Slant Tip Tweezers, oh my goodness these are easily the best tweezers I own, their just ideal for precisely plucking and shaping my brows and when I say precise these really are precise, I love them. Their Eyelash Curlers are also pretty good, they get the job done but I do have the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers which are insane, but if your looking for a good quality eyelash curler then these ones by QVS are pretty good a definitely give a slight curl and lift to my lashes.

Have you tried any QVS makeup brushes or tools before beaut's? What did you think? I'd love to know!


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