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I was recently asked if I'd like to try a couple of bits from the makeup brand Sheer Cover, I've heard so many good things about the brand so I jumped at the chance to be able to road test a couple of makeup products from their collection. Sheer Cover Studio’s mineral range is the make-up of choice for many make-up artists working with TV and red carpet stars.  The products have recently been reformulated, the main difference being the new Trueshade Technology, which means the shades adapts to suit your skin tone. This new technology also claims to blur out imperfections, deliver a smooth, airbrushed finish and leaves you with a healthy looking luminous glow. I think it's fair to say the makeup line certainly sounds spectacular.

Anyway onto my thoughts of the Conceal & Brighten Trio and the Sun Kissed Bronzing Minerals....

Conceal & Brighten Trio in Medium/Tan* £22.95
The Conceal & Brighten Trio comes in three shades, Light/Medium, Medium/Tan and Tan/Dark, the shade I was sent was the Medium/Tan trio which is slightly too dark for me but I'd highly recommend that shade for more olive skin tones. Despite the second shade in the trio being a little too dark I thought I'd try and work with it somehow as I'd heard this concealer was pretty incredible.
Sheer Cover claim that their duo-tone concealer will hide flaws in seconds, camouflage scars, hyper-pigmentation and even tattoo's so there's no denying that I was expecting super coverage from this concealer. As I said before the Medium/Tan shade is slightly to dark for me however I've been using the two concealers on my dark under eye circles and blemishes underneath my foundation as appose to on top of my foundation, which is what I usually do, and they actually blend out a treat. Both the concealers have such a blendable, creamy consistency and feel like a second skin once blended, I never experience and caking, flaking or drying but that will be down to its Jojoba oil which acts as a natural hydration for the skin. The trio also comes with a white cream highlight which is perfect to brighten up your inner corners of your eyes and highlight the brow bone, again the highlight is super creamy, blendable, easy to use and effective. As for the trio's packaging... I love it! It's sleek, compact, shut firmly so there's no worry of it popping open in your handbag or makeup bag and it also comes complete with a little handy mirror inside the lid, what more could you ask for he he.

Sun Kissed Bronzing Minerals* £23.95
Ohh my favourite out of the two products I was lucky enough to try is the gorgeous Bronzing Minerals, just look how gorgeous it is. The Bronzing Minerals have 3 waves of colour which can either be used all together by swirling your brush around the whole compact and then using it as a bronzer to give you that sun kissed look, or you can use the shades separately by taking either the medium shade or darkest shade on an angled brush and using it as a contour depending on how dark you want your contour to be. The lightest shade out of the 3 makes an amazing highlighter, it's so pretty and blends onto the skin beautifully. I think one of the main reasons why I love these bronzing minerals so much is because they are cool toned meaning they aren't muddy looking on the skin at all which I find alot of bronzers tend to do. 

The bronzing minerals have a matte, silky smooth texture with the darkest shade containing a small amount of shimmer, don't worry it doesn't leave your skin looking like a disco ball, it honestly makes you skin look glowing an luminous and will be perfect for Spring/Summer. The packaging for the Bronzing Minerals is slightly bigger and more bulky than the Brighten & Conceal Trio but goes along the same white design that all the Sheer Cover Studio Makeup has, I do like the white design, however I'm pretty sure it will get rather grubby if it's rolling around in your makeup bag.

Overall, from the 2 makeup products I was lucky enough to try it definitely has me lusting after a few more of Sheer Cover's products. The only downside for me has to be the price as they are on the high side, however when you take into consideration the quality of each product it slightly balances it out, especially with the concealer as it's quality is incredible. I have been looking closely at the Sheer Cover Website and they do have some amazing deals, you can buy their VIP Kit that comes complete with 3 brushes, the two products in my review today, a mineral foundation, lash extending fibres and a mascara for £29.99 which works out around £4.28 for each item which is an absolute bargain, I'd highly suggest getting the kit instead of buying the products separately as you get alot more for your money that way he he.

Have you tried any makeup products from Sheer Cover Studio?? What did you think?? I'd love to know!

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  1. I've heard of Sheer Cover, but was never inclined to try anything from them - no sure why... But I do like the packaging. It's not black like most other beauty products, lol.


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