November Taffy Mail Box

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Now you all know how much I love a good ole subscription box and a couple of weeks ago I came across a new kind of subscription box that I'd never heard of before, Taffy Mail. Taffy Mail is a food subscription box that sends out a selection of American candy for all of us beaut's to enjoy, wait what!!!! Yes that's right, the amazing Taffy Mail have come up with a box that allows us in the UK to try out different US sweets and treats without spending a fortune, because as I know very well American food is like the food of the gods in the UK an is extremely pricey so I think the idea of a subscription service is amazing!
Taffy Mail have three plans available to choose from, firstly theres the 'Light' box which is a taster size box that contains 4-5 American sweets and will set you back just £7.49 per month, then theres the 'Classic' box which is £14.99 per month and contains 10-12 American sweets and 1 can of American soda and lastly theres the 'Extra' box which is £24.99 per month and contains up to 20 American sweets, at least 1 can of American soda and at least 1 premium item, premium items include the likes of Twinkies and other cakes, American cereals, large packs of Oreo’s and other higher priced items. The Taffy Mail boxes are shipped out on or before the 15th of every month and the postage and packaging is free so theres nothing extra that will be added to your monthly payment which I think is pretty fab! 
In the Classic* box I received were such amazing yummy treats.... Theres was a double pack of  Twinkies which are my absolute favourite and didnt last more than five minetes, Milk Duds made with chocolate and caramel, Take 5 Bar, Double Dipped Nerds in Watermelon Apple and Cherry Lemonade, Twizzlers, Mike and Ike Zours, Laffy Taffy in Strawberry and Laffy Taffy in Sour Apple, Trident Gum in Pineapple Twist, Funyuns Onion Flavoured Rings and a can of Hawaiian Punch in Fruit Juicy Red. As you can see theres such a variety to try in the box from chocolate, sweets, crisps, fizzy drink and even chewing gum so it's not as if you just get a box of gummy sweets or anything which I think is amazing!
Overall I think Taffy Mail have come up with a brilliant idea for a subscription box, I loved my box and everything in it as did my boyfriend and I think it's such amazing value for money when you consider how much American goodies are to buy here in the UK. If your into your subscription boxes and American treats then Taffy Mail is a must try!



  1. What a great box! As a Canadian, I grew up on all of these products, so it saddens me when I see them in store for over a fiver!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. This box is amazing! There's so many subscription boxes now that it's so nice to see something different.
    samantha xx

  3. I love the sound of this box, would be perfect to film an British tries American Candy video!

    Katie | Katies World of Beauty

  4. This box looks amazing, those minion twinkies!
    I think I need to subscribe to taffy mail, so I can get suprises goodies every month :)

    Sonam -


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