Freedom Makeup Pro Studio Priming Water Review

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Priming waters and sprays seem to be everywhere at the moment and are proving to be really popular and effective in the beauty world however.... most of them aren't budget friendly so I was really pleased to see that Freedom Makeup have their very own offering that is extremely affordable and I was super keen to try it.

The Freedom Makeup Pro Studio Priming Water* (£6.00) is a stunning lightweight primer that can be used to either provide the perfect base underneath your makeup or on top of your makeup like a finishing spray for extra highlight and dewy-ness. So does this little beauty work you may be wondering... in a word YES! I've absolutely been loving this priming water and how it makes my skin look and feel, to apply the priming water all I do is after popping on my usual moisturiser I just spritz 4 sprays onto my skin, 2 going downwards from the top on my face to my chin and the 2 going across from ear to ear, I like spritzing it in that way so I know all my skin has had some priming water love, I then wait a few seconds for the priming water to settle in slightly and I usually fan myself with my hands to speed up the process he he. The priming water feels so refreshing and lightweight and adds a dose of moisture to the skin because of it's added multi-vitamins and creates a really nice dewy base to work on, the spray wont reduce or fill in pores but is great for boosting radiance and revitalising your complexion. I feel like when I use the Freedom Priming Water my makeup seems to blend out better and the overall finish of my base makeup looks a lot more perfected than usual, 

I also love using the priming water after I've applied all of my makeup, kind of how you would use a setting spray, it just adds more radiance to the skin and reduces that flat, matte, powdery look which I do hate. I would probably say someone with slightly dryer skin like myself will benefit more from this priming water because of its hydrating qualities and the fact that its adds radiance to the skin, that being said as the priming water does contain glycerin which is a key ingredient in keeping things set onto the skin and making your makeup long lasting so I think oily skin types shouldn't rule this priming water out either.

You can find the Freedom Pro Studio Priming Water on the Freedom Makeup Website or in selected Superdrug stores for just £6.00, what a beauty bargain!

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  1. I have a similar product from Makeup Rev and although I'm not sure it actually works, I really enjoy the thought of using it hahaha. It's also really refreshing if you feel like you need to have a refresh when your makeup is already on!
    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Thanks for this review, been waiting for something on this product as I've always wanted the Smashbox one but never wanted to spend the money on it, this looks like it will be an amazing alternative, going straight in my basket!

    Becky // Colourful Sins


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